Nina has to choose between ''Mike'' and Wiley
General Hospital Recap for Wednesday, June 9, 2021
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Wednesday, June 9, 2021

Ava pulled the knife out of the picture and wall with a cloth napkin as Nikolas instructed his security team on the phone to keep an eye on Avery and her nanny at all times. He added that they needed to search every inch of the island, as the person might still be there or have left evidence. Ava insisted that Ryan was responsible. When Nikolas was off the phone, he informed her that the dagger had been in an alarmed case.

Nikolas turned the picture over and noticed a note. He read aloud, "There once lived a prince oh-so-clever/To nick my true love he'd endeavor!/I warned him 'take heed from Nurse Ingles/Lest you break out in shingles/then from your body your noggin I'll sever!'" Ava interpreted it as Ryan wanting to kill Nikolas to have Ava to himself. Nikolas decided to call the police.

A short while later, Dante bagged the evidence to see if anyone had left prints. Ava made a comment about how she hadn't gotten any answers about Ryan's previous "gifts," and Dante answered that the PCPD was busy. She challenged that he wouldn't be so dismissive if Ryan was fixated on someone he cared about. He promised to put a rush on the tests. He added that the PCPD checked on Ryan every week, and he was still in a vegetative state. Ava figured that Ryan had an accomplice, but Dante suggested a copycat.

Dante continued that it also sounded like someone was after Nikolas, which Ava didn't believe. Dante thought it could be someone who worked at Wyndemere, as the culprit clearly knew things only someone close to the house would. Nikolas decided to get some background checks done. Dante advised him to get off the island first, as they'd gotten a death threat.

On the phone, Michael informed Nina that he was ready to give Nina another chance with Wiley if she wanted it. She admitted that it was the call she'd been longing for. Michael advised her that they would talk about guidelines and boundaries when she got there, and he wondered when to expect her. She answered that she had some obligations to take care of, but she could get there in the next day or two. She questioned why he'd changed his mind, and he answered that he'd made the best decision under the circumstances after weighing pros and cons.

When Michael was off the phone, Jax assured him that he'd made the right choice, and it would only benefit Wiley. Michael chastised Jax for taking his choice away, and he demanded to know if Jax would have gone to Chase. Jax insisted that they were family, but Michael shot back, "Not anymore." Michael accused Jax of destroying their relationship in order to get back into Nina's good graces. Michael ordered Jax to leave and opened the door. As Jax walked out, he promised to always be there if Michael ever needed him. "Who will be there for you?" Michael asked, and he slammed the door in Jax's face.

Nina took a shot at the Tan-O, and "Mike" observed that she was making good news look like bad news. He advised her not to show up empty-handed to see Wiley, and his only desire was for her to get what she wanted. She wondered what he wanted, and he replied that he wanted more of a relationship with her. She admitted that she did, too. He advised her that they had to say goodbye so she could see Wiley, unless he joined her. "I'm sure he already has a grandfather," "Mike" added. Nina assured him that it was just a visit, and she promised to return with a gift for him. "You're the only gift I need," he replied.

A short while later, Nina returned so she could say goodbye before she left, but Phyllis and Lenny weren't there. She decided to try to call them while she was on the road, as it was a long drive. She put in a call to Jax and told him about Michael's call. She wondered if he'd had anything to do with it, but he only expressed his hope to see her while she was in town. "Mike" returned as she ended the call. He gave her a jar of his sauce "to remember me by," but she insisted that she wouldn't forget about him. She walked toward the door but ran back to "Mike" and kissed him. When they broke apart, he softly gave her cooking instructions for the sauce, and the two shared a laugh. She left, and "Mike" smiled.

Britt and Liesl arrived at the hospital, and she was dismayed to get no big welcome back, especially for the lengths she'd gone to to help rid the hospital of Cyrus. Liesl thought they should focus on Peter, and she regretted not getting rid of him years before. She blamed Anna for the havoc he'd been wreaking. As Britt looked through the huge volume of emails and messages she'd gotten, Liesl wondered if Britt was going to tell the staff about her diagnosis. Britt asked her mother to keep the secret, as she knew Jason wouldn't tell anyone. Just then, Britt saw on her tablet that Maxie had been admitted to the hospital the night before.

In her hospital bed, Maxie was looking at an article entitled, "Welcome Baby Bailey to the World," with a picture of Brook Lynn, when Anna entered to check on her. She assured Maxie that she'd been working with Mac and going through everything Peter had left behind. Although he'd seemingly disappeared, Anna promised that Peter would be found. Anna continued that her priority was finding Louise, but Maxie shouted at Anna to forget about Louise. She claimed that Louise would never be safe until Peter was caught. She asked Anna to find Dr. Navarro so that she could check out. She explained that her kids needed her, and she needed to not abandon them like she'd done to Louise. Anna sternly declared that Louise's kidnapping was not Maxie's fault.

