General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on GH
Laura and Leslie were presumed killed in an explosion, but Luke and Lucky knew better. Luke and Laura left Port Charles with Leslie and Lulu to escape from the Cassadines.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 9, 1996 on GH
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Monday, December 9, 1996

Brenda pays Sonny a visit at the club hoping that he can help her locate Miranda's death certificate. Sonny tells her that Miranda is having dinner with Jacks tonight and that she stopped by to pump him for information. Brenda asks Sonny what he told her and he tells her that she (Brenda) is too good for Jacks, though he adds that she (Miranda) disagreed with him. Sonny tells Brenda that Miranda's quest for information can mean only two things, that she is intimidated or that she wants to put up a fight for Jacks. Brenda tries to cut through all the semantics and tells Sonny she just wants to know if she and Jacks are still married. Jason pops in with Gina on her first night as hostess at the club. Gina asks Jason if he is the reason why Sonny hired her. He tells her that he is but that Sonny likes and needs her there. Katherine and Nikolas also show up at the club. Nikolas tells Katherine that major changes have occurred in his uncle's life, but provides no details. Katherine challenges Jason and Nikolas to a game of pool against each other. After Jason wins, Sonny calls him aside and asks him to call his guy in Austrailia to locate Miranda's death certificate. Brenda suddenly has reservations about Sonny finding it but after he tells her he can have word to her within 48 hours, she agrees to go along. He tells her he will have his buddy check for a marriage certificate while he's at it and Brenda leaves. Jason asks Sonny why he always tries to get her upset..he tells her that she could have gone anywhere to get the information that she needed but that she came to him and she has to pay somehow.

Jacks meets Miranda at the Grill. The two exchange compliments and sit down for dinner. They talk of old times and look at how far they have both come. Miranda suggests that they try to have an enjoyable dinner before they speak of more serious things. Jacks agrees. Meanwhile,Alan and Monica, also dining at the Grill, notice the two. Alan comments on how Jacks and Miranda are looking at each other and how Brenda obviously has her work cut out for her. He and Monica share compliments of each other and how they have managed to stick together through some pretty tough times. The conversation shifts back to Miranda and Jacks where they have managed to make it to coffee without any discussion of the big issue. Miranda insists that Jacks asks her what he needs to know. He tells her that he is responsible for what happened since he gave Mac the order. Miranda tells him that she knows that he loved her and that he would have never purposely done anything to hurt her. She tells him it was her choice not to have him by her bedside through all the tragic times...he tells her that that's where he should have been and that he loved her very deeply. Miranda assures him that she had his letters and her memories. Jacks confronts her with the reason why she really came to Port Charles and asks if she wanted to pick up where they left off? Miranda tells him that she wants to leave and that there is simply no hope for them..tonight proved that. She runs out past Brenda who has shown up.

Tony arrives at his new apartment, new bed in hand, to find Bobbie there. She tells him she has come to let him know that she and Lucas have moved out of the Brownstone and to give him their new address. She lowers the boom and announces to Tony that she has gotten married. He is shocked. She asks if he expected her to simply stop living after their divorce. He tells her he is just curious as to why it happened so quickly and asks to whom she is married. She tells him Stefan Cassadine and Carly accuses her of making it all up. She is quieted when Bobbie flashes her the ring. Tony begs her to tell him it isn't true and that she hasn't moved their son in with that "weirdo." He accuses her of doing it simply out of spite. Bobbie points out that he simply fell in love with Carly and she with Stefan and that the only difference is, she's not ashamed of who she's with. Tony tells her that he is happy with Carly and whoever doesn't like it can go to hell...the insults fly from there and Bobbie storms out telling Tony that he should pay a visit to his son before he makes any further judgments on Stefan or her marriage.

