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General Hospital Recap for Thursday, March 26, 2020
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Thursday, March 26, 2020

At the hospital, Nelle refused to allow Wiley to get surgery. Michael reminded her that he'd had the same condition and surgery when he'd been younger than Wiley. He explained that it would give Wiley a better quality of life, but she was stuck on the fact that it was considered an elective surgery. She argued all the bad things that could happen to Wiley as a result of the surgery, but Monica assured Nelle that Wiley would be completely safe. Monica offered for Nelle to get a second opinion, as she had colleagues all over the world. Nelle spat that they would all just agree with Monica, and Michael insisted that it was because Monica was right. Monica left to get some information for Nelle, and Sasha left to give the parents a moment alone.

Michael demanded to know why Nelle was risking their son's health. He accused her of trying to make him suffer since the day Wiley had been born. "Not everything is about you," she shot back. She related that she'd vowed to protect Wiley, and she urged him to give her some time to figure out other ways to heal Wiley. "You're not a doctor!" Michael exploded, and he added that she would have no say when she was excluded from the custody arrangement. Regardless of the future custody arrangement, she refused to agree to the surgery, and she stormed off to visit Wiley.

At the park, Chase and Willow were getting ready to go ice-skating, but he realized that he'd forgotten his skates in the car. When he was gone, Willow put in a call to Sasha and left her a voicemail reminding her that she, Michael, and Wiley were supposed to go ice-skating with Chase and Willow. When she hung up, Jason appeared, and Willow told Jason about her last concerning conversation with Harmony. Jason confided that Harmony was mixed up with dangerous people, so Willow should keep her distance. A worried Willow asked Jason to keep an eye out for Harmony, and he promised to try.

When Jason was gone, Chase returned, and he could tell that something was wrong with Willow. She told him about her conversation with Jason, and she admitted that she was "freaked out." Chase reminded her that it wouldn't be the first time that Harmony had been taken in by someone dangerous. Willow countered that she felt like someone was using her as leverage to get Harmony to do what they wanted. Just then, her phone went off, and she answered it to Sasha. Sasha apologized for forgetting about skating, and she updated Willow on what was going on.

A short while later, Sasha returned to Michael just as Monica returned with information for Nelle. Monica asked if Michael had made any headway with Nelle, and he replied, "Not even close." He asked what his options were, but Chase and Willow arrived before Monica could answer. Monica left to check on Wiley, and Michael and Sasha got Willow and Chase up to speed. Michael emphasized the importance of winning sole custody, but Nelle returned and questioned, "Who says you'll win?"

Nelle talked about how rare a father winning sole custody was, but Willow pointedly commented that the mother had to be deemed unfit. Nelle had observed that Wiley seemed happy and healthy, and she vowed to do everything in her power to protect her son. When she was gone, Michael ranted that Nelle was jeopardizing Wiley's health. Willow related that they had no choice but to do whatever it took to get Michael full custody of Wiley

Laura arrived at Sonny's to ask him for help. She figured that Sonny knew how the drugs had gotten into the city, and he insisted that he was as concerned about it as she was. She assumed that he was reluctant to tell her what he knew, but she needed him to understand that if there wasn't an end to the violence soon, she would have to "come down hard on crime," which included him. He divulged that the situation was "shifting." His phone went off, interrupting the conversation, and he got up to check it. He apologized, as he thought it could be Turning Woods.

Laura asked about Mike, and Sonny replied that Mike seemed haunted by the shooting. Jason arrived, and Laura wondered if he had anything to add about what was being done about Cyrus. He kept quiet, which Laura had expected. Sonny promised to get the situation under control, and he left. Jason chided Sonny for giving Laura any information, but Sonny insisted that nothing would tie back to them. He didn't want anyone to be traumatized like Mike was. He explained that Mike found comfort in old memories of his family. Just then, his phone went off, and he saw that it was Turning Woods.

Sam answered her phone to Spinelli and asked if he'd found anything. Dolores answered, and Sam demanded to know what her parole officer was doing with Spinelli's phone. Dolores instructed Sam to meet her at a bar in Queen's Point and hung up.

