YOWZA! Years of General Hospital storylines crash together at "bombshell" double wedding
Posted Thursday, February 25, 2021 6:55:47 AM
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General Hospital's head writers tease that the upcoming double wedding "is the crescendo and climax of years of stories and secrets and lies" -- and by the end of it, nobody's lives will be the same.

Daytime fans know that just one wedding on a soap opera can bring truckloads of drama, so when General Hospital announced that it had a double wedding in the works, viewers braced for a deluge of absolute craziness. But it might turn out that no amount of preparation can get fans ready for what head writers Chris Van Etten and Dan O'Connor have in store for the nuptials between Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna (Finola Hughes), and Peter (Wes Ramsey) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms).

While most brides worry about fitting into their wedding dresses, as Anna's big day nears, she is too busy stressing over the devastating news that Peter has destroyed many lives and may be absolutely irredeemable, no matter what she does and has done to help him. She's also clearly aware that Dr. Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gati) is on the loose and out for Peter's blood, which gives her pre-wedding jitters unlike any other bride's.

"Anna is now aware that both Obrecht and Peter are clear and present dangers," Van Etten shares with Soap Opera Digest. "However, she is keeping much of this to herself as she formulates a plan to protect her loved ones. But perhaps the impending wedding will throw a wrench into her best-laid plans."

Also adding to the convolution: Anna's decision to keep Finn in the dark about Peter's crimes and the truth about his maternity. She hopes beyond hope that the situation will somehow resolve itself before the moment she's set to say "I do" to Finn, but O'Connor previews, "She may be forced to choose between the world of espionage and secrets and lies that she works in and the path of honesty with the man she intends to marry."

Over on Peter's side, he has no idea that an envelope containing the final wishes of his real mother, Alex, was mailed to him from a D. Marick in Budapest. The contents of Alex's last will and testament, previews O'Connor, "may prove to be the ultimate bombshell at the double wedding."

But O'Connor says fans shouldn't count out Liesl from being quite a bomb herself. "Obrecht believes she made a solid promise to Nathan [Ryan Paevey] that Maxie will always be protected, and if that wedding goes off without a hitch, she will have failed her son."

But it's not just Peter's past, Anna's lies, Obrecht's mission, and Alex's will that threaten to rear their ugly heads at GH's double wedding. Fans shouldn't forget that Maxie is getting pretty damn exhausted by always having to defend her fiancÚ's honor, and a brainwashed Dante (Dominic Zamprogna) -- who believes Peter to be a "psychopath" -- has a mystery mission that he must complete that may finally reveal itself during the matrimonial event.

Reveals O'Connor, "The double wedding is the crescendo and climax of years of stories and secrets and lies -- and by the time it's over, the lives of everybody involved will have been changed forever."

For Van Etten and O'Connor's full double wedding preview, check out SOD's interview with the head writers here.

What do you think about the drama that the writers at GH have in store for the show's double wedding? Do you think either couple will make it down the aisle? What would you like to see happen during the major Port Charles event? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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