Stefan and Laura continue their meeting in Stefan's car while he drives. He tells her that he was the one given the order to kill her mother. She tells him she will never listen to him again and orders him to stop the car. He goes on to tell her that Helena forced him to do so saying it was either Nikolas' life or Leslie's and so he did what he had to do. Laura tells him she always wanted to be with her son but that that never mattered to the Cassadine's...all that ever mattered was what Helena wanted. Stefan asks Laura knowingly if Helena enjoyed telling her how her mother died. Laura tells him she remembers her gloating about it and that she savored telling her. Stefan goes on to fill in the blanks for Laura telling her that Helena blamed her for Leslie's death and justified it by saying that she forfeited her son of a mother and Leslie's death was simply revenge...a life for a life. Laura is in disbelief that she is sitting next to the person that actually killed her mother. At that moment, Stefan tells her that he never went through with Helena's order to kill Leslie, and that she is still alive. He tells her that he knew what he was risking but that he knew how much she loved her mother and that he couldn't do it. He goes further and tells her that Helena suspected that he would not carry out the order and so fixed Leslie's car to crash herself. Stefan says that he followed her that night in his car and when her car swerved off the road, he went to her, found her unconscious and injected Leslie with drug which allowed the hospital to pronounce her dead. He later switched her body with that of another woman's and revived Leslie. Laura listens on in awe. Stefan tells her that he will take her to see her mother tonight but that she may not recognize her. Laura asks why and what he has done to her. Stefan tells her he saved her life, visited her, and paid and provided for the very best care available for all these years. He hopes that maybe Laura can reach her now. When asked why he is telling her all this now, he tells Laura that this is is final act of devotion and that he is now married to Bobbie. Laura is shocked and confronts him with the fact that he doesn't love her. Stefan tells Laura that he cannot have what he loves, but assures her that he did not marry her out of revenge. He pulls up to the house where Leslie is and encourages Laura to go in ...telling her that they will both be free after she and her mother are reunited. Laura asks Stefan why he did not tell her about her mother sooner, he confesses he wanted to give her to her as a wedding present. He stands outside the house and tells her to go to her mother. Laura kisses him softly and thanks him for what he has done as she goes into the house. Suddenly, there is a huge explosion within the house and even Stefan is knocked off his feet outside.

Tuesday, December 10, 1996

Brenda arrives home hoping to find Jacks already there but is let down. Meanwhile, Jacks follows Miranda to a beach near the restaurant where she tells him she is there thinking about their dinner conversation. Jacks appologizes for upsetting her and wants her to trust him to help her. She tells him that she always comes to the beach when she needs to think about him. He tells her that he does the same thing and used to think of their honeymoon and then his loss of her at the beach. Miranda tells Jacks that she can imagine how much everything has hurt him and she wants to know what she can do to appologize? Jacks tells her he doesn't want her appology, but rather an answer to his question as to whether she can back to rekindle things with him. She tells Jacks that there is no answer to that and that they should stop right there before they say things with regrett. She goes on to point out that things were very different when they were 19, but that he should just go home to his wife now. She runs off and he stays a bit to think. In the meantime, Brenda is at home pacing away the minutes wondering where it is Jacks and Miranda have disappeared to and what is taking so darn long. She calls Lois but there is no answer. Instead of hanging up, she leaves a lengthy message on her machine telling Lois how scared she really is of losing Jacks and how she thought she was the first woman he was in love with and now she is realizing that she's not and petrified that his first love, Miranda, will take him back.

Back at the Brownstone, Bobbie collects a few of her last belongings including a picture of Tony and one of BJ from the mantel. She tries to reach Stefan at Wyndemere but is told that he is still not back. Felicia overhears her leaving a message for her husband, and assumes she is looking for Tony. Bobbie tells her that she was referring to her new husband, Stefan Cassadine. Felicia thinks it's some kind of sick joke, but the joke's on her when she sees from Bobbie's face and hears from her insulted reaction that it's true. Bobbie defends her marriage and says that finally she is doing things for herself and that he is a man who loves her for exactly who she is. Felicia tries to reason with her a bit, but finally wishes Bobbie good luck. Bobbie will need it as she realizes she still has to tell Luke of the marriage.

