Anna accepts Finn's marriage proposal
General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, May 21, 2019
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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Cameron visited Josslyn and home, and he informed her that he'd helped Oscar to record a message prior to Oscar's death. He added that the disc was the only copy around. As he turned to head back to the Nurses Ball, Josslyn asked him to stay to watch it with her. Cameron reminded her that he had seen it because he'd been the one to record it, and he was certain that Oscar had meant for Josslyn to watch it alone.

After Cameron had gone, Josslyn sat down to watch the recording. Oscar talked about how grateful he'd been for his time with Josslyn. He wanted her to live life to the fullest, and he wanted her to sing their song at the Nurses Ball for both of them.

Shortly after, Josslyn descended the stairs in her gown and looked at herself in the mirror. "Okay, Oscar. I'm doing this for you," she said. She headed out the door.

In Canada, Curtis and Laura lay unconscious on the ground amidst the smoldering ruins and small fire that had been April's house. Curtis slowly awakened and tried to rouse Laura. There were sirens in the distance.

At the Nurses Ball, Finn looked on in horror as the engagement ring, which he'd been holding until Robert had knocked into his arm, flew across the stage and stopped at Anna's feet. Robert urged him to retrieve it, and Finn wandered onto the stage. Everyone looked on with their mouths open wide as Finn dropped to one knee. "Anna Devane, will you marry me?" he asked.

Anna stammered that she didn't know, and Finn awkwardly replied that he was an idiot and got up to leave. Anna stopped him and tearfully accepted the proposal. Finn asked her to say it louder for the benefit of the audience, and she spoke into the microphone. Applause erupted as Finn slid the ring onto her finger, and they shared a kiss.

Out in the lobby, Kristina approached Sam and Shiloh and stated that she had to speak to her sister. Shiloh was against it, but Kristina urged Sam to walk away from Shiloh before she got hurt. Shiloh insisted that he wouldn't hurt Sam, but Kristina continued to talk to Sam. She stated that Dawn of Day was a cult, and Shiloh was more than a liar. Inside the event, Sonny, Alexis, and Neil were concerned that they were unable to reach Kristina on the phone at home.

Shiloh lectured Kristina and stated that there was no enlightenment without trust. He reminded her that she had been better off at DOD, and he told her that she should return. He held out his hand to her as Sonny suddenly appeared. "Stay away from my daughter," Sonny growled.

Sonny urged Kristina to go with Alexis, who had followed behind with Neil. Shiloh called out that he didn't think Kristina should allow her father to control her forever, and he added that his door would always be open to her. "Your door is about to close permanently," Sonny threatened. "You messed with the wrong daughter. You messed with the wrong family. It's gonna cost you everything," Sonny declared.

Alexis told Kristina that they needed to go home. Shiloh and Sonny glared at each other while Sam remained silent. Sonny smiled. Neil and Alexis walked out with Kristina, and Alexis asked Kristina why she'd felt it necessary to attend the ball to tell Shiloh off. Kristina stated that she'd seen the red carpet photos of Sam and Shiloh together and had been upset about Sam. She complained that no one had been helping Sam.

Kevin attempted to call Laura but was unsuccessful. He was worried that she and Curtis had found Ryan, but Ava convinced him that they had to stick to their plan. Kevin conceded that he would do so only because there was no alternative.

Robert proposed a toast to the newly engaged couple Anna and Finn, as Felicia and Mac joined him. Brad and Lucas arrived and recalled their own wedding proposal the previous year. Lucas accused Brad of talking to everyone else except him recently, and he wanted to know what was going on. Chase hugged and congratulated both Anna and Finn and welcomed Anna to the family.

Peter also congratulated Anna, and she was pleased. Elizabeth told Franco how happy she was for the couple but he seemed to be preoccupied. He told Elizabeth he'd received a text from Lucy and had to go backstage to check something for her. Finn commended Anna on her speech, and she suggested they leave early. She grabbed her purse, and they ran out.

Cameron returned from visiting Josslyn and sat with Elizabeth. He told her he'd had to take care of something for a friend. Just then, Lucy announced the next performer, Dr. Liesl Obrecht. Liesl sang the song, "Guilty" as Nina hid her face. Suddenly, a surprise performer joined in for a duet. Elizabeth was shocked to see Franco up on the stage. After the performance, Elizabeth rushed to Franco. She told him how surprised she'd been. Cameron looked around as he waited for Josslyn to arrive.

