Chase takes a turn for the worse
General Hospital Recap for Thursday, June 10, 2021
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Thursday, June 10, 2021

At the Tan-O, business was booming. Phyllis remarked that she'd heard that crime had been down. "Mike" revealed that Nina was on her way back to Port Charles to see her grandchild. He wasn't sure that Nina would return, but Phyllis reminded him that Nina loved Nixon Falls and still had to finish her article. She also thought there was something between "Mike" and Nina, especially after what had happened after the incident with Elijah.

"Mike" admitted that he and Nina had had a talk, but then she'd received a phone call and had gone. He had given her a jar of his special sauce to remember him by. Lenny urged "Mike" to get on the next flight and surprise Nina in Port Charles. As Lenny began to lock up, "Mike" maintained that he would get in Nina's way. Just then, "Mike" received a message from Nina. She had sent him a photo of the two of them. Phyllis expected to see Nina again.

Suddenly, there was a crash. Lenny had fallen to the floor. "Mike" and Phyllis rushed over to him and managed to get him up. Lenny disclosed that he felt dizzy. Phyllis wanted him to drink water while she retrieved her medical bag. She wanted to check his blood pressure. The two men sat at a table. "How bad is it?" "Mike" asked. He promised not to repeat whatever Lenny told him.

Lenny admitted that he'd seen a picture of his heart at his last examination. He stated that it wasn't pretty. "Mike" suggested that Lenny tell Phyllis, but Lenny wanted "Mike" to remain quiet. "Mike" reminded Lenny that Phyllis was a nurse, and he guessed that Lenny was scared of his feelings. "Mike" declared that Phyllis had a right to know.

Phyllis returned and checked Lenny's blood pressure. She asked what she'd missed and accused Lenny of knowing that his blood pressure wouldn't be good. She sat down. She made it clear that she and Lenny needed to talk or what they had wouldn't be a marriage. Lenny had been scared of losing Phyllis and hadn't wanted her to worry. "Mike" watched through the window and looked at his photo again.

At General Hospital, Jackie, Willow, Michael, Elizabeth, and Finn were congregated in Chase's room after an injection of the antidote. Michael and Chase insulted each other about their softball teams. Suddenly, Chase's nose began to bleed, and he had a seizure. Finn quickly gave orders as a medical team rushed into the room to help. Chase's guests were ushered out.

Gregory rushed off the elevator, and he, Jackie, Willow, and Michael waited for word. Finn finally emerged from Chase's room and announced that Chase was stable for the time being. He didn't know what had happened, and he'd thought the answer would have been his and Jackie's DNA. He added that he was unable to get another dose of the short-term fix, and he hoped the lab would find something.

Jackie and Gregory headed into Chase's room and watched over him as he slept. Willow had thought that Chase would be better, and Finn declared that he and Chase wouldn't give up.

Gladys teased Brando about his taking care of her as he pushed her wheelchair through the corridor. Brando teased back as he accused his mother of enjoying all of her media attention. Sasha greeted them. Brando was thrilled to see her, although Gladys was not. Brando took the opportunity to speak to Sasha privately, and she assured him that their baby was fine. She'd decided to stay at General Hospital for care because Cyrus was gone.

Gladys announced that she was tired, and Brando engaged an orderly to wheel Gladys back to her room. He would accompany Sasha to pick up her prenatal vitamins. Sasha showed Brando a picture of her ultrasound. He looked at it in amazement, and the couple wondered what would be next for them, since they had the time.

Sasha and Brando moved in for a kiss, but Sasha pulled away and looked around. She realized that she would have to get used to Cyrus not being around, and Brando agreed that he would have to relearn how to live a normal life. They talked about dating and the fact that they'd created a baby before their first date. Gladys peered out at them from her room.

Martin found Laura in the chapel, and she informed him that the hospital board would be making an official statement about Cyrus. Martin admitted that he almost felt sorry for his brother. "Sonny prevails, even in death," Laura replied. She wanted to get home. Martin was relieved and grateful that she was okay, and he knew that she was suffering about Lulu every day. He didn't know where his mother was, and he was hoping that Laura could ask Cyrus because she had something to bargain with. "His sister's love," Martin clarified.

Laura thought that Martin overestimated her influence with Cyrus. She told him that she hadn't been able to get anywhere with Cyrus when he'd held her hostage, and she believed that he would have eventually killed her. Martin was certain that Cyrus would have killed someone else sooner, and only his mother had more influence on Cyrus than Laura. He was hopeful that another tragedy would be averted if Laura spoke to Cyrus. She didn't think that Cyrus would tell her anything.

"I'll leave you to it; your reflection and your husband," Martin said as he headed to the door. Laura stopped him. She supposed that the worst would be that Cyrus would say no. "Laura Collins, God bless you for trying," Martin said.

Cyrus shouted for his lawyer from his hospital bed as Carly walked in. They quickly resorted to taunts, and Carly disclosed that Peter was on the run. Cyrus laughed and denied any knowledge of Gladys' kidnapping and all that had transpired. He vowed to rebuild his network in Pentonville, and the charges against him would be dropped. Carly announced that Cyrus would not be going to Pentonville but would wish that he had.

