Sonny figures out Jordan's secret
General Hospital Recap for Monday, March 23, 2020
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Monday, March 30, 2020

At the police station, Chase questioned Jason about the warehouse explosion, but Jason refused to say anything without his lawyer. An unsurprised Chase advised Jason to "get comfortable" and left.

Curtis and Jordan entered her office, and Curtis commented on how nice it was that Taggert's name had been added to the department's "roll of the fallen." Jordan regretted that she would soon be blowing up his career to save herself. Curtis reminded her that she was saving T.J., and he had faith in her ability to get through her interview with Internal Affairs. He thought that her team would understand, and he advised her to stay strong.

There was a knock on Jordan's office door, and Chase entered. He informed her that Jason was being difficult, and Jordan decided to take over for him in questioning Jason. When Chase was gone, Curtis got a text message from Portia asking to meet at the hospital if he had some free time. "You got this," he assured Jordan, and he hugged her and left.

Jordan entered the interrogation room, and Jason instructed her to take him through her story for Internal Affairs. He played the interviewer, and she answered his questions. Jordan hated trashing her team members' careers, but he thought that they'd known the possible consequences of their actions. She excused herself to think about what she was about to do.

Jordan returned to her office and took a burner phone out of the back of her cabinet. She made a call and insisted to the person who answered that it was important. She needed the person to tell her that what she was about to do was all right. A short while later, an officer knocked on her office door to inform her that a detective from Internal Affairs had arrived. Detective Cliff Simpson entered, and Jordan launched into an explanation about her undercover mission. Cliff wondered why she'd suddenly decided to revisit the case. She revealed that her other three team members were dead, and she'd wanted to understand why they'd been killed. Cliff understood her need for answers, but he asked what that had to do with Internal Affairs.

While walking through the park, Sam told Molly about the awful things she'd said to Alexis the night before. Sam realized that Molly had bigger problems, and she asked about T.J. Molly told Sam that she'd gone to Jordan's to ask about T.J., but she'd left after seeing Jason and Sonny leaving the apartment. Molly begged Sam to ask Jason if T.J. had been at Jordan's.

Later, Sam put in a call to Jason. She wanted to talk to him face to face about a "development with Dolores." She added that Molly still hadn't heard from T.J., and she asked if Jason knew anything about it. Jason wondered why she was asking him. Sam replied that Molly had seen him at Jordan's, and she asked why he'd been there. He sighed and agreed that they needed to talk. He asked her to meet him at their "usual place," and she agreed.

At the gallery, Ava was on the phone with Nikolas, arguing about the launch, until he hung up on her. Trina arrived, and Ava made sure that Trina hadn't skipped school again. Ava admitted that she was afraid of Portia. Trina assured Ava that she didn't have school, but she did have plans, which was a problem. Ava reminded Trina that she could talk to Ava, and Ava made sure that no one was forcing Trina to do something that she didn't want to do. Trina confided that she was supposed to meet Cameron, but she'd messed everything up.

Trina told Ava everything about her history with Cameron and Josslyn up to the kiss she'd shared with Cameron. Ava thought that Trina should "kick him to curb," as she was too wonderful to be anyone's second choice. Ava advised Trina to protect herself, as there was nothing worse than being with someone who wanted someone else. Ava continued that Trina deserved better, but she believed that Trina should fight for Cameron if he made her happy. She concluded that if Trina could walk away, it was the best time to do so.

Cameron and Franco made small talk while walking through the park until Franco asked about Cameron's therapy appointment. Cameron didn't want to talk about it, so Franco was glad that Cameron had good friends around to talk about things with. Franco regretted the hard time Trina was probably having, and Cameron admitted that he'd probably made it worse by kissing her.

A surprised Franco had thought that Cameron liked Josslyn, and he wondered if it changed how Cameron felt about Josslyn. Cameron thought that he and Josslyn might be better off as friends, and then he talked about how amazing Trina was. Franco reminded Cameron that Franco and Elizabeth had started off as friends. Cameron informed Franco that Trina was supposed to meet him soon, so Franco turned to leave. Cameron asked Franco not to tell Elizabeth about the conversation, and Franco replied, "I wouldn't do that to you." When he was gone, Trina arrived, and she and Cameron awkwardly greeted each other.

At the hospital, Elizabeth unlocked the door to the roof and went outside. She spotted something under a tarp and discovered that it was an unconscious Nelle. She managed to wake Nelle and help her sit up. Nelle weakly told Elizabeth that she'd screamed for help for hours, and no one had heard her. Elizabeth wondered how Nelle had been out there all night. "Carly," Nelle spat.

Bobbie, Carly, Willow, Michael, and Sasha anxiously sat in the waiting room during Wiley's surgery. Sasha was thankful that Nelle had changed her mind and signed the consent form, but she wondered what had changed Nelle's mind. The group was talking about Wiley when Elizabeth pushed a wheelchair-bound Nelle out of the elevator. Michael asked what had happened, and Nelle responded, "Your mother. The bitch tried to kill me!"

