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General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, October 16, 2019
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Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Brad entered the conference room for Nelle's parole hearing, followed by Michael. Nelle revealed that she had a big surprise for Michael, and she told Michael the truth about who Wiley really was. Nelle was excited to get out of jail so that she, Michael, and Jonah could be a family. "Over my dead body," Michael spat, and he pushed Brad out of the way. He stormed out of the room to go get his son.

"Don't go, Michael!" Brad yelled out in his sleep, prompting Lucas to shake him awake from his nightmare. Lucas asked Brad about the dream, but Brad claimed to not remember. Lucas commented that Brad had been restless all night and that he'd been more stressed than ever. Brad admitted that he was going to therapy, and he showed Lucas his anxiety medication.

Wiley began to cry, so Lucas got up to get the baby. Brad took the opportunity to call Julian. When Julian didn't pick up, Brad texted Julian, "Nelle's parole hearing is today, what if Michael is there? What if she tells him the truth?" Lucas returned, and he revealed that Wiley had gone right back to sleep after a bad dream. He wanted to know about therapy, and Brad divulged that Neil wanted Lucas to join them. Lucas replied that he would be happy to go, as he just wanted Brad to feel better.

Chase was at home when he got a call from Jordan. "Are you sure?" he asked. "I can do that," he added.

Michael and Sasha entered Kelly's, and she was surprised that he was all right with being seen with her in public. He joked that her scandals were nothing compared to his family's. He thought that Sasha's lies about Valentin's involvement were noble, but he didn't think it was fair that the "mastermind" got away with no consequences. He continued that Valentin owed her, and the least he could do was convince Nina to forgive Sasha. Sasha replied that she wouldn't hold her breath waiting.

Across the restaurant, Lulu and Maxie judged Michael for being with Sasha. Lulu asked about Nina, and Maxie revealed that Nina was "on the fence" about Valentin. Just then, Nina and Valentin entered, and Lulu and Maxie were shocked that the two were already back together. Lulu couldn't believe that Nina had bought that Valentin hadn't been involved in Sasha's scheme. Lulu insisted that Liesl had also been involved, but Maxie related that Lulu had just made everything into a huge mess.

At their table, Nina was talking to Valentin about Charlotte when she called him on staring at her. He replied that he couldn't help it and that the night before had been the best night of his life. Nina suddenly noticed Sasha and Lulu in the restaurant and commented that they were "surrounded." Valentin wanted her to focus on them, and he suggested that they go to city hall to get married.

Chase entered Kelly's with an officer and walked over to Michael and Sasha's table. He asked Sasha to stand and informed her that he was placing her under arrest for fraud, identity theft, and burglary. He recited her rights as everyone in the restaurant stared. Lulu thought it made no sense that Sasha was being arrested while Valentin was free. Maxie wondered where Lulu's anger was stemming from. Lulu replied that she was trying to teach her children honesty, so her conscience was clear.

Maxie replied sarcastically, and Lulu reminded her that she'd illegally done a DNA test on Sasha. She wondered whether or not Maxie would have been honest with Nina had the information fallen into her lap instead of Lulu's. Maxie insisted that it would have been better for the truth to stay hidden. Lulu asked if Maxie regretted telling the truth about Georgie, and she didn't. Lulu continued that the truth always surfaced, and the longer one waited to tell the truth, the deeper the pain it caused.

A tired Alexis dropped her gym bag on the bar at Charlie's after a workout. She ordered a large breakfast for her "cheat day," but she thought better of it and ordered a healthy one. Julian first wanted to know if Alexis had gotten Olivia to back off, and he showed her the latest attack flyer. Alexis insisted that Olivia wasn't behind the flyers. Alexis suggested it was an old or new enemy seeking revenge. Julian's phone went off, and he rejected the incoming call from Brad.

Kendra entered Charlie's, and she and Alexis talked about the supplement she'd given to Alexis. Alexis thought that it was helping, and she needed a refill. Alexis' phone went off, and she excused herself to take care of a client. The women were gone when Lucas entered to talk to Julian about how worried he was about Brad. He wished he knew what was going on inside Brad's head and related that therapy might help him do just that. He was glad that Brad at least had a safe space to talk about his worries.

Kendra put flowers on Kiefer's grave and talked about how his death had gone unpunished almost ten years before. Shiloh had told her that Alexis had deliberately run Kiefer down, and she thought it was time for Alexis to pay. She took out a small envelope and poured the powder inside into the jar of the supplement she was going to give to Alexis.