Again we see Laura go into the house where Stefan has told her her mother is. The first explosion is shortly followed by a second one which knocks Stefan to his knees outside the house. He yells for Laura but gets no response. He frantically call 911 from his cellular phone and the fire trucks arrive to put out the blaze. Lucky and Mac show up after being notified of an explosion. Lucky sees Stefan and immediately asks him where his mother is. Stefan urges Mac to get Lucky out of the way, but he persists on knowing the truth. Stefan finally tells him the whole story and the sad news that his mother was inside the building when it exploded. A fireman emerges from the building and tells all that the bodies of two women have been found and that no one survived the explosions. Lucky goes crazy and calls Stefan a liar. He and Mac leave after he tells Mac he wants to go to Luke.

At Luke's club, Sonny tells Mike to keep his eye on Nikolas Cassadine for him. Luke shows up drunk and asking for drinks. When Katherine and Nikolas emerge from the back room, Luke threatens to throw Nikolas out. The two exchange insults and Nikolas tells Luke he hopes he dies a lonely, bitter old man and that the Spencer's should be greatful to the Cassadines. Katherine calms down Nikolas and then leaves, angry at the stupid games being played between him and Luke. As Nikolas is leaving also, Lucky runs into the club yelling at Nikolas saying that his uncle killed his mother. Luke tries to understand what Lucky is screaming about and when he does, he runs out of the club and Nikolas soon follows.

Jacks arrives home to find an impatient Brenda waiting up. She tells him that she wasn't sure he was coming home and asks if he and Miranda resolved anything. Jacks replies by telling her things are not that simple. Brenda tells him things should be just that simple and that he needs to decided who it will be, wife #1 or wife #2. She asks Jacks when Miranda is leaving Port Charles. Jacks tells her that Miranda didn't tell him and that she's simply not used to having choices and a future to plan on. Brenda admits that as hard as she may be trying, she is going insane and can't help but be jealous. She tells him that her whole future is caught up in the past and that she can't share any of it.

Katherine returns home to find Miranda there and asks her how her big night went. Miranda admits to her that she was on a seduction mission with Jacks, but that she made a fool out of herself. She tells Katherine she wants him back so badly but she knows he's married now and she can't ask him to leave Brenda for her. Katherine assures her that she is being too hard on herself and that Brenda's gone after a married man before so maybe now it's her turn. Mac comes home and breaks the news of the explosion and Laura's suspected death in the fire to Katherine and Miranda. Mac goes upstairs to be alone and Katherine leaves to go find Nikolas who she suspects in hurting. When alone, Miranda opens her purse and takes out her passport.

Back at the scene of the explosion, Stefan cries. The firemen are ready to leave the house now that the fire's out and report to Stefan again that there were no survivers.

At the Brownstone, Felicia wishes Bobbie all the luck and happiness she deserves with Stefan. Bobbie thanks her and asks if she can have a few minutes alone before she leaves for good to remember the not so bad times she had there. When she goes to leave, Bobbie finds Luke outside on her steps telling her that he needs to talk. Bobbie takes one look at him and suspects that he already knows about her marriage to Stefan.

Wednesday, December 11, 1996

Monica and Alan discuss their concerns regarding the bad press over Pierce's lawsuit against Monica and the effect it may be having on Emily. The Q's question Emily about school and how everything is going. She tells them everything is just fine. Justus arrives at the mansion and tells Monica, Alan, Edward, and Ned that Laura Spencer is dead from a presumed gas leak explosion at a house in Rochester. The Q's are shocked by the news. When Emily hears, she immediately calls Lucky and tells him she understands what he is going through and would like to come over and be with him. He thanks her for her concern but tells her he has to help out with caring for LuLu and that it just isn't a good time. He hangs up abruptly. Emily makes another phone call in private to meet with an unknown, and leaves the house. AJ and Keesha arrive at the house and Monica questions AJ as to the validity of Laura's death. He tells all that there is no mistake and that her body could be identified because she was wearing her wedding ring. Taking the news very hard, Justus runs out onto the terrace to be alone. Keesha follows him. He tells her he can't believe that Laura and Grannie Mae are both gone and that he has no idea of how he will make it through this hard time. Keesha tells him that she's noticed that he's looked so sad and that something has obviously been working him over...she pleads with him to tell her exactly what it is. Justus tells her that he is not the stand up guy she thinks he is and that his plan was to get Laura through the trial and then make everything up to her. Keesha asks him what he's talking about. Justus comes clean and confesses to her that he knew that Laura didn't kill Damion Smith, because he did. Little does he know that he confesses to more than just Keesha, for Ned is lurking in the bushes and overhears.

