General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on GH
Brenda realized that she had a drug problem and took a pregnancy test. Luke arranged for Carly to spy on Katherine and Stefan. Bobbie began to have doubts about Stefan.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 17, 1997 on GH
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Monday, March 17, 1997

Brenda tries to tell Jax the truth. An emotionally distraught Brenda tells him about her addiction to the pain pills. She's ashamed of herself, but Jax tells her it's no problem, we'll fix it together. He suggests maybe she should be under a doctors care to wean her slowly. She reacts strongly by telling she already talked to Alan who told her it's not a problem. But she knows herself better than that. There's something wrong. She wants him to take the pills and put them someplace she can never find them. He promises her when she feels better, they will fly to New Orleans and get married. She starts to cry and says as long as things are the way they are she can't marry him. All she can think of is wanting another pill. She doesn't feel like she deserves him. Not to worry Jax assures her. He's not going anywhere. He vows he's never going to let her go.

Ned and Alexis have dinner together. They find they have much in common, especially coming from very powerful families. He confides in her that he and Katherine Bell were married to each other, for about 10 minutes. He doesn't go into details, but advises her not to hire Katherine.

Miranda shows up at Sonny's under the pretext that she wants to see how he is. Sonny doesn't believe her for a minute. Sonny asks her to have a drink to his health, but she refuses. As she gets ready to leave, they all here a banging sound in the hallway. Sonny cautions all of them to be quiet. Meanwhile, we see Stefan breaking down Katherines door (she happens to live next door to Sonny), and rushing to her side. She can't believe he's there. How did you know I needed you? He explains he was the one on the phone. He cradles her head and they are staring into each other's eyes as Sonny, Mike and Miranda walk in. They help Katherine get back into her wheelchair. She informs them the only thing wounded is her pride and asks everyone to leave. She then introduces Stefan to her neighbors and to her friend Miranda. You can tell both Stefan and Miranda are uncomfortable but they acknowledge each other. After the men leave, Katherine confirms what Miranda figured out. Stefan is the "friend" she was speaking about. Miranda says it's obvious that he adores her. But Katherine is quick to notice that Miranda doesn't approve.

Stefan interrupts Ned and Alexis' dinner. He needs to talk to Alexis. Ned tells her he hopes they can do this again real soon. She agrees. Once he's out of hearing Stefan informs Alexis about what just transpired in Katherines apartment. She is very concerned. He thinks he covered up very well and tells her not to worry. But then he asks her to find out whatever she can about someone else who was there....Miranda.

Sonny calls Luke. He was right. He found Stefan and Katherine in a clinch that didn't look at all like business, which Stefan wanted them all to believe.

Tuesday, March 18, 1997
by Marie Forte

Mac and Felicia meet up with Lucy. They tell her about their little jail escapade. Lucy watches them and says it seems like they had a good time. Felicia agrees. It seems like since Tom left for Switzerland she just wants to Rock and Roll. Tom walks in at that moment and declares that maybe he should go back. A surprised Felicia welcomes him home but says she wasn't expecting him back for a few days. Lucy is impatient and pulls Felicia away to talk to her in private. "What have you found out about the Cassadines?" she wants to know. Felicia has not had a chance to get started but will get right on it. Lucy looks at Felicia intently and decides that Felicia looks too happy. If she didn't know better she'd say Mac and Felicia had something going on she tells her. Felicia brushes it off by saying they are just friends. Meanwhile Mac is relating the story to Tom about Felicia ending up in jail. A very uptight Tom, declares he doesn't find it amusing at all. Then he tells Mac that "I don't appreciate you undermining mine and Felicia's relationship." First Mac suspects he's the stalker, then tails him because he thinks he's having an affair and it leads to him discovering he was working with Luke. "Stop trying to make him look bad." Tom states. Ruby tells Felicia there's a long distance phone call from New York. A friend of hers, who lives in the town where Felicia was arrested, has called to let her know she looks nothing like the suspect they really did arrest for the crime spree. Felicia is suspicious and is worried someone may be after her. They get ready to leave when Tom pulls Mac to the side and tells Mac to butt out of their life. An angry Mac storms out of the restaurant.

Katherine flashes back to the previous evening when she was in Stefen's arms. She is brought back to reality by the sound of her doorbell. The nurse answers it and finds it is Bobbie. Taken aback, Katherine tries to sound calm, and asks Bobbie why she is here. She says she has something she needs to talk to her about. She doesn't understand why Katherine would go to Luke's hearing, and go out of her way to help him. If she were Katherine, she would have been angry and want to see justice served. Katherine says she was just telling the truth. Sending someone to prison, is just not her way. Bobbie confides that when Katherine informed the people at the hearing that the fued between the Spencers and the Cassadines was futile and should stop there and then, it really moved her. She thanks Katherine, who is still trying to keep her composure. She doesn't want to be rude, but would Bobbie mind leaving? She is waiting for the physical therapist.

