Sonny makes peace with Mike
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, September 16, 2020
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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Michael was sitting outside of Turning Woods when Willow approached, wanting to keep Michael company. She assured Michael that she'd left Wiley with Monica and the nanny, and he appreciated it. Willow figured that the waiting was hard on Michael. He admitted that he wished that Mike's suffering was over, as it was also hurting Sonny. Willow thought that the family was lucky to get the chance to say goodbye to Mike, and she believed that Mike was on his way to a better place, where he could always watch over his family.

Michael thanked Willow for being there, as he knew that it wasn't what she'd signed up for when she'd married him. She countered that marriage meant caring for one another. She knew that he would do it for her, and she wanted to do it for him. Michael wanted to go be with his family, which included Willow, so the two walked toward the building.

Inside turning Woods, Carly was glad that Jason was there, and she updated him on Mike's condition. Josslyn arrived, and Carly was happy and surprised to see her daughter return. Josslyn wanted to be close to Mike, who she thought had been hearing all of their words. Jason excused himself to check on Sonny. Josslyn checked on her mother, who insisted that she was "okay but sad," and Carly said she hated how hard things were on Sonny. She was glad that Sonny got to spend the time with Mike and called it a gift.

A short while later, Michael and Willow entered Turning Woods and found Josslyn alone. She checked on her brother, who answered that he was "better thanks to Willow." He told Josslyn about what Willow had said about Mike going to a better place, where he could watch over the family. "How can you be sure?" Josslyn wondered. Willow confided that, when she'd given birth, she'd felt her father's presence telling her that everything would be all right. Josslyn related that she'd felt that with Oscar, but she wished there was another, more immediate way of knowing deceased loved ones were around.

"Do you see butterflies?" Brando asked as he approached the group. He told Josslyn that butterflies were a sign that someone was watching over her. He hoped that it was all right for him to be there, as he wanted to pay his respects to Mike. Michael insisted that Brando was family, and he invited Brando to join them. Noticing Brando's cut and bruised face, Josslyn asked if he was all right. He answered that if one wasn't careful while working in a garage, bad things could happen.

Changing the subject, Brando divulged that Sonny had told him that Mike didn't have much time left, and Michael confirmed it. Brando thought back to the summer Mike had visited in Connecticut. He remembered his mother sending him to his room after a fight, and Mike had walked in on Brando packing his things to run away. Mike had advised Brando that he couldn't run away from his anger or problems. Brando thought about it a lot, which was why he was still in town, getting to know his family and possibly setting down roots. Josslyn wondered if Mike had been the one to tell Brando about the butterflies, and she asked what they meant.

Sonny sat with Mike and wished he could make things easier for his father, but he knew that Mike was ready to go. Stella entered the room and advised Sonny that she thought the doctors were taking all the right steps with Mike's treatment. She assured Sonny that the morphine and antianxiety medication would make Mike very comfortable. Sonny had observed that it seemed like Mike was deliberately holding on, waiting for something. Stella wasn't surprised, as he was probably waiting for Sonny's permission to let go and for Sonny to make peace with Mike's passing.

Stella believed that all of Mike's lost loved ones would be waiting for him, and he would be whole again. Sonny thanked her for all she'd done for the family. She wanted to leave Sonny with a few more tips on how to make Mike more comfortable. She turned the lights lower, and she informed Mike that Felix would be by later to get all of the "gear" off of him. She instructed Sonny to put some music on, so he took out his phone and put on some light vocal jazz. She also showed Sonny how to dab water on Mike's lips when they got dry, and she helped him put an extra blanket on Mike. Stella told Mike how honored she'd been to have him as a friend. She hugged Sonny and left the room.

Sonny remarked on how great Stella was, but he thought she was wrong about the kind of peace Mike needed. He thought that Mike needed forgiveness for leaving Sonny and his mother. He remembered seeing Mike at church, exiting the confessional, shortly after Mike had left Sonny and his mother. He'd recognized the guilt and pain on Mike's face, even though he'd just confessed. He suddenly had a thought and kicked himself for not thinking of it before.

Jason looked into the room as Sonny sat with Mike, and Carly joined him in the hall. Jason didn't want to intrude on Sonny and Mike, and Carly added that Sonny had to make peace on his own. Carly told Jason about her wonderful dream about Mike, and she hated that Mike would never be that person again. Sonny emerged from the room, and he asked for Jason and Carly's help in doing something for Mike.

A few minutes later, Carly went back to the lobby of Turning Woods, and she thanked Brando on behalf of Sonny and Mike for being there. Addressing Michael and Josslyn, she revealed that Sonny had had an idea that could help make Mike more comfortable and peaceful, and Sonny wanted them both to be a part of it.

A short while later, Sonny told Mike that he'd gotten someone to help Mike, and Father Reyes entered the room. Sonny thanked the priest for agreeing to help on such short notice. Father Reyes revealed that he knew Mike from his Saturday sermons at Turning Woods, and he'd heard all about how proud Mike was of his family. As the priest unpacked his things, Carly, Michael, and Josslyn arrived. The priest placed a cross on Mike's chest and administered last rites. He recited the Lord's Prayer, which Sonny, Carly, Michael, and Josslyn joined in on.

Later, Carly walked Father Reyes out and thanked him again for agreeing to help on such short notice. Inside the room, Sonny thought about Morgan and how he regretted that Mike hadn't gotten a chance to know his grandson. Jason thought that Morgan would be waiting for Mike. Sonny also lamented Dante's absence, and he guessed that Mike didn't want to leave Sonny with another loss. Jason suggested that Sonny take a break, but Sonny didn't want to leave his father. "Are you sure?" Jason asked. "What are you not telling me?" Sonny questioned. Jason thought that Sonny would figure it out. On his way out, Jason assured Mike that he would be there for Sonny, and he left.

Sonny sat with Mike and advised him not to be afraid and not to worry about Sonny. He remembered hearing his parents fighting on the night Mike had left. His mother had demanded that Mike not leave without saying goodbye to Sonny, but Mike had left. He insisted that he understood, and it was all right. He knew that Mike loved him, "maybe too much, I think."

In the lobby, Michael glumly wondered if that was the last time he was going to see Mike alive. Josslyn wondered if the last rites would work and how the church knew it would be true. Stella chimed in that everyone sought faith, because if there was nothing waiting after death, "it would be too grim," Willow finished. Brando remembered how self-destructive he'd become after what he'd seen in Iraq, but things had changed for him after he'd realized that he wanted to live.

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