At the police station, Chase left Sasha in the interrogation room, and Michael demanded answers. Chase explained that Nina had given her statement to Jordan the night before and had filed the charges. Michael remembered that Nelle's parole hearing was about to start, and Chase promised that he would take care of it so that Michael could stay with Sasha. Chase related that, if all went well, Sasha would go free, and Nelle would stay behind bars. Chase left, and Michael went in to see Sasha.

Michael suggested that Sasha consider a deal, offering the truth about Valentin's involvement for dropping all charges. He thought that Robert would jump at the chance to put Valentin away. Alexis entered and summarized her understanding of the case, which Sasha confirmed. Alexis needed to talk to Nina, and she needed Michael to leave. Michael figured that he would see if there was anything he could do for Sasha, so he kissed her and left. Alexis demanded the whole truth from Sasha. A few minutes later, Alexis returned to the room and revealed that Robert was willing to reduce the charges, taking jail time off the table. In exchange, Robert wanted Valentin, but Sasha still insisted that she'd acted alone.

At Kelly's, Valentin wished that Nina hadn't had Sasha arrested, as he was worried about the toll a trial would take on her. He thought that she should focus on him and Charlotte, and she was excited to see where their "unexpected new beginning" would take them. He again suggested they go to city hall to get married, but they were interrupted by her phone. She saw that Alexis was representing Sasha and wanted to talk to Nina. Valentin offered to go with her, but Nina insisted that she could take care of it on her own, and she left.

A short while later, Nina entered the interrogation room and didn't want to hear any of Alexis' proposals. Alexis suggested that Nina drop the criminal charges and just sue Sasha, who had no previous criminal record. She continued that Sasha was willing to pay back every penny Nina had spent on her. Nina refused to drop the charges. "Go to hell," Nina spat, and she stormed out. Sasha hadn't expected Nina to agree to it, and Alexis agreed but figured it had been worth a try. "What's next?" Sasha asked.

Valentin left Kelly's and bumped into Michael outside. Lulu and Maxie spotted the interaction from inside, and Lulu hoped Michael would be careful. Maxie replied that, with Michael's connections to Sonny and Jason, both Michael and Valentin knew that Michael couldn't be touched. Outside, Valentin tried to brush Michael off, but Michael demanded that Valentin "shut up and listen." He thought that Sasha had been "noble" in omitting Valentin's part in the scheme, but Michael was "a lot less charitable than her."

Michael revealed that Sasha had told him everything. He hoped that Sasha would save herself and tell Robert everything, but if she didn't, Michael promised that he would. Michael demanded that Valentin make Nina back off, because if Sasha went to prison, Michael vowed to "make sure you go down with her."

Nelle was in the conference room for her parole hearing when Martin arrived. He told her that he had letters from two different experts saying that Nelle had a "predisposition" to be sensitive to changes in estrogen because of pregnancy, but they had nothing to do with her parole. The parole board only wanted to know that Nelle had taken responsibility for her crimes. He also warned that there was no guarantee that there would be a decision that day. He advised her to be as charming and sweet as the day he'd met her.

Brad and Chase arrived, and Chase informed her that Michael was taking care of an emergency. "Lucky you," he said sarcastically. The parole board arrived, and everyone took their seats. The speaker announced that she had victim impact statements from Michael, Carly, and members of the Grant family. She invited Martin to speak first. He talked about how Nelle had been a model inmate, and the warden himself had said that he'd never seen another prisoner turn her life around as thoroughly as Nelle. The warden believed that Nelle would be an asset outside of Pentonville.

Nelle got up to explain that, while her pregnancy hormones had been "raging," she took full responsibility for her "heinous actions." She explained the breakdown she'd had that had landed her in Ferncliff and how determined she'd been to make up for her mistakes once she'd returned to Pentonville. She knew that it was probably impossible, but she tearfully swore that she would never stop trying. As she talked about how she'd been allowed to train a support dog, Chase looked at her with skepticism. Brad was visibly uncomfortable as she talked about her loss of Jonah. If granted parole, she intended to find work as a hospice caregiver. "Give me a break," Chase muttered. She dried her tears and smirked at Chase.

A few minutes later, the board was ready to make a decision, and the speaker announced that they would not grant Nelle parole "at this time." Nelle started to mouth off, but Martin stopped her. Chase pumped his fist in victory as Martin explained to Nelle that almost no one was granted parole at their first hearing. He reminded her that the board would be watching her for the next two years "at most" to see her accomplishments. She cried that she was missing too much of Wiley's life, and Brad promised to send her pictures.

A short while later, Chase entered Charlie's. He told Lucas that he'd just left Brad at Nelle's parole hearing, and Lucas asked how it had gone. Chase happily revealed that Nelle would be "safely behind bars" until her next parole hearing.

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