General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on GH
Lucy tried to get information about Kevin's father. Felicia approved of Miranda moving into an apartment above the Outback. Jax and Miranda signed divorce papers. Brenda noticed that Sonny wasn't wearing his wedding ring.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 20, 1997 on GH
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Monday, January 20, 1997

Kevin tells Lucy he needs to figure out for himself what he wants to do with the rest of his life. Lucy lets him know she is not happy about him helping out Alexis since she is a Cassadine. Lucy's cell phone rings and a woman on the other end tells her she has the information Lucy requested about Dr. Victor Collins. Not wanting Kevin to know who she is speaking with, she is vague, but asks for what she has found out. The lady says that Dr. Collins was a professor of mathematics at King's college, and the father to one son, Kevin, who also graduated from that college. She claims his theories as a doctor were very intricate and he usually published papers rather than lecturing in public. She goes on to tell Lucy that no papers have been published in the last 10 years, but that there has been no record of his death. Lucy thanks the woman very much and hangs up, not mentioning to Kevin who she was. Lucy and Kevin head upstairs for a romantic bath together. After their bath, Lucy sneaks downstairs and looks for the missing box of letters from Kevin's closet. She is caught in the act of snooping by Kevin who comes downstairs and asks what it is she is looking for. Lucy thinks about lying, but then confesses to Kevin that she found the box of letters from his dad, noticed the next day they were missing, and is now looking for them since one of the letters she saw was postmarked 2 years ago, and he told her previously that his fatehr was dead. Kevin tells Lucy she amazes him and thanks her for trusting him enough to be honest with him and ask him what's really going on. He goes upstairs and gets the box of letters, handing them to Lucy, he tells her to open the box and read any letter she wants.

Mac locks the engagement ring he almost gave to Katherine in his safe at the Outback. Felicia comes in and he tells her that Miranda has moved in upstairs. Felicia says it will be nice for him to have a friend upstairs to fuss over, especially Miranda, since she assumes he is still in love with her. Mac insists that in the past he was merely in love with the idea of Miranda since she and he had so much in common. He speaks of how she was/is very down to earth, brainy, fun and like a best friend to him. Felicia compares her to Katherine...Mac comes back only to say that though he and Katherine are fudamentally different, they are very compatible on several other levels, just in a different ways. Felicia compares Mac and Miranda to her and Tom, saying that they compliment each other well. Mac says unlike her, Miranda listens. Felicia says unlike him, Tom respects her. The two kid back and forth about their friendship and then Felicia invites him for a run later...Mac unwillinly agrees, but is conveniently asleep when she returns.

Jax tells Miranda he remembers every word he wrote in his letters but says he almost can't believe he was young enough to feel that way. He points out that the man who wrote those letters was free and didn't care about money, power or control...only happiness. He asks her if she ever thinks about how they would be together now had they stayed together...he tells her he thinks they would be very different and grown up. Miranda tells Jax she would like to have just one hour to spend with him where they didn't discuss the past and what went wrong. After providing her with a settlement, Jax says he must go but he will let her know when the divorce papers need signing. He leaves for home but finds Brenda not there.

At the club, Brenda confronts Sonny about the flowers. He tells her he has no idea what she is talking about and that he didn't send her any flowers. He asks if she is really there because she has changed her mind about them. She tells him she meant what she said when she told him it was over and she needed him out of her life for good. She tells him she believes he didn't send the flowers and tries to convince herself that maybe just a crazed fan sent them. Meanwhile, Robin surprises Jason for his birthday by showing up at the culb. She tells him her tour and exams are over and she can spend the next 7 days with him. He is thrilled. As they talk about how much they miss and love each other, Sonny and Brenda come in and Robin and Brenda are excited to see one another. Jason and Sonny disappear for a bit and let the girls chat. Brenda tells Robin she has missed her terribly...she says she is ok now but explains how insecure Miranda made her and how crazy she was. She tells Robin things are back to normal now and she and Jax are happy...but that she's having a hard time convincing Sonny of that. Robin asks if he has been causing problems. Brenda goes into detail over the heorin incident...Robin thanks her for saving his life. Brenda says she doesn't know what she would have done if Sonny hadn't made it. Sonny and Jason return and call for a toast in honor of Jason's birthday. Sonny tells Jason he wants permanent guards to watch Brenda at all times in lieu of the anonomous shipment of flowers she received and the potential danger she may be in. As the four toast to Jason, Brenda notices Sonny is not wearing his wedding ring any longer and drops her glass on the floor. Shortly after, she announces she has to leave and get home to Jax. Jason walks her to her car upon Sonny's request. Robin tells Sonny she thinks Brenda must have noticed the absence of his ring..he agrees. Sonny says he is so glad to see Robin and the two hug...she warns him though, to be careful this time with Brenda. When he comes back, Sonny, Jason, and Robin toast to Jason and he thanks them both for being there for him.

