Nelle refuses to allow Wiley's surgery
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, March 25, 2020
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Wednesday, March 25, 2020

At Crimson, Nelle was surprised that Nina had decided to hire her. Nina pointed out that Nelle was already familiar with the office, but the position would be an entry-level, "serviceable" assistant position. Nelle was agreeable, although a little disappointed. She and Nina shook hands just as Carly arrived. Carly wondered if she'd heard correctly. "Your girl got a job!" Nelle gloated.

Carly hoped that Nelle was lying, but Nina confirmed that it was true. Nelle began to taunt Carly, and Nina suggested that Nelle return the next day. Nelle thanked Nina for the opportunity and noted that she couldn't wait to see Carly every day.

Carly advised Nina that she would regret it, but Nina didn't think that she would. Carly reminded her that Nelle was a sociopath, and she was certain that Nina had listened to Nelle's sob story. She proceeded to go over all of the details, from Nelle's attempt at murdering Michael to the plot with Brad. Carly's voice grew louder and higher pitched as she spoke. When she was through, Nina assured Carly that she knew it all.

Nina confirmed that Nelle had played on her because she had needed a job to win custody, and Nina felt that she was in a perfect position to "turn the tables." Nina told Carly about Willow's plea for a magazine exposť on Nelle, and while she wouldn't do that particular piece, Nina thought she could help in other ways. She would be able to monitor Nelle and would eventually testify against her as her employer. She would use Nelle's tactics against her.

Carly thanked Nina and apologized for jumping to conclusions. Carly noted that she'd always tended to believe Nelle and pity her in the past for saving Josslyn. She added that she was aware that Nina was seeing Jax, and she thought that Nina should know that Jax had purchased Nelle's kidney from Nelle's father; Nelle had never chosen to help Josslyn or anyone else.

Nina understood Carly's position and admitted that she had refused to believe that Sasha wasn't her daughter, even though Sasha hadn't possessed the other half of the broken heart or known what it was about. Carly revealed that she had learned never to underestimate Nelle, and she thought that Nelle would be even more dangerous if she wasn't so crazy.

Nina quickly took exception to "crazy," and Carly understood. She instead affirmed that Nelle was different. Carly felt that she and Nina had had mental health issues and had been able to get through them, but she was certain that Nelle was still up to something shady. Carly was all in to help Nina and offered to have her security team collect all footage of Nelle around the building. She assumed that Nelle was already planning a new scam.

Nina felt that Carly and Nelle had too much history, and she wanted Carly to stay far away. She wanted to be the one to befriend Nelle and hope for her to slip in some way. Carly agreed, although she was convinced that Nelle was still trying to destroy her, and she would have to defend herself.

Monica welcomed Portia to the staff of General Hospital and sent her to do some paperwork. Portia declared that she was honored to be working at the hospital. Michael and Sasha rushed in with Wiley, and Michael announced that something was wrong. He told Monica about Wiley's breathing problems, and Monica stated that she would take the boy for testing.

Michael handed Wiley to a nurse; Monica was adamant that Michael not accompany them. Sasha urged Michael to stay calm. Portia received a phone call from the high school to let her know that Trina was not at school.

Sam met with her parole officer, Dolores, at Kelly's. Dolores was impressed with Sam's behavior, and she asked about Jason. Sam explained that she and Jason had been keeping their distance except for when it was necessary to exchange their son. They'd been doing so at the Quartermaine residence, which Sam considered a "neutral location."

Dolores received a phone call and ended the meeting. Outside, she giggled with her caller and confirmed a meeting. Nearby, Spinelli tried to remain out of sight as he watched and listened to the parole officer. He phoned Sam to let her know what he was up to, and she warned him to not get caught.

Molly arrived and sat down with Sam. She was still waiting for word from T.J., and she wondered how Sam managed to keep her distance from Jason. Sam admitted that she'd thought T.J. had already contacted Molly because she had tracked his location via his cell phone. Jordan had gone to the spot. Molly demanded to know why Jordan hadn't told her she'd spoken to her son.

Sam confessed that she didn't know, but she was aware that Jordan and T.J. had texted. Molly went on to whine about handling the marriage proposal improperly, but she thought that T.J. was only making things worse. Molly wanted to know where T.J. was at that moment but didn't settle for Sam's promise to get in touch. Molly asked that she track T.J.'s phone again.

Sam did so and gave Molly the address. Molly was confused because it was Jordan's address, and she was angry that Jordan might be covering for her son. Sam replied that their own mother would do the same, but Molly jumped up and announced that she was heading to Jordan's place.

Sam received another phone call from Spinelli, who had followed Dolores to a bar where she was having a cozy meeting with a man. Spinelli was hunkered down at the bar and had managed to learn that the man was a local councilman, Donald Raskin. He and Sam gloated at the fact that they might have a cheating case that would work in their favor, as both Raskin and Delores were married.