Carly proceeded to tell Cyrus the drugs that had been found floating around an exploded boat had been traced to one of Cyrus' shell corporations. The Feds had been "sniffing around," and RICO charges for federal racketeering would be filed in addition to multiple kidnapping charges and a laundry list of others. Cyrus suggested that Carly would join him in federal prison after he revealed that she and her family had harbored an illegal -- Dev. He wondered if there would be a mother and daughter cell so that Josslyn could join her.

Carly was furious that Cyrus had mentioned Josslyn, and she announced that she had gotten immunity for her family at the same time that Gladys had received it. She accused him of making empty threats. Cyrus was sure that his attorneys would figure a way out. He didn't think that Carly would be able to fill Sonny's shoes. Carly replied that she knew better than to even try, and Cyrus had been smart to team up with Peter.

Cyrus had been hopeful that Jason would have never made it to trial, and Carly was aware that he had wanted Jason dead. She told Cyrus that he had failed, Jason was free, and her territory was secure. Cyrus sensed that she was enjoying her power, but he advised her that the deeper she got in, the harder it would be to get out.

Laura planted Martin in the hallway, and she strolled over to Cyrus' room. As she reached the door, Carly emerged. Laura noted that she was there to see her brother. Carly asked Martin about Laura's visit, especially after Cyrus had held Laura hostage. Martin told her that Laura was there for him and his mother. Carly offered her help.

Laura told Cyrus that she wanted to talk to him for his mother, but Cyrus suggested that she tell Martin not to worry. Laura declared that Martin was desperate to see Florence, and she suggested that Cyrus put aside his anger. She wondered who would take care of Florence after Cyrus went to prison. Cyrus wanted Laura to use her influence to have his sentence reduced, but she chuckled.

Laura thought that Cyrus loved to manipulate people. She had no influence, and she accused him of trying to extort it. She received a phone call from Martin, who asked to talk to Cyrus after a brief chat. She handed Cyrus the phone. "Mother?" a surprised Cyrus asked. He told her he had only wanted what was best. The line went dead. Laura disclosed that Martin had found Florence and would take care of her.

Cyrus realized that Carly had helped to find Florence, and Laura made it clear that Carly had wanted to do anything she could to stop Cyrus from hurting anyone else. She continued that with Cyrus' intelligence, he could have done so much good in the world. Instead, he had chosen to be selfish and cruel and was alone and unloved. She told him to blame himself. Cyrus proclaimed that he would have nothing to lose the next time they met. Laura promised to be ready.

Michael retrieved a bottle of water from the beverage machine and handed it to Willow. She sensed that something was up, and Michael disclosed that Nina was on her way back to town to visit with Wiley. He told her that Jax had insisted and had blackmailed him. Jax had seen him and Willow together in the gatehouse. Willow admitted she'd almost told Chase the truth after he'd had his room decorated to resemble Nantucket. She couldn't lie anymore, but then Finn had rushed into the room.

Willow wanted to be the one to tell Chase the truth, not Jasper Jacks. "What about Jax?" Carly asked as she walked over to them. Michael disclosed that Nina was returning to visit with Wiley, and he promised to discuss boundaries. Willow thought it would be good for Wiley as long as Nina followed the rules. Carly wondered what it all had to do with Jax. Michael admitted that Jax had made the request, and Carly declared that Jax was biased.

Elizabeth found Finn in his office, reworking the formula for the antidote. Finn was sure that he'd done everything right, and he felt that he'd failed his son. He'd also killed the one person who had had the antidote. He knocked his papers onto the floor. He confessed that he was going to turn himself in at the police station. Elizabeth told Finn that he was making a mistake, and it wasn't the proper time to confess. Finn argued with Elizabeth, and she told him not to lose faith. He received a message that the lab results were in.

After Sasha and Brando picked up the vitamins, they headed to Gladys' room. Sasha showed Gladys the ultrasound, and Gladys seemed pleased. She said that the baby would need her as much as Brando had needed her. Sasha thanked Gladys for sharing her son, and she left. Brando offered to frame a copy of the ultrasound for Gladys to take when she returned to Bridgeport. She announced that she would be moving in with Brando to look after him and her grandchild. It was Brando's turn to look unhappy.

In the midst of talking to Carly, Willow and Michael spotted Finn. Elizabeth, Jackie, and Gregory joined them. Finn informed them that the toxin was still in Chase's system, and his symptoms had grown more intense. Finn wanted to check on Chase, and he entered Chase's room. Michael and Willow headed back over to Carly, and she told them how sorry she was about Chase. She hugged Michael, and he promised not to allow Nina to pull another stunt. Carly wasn't worried.

Finn sat at Chase's bedside and muttered that he couldn't understand why the antidote hadn't worked. Chase woke up. "You've run out of tricks?" Chase asked. He expected that he would die. Finn took his hand.

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