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April 1998
35 Years of General Hospital
ony Geary played host of the 35th Anniversary Primetime Special, on April 2nd on the ABC Network. The one hour special was filled with an enormous amount of the shows history and most memorable moments. Many of the members of the General Hospital cast, both past and present, helped to bring the audience through over three decades of enriching highlights, that have made General Hospital the phenomenal success it is today.
Senait Ashenafi
May 1998
Senait Ashenafi reportedly out
According to today's New York Daily News, Senait Ashenafi has been fired from her role as Keesha Ward.
Senait Ashenafi
May 1998
Fans react to Ashenafi ouster
GH Online has received an enormous amount of feedback since we posted our article about the firing of Senait Ashenafi. So much so that we've decided to let your voices be heard in this space. It seems to be a concensus that General Hospital is treating it's black characters poorly - a situation that needs some attention. Are you listening, GH?
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