Carly wakes up to find a note from Tony reminding her about her appointment with Katherine. Apparently she is not in a good mood and it doesn't get any better when Luke rings her doorbell. She tells him to leave, and he barges in. when she threatens to call the police, he unplugs the phone. He tells her to "hurry up and get dressed because he intends to drive her to work." When she tells him no, he snarls at her that it wasn't a request it was an order. She is going to give him information about Katherine and Stefan, or he will tell Tony that Carly is really his stepdaughter. She is trying not to be intimidated by him and says "he wouldn't tell Tony, because if Bobbie found out she would never forgive her brother." Luke finds this all very amusing. In case she hadn't noticed, they are already estranged. As they open the door to leave the apartment, a startled Bobbie is ready to knock on the door. Carly makes up an excuse to leave the room and Bobbie questions Luke as to why he's here. He says" Tony, Carly, Lucas and Ruby are about the only family he has left in town." She questions why he would befriend a woman she so obviously dislikes, and he counters by asking why she would marry a man he dislikes. They bicker about Stefan and Bobbie gives up and tries to leave. But before she does, Luke asks her, "Honestly, are you sure you don't have any doubts about the man you married, any suspicions etc. Because if you don't then you're just lying to yourself. And time is running out." She can't answer him, but she can't tell him no either.

Back at the Cassadine mansion, Alexis joins her cousin for breakfast to find out what Bobbie said about Stefan rescuing Katherine. "She doesn't know yet because she was working last night." Agitated, Alexis warns Stefan he really should tell her before her brother does. She thinks Stefan is standing on a landmine. "Stop worrying", he snaps. She cautions him to "stop acting like you have control when you don't. The future of the Cassadine family is at stake." He calms down, and tells Alexis "Bobbie has no reason to doubt him. He can't help himself. He's responsible for what happened to Katherine." Nikolas walks in and overhears them talking about Katherine. His uncle tells him what happened and Nikolas offers to call her and see if she is okay. Instead he goes to her apartment and offers to do Tai Chi with her.

Jason informs Sonny he found a warehouse that is perfect for what they need. Jason tells Sonny why Keesha needed to see him. "AJ is drinking again and Keesha thought he could help." He tells Sonny AJ was drinking and driving the night he got hurt. "So AJ drinks because he feels guilty." Sonny doesn't understand why Jason never told him this before. Jason didn't think it was important. "Who cares if it was AJ or Ned." But he would use the information to blackmail the Quartermaines if they tried to remove Sonny from ELQ. Sonny is touched. Jason says the only reason AJ is so upset is because he misses his brother. And for the first time, Jason understands. If he had lost Sonny in the cave in, he would have missed him.

Stefan daydreams about Katherine. Her image tells him to let her go. Stefan says out loud "I know love is a weakness. Just ask Laura. I loved her, but when she turned on me and our son, I crushed her. She robbed me of my belief that I could be better than my family. The only person I've never destroyed is Nikolas. But Nikolas is infatuated with you, and Nikolas is very attached to Bobbie. I couldn't hurt him by being with you." "Yet..." he wonders,." can I lose the one part of myself that can still hope, still dream. To love you would hurt Nikolas. And I just can't do it." Katherine's vision tells him he needs to let her go. Stefan cries, "I can't."

Bobbie returns home and tells Stefan she had some errands to run and stopped by Katherines apartment. At first Stefan is relieved. "Oh good, then you know." When Bobbie looks puzzled he relates to her what happened. It's obvious that Bobbie doesn't look too happy.

Wednesday, March 19, 1997
by Marie Forte

Carly and Luke try to leave the apartment again, but this time Tony's at the door. Luke questions both of them as to why they are there. Luke covers by saying he was lonely since his family went to Switzerland. He offers to take Carly to work, and Tony tells Luke he's welcome to come over anytime. He tells Carly he's taking Lucas to the zoo this afternoon, so he won't be home.

Bobbie is still thinking back to Katherine's reaction when she stopped in to see her that morning. Stefan says they agreed to no secrets and Bobbie tells him what's troubling her. She spent almost 30 minutes with Katherine and she never mentioned what happened. "Don't you think that's a little odd", she asks Stefan. Stefan tries to come up with reasons why she may not have said anything.No matter what he says, Bobbie is still suspicious. When she leaves to take Lucas to his Dad's, she doesn't even kiss him goodbye. Stefan looks worried.

When Bobbie drops off Lucas, she asks Tony if he can watch Lucas for a couple of days. Tony readily agrees. He wants to know if everything is okay. Bobbie covers by saying it's just a schedule thing. But Tony seems to sense something is wrong and offers Bobbie his friendship if she should need anything. Bobbie says no and leaves, but almost turns around before she walks away.

