General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on GH
Jax saved Sonny's life. Monica was found guilty. Laura and Lesley left town. A.J. confessed that he had been driving drunk at the time of the accident.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 10, 1997 on GH
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Monday, March 10, 1997

Brenda and Sonny are wrapped in each other's arms dozing from lack of oxygen, when Sonny hears Jax's voice. He wakes Brenda who cries out to Jax that they are down there and pleads with him to get them out. Up above, Mac, Jason, and Mike along with the Port Charles Fire Department try to determine exactly how they can get Brenda and Sonny out when all of a sudden the ground starts rumbling beneath their feet. The explosion Harry caused has weakened the ground above Brenda and Sonny and threatens to come down and bury Brenda and Sonny alive.

Jason tries desperately to remember the layout of the rooms below, but he's having trouble with his memory. He asks Mike what the next line is to the Lord's Prayer. All of a sudden Taggert shows up and tells Mac he's here to find the Heroin. Mac warns him any trouble from him and he will fire him. As Jason walks above the spot where Brenda and Sonny are buried the ground suddenly gives way and Jason falls through. It opens a hole and allows the much needed oxygen in for the victims. Brenda and Sonny agree not to tell Jax what happened between them. Thanks to the hole Jason created they are able to lower a harness to pull the both of them to safety. Mac tells Sonny they need to come up together on the harness because they may not get a second chance due to the fact that the ground is so unstable. Brenda didn't hear this and Sonny insists on her going first. As she reaches the top of the hole (as was expected) the ground starts to cave in on top of Sonny. Brenda screams for someone to help Sonny, and Jax starts digging through the dirt when he finds a hand! Everyone reaches down to pull Sonny up and he is saved. Brenda hugs Jax but looks into Sonny's eyes and smiles.

Monica sits before a review board and learns her fate after the verdict. Dorman comes prepared to voice his "concerns" and terms for working together. Stefan angrily takes his list and dismisses him. He tells Monica that although he is sorry about what he has to do, they must ask her to step down from all of her supervisory duties, but she can remain to perform her surgical duties. Alan is dismayed but Monica reasons that Stefan's hands are tied. At least she can still practice medicine.

Laura proceeds with her plans to leave. Lucky talks with her and shares with her his desire to return to Port Charles with his Dad. Laura tearfully agrees. Leslie and Laura stop by the hospital to say goodbye to Audrey and Monica. Leslie questions Laura why they are leaving and asks Laura "We're not coming back are we? And Luke doesn't know does he?" Laura vows not to be separated from Luke and Lucky for long. She tries to hold back her tears as she and Luke say goodbye. Luke apologizes saying it's all his fault that she's leaving. He's sorry he dragged her into everything. Laura assures him it's not him and declares loving him is the only right thing she's ever done. While packing to leave Lucky slips the Cassadine egg Lesley Lu received from Nikolas into their carry on sack.

Alexis talks to Stefan about whether or not he intends to hand over Leslie's medical records. He angrily responds he does not like to be questioned. Later he whispers to Alexis "Everything is falling into place if she's still with him" to which she responds "And the virus?" "Safely tucked away in a family heirloom. Not to worry" he informs her.

Tuesday, March 11, 1997
by Marie Forte

Monica calls a family meeting to thank the Quartemaines for their support. She informs them that although she is sorry for all the problems this trial has caused everyone, she plans on appealing with Alexis' help. AJ shows up drunk and before he can join the rest of the family for the meeting, Alan meets him in the entry way and tells him he doesn't care where he goes as long as he doesn't drive. AJ gives him his car keys and storms out. Keesha sees him leaving and follows him. When she discovers he's drunk she blames herself. She then tells AJ she's not like the rest of the family. She won't turn her back on him. Ned walks in on them, and AJ leaves. Ned tells Keesha she can't help him. But Keesha is determined to follow him and Ned begs her to be discreet.

Brenda, Sonny and Jason all go to the hospital. Sonny thanks Jason for finding them. He also thanks Jax for saving his life. Jax just wants Sonny to leave Brenda alone now. Brenda is brought in for re injuring her hip. When the doctor says they will need to do x rays she asks Brenda if there's any chance she could be pregnant. Once she's alone with the doctor she confides she had unprotected sex, but it would be soon to know if she was pregnant or not. They hold off on x rays, but want to admit her for observation. Mike is worried about Sonny and urges him to be with Brenda. He realizes something happened between them and can see Sonny is happy. Brenda tells Mike that when they thought they were going to die, Sonny confessed that he was glad Mike stayed. Brenda tells him Sonny loves him. To which he replies, "And he loves you." She smiles through her tears and says she knows.

Ned confronts Alexis and blames her for losing the trial because she didn't to her homework. Alexis responds that the judge gave her no leeway, due to the fact that Edward tried to bribe the judge. Ned promises to keep Edward out of the way during the appeal, and apologizes. They agree to be friends.