Back at his apartment, Jax reads the note and sees the roses for Brenda. He is not pleased, still suspecting Sonny. When Brenda returns home, she tells Jax she was with Sonny and he was not the one to send her the flowers. She asks how things went with Miranda..Jax tells her all is well and that in a few days, all will be back to normal. Brenda tells him she can't wait to go to New Orleans. As the two dance in all their happiness, another letter with Brenda's name on it is slipped under the door.

Tuesday, January 21, 1997

Lucy tells Kevin she feels uncomfortable reading his father's letters... Kevin insists it is okay with him. She picks out one dated three months back. Kevin tells her the box contains letters as far back as three years ago. Lucy tells Kevin she doesn't understand the letters and that they seem weird, impersonal, and strange. Kevin says that pretty much sums up his father. He tells her the letters are types of math equations and theorems he tried to develop. Even though his theories failed, a group of people at Oxford still try them out every once and a while and print out their findings on his Dr. Victor Collins' stationary...hence the letters. Lucy asks for Kevin's forgiveness for worrying about him so...Kevin says there is nothing to forgive and that she had every right to be nervous. The mood then turns romantic.

Robin and Jason dance at the club and express their happiness to one another. Robin says how excited she is for the next seven days, not having to be on a schedule, no classes, no books, and no HIV. Jason tells her she can't forget she is sick...Robin says she is not sick, just sick from spending her entire Christmas vacation being publically HIV positive. She suggests that the two spend tonight at their box car...Jason tells her it is way to cold and he is not willing to risk her health...but he wants to take her someplace beautiful. Robin tells him she just wants the pleasure of waking up next to him and his room will do just fine. He tells her they can go there but it is a real mess and she has to let him clean up a bit first. When they get to Jason's, he goes inside and makes her wait ouside the door while he picks up parts to his bike all over the floor, changes the sheets on the bed, and sets a romantic mood with candles. When inside, Robin tells him that there is nothing else in the world like loving him and that he really makes things beautiful. He tells her he loves her too...they leave to grab a bite to eat.

Tom meets Sonny in private on the waterfront to discuss his meeting with the Spencers. He tells Sonny that everyone is okay except there is no change in Leslie, which worries him greatly. He says she needs to be put in a special hospital and that he is pushing hard to get her into one he knows of in Switzerland. Sonny reminds him he was suposed to make things happen as long as he footed the bill. Tom says he is doing the best he can and that the Spencer's seem safe for now with their newly developed personas. Sonny says he is still worried about them hanging around the country because it is possible Stefan will locate them. Tom tells him about his dinner party at the Cassadines and how he shook things up a bit when he mentioned falsely that he may be able to drug Katherine's memory back to the night she was shot...he tells Sonny about Alexis reation but says he still suspects Stefan more and will not stop at proving his theory. Tom asks Sonny if he can make a call on his cellular phone to he begins to, Felicia, Mac and Miranda jog by him and Sonny. Tom comes up with a phony excuse as to why he is in an alley with Sonny...providing outdoor psychotherapy. No one seems to buy it, but Felicia smooths the moment over and the three jog on. Sonny tells Tom he better watch his step since it won't take any of them long to figure out what's going on.