Stefan rushes home looking for Nikolas but finds that he has not returned. He calls Alexis who is at Kevin's soliciting his services as a psychological consult for her clients, and asks her to come to Wyndemere at once and that Laura Spencer has been killed. Alexis excuses herself and agrees to be right over. When Alexis arrives, Stefan tells her that they must find Nikolas and tell him of what has happened before anyone else does. He tells her there was a terrible accident at a building and that Laura was caught inside when it exploded. He expresses his regrett that Nikolas never got to spend more time with his mother and that that was really the whole point of everything. Alexis asks him if he knows where Nikolas could possibly be. He tells her that he made such a horrible mis- calculation and that he may know where Nikolas is...he rushes off to the Brownstone, suspecting tht Nikolas may have run to Bobbie.

At the Brownstone, Bobbie tells Luke that she has married Stefan. Luke hopes that she is on drugs or something and that it's some kind of sick joke. When he realizes it's not, he asks her how she could do this to him. Bobbie tells him it has nothing to do with him. He tells her that Laura is dead and that Stefan has murdered her. She does not believe him at first, but then sees that he is telling her the truth, Laura really is gone. The two hug. Bobbie asks Luke how she died. He tells her again that Stefan is to blame and that he drove her to a house in Rochester where he was holding Leslie and that he watched Laura run into the house to be reunited with her mother and then they were both blown to bits. Realizing that Luke is very serious, Bobbie tells him she doesn't know where Stefan is, but asks what she can do. Luke says an annulment would be a start. Bobbie agrees her first step has to be to go to Wyndemere and get Lucas. Just then, Stefan burges in and Bobbie confronts him with the question of what really happened. Stefan tells Luke and Bobbie the story he told Laura of Helena's order to kill Leslie and his keeping of her over the years...he goes on to tell them he only wanted to reunited Laura with her mother and that he is not a killer. Luke insists that he murdered them both and he asks Bobbie to leave with him. She tells him she is staying with Stefan and Luke tells her that she deserves him and anything that may happen. After Luke leaves, Stefan tells Bobbie of his concern for Nikolas and that despite everything, Laura was Nikolas' mother and that he would never have done anything to destroy her. Bobbie goes back to Wyndemere with Stefan and goes to check on Lucas. Alexis is still there and has seen no sign of Nikolas. Stefan finds out from Luke that Lucky has told him about Laura's death and that he feels Nikolas is in pain somewhere. He wonders how he can explain things to him when everything is so unacceptable to even him.

Lucy shares with Kevin her feeling about how he has changed and how she has problems sometimes figuring out who he really is. Kevin assures her that despite his changes, he has and always will love her. Lucy asks him what his plans for the future are. He tells her he would like to paint more. Lucy decides that since Brenda has canceled her Jack's cosmetics tour, it would be a great idea if Kevin painted several portraits of her for a campaign instead. Kevin is less than thrilled with the idea and tells Lucy to just forget it. Alan calls Kevin's house and tells them the news of Laura's death. The two are devastated.

When Luke arrives home, he finds all of his friends and family there ready to comfort him in his time of need. He makes his way around the room receiving warm hugs from all.

Thursday, December 12, 1996

Mac calls Luke and tells him that Rochester is calling Laura's death an accident due to a gas leak. Luke decides that it's now up to him to prove that the Cassadine's are behind this. Sonny shows up at the Spencer's. Lucy who is also there suggests that Luke take Stefan to court on a wrongful death suit. Luke insists that it's not his money he wants, it's his blood. Sonny tells Luke he will go speak with Mac about the situation, and leaves to do so. A delivery man brings the Spencer's a box full of wrapped Christmas presents that Lucky determines Laura must have sent after shopping with her a few days back. Lucky takes the whole box to the basement. Luke tells Lucy that he wants a small service for Laura and that she needs to be buried next to her mother. Lucy tells Luke she will handle all the phone calls and that whatever it is he needs, she will be there for him.