At Katherine's apartment, Nikolas and Katherine talk over lunch. Somehow the conversation turns to Bobbie and Stefan. Nikolas says his uncle waited a long time to find the right woman. He thinks Bobbie is wonderful. He speculates that since Stefan and Bobbie got married Stefan seems different. He seems almost vulnerable for the first time. And for the first time it seems like he's not sure of something. Uncomfortable, Katherine says it's probably just the adjustment to a new marriage. "Maybe", Nikolas says, "but for a man so used to being in control, he sure seems off his game lately." Katherine changes the subject and tries to talk about his mother. Nikolas says it's still a touchy subject with him. He's too bitter. He vows he'll never let her hurt him again. Katherine hugs him before he leaves and tells him she hopes they will always be friends. Carly shows up late and apologizes, it will never happen again. When they start therapy, Carly notices the bruise on her leg. Katherine briefly explains she fell, but she's okay. Then the phone rings. It's Stefan. He offers her the job at General Hospital. With Carly listening she turns him down, explaining she has a company to run.

Carly returns home before Tony and Lucas leave for the zoo. They kiss and Lucas flips out. He tells Carly he hates her. Tony tries to calm him down, and explains to the confused little boy that no one will take his Mom's place.

Tom and Felicia have a heart to heart. Tom admits he may have been a little hard on Mac. She says he's lost his perspective regarding Stefan, and it's changed him. He agrees to keep his perspective in check if she promises to keep an open mind about his dealings with the Cassadines. She confides that she was hired by Lucy to check out the Cassadines. Tom is thrilled. Felicia doesn't want Luke to know. They kiss and make up when Luke shows up. He wants to know how everything went in Switzerland. Tom tells him Stefan sent the medical records for Leslie, and Luke scoffs at that. "Records can be altered", he tells Tom. Felicia changes her mind, and tells Luke she is investigating his "favorite" person. She informs him she hasn't uncovered much but all arrows seem to be pointing to Katherine. Bobbie arrives in the restaurant and overhears them talking about Stefan. She berates all of them and is especially upset with Felicia. Felicia assures her they are not ganging up on her. Bobbie wonders how anyone can believe anything Luke says, especially after they faked Laura's death to set up her husband. At this point Luke comes unglued and asks Bobbie how she can keep harping on that point but "won't look at the fact that Stefan used Bobbie to help fake Leslie's death. Stefan drugged Leslie into a near death state and then used Bobbie to identify her." He thinks because of Bobbie's reputation in Port Charles nobody questioned it. Bobbie defends Stefan by saying he was trying to save Leslie's life. Luke responds by asking her, "what do you think we're trying to do here. She's been drugged for over a decade. But you can't face that fact or you would have to admit that Stefan is not who you think he is. And furthermore, that would mean he used you then and he's using you now." Bobbie leaves but is visibly shaken. She calls Audrey and asks her to meet her at the hospital records room. She needs to find Leslie Webber's death certificate.

Sonny confides to Jason about Brenda's drug problem. They talk about Karen Wexler and her addiction. Sonny tells him everyone thought it was all his fault. Until Karen, he never thought pills were as dangerous as hard drugs. Now he understands. He saw Brenda going through withdrawal, and he couldn't do anything for her but hold her. Drugs kill, he declares. That's why he wants to keep drugs out of Port Charles. Jason assures him that once Harry's partner moves we've got him. "We'd better", states Sonny. Jason tells Sonny that warehouse space is perfect for what they are looking for. Sonny orders a title search and says he'll make up his mind tommorrow.

Katherine calls Stefan back as soon as Carly leaves and warns him to leave her alone. For emphasis, she slaps her thigh. When she gasps, Stefan asks "Are you alright?" Katherine whispers, "My leg, I can feel my leg...."

Thursday, March 20, 1997
by Marie Forte

Mike Keeps pestering Sonny to pursue Brenda. A frustrated Sonny finally explains to Mike about Brenda's drug addiction. He tells him he's giving Brenda space and time to deal with her addiction. Mike thinks Sonny should help her.

Brenda goes into the bathroom to take the pregnancy test. Jax thinks she is taking one of her pills. She hides the pregnancy test and lies that she was going to take a bath. The two sit down and talk about her addiction. She admits to him how bleak the future seems without her pain pills. When Jax leaves, Brenda flashes back to Sonny in the cave in and is about to take another pill...

Katherine tells Stefan over the phone she has developed some feeling and movement in one of her legs. She get's off the phone with him when Miranda stops by to visit. When she tells Miranda what's going on, Miranda calls Tony for Katherine. Tony tells her he will send another doctor to come out to see her. He sends Dorman, and Miranda questions him, "Don't I know you from somewhere?."