At the hospital, Alexis was surprised to bump into Neil, as she hadn't known that he'd already started working. He replied that he was getting settled in, and Alexis told him that she was there for a meeting. They discussed avoiding each other, but Neil thought that they could handle their run-ins. Kevin passed through as the two bantered. Just then, Alexis' phone went off, and she answered it to Sam. Sam needed help, as Spinelli had been arrested. Alexis promised to be there soon, and she left.

Kevin approached Neil, and they made small talk as they walked to Neil's office. Kevin was glad to have Neil there, and Neil replied that he was glad to have the job after his run-in with the board. Neil assumed that Kevin knew about what had happened, and Kevin admitted that he did. Neil insisted that he was over his short-lived relationship with Alexis, but Kevin called his bluff. He offered to listen to Neil, and he suggested that Neil informally become his patient if the legal confidentiality made Neil feel better. However, they were interrupted by a knock on the door.

Neil let Laura in, and she asked for Neil's help with a crisis. She told him about the wave of drugs hitting the city, which she'd heard was Neil's area of expertise, and she explained that she was starting a clinic at the hospital. He wondered if Kevin was helping, as well, and Kevin agreed to. Neil promised to talk to Kevin soon to put some ideas together. Kevin wondered if Neil wanted to continue their previous conversation. Neil said that they could talk another time, so Kevin and Laura left.

Alexis arrived at the bar in Queen's Point, and Sam introduced Alexis and Dolores. Dolores explained that Sam had sent Spinelli to spy on Dolores and dig up dirt to use as leverage against her. Spinelli insisted that it had been all his idea, and Sam had had nothing to do with it. Dolores continued that she'd had Spinelli arrested for "unlawful surveillance," for which he could get jail time and a fine. Alexis knew the law and knew that he could only be arrested if he'd been taking pictures or video while people were "in the act of disrobing or having sex."

Dolores dismissed the officer standing with them, and Alexis asked what Dolores had been doing when Spinelli had been surveilling. Spinelli jumped up and yelled that Dolores and the councilman had been in the backseat of a car. "One more word, and I'll let you rot," Alexis muttered to Spinelli. Dolores claimed that she and the councilman had wanted to discuss a "sensitive legal matter" without reporters prying. Spinelli muttered to Sam that they had been discussing the matter naked. Sam asked if he'd gotten a photo, but he said that the combination of low light and intense rocking of the car had prevented him from doing so.

Dolores reminded Alexis that Spinelli had basically admitted his guilt, so she figured that both he and Sam would end up in Pentonville. Sam talked about how embarrassing it would be for Dolores and the councilman when the details of their affair surfaced in court. Dolores accused her of blackmail just so that Sam would be able to see Jason. Dolores added that she would consider dropping the charges if Sam and Spinelli stayed silent about the affair. "And if we refuse?" Sam questioned. "Quit while you're ahead!" Alexis hissed.

Sam reluctantly agreed, and Dolores asked Alexis to guarantee that the two abide by the agreement. Alexis promised to drop them off at the police station herself if they didn't. Dolores assured Sam that she would be more vigilant about Sam's parole, and Sam accused Dolores of harassment. Dolores shot back that it was "law enforcement," and she left. Spinelli apologized profusely to Sam, who lamented the loss of her one shot. "Now what?" she wondered.

"What the hell were you thinking?" Alexis demanded to know. She told Sam how terrible her choices had been, and she wondered if Sam had been thinking about her kids at all. Sam insisted she had been, because she was trying to put her family back together. Alexis continued that Sam's job was to do whatever she needed to get through her two years of parole. Sam accused Alexis of becoming a pushover and refusing to fight for anything anymore. Sam went on about how Alexis hadn't fought back against those keeping Alexis and Neil apart. She spat that she had previously admired Alexis, but she just felt sorry for her mother.

A few minutes later, Sam apologized to her tearful mother. Sam acknowledged that she'd been selfish, desperate, and stupid, and she regretted taking her anger out on Alexis. Alexis accepted the apology, but she asked for time. Sam decided to go home, and Spinelli left with her. As Alexis cried, a shot was pushed in front of her. The bartender had observed that she'd had a rough night, and he thought that she could use a drink. As she thought about the things Sam had said to her and everything that had happened between her and Neil, she picked up the shot and downed it.

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