Willow learns the truth about Wiley
General Hospital Recap for Friday, February 21, 2020
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Friday, February 21, 2020

In Jordan's office at the police station, Curtis heard Taggert admit that both he and Jordan were in danger. Jordan declared that she didn't want Curtis to be involved, but Taggert replied that he already was. He went on to tell Curtis about an undercover operation that he and Jordan had been involved with for the DEA. Jordan added that they had been a four-member team who had been investigating a major drug trafficker.

Jordan spelled out the operation's details and explained that it had been the team's job to investigate and infiltrate with the ultimate goal being to bust the head of the drug trafficking ring. Taggert pointed out that everyone who they'd managed to turn against the man had eventually turned up dead. Jordan described how they'd taken down the drug lord and had thought their identities had been intact. Taggert concluded with the fact that their two other partners were dead.

Curtis realized that Bob Massicotte had been part of the team, and Jordan told him about Mark Simon. Curtis wondered why Jordan hadn't thought it important enough to tell him there'd been a target on her back, but Jordan told him she'd been managing okay. Taggert stated that they'd been trying to work things out without involving family. Curtis suggested that a phone call to Anna was in order, but the two former DEA agents declined.

Curtis accused Jordan and Taggert of still hiding something from him if they weren't willing to have backup. "We are," Jordan agreed. Taggert tried to stop her, but Jordan wanted to finish. She revealed that the dealer knew about her and Taggert because she'd visited him at Pentonville and learned that his plan was to burn the whole city down. Jordan admitted that she'd gleaned that information from what the dealer hadn't said.

Taggert and Curtis were beside themselves because of Jordan's visit. She assumed Renault had gotten himself moved to Pentonville due to political connections. She took a file out of her desk and handed it to Curtis. She believed that Renault had also been behind the attacks on Sonny in order to control the territory. She had only wanted to protect Curtis. Taggert announced that he had to leave.

"You never fail to surprise me," Curtis said. He added that he was still waiting for the entire story. Jordan talked about the team getting into different areas of the business but they'd never obtained enough information to press charges. She had really wanted to quit the business and go home, and the team had manufactured evidence based on the crimes that Renault had actually committed. They had left a trail for the FBI and framed Renault. She'd broken the law, and her hands were dirty like Renault's.

Curtis disagreed because Jordan had saved lives and not ruined them like Renault. Jordan considered herself to have crossed the line. Curtis was upset that Jordan had never told him, but she insisted that she hadn't wanted her undercover work to interfere and play a part in their lives. She called Renault a monster. "He just set up base in our backyard," she uttered. Curtis hugged and kissed her.

Curtis informed Jordan that he would always love her, and anyone would have to go through him to get to her. He assured her that he could protect himself. Jordan asked that he keep an eye on T.J. because she had things to do. She would not allow anyone to burn the town down.

Downstairs, Nelle was led into a cell right across from Brad's cell. Frantically, he asked her where Wiley was. "You're despicable," Nelle uttered to him. Nelle began to shout and accused Brad of leaving her with a dead baby on the side of the road. Brad replied that she had asked him to take her baby. They began to argue back and forth and shout accusations at each other.

Brad announced that he would not take the blame, and he and Nelle continued to argue. Brad noted how Nelle conned people, and she claimed that she had been unconscious. Brad reminded her that Liesl had been there, too, and Nelle grew teary. She shouted that Brad had robbed her of time with her son, while Brad vowed that he would make certain that everyone knew that she was the one who had given him the baby.

Brad added that he and Lucas had given the baby a home and a family, and Nelle could never love him like them. Nelle shouted for the guard to move Brad away because he was antagonizing and upsetting her. She cried that she had had a chance to be with her son but was trapped because of Brad's "terrible lies." The guard arrived and took Brad out of his cell and to another one because he had been "badgering" other prisoners. Brad continued to yell about Nelle, who had a huge Cheshire Cat-type smile on her face.