Back at the club, Mac phones Taggert and asks him to visit. When he does, Mac tells him to figure out Sonny's connection with Tom. He tells him he doesn't want Felicia to get hurt, but that he could tell Tom was lying when he saw him with Sonny. Felicia overhears the conversation. Later, Sonny show up at Miranda's door.

At their apartment, Jax and Brenda revel in their happiness. Brenda assures Jax again, that Sonny did not send her the roses...nonetheless, Jax disposes of them in the garbage with Brenda's help. She tells him that she has been trying to ignore what's been really bothering her.... the thought of losing him to Miranda. Jax tells her he only wishes he could put her mind at ease and that pretty soon, with the signing of the divorce papers, everything will be behind them. Brenda says she worries that he and Miranda are better suited for each other since she is more finished and sophisticated. Jax tells Brenda he loves her for who she is and has never looked for a replacement for Miranda. Brenda suggests a shower for them and goes upstairs while Jax locks up. In doing so, he finds another letter slipped under the door with Brenda's name on it. He is furious and worried, so he calls security and tells the manager he wants full time protection over his suite, at all cost, in order to protect Brenda. The manager assures him that all will be done to insure her safety. Before he goes upstairs to be with Brenda, Jax calls Sonny just to make sure he answers, and then hangs up. The next morning, Jax hears something outside his door....when he opens it, he catches someone lurking in the corner of his eye. He shuts the door and goes back inside and upstairs. Brenda comes down and opens the door to collect the morning paper. In the meantime, Jax has come out a back way and with gun in hand, accosts the man lurking near the doorway.

Wednesday, January 22, 1997

Outside his apartment, Jax confronts the snooping man and asks him at gunpoint if he is working for Sonny. The man says he has no idea who he is talking about and that he is just part of security watching over the apartment. Jax doesn't believe him and tells him to give Sonny a message for him...that he'll be seeing him soon. Back inside, Jax pretends all is well with Brenda and tells her nothing of the incident. Brenda senses something may be wrong and suggests that he may be having second thoughts over his divorce with Miranda...he insists he has none. Brenda notices a book with an inscription for Miranda inside on her coffee table. Jax tells her it is just some parting thoughts for her. He tells Brenda to get packing for New Orleans while he is gone and they can leave tonight or tomorrow. He warns her not to let anyone in she doesn't know, or let any packages slip by. She agrees to be careful and insists her days of detective work with Sonny are over.

There are some heated words between Stefan and Tom at GH when Audrey suggests the creation of a memorial to Laura and Leslie there, funded by Stefan. Tom says it would be very inapproriate to their memories, having a Cassadine funded memorial. Stefan insists to Tom that the feud between his family and Luke had nothing to do with Laura and that he cared about her very much, enough to raise Nikolas. Tom tells him from what he hears, the Cassadines were responsible for holding Leslie captive for years, luring Laura to a building and letting her go in alone..followed by an explosion that killed her and her mother. He tells Stefan he feels Laura would consider the memorial a dishonor to her family, since the Cassadines destroy everything they touch...Tom leaves. Stefan suffers flashbacks of the explosion. Alexis comes in and Stefan tells her she was right to watch out for him and that to prevent any further problems, he will heed her advice to stay away from Katherine.

Nikolas visits Katherine and holds her hand until she awakes. He tells her how beautiful she is and how much he respects her. He kisses her on the cheek and leaves. Shortly after, a woman named Deborah from the physical therapy ward comes in in a wheel chair and confronts Katherine about not going to physical therapy. Katherine tells her under no uncertain terms, that she has no intention of discussing herself with her or her plans to attend or not attend physical therapy. Deborah tells her that fate has dealt her a lousy hand, but that she doesn't have to just sit there and take it.. she needs to exercise her muscles or she could lose bone density and the possibility of walking. Katherine tells her she is afraid to try because she may have to face the fact that she may never walk again. Deborah tells her there are no sure things, but if she agrees to try, she will be there for her.

Nikolas finds himself inside the medical closet where Stefan told him about his father's death at the hands of Luke. He has many flashbacks and a lot of anger...he begins to throw things when Tom walks in and observes his state.