Felicia meets Mac in the hospital. Her arm is in a sling because she needed stitches after wrestling with her kids and falls over the couch. They both agree they could use a road trip. On the way they are pulled over by police. She informs Mac she has some unpaid parking tickets. When Mac asks how many, she replies "oh fifty or sixty" as the officer approaches her window.

Wednesday, March 12, 1997
by Marie Forte

Felicia ends up behind bars on the grounds that she has 45 outstanding tickets. When Mac tries to appeal to the local sheriff,one man in blue to another, the sheriff informs him that he has to hold Felicia due to the fact that she matches the description of a woman wanted for bank robbery, and robbing convenience stores in the area. Mac says that it's easy enough to clear this up, they have alibi's. He places his hand on the officers arm who proceeds to put him behind bars with Felicia. After awhile the officer says they picked up the lady who committed the crimes, and they are forced to pay her traffic tickets which total over $1,000. Felicia pulls out Mac's credit card from his wallet and asks if they accept plastic.

Keesha walks into the shed on the Quartermaine property to find a disheveled and very hung over AJ. Keesha wants to help him and love him. When did she become the enemy? Why won't he let her love him? Just as AJ appears to be allowing Keesha to comfort him, Ned walks in with towels, clothes and a shaving kit to announce he has one hour to shower and get off the grounds so Monica doesn't know he's there. Ned and AJ start swinging and Keesha steps in. Ned declares that AJ is a disgrace to the family. AJ can't take any more. He confesses to Keesha he was the one who was driving the night Jason got hurt. Shocked and in tears, she can't believe he's been lying to her all this time. She goes to the hospital to confront Alan who says no one can help AJ. She declares Alan to be worthless. Then she phones Sonny and asks him to convey a message to Jason. It's urgent he meet her in an hour. Meanwhile back at the hospital Alan stops by to see Brenda. She asked to see him because she is worried that she is becoming dependent on her pain pills. Alan downplays her concerns and says since she is aware and concerned about it, there's no need to worry. Besides, he says it is the very same medicine he's taking for his wrist. When Brenda voices her concern that she really doesn't feel well, and she's taking more than the prescribed amount, Alan wonders aloud if there's something else she's really worried about. But he doesn't seem at all concerned that Brenda really does have a problem.

At the hospital Mike thanks Jax again for saving Sonny's life, and then tells Sonny he should give Jax a break. Sonny questions his father who tells him emotionally he's the man who saved your life and you're going after his wife. Surprisingly, Sonny agrees to back off and let Brenda handle it, as long as she doesn't take too long. Then after a slight pause he reminds Mike he's not the only one he should be thankful for. He thanks Mike for being there for him.

Taggert shows up at the hospital and starts to hassle Sonny again. Sonny tells Taggert we don't have to like each other to work together. Dorman overhears part of the conversation but is called away before he can hear all of it. Sonny knows Harry's partner will be looking for him because he mistakenly believes he can identify him. No big surprise, Taggert doesn't believe Sonny and seems convinced that Sonny is the guilty party. Taggert then pulls Jax to the side and lets him know that Sonny is the reason Harry came back to town. Jax is furious with Sonny and Brenda defends him. This upsets Jax even more and they both agree not to talk about it right now. As they hug, Brenda flashes back to her and Sonny making love. Jax calls Miranda and thanks her for all her support. He doubts he could have gone through all this without her help.

Kevin receives another letter from Oxford. He tries to explain to Lucy why he's interested in the equations the school sends him. Maybe he can learn something about himself or his father he reasons. Lucy can't help but be scared. Without Kevin knowing it she writes a letter to the University asking for information on his father.

Thursday, March 13, 1997
by Marie Forte

Alan stops by to see Kevin, to ask him for help regarding AJ. He informs Kevin that AJ is drinking again. He's reached the end of his rope. He does love him, but he can't help sometimes wishing AJ and all his problems would just disappear. He's angry and full of rage, but Kevin warns him to separate his anger at the problem and his son. He also cautions Alan that asking AJ to keep it from Monica is a heavy burden for anyone to bear, especially with someone like AJ and all his demons. Will Alan heed the warning?

Jason meets with Keesha who pleads with Jason to please talk to AJ. He's the only one who can help him now. Surprisingly, Jason agrees.

Back at the shed on the Quartermaine property, Emily brings AJ tomato juice telling him it's good for hangovers. AJ says he won't insult her intelligence by lying to her. He knows his drinking got out of control, but everything's different now. All the lies are out in the open. To everyone's surprise Jason walks in. Emily is delighted and whispers to Jason, that AJ is not OK. Jason explains to both of them that Keesha asked him to come. Emily leaves them to talk. An incredulous AJ want's to know why he's really here. Jason honestly replies he doesn't know. But Keesha seemed real distraught and somehow believes this to be all her fault. AJ says he drinks because the *other* Jason isn't there to forgive him. This Jason looks like his brother, sounds like him but never will be. What good does it do to talk with him. Jason becomes very frustrated and gets up to leave. AJ asks him not to. When he's sober, he hates to be alive, his memories make him sick. When he sobers up everyone is disappointed in him. Helpless is the word. Jason says he can identify with that feeling, that's how he feels about Robin. The difference is she's fighting any way she can to get the disease out of her system, AJ just keeps adding the poison to his system. With that said he leaves a reflective AJ sitting there by himself.

