Nelle and Brad are arrested
General Hospital Recap for Thursday, February 20, 2020
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Thursday, February 20, 2020

When Jason returned to Pozzulo's, Sonny anxiously asked him how things had gone. Jason informed Sonny that he'd blown up the warehouse but had left a couple of guys alive in order to send a message. The warehouse had contained twenty million dollars' worth of drugs. Sonny didn't think that that had been enough to hurt Renault.

Sonny revealed that when he'd visited Renault at Pentonville, the man hadn't said much other than that he had shown up in Port Charles for a personal reason. Both Sonny and Jason attempted to figure out what Renault's personal reason could be and why he'd opened up a new territory for himself on the East Coast. Sonny wondered if it could be for more than money.

Jason and Sonny sat down at Sonny's desk. Jason suggested that perhaps Renault's transfer to Pentonville had been for a personal tie, after all, and he'd seen an opportunity to expand his business. Jason wondered why Renault wouldn't cut his losses after losing so much in the explosion. Sonny asked whether love or revenge was more important, and Jason guessed that Renault was not in town for love.

Just then, Jason received a phone call from Sam, who was at Sonny's house. She told Jason that there was something that he and Sonny needed to know.

Cyrus Renault grinned when Jordan sat down across from him at a table at Pentonville. She called him Mr. Renault, but he insisted she call him Cyrus. "The way you used to," Cyrus said as he laughed. He pointed out how Jordan had risen to commissioner of police after being his "right hand." He wondered if she was haunted by things she'd done in the past. Jordan recalled that she had only been following his orders. Cyrus noted that Jordan's son had to be grown and in medical school.

Cyrus acknowledged that he'd made the mistake of trusting Jordan, but she replied that things had worked out well for her -- unlike him. Cyrus agreed that his former protégé had gone on to be the commissioner. Jordan wanted to know how someone had leaked her classified identity, and Cyrus pointed out that he had been embarrassed by four traitors. He had been careless, but he hoped her former associates were okay.

Jordan spat out that two of them were dead, and Cyrus sarcastically asked if it had been due to natural causes. Jordan told him off and reminded him the deceased had been pumped full of drugs, but Cyrus laughed and claimed that he had merely been holding those drugs for a friend. Jordan called him a monster who had ordered hits on Mark Simon and Bob Massicotte. Cyrus insisted it had been karma, and the men had been expendable.

Cyrus continued that Jordan would see everything burn when she got hers. Jordan replied that Cyrus had started a mob war by moving his cartel in on Sonny, but he accused Jordan of not being good at her job if there was a mob in Port Charles. She promised to make sure that Cyrus didn't get away with anything, but he told her that visiting hours were over. "Have a lovely evening," he said as a guard led him out.

"Dad!" Trina exclaimed as she jumped into Taggert's arms at Kelly's. Cameron, who was seated at the table, declared that he hadn't known that Trina's father was in town. Trina informed him that Taggert had just arrived. Taggert removed his coat and sat down at the table with the teens. He began to question Cameron about taking Trina to the school dance, and Cameron awkwardly addressed the man as "sir" several times.

Trina confirmed that she and Cameron were going to the dance as friends, and she formally introduced Taggert and Cameron to each other. Taggert asked Cameron if he was related to Elizabeth and added that he knew many people in town. Trina disclosed that her father had lived in town during the Stone Age, and father and daughter joked. Taggert added that Elizabeth had been in the same crowd as Trina's Aunt Gia. As Taggert engaged with the teens, Curtis continued to peer through the window of the restaurant.

"No wonder she was so good at giving me the runaround," Curtis mumbled to himself as he thought about Trina working at the art gallery. Taggert wanted to know Cameron's intentions, and again Trina declared that she and Cameron were just friends. She had already asked her mother for permission but suggested that Taggert wanted a notarized statement. Taggert asked Trina to have her mother call him. Suddenly, he noticed Curtis hiding by the front window.

Taggert rushed outside, followed by Cameron and Trina. Taggert demanded to know if Curtis had been following him, but Curtis insisted he was there to pick up an order. Taggert asked why Curtis had been "peering" at him through the window, but Curtis denied it. He claimed to have changed his mind about going inside after he'd spotted Taggert.

Taggert began to tell Curtis off and told him that his life was none of Curtis' business. Curtis accused him of "creeping around town" with Jordan. Before the arguing could continue, Jordan arrived and shouted for the men to stop. The men glared at each other as Jordan asked what was going on. Cameron quickly announced that he was uneasy with the situation after just finishing up probation. Trina grabbed his hand, and the teens took a few steps back.

Taggert noted that Curtis had been tailing him, although Curtis denied it and added that if he had been following Taggert, Taggert would not have known it. Jordan recognized that Taggert was "on edge," but she wanted him to allow her to handle things. She wanted Curtis to accompany her back to her office. Trina asked her father if everything was okay, and he assured her that it was.

Back inside Kelly's, Taggert promised Trina that there was nothing to worry about. He had something to take care of, and he wanted Cameron to make sure that Trina got home safely. Cameron continued to say "sir" until Trina told him to stop. After Taggert left, Trina called her father sexist. She could have easily been the one to see that Cameron got home safely instead.

Cameron assumed that Taggert would know if Cameron didn't get Trina home, and they joked about Taggert's "intensity." Trina admitted she'd never seen her father like that. As the kids left Kelly's, they talked about the possibility of Taggert chaperoning at the dance or following them around.

Chase arrived at the Corinthos house just in time to hear Carly tell Michael that she'd always thought that Wiley looked like Michael. "Your son's alive," she said. She urged Michael to go get him. Michael walked over to Brad and yelled about Brad trashing lives and causing pain to so many people. He listed them all. Brad kept trying to say that it had all been Nelle's idea, but Michael didn't want to hear it. He accused Brad of going along with it.