At Wyndemere, Stefan tells Bobbie she should go be with her brother. Stefan is still frantic about Nikolas' whereabouts since no one has seen him since last night. Bobbie tells him that Nikolas probably just needs to be alone right now. She agrees that Luke no doubt needs her right now and that she should go to him and see what she can do.

Alexis is at Mac's questioning Katherine about where Nikolas may be. Katherine tells her she has no idea and Alexis leaves, giving her her business card and cellular phone number to reach her if she should hear from him. Sonny shows up at Mac's and tells him about Luke's state of mind. Mac suggests that he keep him on a short leash until things have calmed down. Miranda comes downstairs and Mac leaves on business. Miranda asks Sonny to take her to the airport so she can leave for Australia. Sonny asks her why she doesn't stick around. She finally convinces him she needs to leave and he drives her to the airport.

At their house, Brenda tells Jacks that she can imagine how Luke must be freaking out over Laura's death. She asks him what would happend if suddenly one of them was to die? She tells him she can't leave things unresolved anymore and that despite his anger towards her he needs to decided what/who he wants. Jacks tells Brenda that he finds it amazing that she is able to understand and sympathize with the pain Luke must be going through but totally unaccepting of the fact that he has suffered the same pain. She tells Jacks he is right. Brenda tells him that she knows what she has to do and that is...nothing. She remembers at their first wedding, saying their vows and somewhere in the back of her mind thinking that things probably wouldn't be forever. She tells him she loved him then and didn't even know it yet...and that he knew that. She tells him she knows he was patient in waiting for her to realize her love for him and that now it is her turn to repay the favor.

Bobbie arrives at Luke's to find him incredibly hostile at her. He tells her to get out and that she indirectly helped to kill Laura by keeping Stefan in Port Charles. She tells him she has come because she loves him and loved Laura very much. He goes on to say that she is not his sister anymore as far as he's concerned and that he doesn't want to see her at Laura's service tomorrow. Finally he adds that she is nothing more than the tool that Stefan has chosen to use to get what he wants. Bobbie rushes out and goes back to Wyndemere. She finds that there is still no news from Nikolas. Stefan is downstairs in the cellar gazing hurtfully at the portrait of Laura. He cries and asks what it is that he has done. He asks himself how he can possibly go on without her. When he emerges from the cellar, he finds Bobbie waiting to hug him. He asks how it went with Luke...she tells him that Luke accused her of helping him kill Laura. Stefan tells her he is sorry and asks if she is beginning to realize what it is like to be a Cassadine.

Mac returns home to find nothing but a note from Miranda telling him she has gone back to Australia and to please understand. He is furious and rushes over to Jack's house. He gets there to find Jacks leaving for work, and stops him asking what he has to Miranda this time. He goes on further attacking Brenda and Jacks for her leaving and then asks Brenda just how long it will be before he drives her away too.

Luke announces to Lucy and Lucky that his house is no longer his home anymore. He tells Lucky that everything reminds him too much of Laura and that he just can't stay there anymore. Lucky agrees to follow his father anywhere he needs to be. Luke says that after the service tomorrow, he never wants to come back to his "dead house" again.

Friday, December 13, 1996

Brenda tells Jacks that even thought Miranda has left Port Charles, for some reason she is not any happier. She questions Jacks as to where she may be... The Phillipines...Australia? In a bold move, Brenda suggests that Jacks should make the trip to find her in order to fix what he needs to fix with her. She tells Jacks that she is not being understanding, she simply knows Miranda's pattern of mystery and drawing Jacks back to her and that she doesn't want to live the rest of her life wondering when she might turn around and find Miranda looking for Jacks. She tells Jacks to go find her, decide what you're doing, and then come back to her. Jacks agrees to go. Brenda pays a visit to Ned At the Quartermaines' to see if she can go to Laura's funneral with him. She tells him that Miranda has gone and that she encouraged Jacks to go find her if he can. Ned points out that she probably did the right thing, but as usual, "doing the right thing sucks." Meanwhile, Miranda is on a far away beach somewhere remembering meeting Jacks for the first time.