Sonny visits Miranda and suggests that Jax may have hired someone to kill him and whoever is responsible will pay. Miranda tells Sonny he is too paranoid and that Jax would never do such a thing. Sonny asks her why she is so nervous around Alexis Cassadine and why she and Jax came back from Austraila together. She ignores his first inquiry and tells him she came back with Jax in order to give him a divorce. Miranda is annoyed with Sonny, who finally leaves. Felicia shows up a few minutes later with coffee for her. She notices Miranda is a bit hostile. Miranda says it is just Sonny and his arrogance and manipulations. Felicia asks her if she is perhaps a little anxious about the divorce. Miranda agrees that she is but that it is the best thing for her since it is time for he and Jax to move on. She tells Felicia she can't help feeling nervous for Jax since she is sure that Brenda is still in love with Sonny. She tells her that she would be devastated if she went through all this and Brenda ended up just hurting Jax. Felicia leaves while Miranda gets ready and goes downstairs to see Mac. Robin shows up for a visit. She and Mac discuss her health and her exams at Yale. Mac tells her he proposed to Katherine and that she turned him down. Robin suggests maybe she will change her mind...Mac says he doesn't think so but that he feels it just wasn't meant to be and that what happened is for the best. Robin heads for Luke's club to meet Jason.

At the club, Sonny is confronted by Taggert who asks him questions about his whereabouts last night and whether or not he has seen Luke. Sonny talks his way clean and tells Taggert to get lost. Taggert threatens him and says he can take him in if he chooses...Sonny tells him many better men have tried. The man who lurked outside Brenda and Jax' shows up. His name is George and Taggert recognizes him. After Taggert leaves and calls Mac with the low down, Sonny confronts his man George as to why he is not still watching over Brenda. Robin shows up at Luke's and she and Jason take off. Jax shows up shortly after and tells Sonny to make time for him right now. In the meantime, Brenda realized Jax forgot the book for Miranda and she shows up at her apartment to give it to her personally.

Thursday, January 23, 1997

Tom catches Nikolas in the supply closet in an angry rage. Nikolas tells him he will pay for the damage he has caused by throwing things. Tom tells him he thinks he knows that his mother's death is bothering him and that he can relate to his feelings. Tom tells Nikolas that he lost his father and that he understands the deep rooted pain and knawing feeling inside that a death of a parent can cause. Nikolas tells him his fater died in the supply closet they're in and he thought that by going there things would make more sense to him...but they don't since he never really knew his father or Laura. Nikolas becomes curious as to Tom's concern for him and says so...asking him what he wants since he knows how much he hates the Cassadines. Tom tells him he wants nothing from him, and has a flashback of speaking with Laura over Nikolas...she asked Tom to watch out for him and let her know how he is doing. Tom tells Nikolas he should try to get to know his mother through GH and all that knew her because living or dead, she is a part of him. Bobbie walks into the closet and Tom leaves, suggesting to Nikolas that this may be a good opportunity. Nikolas asks Bobbie to tell him about his mother. Bobbie tells Nikolas that is no simple task since she and Laura had a very complicated relationship. She tells him there were times she couldn't stand her and was irritated by her since they used to compete for the same things. She tells Nikolas that people, mostly men, perceived her as a fragile flower, which really annoyed Bobbie since she knew her as a strong woman with an iron fist, but one who turned out to be very loyal and firm to her family. Bobbie says that after having her children, including Nikolas, and coming back from the island, she was older somehow, and wiser and she always loved her kids. After listening intently, Nikolas tells Bobbie that it isn't fair to run out of time with someone. The two hug.