Lucy plopped herself down at a table next to Felicia, who expressed her happiness for Finn and Anna. Lucy was still angry about Kevin and Ava being together, and she mentioned that she thought something "fishy" was going on. She asked what Felicia knew about it, but Felicia gulped her drink quickly.

Shiloh and Sam joined Brad and Lucas. Shiloh suggested that Lucas take some classes, and he told Brad that there were new ones. Brad remained silent as Sam giggled. Sasha, Michael, and Willow chatted, but Willow kept her eyes on Shiloh until her phone rang. It was a call from Diane, and she rushed off to take it. She bumped into Nina in her rush, and Nina's drink splashed up and all over both of them.

Nina rudely advised Willow to watch where she was going. Willow replied that the one good thing about losing her job was that she no longer had to take Nina's crap. She stormed off as Shiloh watched her. Willow took the call, but Nina eavesdropped. "You had a child?" Nina gasped after Willow ended the call.

Lucas told Brad that he hadn't recalled that Brad would be taking more classes. Brad jumped up to refill their glasses, and Lucas declared that he wanted to talk to Shiloh and Sam. Shiloh announced that he had something to tend to, and he got up. Lucas asked Sam about DOD, and he noted that it seemed to be intense.

Willow accused Nina of eavesdropping and stated that it was no wonder Charlotte was the way she was, with Nina around. Nina accused Willow of not being able to take care of her own child, and it was no wonder she couldn't handle a classroom. Nina walked off after wishing Willow a good life. Willow turned around and found Shiloh standing nearby and watching her intently. He was not smiling.

Backstage, Cameron practiced his guitar. Elizabeth and Franco found him, and he admitted that he wasn't nervous but was thinking about the people who were not present. Out in the audience, Carly was surprised when Josslyn walked in and sat down. Jax was happy to see her. Josslyn revealed that she had received a message from Oscar, and after seeing the uncomfortable expressions on her parents' faces, she explained. Josslyn added that she wasn't certain she was ready, but she was there.

Lucy introduced Cameron, who sang a song and played his guitar. As he sang, photos flashed on the walls behind him. There were photos of his family along with some that included Josslyn, Oscar, and Trina. When he was through, Josslyn hugged him and told him he'd been amazing. She was surprised to hear that Cameron had written the song. She thanked him for being a good friend.

Alexis informed Sonny that Kristina refused to leave because she wanted to talk to Sam. Neil didn't think that was a good idea because Kristina was still in recovery. Sonny agreed to keep an eye on Shiloh.

In Canada, paramedics tended to Curtis and Laura. Curtis wanted to see a cop, but the paramedic assured him that he'd passed on the information about Ryan. Laura wanted both the New York and Port Charles authorities notified, as well. Laura identified herself as the mayor of Port Charles, and she requested a helicopter at her disposal right away. Curtis wanted a phone.

After speaking to local authorities, Curtis updated Laura. She tried to call Kevin but had to settle for leaving him a voicemail. Chase had been informed of the latest.

Finn popped a cork on a bottle of sparkling cider in a room at Metro Court. "To our life together," he toasted Anna. Finn laughed after taking a sip, and the couple sat on the bed. Anna asked why the ring Finn had given her had been so special, and he explained about the rare Monaco blue sapphire. He recalled how Anna had blackmailed him into helping her, and it had changed his life.

Finn admitted that he'd wanted the perfect moment to propose, and the way it had happened had not been it. He and Anna kissed and fell down onto the bed.

At the Nurses Ball, Lucy stopped to chat with Kevin. She informed him that two dozen red roses had been delivered, and he was needed to sign for them. Kevin explained that he'd wanted to pay a tribute to Ava, who would be performing. Lucy huffed that the only flower Ava deserved was poison ivy.

Sonny returned to the table with Carly, Jax, Josslyn, and Cameron. Carly announced that Jax would be sitting with them, and Sonny didn't mind. He hugged Josslyn. He confessed that Alexis was okay and had had to leave because of a problem.

Lucy took to the stage again. She announced that donations had been "rolling in," and she praised Cameron's performance. Ava was next and performed "Can't Take My Eyes Off You." Lucy cringed. As Ava sang, Kevin lay unconscious on the floor backstage. A gloved hand picked up one of the roses.

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