Bobbie meets Audrey at the record room. She is surprised to discover that her husband moved all hospital records to a warehouse for "safekeeping." Bobbie looks suspicious. She tells Audrey she wanted to see Leslie's death certificate because she wanted to know how she could have been fooled so easily. Audrey declares she is suspicious of Stefan also because of things Tom has said. Bobbie wonders if Stefan could be keeping other secrets from her as well.

Lucas yells at Carly to leave his daddy alone. Tony tries to tell him he loves him more than anything in the world. Lucas starts to cry and accuses him of giving all his love to Carly. Carly is bitter and hurt when Lucas insists that his Mom come to pick him up.

Alexis and Stefan discuss Miranda. She tells him the only information she has been able to come up with is that she was once married to Jax, and was involved in a terrible explosion. There's no record of her before that. It looks like she never existed. Later, we see Alexis at her home writing a letter to someone.

Emily talks to Ned about being a Quartermaine. They all lie to get out of trouble and to get what they want.

Friday, March 21, 1997
by Marie Forte

Brenda is contemplating taking a pill, when someone knocks at her front door. It's Robin! An estatic Brenda confides to Robin what happened between her and Sonny, as well as her addiction to the pain pills. When Robin questions her about what Jax knows, she tells her nothing. "Maybe he'll understand" Robin says. "I told Sonny I love him, I don't think he'll understand that", Brenda replies. Robin tells Brenda Sonny probably expects her to end her marriage and come to him. Brenda tearfully confesses she is confused and doesn't know what to do. She tells Robin how grateful she is that came by. She feels much better now that she's talked to her. As Robin prepares to leave, Brenda opens door to find Sonny standing there.

As Dorman examines Katherine, he comes across as a real jerk. He irritates and aggravates both Katherine and Miranda. Oblivious to her obvious dislike, Dorman tries to hit on Miranda. Jax calls Miranda and says he needs to see her. Miranda invites him over to Katherine's penthouse, and tells him it's across the hall from Sonny Corinthos' penthouse. Dorman looks up when he hears Sonny's name mentioned. After examining Katherine, he seems to dismiss her belief that she felt something in her leg. Miranda whispers to Katherine not to let him bother her. "You know what you felt" she tells her. As he leaves Jax arrives. Jax is there to tell Miranda that he has chosen Brenda. Miranda says she already figured that out, and isn't terribly thrilled about it.

On the way to the elevator, Dorman stands in front of Sonny's door. Without warning, Jason opens the door and asks him what he wants. Dorman leaves but not before seeing Taggert is in Sonny's apartment talking with Sonny and Mike. Under Jason's watchful eye, Dorman turns around and gets on the elevator. Meanwhile, Taggert insinuates that since Sonny was involved in the cave in, all the heroin in Port Charles has dried up. Coincidence? He thinks not. An exasperated Sonny berates Taggert for not doing his job. He warns him if he isn't careful whoever is behind this might pick Taggert as his next victim. He asks Sonny if it's a threat. Then out of nowhere he asks Sonny "Will I end up like Deke with a bullet in my head?" There is dead silence in the room as Mike and Sonny look at each other in astonishment. How does he know about Deke? Taggert tells them Sonny mentioned him when they pulled him up out of the cave in, but no one buys it. Is there some kind of connection? After Taggert leaves Sonny tells Jason to keep digging into Taggert's background. Jason tells Sonny Dorman was the person at the door. Jason doesn't trust him, "he's a fake" he tells Sonny. Sonny tells him he'd be doing Monica a favor if he could prove Dorman was lying.

Nikolas receives a letter from his grandmother with a picture of Lesley Lu and Lesley enclosed. Stefan sneers that Lesley was in no condition to write that letter, it must be Laura trying to get to him through his grandmother. Bobbie cautions Stefan to back off. Nikolas deserves a chance to have a relationship with his grandmother. Stefan gets agitated when Bobbie suggests that Lesley may have been better off without his intervention years ago. A presumably worried Stefan tries to seduce Bobbie later that day, but she says no, she has something she needs to do and leaves. Stefan doesn't look very happy. While Bobbie is gone, Katherine calls...Stefan tells her he'll be right over.

Dorman returns home and check the heroin he has taped behind the picture. Just then someone starts knocking. Imagine his surprise when he opens the door to Jason. Jason informs him "oh good, I thought for a minute I might have to break down the door" and just walks into his apartment.

Bobbie goes to the warehouse where all the records have been moved to. She starts searching for Lesley's gift certificate, when a loud noise startles her. In her surprise she knocks some shelves down and a spark occurs from some exposed wires. Before she knows it, the boxes of files and papers all go up in flames and she's trapped...

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