"The game's afoot," Spinelli said as he slipped down from his bar seat to follow the couple. Spinelli thought that Sam would finally have leverage against Dolores that would enable Sam and Jason to be together. Sam warned Spinelli to be careful because she was the one who had normally done the field work. Spinelli promised he could be stealthy.

Ava was surprised when Trina showed up at the gallery, but she welcomed Trina inside. Trina was eager to get back to work, and she wanted to show Ava something she'd worked on from home. Ava admitted that she loved Trina's work, but didn't want the teen to feel pressured to return to work. Trina assured Ava that her father had always been a long-distance dad, and it felt like he'd just returned home, same as always.

Ava reminded Trina that that wasn't true, but she agreed that art was a "great solace." They talked about Franco, and as they were discussing him, Portia showed up and asked why Trina was there. Portia made it clear that she was always to know Trina's whereabouts, and she yelled at Trina for skipping school. She wondered why Ava hadn't thought it odd for Trina to be missing school, and Ava admitted she'd been surprised to see Trina. She and Portia began to argue, and Portia reminded Ava that Trina had recently been kidnapped and her father murdered.

Ava excused herself so that mother and daughter could talk. Trina apologized and admitted she'd needed a mental health day. She confessed that she could no longer take the stares of the kids in school, as if they had been waiting for her to have a meltdown. Portia assured her daughter that she could always talk about her father or anything else. Even though they'd no longer been married, Portia still loved Taggert, and she pointed out many of his good qualities. Trina was glad they could remember her father together.

Trina told Portia about Taggert's skill at texting her, and they joked about it. Trina declared that it was still all the same but different, and she wouldn't be receiving any more texts. It had meant a lot to her that he'd been thinking of her when he'd texted. Portia agreed that Trina needed space, but she had been extremely frantic, thinking that Trina might have gotten kidnapped again. She said Trina was her whole world.

Trina was extremely sorry, and Portia agreed that Trina could do her own thing when she turned 18. Ava sat at her desk nearby and wiped away a tear.

At Jordan's apartment, she told Sonny, Jason, and Curtis that she had to give Cyrus his freedom and exonerate him in order to get her son back. Sonny agreed, and Jordan snapped that he was in a hurry to agree. She thought that Cyrus could do even more harm out of prison. Sonny disagreed. He stated that Cyrus could do whatever he wanted behind bars because he had the guards in his control.

Sonny added that they couldn't retaliate while Cyrus was in prison, and Jason declared that once Cyrus was out, they could do so. Curtis asked if the mobsters could put an end to all of it. Jordan was adamant that she wouldn't support more violence, but Sonny promised that his hands would be clean. Jordan replied that that was because he was good at covering his tracks.

Curtis thought that if they had Cyrus released, it would sign his death warrant. If he stayed in jail, it would be T.J. who would be in danger. Jordan was afraid that if she confessed, Cyrus would disappear once released. Curtis did not want Jordan to sit in jail, and he wanted to find another way.

Jason thought there would be a way to exonerate Cyrus without Jordan taking the fall. Jordan argued, but she agreed that only her team members had been aware of the framing. Jason suggested that she claim the others had framed Cyrus without her knowledge, and she'd only just realized it when looking at the case. He and Sonny plotted out a scenario, although Jordan was reluctant to throw her team under the bus.

Jordan pointed out that her team members had been honorable men, and their families were grieving. Sonny stated that the men had already made the ultimate sacrifice. They needed to stop Cyrus and save T.J. Jordan reluctantly agreed to go along with it, and Sonny told her he'd be in touch. He and Jason left, and Curtis assured Jordan that T.J. would be okay and would be home soon. Jordan replied that it was the only reason to justify her actions. Curtis grabbed her hand.

Out in the hallway, Sonny told Jason that Cyrus would be on the outside, where they could get to him. Molly approached from another direction and heard the conversation.

At the hospital, Michael paced in the hallway as Sasha returned with coffee. He was anxious and told Sasha that Wiley had a genetic heart defect. He said he should have realized Wiley was his son all along. Sasha did her best to reassure him, and she told him that none of it was his fault.

Monica returned and disclosed that the hole in Wiley's heart had not closed up, and the boy needed surgery. She assured Michael that his own surgery had been done when he had been even younger than Wiley, and it had gone well. Monica thought it should be done as soon as possible. Michael agreed nervously, and Monica announced she would do the paperwork and prep. She added that they would also need Nelle's signature.

Shortly after, Nelle rushed in and accused Michael of doing something to Wiley. He attempted to explain, and he handed her the papers that needed to be signed. Nelle demanded to know why she was just finding out about the condition, and Sasha retorted that Michael had just learned that Wiley was his son. Nelle snapped that she hadn't asked Sasha. Nelle also felt that the surgery was too dangerous, and the baby would just need lifestyle changes. She and Michael argued. Nelle refused to sign the papers.

As Sam left Kelly's, she received another phone call from Spinelli. When she answered the call, it was Dolores' voice she heard instead. She told Sam that her friend was in a "compromising position." Nearby, a cop was leading Spinelli out of the bar.

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