Willow woke up in a bed at General Hospital and found Chase sitting beside her. She tried to remember what had happened, and she recalled watching Wiley. Suddenly, she grew frantic because she realized that Nelle had been there, too. Chase assured her that everything was fine, and Wiley was safe and with Michael. Willow was grateful. Chase disclosed that he had a lot to tell her, and Willow assumed it would be bad news. She was just glad that her son was safe.

Chase spoke slowly and admitted that all of the details were hazy. "Wiley isn't your son. Nelle and Michael are his birth parents," he quickly blurted out. Willow informed him that a mistake had been made, but Chase confirmed that it was true. He began to provide the details. Willow's son had been born on July 29, 2018, at Mercy Hospital and had been delivered to Brad at General Hospital. He had taken the baby home and placed him in a crib. When he'd gone to check on him, the baby hadn't been breathing.

Willow pulled away and jumped out of bed, hysterical. She began to cry and scream as she sunk to the floor next to the bed. "No!" she screamed. Chase rushed to her side to comfort her. As tears streamed down her face, Willow asked how the baby had been switched. Chase told her the story as he knew it. He told her that Brad had insisted it had all been Nelle's idea. "Of course, it was," Nelle agreed. Chase completed the story about Nelle being on the side of the road.

Willow talked about Michael relating much of the story in their support group. He'd said that he'd wanted to think that his baby was sleeping in his arms, but he'd been able to feel the truth. He had gone to the chapel for an answer, but God hadn't had one for him. A nurse had taken the baby away from him, and it had been the worst moment of his life. Willow had understood because she'd given her baby up. It hadn't been the same, though, as she had only missed her baby, not grieved. It was her turn to grieve.

Willow stated that she finally realized why Brad had always been tense around her. If she had decided to rescind the adoption, she would have had a baby that hadn't really been hers. Brad could have spoken the truth at any time, especially when Shiloh had tried to gain custody of the baby. "Brad is weak," Chase said. Brad was easy to manipulate, and Nelle had been blackmailing him the entire time. "And he let her," Willow said.

Willow claimed that she had never liked Brad, and part of her had known. She called him a "lying coward." She went on to say that Wiley could have been with Michael the whole time, and the baby's whole world would be "flipped upside down." She blamed herself for trusting her son to Brad, who had let him die. She accused Brad of trading her son in like a "faulty appliance." She began to cry that no one had been there who had loved her son. He'd gone off with a psycho. Chase held her as she sobbed.

Sonny, Michael, and Wiley walked into the Corinthos house as everyone waited. There were tears and smiles on the faces of Carly, Bobbie, Lucas, Sasha, and Julian. As an awkward silence grew, Carly finally greeted them and walked over to Michael and the baby. "Hey, buddy," Lucas said as he stroked Wiley's hair. Michael mentioned how many people loved Wiley, and Julian was glad the baby was safe. He wanted to know if Lucas needed anything. Sonny quickly told Julian it was probably a good time for him to leave, as it had been a long day. Julian again extended his desire to help Lucas before he left.

Carly noted that it was a big night for Wiley, and she suggested that a snack before bed would be a good idea. Michael asked Lucas to take the boy, and Lucas grabbed him from Michael's arms. He headed slowly toward the kitchen but stopped to tell Michael he was sorry. Carly quickly assured her brother there was nothing to be sorry for, and Michael and Bobbie agreed. Bobbie followed Lucas into the kitchen.

Carly told Michael how generous he was, and Michael urged Carly to accompany Lucas to the kitchen, as well. He thought that Lucas could use his sister. Michael still had to figure things out. Carly told Michael how much she loved him and what a good man he was. She hugged him tearfully. Michael thanked Sasha for calling Chase. Sonny wondered how Brad had gotten his hands on Michael's son and managed to keep it secret for so long.