Lucy goes in to see Katherine. She brings her catalogs in hopes of motivating her to shop. She finds Katherine very much not herself and very removed. Lucy even tries to insult her to get some sort of reaction but has no luck. Lucy tells her she better snap out of her mood and start to fight like the old Katherine. Katherine is not moved by her words and Lucy leaves. Outside the room, Kevin runs into Felicia and tells her he is headed for Wyndemere to meet with Stefan and discuss his options. Felicia asks if he has lost his mind again. Tony passes through and Felicia leaves. Lucy tells Tony that her visit with Katherine was depressing and he will have to work hard to get her spirits up. Tony thanks her for the warning. Tony visits Katherine and tells her she needs to start and stick with physical therapy. Katherine tells him she has made a decision not to attend physical therapy and to have herself discharged and put under the care of a nurse at her home to take care of her basic needs. Tony says her decision is unacceptable but she tells him it's what she wants and he's gonna have to live with it.

At the club, Jax threatens Sonny to let Brenda go, stop sending her gifts and stop having her followed. Sonny tells him he's heard this before and to get lost...but not before he encourages Jax to take his anger out on him by hitting him. Jax tells him when he raises his hand to him it will be to kill him. Sonny says his words don't surprise him at all since underneath the nice suit and smile, he and Jax are really a lot alike... fighters, Sonny says, with the same taste in women. Jax snaps back at him and tells him to leave him and Brenda alone as they embark on the first day of their new life together....bottom line, Jax tells Sonny he doesn't like him and more importantly, he's not afraid of him, so leave Brenda alone. Sonny asks if that was a threat..and Jax leaves.

Meanwhile, Brenda visits Miranda and brings her the book Jax forgot. She gives it to her wishing her enjoyment, since it will be the last gift she gets from Jax. Miranda tells Brenda to cut through it all and tell her why she really came. Brenda admits she's not there simply because of the book, but rather to tell her it is time she let go of Jax for good and do the right thing by setting him free and relieving him from the guilt of the past. Brenda goes on to tell her that Jax has made is choice and she needs to realize he is no longer in love with her. Miranda tells Brenda she can't believe she has the nerve to say what she has and suggests she have a conversation with Sonny and tell him to stop stirring up trouble. She steps further to say maybe Brenda likes things the way they are with Sonny and Jax fighting over her. She tells Miranda that things are over with Sonny and that she needs a life of her own because hers isn't available. Before she leaves, Miranda tells Brenda not to think she has the right to hurt Jax and not to think she will just stand by and watch it happen. Brenda leaves, telling Miranda to enjoy her poems. Shortly after, Felicia shows up at Miranda's and Miranda rants about how much she can't stand Brenda and she can hardly believe Jax chose such a woman. Felicia gives her some make sure about the divorce before she goes through with it and to decide whether or not it is over enough for her to let Jax go. Jax shows up a short time later. In the meantime, Brenda shows up at the club to speak with Sonny.

At Wyndemere, Stefan and Kevin discuss their backgrounds and families. Stefan offers to petition the board at GH on Kevin's behalf if he would consider maybe teaching there. Kevin says he will consider just about anything and thanks Stefan. Stefan then slyly brings up the name of a doctor whom he has read much about...Dr. Victor Collins. Kevin says Collins is a very common name. Stefan asks if they are realated since he knows this man went to Oxford. Kevin gives in and says that the man is his father and insinuates that Stefan already knew that. Stefan admits he did know that and that knowledge and background on people are useful commodities to him. Kevin brings up Katherine and the shooting, saying that Lucy claims Luke's innocence. Stefan says the evidence is too overwhelming for him to believe it wasn't Luke. He asks if Kevin knows Katherine and he says yes. He tells him Kathering used to be a fighter but now ...he goes on to say how he can't believe Tony brought in a specialist for her since all that served was as a big psychological let down which caused her to lose her fighting spirit. Concerned, Stefan asks Kevin if he has seen Katherine lately...he says he hasn't but has heard that she is very bad.

Friday, January 24, 1997

Jason finds Robin at the bridge where Stone once bungie jumped. She is reflective and asks Jason if he would love to be able to fly, and tells him about Stone's bungee jumping. She tells him she often wonders what it would be like to not be cold or afraid anymore...she goes on to ask him if he's ever wished he were someone else. Robin tells him she wishes she were more like him and able to live in the moment. She wonders why Stone got AIDS and had to die and why she contracted the virus and has hope of living. Jason is confused by Robin's conversations..he asks her what is really bothering her and what she is trying to figure out since he can't seem to reach her. She tells Jason she is not going to be afraid anymore since she and he are should be able to be free and loving. She ends by pushing a consoling Jason away and saying that there are too many questions that have no answers and that no one is going to tell her what to do anymore.