Bobbie asks Stefan point blank for the truth. Was he trying to save Lesley's life or was he there to just administer the drugs? As usual Stefan manages to sidestep the issue. Nikolas has been at Katherine's teaching her Tai Chi to help her relax. He tells everyone her attitude is very upbeat and positive. Upon leaving her apartment, who should he run into but Luke. He was visiting Sonny who just happens to live next door to Katherine. A surprised Nikolas thought he was still in Switzerland, and shares this information with Stefan, Bobbie and Alexis.

Luke, Sonny and Mike discuss the Cassadines. Luke is convinced Stefan is guilty and that there's a connection between Stefan and Katherine. He's also worried for his sister. When leaving he asks Sonny to keep an eye on his neighbor when he spies Carly leaving Katherines apartment. This was the opening Luke was looking for.

Meanwhile, an emotional Keesha sits in the Quartermaine's living room worrying about AJ. When Ned walks in she informs him she will never forgive him. A heated and very loud argument ensues. Hearing the fight Monica demands to know what is going on. Both Ned and Keesha apologize and explain they just can't be in the same room without fighting. Monica just wants some peace in the house. Emily has been listening outside the door. She lies to Monica and Alan that she needs to go to the library but instead calls Matt. She want's to meet him behind the school so she can buy some joints from him.

Friday, March 14, 1997
by Marie Forte

In the Quartermaine living room, Alan pops a pill as Ned walks in. They discuss what to do now that Keesha knows. Stefan and Alexis drop by to discuss case with Monica. Stefan declares his belief in Monica's innocence. They all discuss Rebecca Chase. No one can comprehend what Dorman has over her to make her lie for him. Alexis says she plans on checking out Ms. Chase before the appeal. Now on to hospital business,they try to decide what should be the next step in dealing with all the negative press from Monica's trial. Edward recommends Katherine Bell to handle spin control for the hospital. Stefan casually agrees to think about it, and confer with Alan. Alexis doesn't think this is a good idea at all. Ned suggests that Alan tell Monica about AJ. He believes she can handle it now. Alan tells him to mind his own business. When Ned walks Alexis to the door, they both decide they have had enough family business and think dinner would be a nice way to end the day.

Miranda stops by to visit with Katherine. They speculate about what happened in the cave between Brenda and Sonny. Katherine observes that Miranda seems to be giving up on Jax. Miranda thinks staying in Port Charles was a big mistake. When Miranda leaves Katherine tries to stand up by herself but can't. She falls to the floor and can't reach the phone when it rings. She manages to knock it to the floor and begs the person on the other end to call 911. She's fallen and she can't get up. It just so happens in Stefan on the other end of the phone on his car phone.

Mike keeps pushing Sonny on his reasons for not pursuing Brenda. He tells Mike he sure of their feelings for each other, and now it's up to Brenda. Besides, as long as Harry's partner mistakenly believes Sonny can identify him, Brenda's life is still in danger. He and Mike brainstorm on who this partner could be. Sonny's convinced the must work at General Hospital. Furthermore, he's probably an intern, who's arrogant, sloppy and believed he knew more than Harry and had nothing to learn. But they both believe he's incapable of moving the heroin through Port Charles and will slip up some way. But they are concerned that he is also very dangerous.

While Sonny and Mike are discussing Harry's partner, Dorman is looking for a place to hide the bags of heroin. He stashes them under a sofa cushion when the doorbell rings. It's nurse Rebecca Chase. She knows they shouldn't be seen together, but she just needed to be with him. She doesn't care if anyone knows or if she loses her job. She loves him. Dorman, being the nice guy that he is, makes love to her and tells her she needs to leave. They may not be able to see each other for a very long time. Months even. Rebecca is upset, but he arrogantly tells her he always makes it worth the wait. He wants her to be very careful. Monica's lawyer will be watching her every move and he doesn't want her to lose her job because she lied for him on the stand. He then hides the heroin behind the picture after she leaves.

Jax is carrying suitcases from the penthouse when Brenda walks in. While she was waiting in the car she realized there are things they need to talk about. Jax confesses to Brenda that he and Miranda almost made love when he found the letter she left. They didn't, but he begs Brenda to forgive him. She then proceeds to tell him she's not the same woman he loved. There are things that happened in the cave that she needs to tell him.

The doorbell rings as Mike prepares dinner. He breaks open a bottle of champagne to toast Brenda and Sonny when Sonny opens the door to find Miranda

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