General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on GH

Stefan warned Laura that Luke would find out that Stefan might be Nikolas' father if she didn't leave town. Emily stayed out all night partying with Matt. Brenda and Sonny made love.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 3, 1997 on GH
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Monday, March 3, 1997

Lucky asked Luke about the prospect of working with Nikolas to help Lesley. Luke told Lucky that he didn't trust Nikolas, but left the decision up to Lucky. A cold Stefan told Laura to leave the country with Lesley, or else he would tell Luke that they had slept together and that Nikolas could be his son. Stefan told Laura how much he had loved her and now realized that she had been disingenuous about her feelings for him. Stefan reviewed all of Laura's actions and the pain that they had caused Nikolas. Stefan was determined not to allow Nikoas to get sidetracked with concern over Lesley. Later, Luke returned home to a very upset Laura. Jax and Miranda got Jason's cooperation to find Sonny and Brenda. Jason fingered Taggert who again mentioned Sonny's cryptic call. Taggert told Mac that he had traced Sonny's call to a florist, Greenery Inc., which registered with Jason. Meanwhile, Harry was hit by the gunfire in the catacombs as he struggled with Sonny. A dying Harry then detonated an explosion that sealed Sonny and Brenda in the catacombs. Brenda was fearful that she and Sonny were doomed to die in each others arms. Monica was devastated and Dorman was elated when the judge found Monica guilty of sexual harassment. Kevin interrupted Dorman's victory dance with the press and explained how Dorman's conduct fitted his psychological profile. Dorman then punched Kevin when he speculated that Dorman was trying to compensate for a sexual inadequacy. Meanwhile, Lucy got Justus to review Kevin's contract, but Justus told Lucy that there was nothing out of the ordinary about it. Lucy was horrified when she saw Dorman punch Kevin on TV. Lucy, however, felt better when Kevin triumphantly returned. Ned blasted AJ about his drinking and warned him not to let Monica know. Alan, Edward, Ned and AJ discussed ways to get back at Dorman, but Monica was determined to pay the judgment and to end her nightmare with Dorman. Later, AJ retired to his room with more booze and Emily left home with a purpose.

Tuesday, March 4, 1997

A guilty ridden Laura remembered her intimate times with Stefan, and a much improved Lesley reached out to Laura. Luke tried to press Lesley to remember more about the past and left to get Tom. Lucky challenged Nikolas to find out what drugs were used on Lesley. A worried Stefan overheard the conversation and lied to Nikolas by agreeing to help. Stefan then called Laura and reminded her of his ultimatum. Carly talked to Katherine about her therapy, but was still very uncomfortable around the hospital. Meanwhile, Tom tried to renew his romance with Felicia, but was interrupted by Luke with his news about Lesley. After Luke's visit, Felicia told Tom that bringing down Stefan would not bring Steve back. Meanwhile, Kevin learned that Lucy had shown his contract to Justus, and later surprised Lucy when he revealed to Alexis that he had Lee Baldwin look at the contract as well. Kevin told Alexis that the intellectual property clause in the contract had to be amended. Later, Lucy visited Felicia to ask for her help. Luke returned home to find Laura, who told him that she had been packing. Meanwhile, Tony was disturbed when Bobbie was unable to find Lucas on the Wyndemere grounds.

Wednesday, March 5, 1997

Laura gave Luke a moving account of why she had to take Lesley to Switzerland. Luke agreed to move the entire family, but sensed trouble. Laura then set up a secret meeting with Stefan. Katherine tried to end things with Stefan, but realized that it wasn't easy for her to let go. Carly saw Stefan touch Katherine's face and tried to fish for answers from her. A frantic Alan and Monica learned from Emily that she had been in the park all night with Matt. Emily assured Alan and Monica that nothing sexual had happened. Emily however, gave herself a punishment designed to keep her in the house and away from drugs. Fearful for Kevin, Lucy pleaded with Felicia to investigate the Cassadines. Felicia agreed for Tom's sake as much as for Kevin's. Felicia then learned from Bobbie that Katherine may be the key towards ending the Spencer/Cassadine feud.

Thursday, March 6, 1997

Laura argued with a belligerent Stefan and Laura told him how much she hated him for what he was doing to her. Stefan, however, got Laura to admit that he might be Nikolas's father. Meanwhile, Lucky visited Katherine and explained his guilt about his role in her shooting. Lucky told Katherine that if he "stuck to the plan" and did not throw Luke's gun into the ravine, Stefan wouldn't have found it and shot her. Katherine was upset and told Lucky that he did not have to worry about his father because she did not remember what had happened. Lucky told Katherine not to trust the Cassadines, but Nikolas overheard their conversation and blasted him for spreading lies. Later, Lucky thanked Nikolas for obtaining Lesley's medical records and Nikolas insisted on telling Luke and Laura what he had done himself. Bobbie told Felicia that she saw Stefan as a savior of "wounded birds." Felicia asked Bobbie if Stefan had saved her, but Bobbie defended the integrity of her marriage. Later, Bobbie asked Stefan why he had married her. Laura returned home and faced a very pensive Luke who told her that there had been a change of plans. Meanwhile, Jax, Miranda, Jason, Mike and Mac learned of Harry's connection to Sonny and Brenda and went to his office where they found disturbing clues. A trapped Brenda and Sonny reviewed their wasted lives. Sonny told Brenda that she had been the only bright spot in his life and Brenda told Sonny that he had never lost her.

Friday, March 7, 1997

Luke told Laura that he was staying in Port Charles because of Katherine's case and fear of Stefan's machinations. Nikolas went to the Spencer house with Lucky to tell Lesley about his role in obtaining her medical records. Laura then gave a heartfelt goodbye to a very cold Nikolas, who saved his warmth for Lesley Lu. Laura then broke down while holding Lesley Lu, worried about what was happening to her family. Lucky learned from Luke his decision to settle the family in Switzerland and then return to Port Charles. Lucky then told Laura that he would be returning with Luke. Meanwhile, Bobbie's questions made Stefan reveal that he had first seen Bobbie when she had identified Lesley's body many years ago. Stefan made to clear to Bobbie that he loved her and did not marry her out of pity. Nikolas returned and told Stefan about the Spencer's plans. Stefan feigned surprise and was unable to connect with Nikolas. Stefan then lamented to Bobbie how Laura always managed to hurt Nikolas. After Bobbie left to attend to Nikolas, Stefan then placed a call to Katherine. Meanwhile, Carly helped Katherine settle back in her home. Katherine was then visited by Miranda, and Katherine updated her on the situation with Stefan. Carly then answered Stefan's call, but he hung up without speaking. A trapped Sonny and Brenda reminisced about all of the good times they had together and their regrets. Brenda told Sonny that she loved him and they then made love. Meanwhile, Jax, Mac, Miranda, Jason and Mike found Harry's letter to Lily which lead them to the sealed cave entrance. Jax then cried out for Brenda as she lay asleep in Sonny's arms.

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