Katherine tells Tony she wants him to sign her release papers and that she is ready to begin her new life on her own terms. Tony urges her to reconsider closing the door to her recovery since he thought she was a fighter. Katherine tells him she might be able to fight and work hard if she knew she would walk again, but she feels it's just inevitible for her to stay numb. Deborah comes back to visit her but Katherine tells her to get lost, not wanting anyone else to tell her how she should be or what she should be doing. Deborah tells her she is behaving like an idiot by not going to physical therapy and not working on herself. She reminds her that her nerves are not severed like hers and that she really does have a chance to walk again. Katherine tells her that they are different people and that she is very wealthy and able to pay for people to take care of her. Deborah tells her that she should use her attitude problem more productively towards recovery...but since she is giving she will never know what is really possible.

At the club, Brenda confronts Sonny and once again tells him to stay out of her life and that she is not joking. Sonny tells her again that he did not send her any flowers or gifts. Brenda asks him about his visit to Miranda's and Sonny tells her he simply had questions to ask her about the night he was drugged. Brenda tells him to back off and that Jax had absolutely nothing to do with that...and, that he is on his way right now to pick up Miranda and sign the divorce papers. Sonny tells her he doesn't like that Jax left her alone while she has been getting strange gifts. Brenda says she will be fine and soon, she'll never be alone again. Also at the club, Felicia and Tom share dinner while she keeps a close eye on Sonny and Brenda. Tom asks why she is so enthralled by their conversation and she tells him that Miranda's theory of them may not be so far fetched. Tom gets beeped away from a "patient" and tells Felicia he must go. Before he leaves, he tells Sonny he is leaving to see a mutual friend in need and tend to a sick patient. Felicia is not alone for long, when Mac comes in and joins her. He tells her he can only have a quick bite and then needs to go see Katherine. Felicia tells him she will go with him to GH. Mac gets a call from Katherine who lies and tells him she is doing well in physical therapy and that she is being moved to a new room. She says she is a bit tired and doesn't want him wasting his time coming over tonight. He agrees and wishes her a good night.

Miranda and Jax head off to sign divorce papers and Miranda tells him she is anxious to get on with things so everyone involved can get what they want. When they arrive at the clerks office, they are told that they look more as if they are tying the knot rather than breaking it. The clerk tells them that after they sign, a judge will review the documents and enter the divorce into public record. As Miranda and Jax sign the agreement, they both have memories of their past...times on the beach, etc. The two head back for Port Charles in stormy and dangerous weather conditions.

Bobbie convinces Stefan to cancel a meeting with an accountant at GH to stay home with her instead. Stefan agrees he can reschedule. Bobbie speaks to him about his feelings of guilt about Katherine and his adjustment from businessman to a person who is faced with life and death situations everyday. She tells him he can't mandate Katherine's recovery and that she will get better in her own way and in her own time. Nikolas comes home and reports that Katherine has given up on walking and refuses to listen to Dr. Jones. He is anguished over the situation saying that she used to be such a fighter...he wonders what he can do to help he. Bobbie tells him he can only be her friend right now and let her heal herself. She tells him he can't burden himself with her recovery and that what happened to her was the fault of only one person, the shooter. Tony calls and tells Bobbie that Lucas has a bad cold and wants to be with his mother. Bobbie tells him she will be right there and tells Stefan he can reschedule his meeting at the hospital now. Stefan goes to GH, but ends up visiting Katherine.

Tom pays a visit to Luke, Laura, and Leslie to evaluate her condition.

Brenda arrives home to find another not and gift waiting for her...she calls Sonny to chew him out and he asks what has happened.

Jax and Miranda hit an icy patch on the road and he swerves out of control.

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