Julian poured himself a drink in his office at Charlie's as Ava rushed inside. She asked him if he was hurt and noted that she'd expected to find him bleeding after his emergency phone call to her. Julian informed her that Brad had confessed that Wiley was really Michael's son. "Are you sure?" Ava asked. Julian explained that he had only seen the real Wiley one time before Brad had taken him home. The baby had died from SIDS. Julian stated that Nelle and Brad were in jail.

Julian sat down and continued. He told Ava that Nelle had given Brad her baby, and they had switched the infants. Ava believed that Brad had been terrified, and she hoped that Julian hadn't helped to steal Michael's baby. She couldn't believe that Julian had known about it. She worried about what would happen if Sonny found out. "I'm a dead man," Julian agreed.

Ava joined Julian on the sofa as Julian explained that he had learned about the switch a few days after it had happened. Brad had told him he'd gotten the baby from a "random homeless woman," but Julian had eventually found out the truth. Ava asked why Julian hadn't gone to Sonny, but Julian insisted that by the time he'd heard the truth, the baby had been over a year old. Wiley had bonded with his fathers, and Julian hadn't been able to take him away from Lucas.

Julian talked about how awful the look on Lucas' face had been, and he hoped to never see anything like it again. Ava didn't think things would end well, and she was sure that Brad would most likely tell everyone that Julian had been in on it. Julian agreed it would also kill Lucas, and Ava urged Julian to get out of town and the country quickly. Julian pointed out that Sonny would hunt him down.

Julian had been hopeful to repair relations with Lucas, and he'd had a plan to shut Brad up. "If Lucas just hadn't have gotten into that car," Julian muttered. Ava looked at him in horror. Julian warned her to "steer clear" of the situation because Brad was "spineless" and would "spill his guts." Ava announced her intention to intervene.

In the Corinthos kitchen, Bobbie made it clear that she wanted to "wring Brad's neck," but Lucas admitted that he couldn't hate Brad. Bobbie insisted that Brad had been selfish and had not acted for love. Carly declared that Wiley had had a loving home, and Lucas admitted he missed Wiley already. Carly promised that no one expected Lucas to stop loving him.

Bobbie, Lucas, Carly, and Wiley all sat around the kitchen table. Carly comforted everyone and said that they'd get through it all together. Bobbie wanted to make certain that Lucas wouldn't allow Brad to push him away from his family. She and Carly did all they could to convince Lucas to let them help him.

Bobbie agreed that it had all been Nelle's idea, and Lucas and Carly both thought that it sounded like Nelle's attempt to hurt Michael and Carly. Carly added that the rest of the family members were "collateral damage." Lucas looked through the diaper bag for a book that Wiley liked to hear before bedtime, and Carly and Bobbie exchanged sympathetic looks. Lucas talked about parenting and recalled asking Carly about it. She had told him about how it was the hardest thing to always know the right thing to do.

Out in the living room, Michael told Sonny and Sasha about what had happened at Willow's apartment. He had held Wiley, but it had felt different. He felt terrible about Lucas. Sasha agreed that it was painful but added that there was also joy, and Sonny pointed out that it was human to have both emotions. Michael thought being a father would be different from being the godfather he'd been to Wiley, and Michael wondered if he should leave Wiley in the house that he already knew.

Sonny questioned Michael's choice to give his son to Lucas, and he thought it would only extend the pain. He stated that ties couldn't be broken, and he thought that Michael should claim his son and give him a good life. Michael was certain that he would keep Lucas in Wiley's life, and Sonny agreed that it wouldn't be any less meaningful of a relationship. Michael felt awful for Willow.

Bobbie, Carly, Lucas, and Wiley emerged from the kitchen and joined Michael, Sasha, and Sonny. There was another awkward silence until Lucas announced that he had a surprise for Wiley. Wiley would be going home with Uncle Michael. Lucas told Michael about the contents of the diaper bag. "I love you, buddy," Lucas said to Wiley. He kissed the baby and handed him to Michael. "Take good care of your son," he added to Michael tearfully.

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