Britt and Liesl arrived at Maxie's room and wondered where the baby was. Anna updated the women, and she left to continue her search for Peter. Britt excused herself and followed Anna. She wondered how she could help find Peter, and Anna promised to inform the right people of Britt's desire to help. Anna advised Britt to focus on Maxie in the meantime, as she was blaming herself for Louise's kidnapping.

In Maxie's room, Liesl regretting not doing more to stop Peter, but Maxie didn't think Peter was worth going to jail for. Liesl grumbled on about how Peter had lured her into complacency, and Maxie assured her that Anna and Mac would handle things. A few minutes later, Liesl was gone when Britt returned. She informed Maxie that Dr. Navarro was off, so she would be checking Maxie out. She quietly asked if Maxie had gone ahead with her plan, but Maxie claimed that she hadn't been able to after Chloe had gone "psycho." Britt apologized for not being there. Maxie assured her that Louise would be fine and claimed that she would fall apart if she believed otherwise.

In the hall, Anna put in a call to Robert, informing him by way of voicemail that Maxie wanted her to concentrate on finding Peter. She asked for a call back and hung up. She was repeatedly smashing the elevator button when Liesl approached. "If you feel like breaking something, I can help," she said.

A short while later, Liesl and Anna wore protective vests, helmets, and glasses, and a young man instructed them to choose weapons. The man let the two into a room full of old and obsolete electronics, Liesl with a crowbar and Anna with a baseball bat. "Happy smashing," he said, and he left the room. "What now?" Anna asked. "We rage," Liesl answered, and she began to smash a typewriter. Anna was skeptical, but Liesl explained that it was a good way to let out frustration. Anna didn't think it was her thing. Liesl began to talk about how Anna was weak, a disgrace, and a failure. Suddenly, Anna let out a scream and smashed an old television.

Anna and Liesl began to smash things, switching weapons multiple times. When they were done, Anna decided that she needed a membership to the facility. Liesl talked about how Faison had driven her to jealous rages when he'd talk about Anna, and she joked that she wished she'd taken a hammer to him. Liesl related that Peter was almost worse than Faison. Anna regretted that she'd lost herself trying to save Peter. Liesl thought that Anna couldn't find Peter or Louise until she found herself, and Anna thanked her for the trip. She grabbed a phone as a souvenir and left to start on her "real work."

In Chase's hospital room, Willow promised that she would see Chase through his illness, "but..." He promised that she could tell him anything, but they were interrupted when Finn burst into the room. Out of breath, Finn informed the two that he knew how to cure Chase. He explained that he'd gotten a different perspective, and the solution had suddenly dawned on him.

Elizabeth called Jackie and asked her to meet Finn at the hospital as soon as possible. Jackie answered that she would be there soon and hung up. A short while later, Jackie arrived in the lab, and Finn informed her that he'd figured out a cure for Chase. He explained that, with the help of Sean Donely's files, he'd figured out what the toxin was. He continued that the toxin turned the immune system against itself, so they needed to sneak the antidote past it. Elizabeth chimed in that the antidote would be masked with the DNA from which Chase had been created. With that, both Jackie and Finn had their mouths swabbed.

In Chase's room, Chase told Willow that the first thing he would do when he got out of the hospital would be to call his "wine guy" and get Michael a gift for letting him stay over. Chase talked about how Michael and Willow had gone above and beyond for him, but Willow reminded him that Finn was the real hero. He promised to show Willow how much of a hero she'd been to him once he got out. "About that," she started.

A few minutes later, Willow returned to Chase's room after the visit he'd gotten from a nurse. He urged Willow to tell him what she'd been trying to say to him. She started that supporting him wasn't a sacrifice for her. Before she could say anything else, Finn, Elizabeth, and Jackie entered. "Are you ready?" Finn inquired. Jackie wondered about the decorations in the room, and Willow explained that it had been for an imaginary getaway. Jackie commented that they could have a real getaway soon. Willow asked about Gregory, and Jackie replied that he was on his way. Finn counted down and injected his antidote into Chase's I.V.

A few minutes later, Willow found Michael in the hall, and she updated him on Chase's prognosis. She thought Chase would want to see him, so they walked back to Chase's room. Chase and Michael took the opportunity to lightheartedly trash-talk about the upcoming corporate softball season, but Finn reminded Chase that he would need to do a lot of resting. Chase replied that he could feel the antidote working, but his nose suddenly started to bleed. Elizabeth grabbed a tissue, and Chase wondered if that was a side effect. Just then, Chase began to have a seizure.

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