Brad tried to explain that he'd been grieving and had made the worst mistake. Michael promised that Brad would pay. Brad agreed he'd been wrong. Brad suddenly remembered that Nelle had wanted to say goodbye to Wiley and admitted under Carly's cross-examination that that had been why he'd wanted to talk to Nelle in private earlier. He was terrified as he realized that he'd sent Nelle to Willow's apartment. Chase and Michael immediately departed for Chase and Willow's place while Carly continued to yell at Brad that he had only cared about himself.

Carly called the police on Brad. Lucas demanded to know if anyone besides Nelle and Brad had known the truth. While Lucas screamed at Brad, Julian scowled. Brad disclosed that no one else had known. He had panicked and had wanted to be the strong one for Lucas. He had been the one to stay positive about having a baby joining their family, Brad insisted. Their son had died, and he hadn't been able to think. Bobbie accused Brad of kidnapping, "plain and simple."

Brad stood his ground and stated that he had been grieving, but Bobbie replied that he hadn't cared about anyone but himself. Lucas declared that Brad had stolen his nephew's baby and had caused the family pain and grief. Brad thought he'd been doing the right thing. He pointed out that both Michael and Kristina had been kidnapped in the past, and he'd thought the baby would have been safer with him and Lucas. Bobbie declared that Brad had had no right to do that.

Lucas only wished that Brad had told the truth, and Lucas had lost his family, too. He couldn't look at Brad anymore. Carly just stared at Brad. Shortly after, the police arrived, and Brad was placed under arrest for kidnapping. He begged Lucas to understand and to look at him, but Lucas looked away.

At Chase and Willow's place, Nelle continued to get Wiley ready to leave while Willow was out cold and slumped over on the floor behind the door. Nelle assured the little boy that he had just needed his mother. Nelle noticed that there wasn't much in Wiley's diaper bag. She double-checked the fake passports and showed one to Wiley. She informed him they'd be going on a little trip.

Nelle carried Wiley and opened the front door just as Chase and Michael arrived. Michael stared at his son. "Nelle, put the baby down," Chase ordered. Michael announced that he wanted his son back, but Nelle reminded him that the baby was her son, too. She added that she was certain that Brad hadn't told Michael the truth.

Nelle accused Brad of stealing the baby after she had planned to return to the damaged car to rescue Michael. She hadn't been able to move, and she'd been in and out of consciousness. She remembered finding a "lifeless child" in her arms upon waking up. She hadn't realized that Wiley was really Jonah until she'd overheard Lucas say it at the Corinthos house. Michael asked how she'd heard that when she'd already left the house, but Nelle insisted she'd stayed behind to look through a window.

Nelle suggested that Willow had been a part of the lies along with Brad. Michael asked where Willow was. "What the hell did you do to her?" he asked. Nelle replied that she was a victim, too, but Michael didn't believe her. Nelle insisted that no one could take Jonah away from her. Michael corrected her and stated that the boy's name was Wiley. He didn't want her to make things difficult. Chase grabbed Nelle's arms and ordered her to hand Wiley over to Michael, who took his son.

Finally, Chase spotted Willow on the floor, and he managed to wake her up. He picked her up to carry her to the hospital. In the meantime, more police had arrived, and Nelle was placed in cuffs and arrested. Michael thanked Chase just as Sonny arrived. Michael assured Sonny that both he and Sonny's grandson were fine. A police officer led Nelle out.

Jordan and Curtis arrived at the police station and went into Jordan's office. Curtis insisted that he hadn't been stalking Taggert but merely following him. He accused Jordan of lying to him. Jordan replied that he should have trusted her, but Curtis retorted that it worked both ways. Jordan reminded him that there were lines at work that they couldn't cross when it needed to be confidential. Curtis didn't think that Jordan had been truthful with him, and he was aware that she was in over her head. Jordan told him to drop it.

Sarcastically, Curtis pointed out that Taggert was enjoying time with a daughter that Jordan had never mentioned. He was familiar with undercover work, and he asked if that had something to do with it. "Are you Trina's mother?" he asked. "Really?" Jordan asked, expressing disbelief. She stated that she really was Trina's mother, and she'd had a child with every man she'd ever worked with.

Jordan pointed out that she and Taggert had only ever been involved professionally, but Curtis was adamant that the two of them were always being secretive. He wanted to be let in. "It's time we told him everything," Taggert announced as he walked in. Jordan picked up her phone and asked that her calls be held because she was in conference with the DEA.

Curtis wasn't aware that Taggert was still working for the DEA, but Taggert clarified that he was in town about a former case. He thought that Curtis should be informed enough to be able to protect himself.

When Jason arrived at the Corinthos house, Sam kissed him and told him she needed to leave before a parole officer spotted them together. Carly rushed over to Jason and exclaimed that history had repeated itself, although not exactly the same. She likened the entire incident to when she'd kept Michael away from A.J. She insisted she wasn't a hypocrite because that had been different. She had only wanted to give Michael the best life, while Nelle and Brad had only been out for themselves.

Jason was sorry but had to take care of something else. He urged Carly to tell Michael he loved him. Carly hugged him. In the living room, Julian declared that Brad had thought he'd been protecting Lucas. He wasn't condoning Brad's actions, but they all made mistakes to protect those they loved. The family thought it unusual that Julian seemed to be defending Brad. Lucas stated that his husband was a stranger.

Sonny and Michael arrived with Wiley. Lucas looked on tearfully.

Willow woke up and saw Chase sitting beside her at the hospital. Chase assured her that while she had a minor concussion, she would be okay. Willow recalled watching Wiley, but then she realized that Nelle had been there. Frantically, she asked where Wiley was while Chase just looked at her without saying a word.

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