WATCH: General Hospital's Scotty Baldwin and Blackie Parrish take a shady trip down memory lane
Posted Tuesday, March 09, 2021 6:06:15 AM
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General Hospital favorites John Stamos (ex-Blackie Parrish) and Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) have two very different versions of the days they used to pal around with each other on their Harley motorcycles. Whose do you believe?

The so-called "golden years" of General Hospital get further and further away as the decades tick by, but luckily for fans, those who were in the thick of storylines back in the 80s keep the period alive with their memories and reminiscences. But what happens when two actors have two very different memories of a certain event? Well, it's up to the fans to decide who is right!

In a playful back-and-forth on Twitter, GH actors Kin Shriner (Scotty Baldwin) and John Stamos (ex-Blackie Parrish) relive one of their famous buddy outings, in which they rode their Harley-Davidson motorcycles to Stanley's Restaurant in Sherman Oaks.

Shriner started the trip down memory lane with a video in which he shares, "Now yellow Vespas are all the rage, but back in the day, in the 80s, Harleys were the rage. John Stamos and I had a couple of Harleys and we once went to a place called Stanley's, and we backed 'em in, and they were nice and making a lot of noise, big picture window, a lot of girls. But uh, John fell over. And he said, 'We can't go in there! Those girls will make fun of us now!' And I said, 'Well, you fell over, I didn't!' But we rode on."

Shortly after Shriner posted his video, Stamos took to social media to share his version of events, which is vastly different from his former GH costar's.

"Okay Kin. I always looked up to you. You took me under your wing at GH. But you've grossly miss judged [sic] what actually happened that day. So I will make a video for the GREAT fans of GH and tell them the truth!" Stamos teased before uploading his own video diary of the day in question with the caption, "And now for the truth of what really happened on that [fateful] afternoon at Stanley's in the Valley! Come on @kinshriner the GH fans are the most loyal and beautiful fans in the whole wide world and they deserve the truth!"

In his video, Stamos first pokes fun of the app that Shriner used to make his video and then goes on to tell his story.

"First of all, Kin, this app is about as outdated as that fake voice you're using on your Twitter," he teases. "And tell people the truth! You know you're the one who fell over, and I was like, 'Oh my God, everybody saw us, and there's a lot of girls, and we gotta be cool!' And I said, 'Let's get outta here!' And you said, 'Yeah, great idea,' and then we left so we didn't really have to face anybody. But it was you who fell because you can't handle [a Harley]!"

In response to Stamos' video, Shriner simply tweeted, "I say hog wash to @JohnStamos story ..."

So, it looks like it's up to fans to decide whose version of events they believe! Was it Shriner who fell off his motorcycle in front of all the girls at Stanley's Restaurant, or was it Stamos? Let us know your thoughts in the Comments section at the end of the article, but before you make a decision, check out a vintage clip of General Hospital's Scotty giving Blackie a hard time below. It just may steer your opinion in a certain direction!

John Stamos played the role of General Hospital's Blackie Parrish from 1982 to 1984. He went on to find mainstream fame as Uncle Jesse on the 1980s sitcom Full House and in subsequent roles on shows like Glee and Grandfathered.

Kin Shriner has been playing the role of GH's Scott "Scotty" Baldwin since 1977, but he has a lot of other soap credits to his name, as well. He played Dr. Brian Carey on The Bold and the Beautiful, Keith Morrissey on As the World Turns, and Harrison Bartlett/Jeffrey Bardwell on The Young and the Restless. His non-soap credits include Texas, Rituals, Justice League Unlimited, and Suspense. He also appeared as a sheriff on Stamos' hit show Full House.

What do you think about Kin Shriner and John Stamos teasing each other about their 80s glory days? Whose version of events outside Stanley's Restaurant are you more inclined to believe? We want to hear from you -- and there are many ways you can share your thoughts.

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