Nina hires Nelle; Brook Lynn is fired
General Hospital Recap for Tuesday, March 24, 2020
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Tuesday, March 24, 2020

Chase arrived at Brook Lynn's jail cell at the police station, sporting a bandaged nose. He informed her that if she paid for damages, he wouldn't charge her for assault. Brook Lynn said she was sorry, and Chase let her out. He figured she could use a break. He handed his phone to her so that she could see that she had been written about in social media. He urged her not to read the comments.

Brook Lynn insisted that she'd stood up to Lulu, and her family would sue Lulu for defamation. Chase admitted that he knew it had been an accident that Brook Lynn had slugged him. Brook Lynn was emphatic that Lulu keep away from her because she had stabbed the Quartermaines in the back and would have to face them.

"It's a little sparse," Maxie commented as she, Sasha, and Lucy walked into the new Deception office. Lucy and Sasha shouted out words of encouragement as Maxie talked about all that she would need. Lucy poured three glasses of sparkling water and toasted to Maxie's first day and the future. Just then, Valentin walked in and announced that he was happy to be in time for the celebration.

Sasha noted that Valentin seemed to have gotten off the elevator on the wrong floor, but Valentin said, "Welcome to our team." He poured himself a glass of the sparkling water as Sasha and Maxie looked at each other in confusion. Lucy stuttered and maintained that she had planned on sending out a memo. Valentin made it clear that Deception needed capital, and he had needed a lucrative business opportunity. He called it a "win-win" situation.

Maxie and Sasha were dumbfounded as Lucy attempted to defend her decision. Maxie declared that she wouldn't have taken the job had she known that Valentin was involved. Lucy declared that Nina had "pulled the plug" on their deal, and she'd had to make the choice in order to stay in business. Sasha wondered if Valentin was doing it to get back at Nina or to get Nina back.

Valentin insisted it had nothing to do with Nina, and he was merely going to be a silent partner. Sasha made it clear that she was a 30 percent equity partner, and she was "wary to join forces" with him again. Lucy attempted to smooth things over and pointed out that the previous relationship between Sasha and Valentin had been a dress rehearsal. Sasha proclaimed that she would have to think about it. Valentin reminded her that they had been a good team, and they could do it again.

Sasha left, and Lucy attempted to persuade Maxie to think about it, too. Maxie was sorry to have quit Crimson, and she thought it possible that her position hadn't been filled yet. She hoped she could play the "family card." Valentin pointed out that if Maxie went back, Nina would never respect her again. "Take your own advice," Maxie snapped.

Valentin assured Maxie that she had been right to ask Nina for more, and opportunity only knocked once. He added that she shouldn't let anyone keep her from it. Lucy begged Maxie to reconsider and followed Valentin as he departed, leaving Maxie alone.

At Crimson, Nina sat at her desk and held onto her broken heart necklace as she talked to someone on the phone. She needed a replacement for Maxie. As other phone lines rang, she grew frantic and contemplated a new assistant. Just then, Nelle walked in. Nina ordered her to leave and threatened to call Carly for security. "Maybe we can help each other," Nelle said.

Nina put the necklace away and ushered Nelle out. Nelle declared that she should be considered to fill Maxie's vacant spot, but Nina replied that Nelle did not have the talent or experience to fill Maxie's shoes. Nina assumed that her assistant was away from her desk to help out elsewhere, and Nelle suggested that she could take a lesser position to help. Nina asked if Nelle needed a job for her custody battle.

Nelle went on to whine about Brad stealing her son and the necessity to fight for custody of her son. She wanted to prove that she could be a responsible person with roots in the community. She had known it would be a risk to ask for the job, but she thought that Nina would have understood, having had a child kept from her, too. "Guess I was wrong," Nelle admitted. She headed for the door, and Nina sat and looked at the necklace again.

Harmony and Willow enjoyed breakfast at Kelly's. Harmony wished she could help Willow more, but Willow assured her she was okay and taking things day by day. Harmony revealed that she loved her work at Turning Woods, and Willow suggested they take a ride in Harmony's new car.

Willow admitted she'd heard the news about the car from Jason. Harmony claimed that the car wasn't new but from 2019. She'd had the car checked out at Brando's garage, where he'd found something wrong, but it was all fine. "Is it?" Willow asked. She wanted Harmony to tell her what was going on, but Harmony claimed that there was nothing to tell.

Harmony was certain that Chase didn't like her, but Willow replied that it had been impossible to get in touch with Harmony over the past month -- plus she had a new car. She was aware that Harmony was worried about something. Harmony flashed back to a previous conversation she'd had with Jordan regarding working for Cyrus but told Willow that Willow should be the one to lean on her, not the opposite. She said that there was nothing she wouldn't do for Willow.

At that moment, Chase arrived and pulled up a chair. He asked if everything was okay, and he noted that the bandage on his nose had been an "occupational hazard." Harmony asked if there had been doubts about her, and Chase made it clear that "actions speak louder than words." Harmony insisted that she would always do what she had to for Willow, even if it turned out not to be easy. Willow assured her mother that she didn't have to do anything for her except tell the truth and live a good life.

Harmony insisted she would change things if she could, and she was glad that Willow was safe with Chase, "no matter what happens to me." She added that there were "no guarantees in life," and she wanted Chase and Willow to promise they would take care of each other. Harmony announced that she had to leave and kissed Willow goodbye. She grabbed her coat and headed out.

"Now I know something's wrong," Willow said. Chase thought that Harmony had sounded like she was giving a confession. Chase grabbed a cup of coffee and sat down again. He was aware that he was a suspicious cop, but Willow agreed that something was wrong.