Chase arrived at the hospital just in time to hear Nelle accuse Carly of attempted murder, and she recounted her story. Elizabeth confirmed that she'd found Nelle on the roof, but the door to the roof was supposed to be locked overnight, so security could have been the ones to lock it. Elizabeth was paged, so she excused herself while Nelle argued with Carly. Carly insisted that Nelle had left the roof to sign the consent form for Wiley's surgery. Michael informed a confused Nelle that the surgery was in progress as they spoke. Nelle added fraud and forgery to her charges against Carly.

A few minutes later, Bobbie returned with Wiley's file but observed that the consent form for the surgery seemed to be missing. "Wait until the judge gets ahold of this," Nelle threatened, and she believed that she would win sole custody. Monica approached the group and divulged that the surgery had gone fine, and Wiley was in recovery. However, she informed them that Wiley's case had been more severe than anticipated. She explained that in six months, Wiley would need a device implanted that would stimulate tissue growth and help repair weakness in his heart's walls.

Nelle yelled that the "illegal surgery" hadn't worked, and she demanded that Chase arrest Carly for fraud, forgery, assault, and attempted murder. Michael informed Nelle that she would also need to go to the police station for questioning, while he would be at Wiley's side when the boy woke up. Nelle scoffed and said that she would sue the hospital for millions. "Good luck," Bobbie muttered. Nelle demanded that Monica note in Wiley's file that Nelle's written and verbal consent were required for any procedures. "Noted," Monica replied flatly. Michael thanked Monica and Carly for everything they'd done, and Carly left to check on Sonny and Mike.

Bobbie told Monica that Wiley had gotten the help he'd needed, which was the most important thing. Bobbie thought back to a few hours before when she'd taken the consent form from Wiley's file and put it into the shredder. Monica thought it was a good thing that Wiley had two great-grandmothers looking out for him, and they fist-bumped each other.

Later, Michael returned to Sasha, Willow, and Chase, and he reported that Wiley was asleep. Michael wanted to make sure that Nelle would have no say in Wiley's medical decisions. He vowed that he had to do whatever it took to win full custody. Around the corner, Nelle was on the phone. She yelled into the phone, "I don't care how busy you are. I need to see you now!" She added that Carly thought she'd won, but Nelle vowed to have the last word.

Sonny arrived at Mike's hospital room and found Portia checking in on Mike. Sonny tried to hand Mike a cup of coffee, but Mike was silent and unmoving. Josslyn arrived with a deck of cards, hoping that Mike would help her play solitaire. As she sat with Mike, Portia took Sonny aside and informed him of a new development with Mike. She revealed that Mike's vitals were fine, but when they'd tried to get him into a wheelchair, his legs hadn't supported him. She couldn't find a medical reason for it, so she thought he was afraid of falling. Sonny just wanted to make sure that Mike wasn't in pain, and Portia left.

Sonny tried to offer Mike some water as Josslyn played cards next to Mike. Elizabeth arrived with a wheelchair to take Mike for some tests. Sonny tried to help Elizabeth get Mike into the wheelchair, but Mike pulled back and screamed at them not to touch him. Elizabeth talked to Mike soothingly as Sonny and Josslyn went to the other side of the room. Josslyn assured Sonny that Elizabeth was trained to know what to do in the situation, but Sonny hated seeing his father that way.

Later, Carly arrived and gave Sonny and Josslyn a small update on Wiley, and she promised to tell them the rest later. Sonny informed Carly that Mike had just returned from a full-body CT scan to figure out why he wasn't walking. Sonny and Josslyn were glad to have Carly there.

Curtis entered Portia's office, and she again apologized for Trina's behavior toward him. He promised that if being angry at him helped the grieving teenager, he could handle it. Portia also apologized again for her own behavior when they'd been together, but he brushed it off, since it had been so long in the past. She confided that Taggert had never found out about the affair, so it was their secret. However, Curtis admitted that he'd told Jordan. Portia liked Jordan, but she guessed that they would never be friends. Curtis insisted that Jordan wasn't the jealous type, but Portia reminded him that she'd betrayed Jordan's partner. He assured her that Jordan wouldn't take it personally.

Portia was terrified that Trina would find out about the infidelity. Curtis asked about Trina, and Portia admitted that her daughter was struggling. She added that she wanted to take Trina to see Taggert on the roll of the fallen at the police station, as it would comfort her to know that Taggert was getting the recognition he deserved. Portia related that Taggert had been married to his job, and she had never been able to reconcile being in second place.

Portia continued that Taggert had told her about the risks Jordan had taken undercover, and Curtis was shocked that Taggert had talked to Portia about the case. Portia replied that he'd told her everything he safely could so she didn't imagine the worst. She admitted that there was also a lot she hadn't wanted to know. Portia insisted that she'd cared deeply about Taggert even when they'd been breaking up, and he'd done everything he could to reassure her.

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