Also at the Q's, are Justus and Keesha. Keesha asks him what he plans on doing. Justus tells her he will go to Laura's service and wish it were his instead. Keesha tells him that he should have gone to Laura first off and told her that he was the one whol killed Damion Smith. She tells him Laura loved him and it wouldn't have mattered to her. Now it is time to do something to make her proud. Justus leaves for Luke's house. Alan, Ned, AJ and Monica come in and are frantic because they are unable to find Emily.

At Wyndemere, Stefan is haunted by visions of Laura. Bobbie tells him not to be too worried about Nikolas, that he probably just wants to grieve alone. Tony shows up for the first time and asks Bobbie if she has told Lucas about Laura's death. She tells him she hasn't yet but will go up and tell him he's here. Tony tells Stefan that he plans on frquenting this place and that the least they can do is just be civil to each other. When he comes downstairs, Bobbie and Tony explain to Lucas of Laura's death. He half understands the loss and asks if he can go out and play. When they are alone, Tony asks Bobbie if she is going to the service. She tells him Luke doesn't want her there. Tony points out to Bobbie the strangeness of how everything Luke predicted about the Cassadine's has come true. Bobbie tells him she doens't want to hear it. Later however, Bobbie hears and ponders Tony's words in her head. Stefan meanwhile is in the cellar gazing at Laura's portrait and weeping.

At Luke's house Sonny asks how much he plans on taking with him when he leaves. Luke tells him not much. Sonny tells him not to worry about the charges facing Stefan and to have faith because Mac is doing the best he can. Luke tells him he has little faith in the leagal system in general. Emily arrives looking for Lucky. When he comes downstairs, she says how sorry she is about his mom and knows how he must feel. Lucky tells her he is ok and not to worry about him. He tells her he can't talk because he needs to finish packing because he is moving away from Port Charles tomorrow. Emily is devastated by the news and Lucky's coldness, and she leaves in tears. Still at the house taking care of business, is Lucy. She tells Luke she needs to leave to get ready for the service. Before she goes, he gives her the keys to Luke's club and tells her to take care of the place with Sonny. Lucy begs Luke to tell her he will reconsider leaving, but he tells her that for now, this is the only way. Lucy leaves and Justus shows up. Luke is less than welcoming and tells him to make it quick. Justus tells Luke that after the service, he needs him to come with him to Mac's so he can confess to the crime of killing Damion Smith, but first, he would like to speak at Laura's grave. He goes on to tell Luke that it is time for him to think of Laura, not himself, and that it was Laura who taught him what friendship really is. Luke tells him that he, Lucky, and LuLu are leaving town and that he shouldn't go to Mac's and confess. He tells him it is too late and at this point, no one even cares...he's off the hook according to Luke. Justus is hesitant, but thanks Luke for his words.

At her own apartment, Katherine calls in a $10,000 donation towards the Ward House/Charles Street project in Laura's name. Mac show up and tells her Robin called and is devastated about Laura's death but that he convinced her not to come back from school since she has exams. Katherine tells Mac she doesn't want to go to the funneral. Mac tells her she must, gets beeped away on business as usual, and tells Katherine he will meet her there. As Katherine is ready to leave, she finds Nikolas at her door.

The Spencer family prepares to leave for the service. Luke has flashbacks of his days with Laura...their wedding...LuLu's birth..etc. Stefan also remembers her fondly, as does Bobbie and Sonny. Luke takes out his gun and takes it with him as he leaves the house.

Sonny strangely rushes to the GH emergency room.

At the cemetary, Laura's casket is carried to the grave sight by Edward, Alan, Justus, Lucky, AJ, and Tony. Luke comforts a crying Amy.

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