"Cyrus has T.J., doesn't he?" Sonny asked Jordan at her residence. Jason urged Jordan to talk, and Curtis was shocked and wanted answers. After a few moments, Jordan gave in as Sonny pressed her to talk; the men were stunned into silence as she began. Jordan told them about the texts she'd received that she'd believed had been from her son until she'd seen a photo of T.J. He had been tied to a chair.

Jordan proceeded to say that someone had visited her, and Jason guessed it had been Harmony. Jordan explained all that she'd been told and what she'd done to allow Cyrus' drugs to get through. She'd had to do what he'd wanted in the hopes of getting T.J. back. Sonny understood Jordan's decision but considered her judgment to be "clouded." He noted that Cyrus had shown up in town for personal reasons. "And that meant you," Sonny said to Jordan.

Curtis made it clear that Cyrus was their common enemy, and he told Jordan they had to work with Sonny and Jason. Jordan revealed her background undercover work with the DEA, and Sonny guessed she had planted evidence and framed Cyrus. Jordan admitted she'd thought it had all been over, but she'd been wrong.

Jordan continued that her team hadn't celebrated when Cyrus had been convicted because they'd crossed a line. They'd done what they'd had to, and they'd gone their separate ways. Cyrus had known he'd been betrayed, and he'd started "picking [them] off." She had been closest to Cyrus, and he had her son to ensure she followed his orders. Curtis thought that Cyrus wanted something bigger.

Jordan believed that Cyrus wanted her to get him out of prison, and she fully expected to confess. Curtis didn't want her to do so, and he begged Jason to tell Jordan there would be another way. Jordan was adamant that she give Cyrus what he wanted -- freedom and a full exoneration. "That's exactly what you have to do," Sonny declared.

At the Quartermaine mansion, Michael, Ned, and Olivia discussed the calamity of ELQ business. Michael thought that it hadn't been a good idea for Ned to give Brook Lynn sensitive material when she'd been so new. Ned felt that Michael was attacking him, and the men began to argue. Olivia interceded and reminded them that they were all on the same side. Michael backed off and urged Ned to handle things as he wanted, and he turned to go upstairs. Ned stopped Michael and apologized, as he knew that Michael had only been trying to help.

There was a knock at Nina's office door. She assumed it was her assistant, but it was Nelle, who handed her several folders and updates. Nelle declared that Nina's assistant had never returned, and she'd taken it upon herself to get some of the work done. She could be useful, and her child deserved it. Nina reminded Nelle that she had almost blackmailed Valentin in her past employment with them.

Nelle insisted she'd grown up and learned some lessons, but she was sorry to have wasted Nina's time. She headed to the door, but Nina stopped her. Nelle didn't want to hear Nina tell her off. She congratulated Nina on the ability to turn her life around and thought it was too bad that Nina couldn't give her the same chance.

Nina recalled a previous conversation she'd had with Willow, who had begged Nina to expose Nelle in the magazine. "You're hired," she told Nelle. Nina had decided to "pay it forward."

"There's no place like home," Brook Lynn said as she plopped herself down on the sofa at the Quartermaines'. Michael teased her about missing the "comforts of home" while she'd been in jail, and Brook Lynn announced that she wanted a bath and a big breakfast before discussing ELQ business. Ned and Olivia walked into the room.

Olivia noted that she was disappointed with Lulu's behavior, and Brook Lynn agreed that Lulu only cared about herself. Lulu had been the one to start the fight by spraying Champagne in Brook Lynn's face. Olivia questioned Brook Lynn's status of victim. "Hell, yeah," Brook Lynn shouted. She added that they needed to call a lawyer to fight Lulu. Michael suggested that no response was the better response, but Brook Lynn reminded him that they were Quartermaines.

Ned noted that the business side of the fiasco was more important than the personal side. He thought the best thing would be to acknowledge Brook Lynn's mistake and terminate her employment. Ned and Olivia reminded a surprised Brook Lynn that she had been the one to put the confidential file on Facebook and had added to the problem with the public brawl at Metro Court.

Ned disclosed that the board members were in agreement, and there was more at stake than family. Brook Lynn pleaded for her job, and she snapped at her father that after tough love, a hug should follow. "Where's my hug?" she asked. She cried that she had many ideas for ELQ, and Ned was turning his back on her. Olivia tried to intercede, and Brook Lynn ordered her to stop interfering.

Olivia began to yell, and she told Brook Lynn to stop feeling sorry for herself because she'd blown a deal for ELQ and cost the company millions of dollars. Ned understood how Brook Lynn felt, but he stated that it was all bigger than both of them. He felt bad and said Michael had been right. Ned had set Brook Lynn up to fail by giving her the documents, but he wouldn't repeat it. "So much for loyalty," Brook Lynn said.

Sasha returned home and slammed the door. She told Michael about Valentin being the backer of Deception, and she was upset. Michael thought that Valentin was actually a smart businessman, but Sasha retorted that Michael didn't have to work with him. Michael suggested that Wiley could help to take their minds off of things, and they headed upstairs to see the little boy.

Ned told Olivia how bad he felt, but Olivia assured him he'd had no choice. She hoped that Brook Lynn would eventually understand and learn something. Ned confessed that his grandfather had said the same thing. He admitted that it never felt good to hear it, and it didn't feel good to say it, "and yet, here I am."

Brook Lynn dashed down the stairs on her way out. She was on the phone and left a message for Linc. She told him that she was willing to give him her ELQ shares in exchange for her record contract.

Michael raced down the stairs and shouted to Sasha that he was going to start the car. They needed to get Wiley to the hospital.

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