General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on GH
Tony saved Bobbie when she was caught in a warehouse fire. Carly resented the attention that Bobbie received as Bobbie recuperated in the hospital. Robin urged Sonny to stay away from Brenda.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 24, 1997 on GH
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Monday, March 24, 1997

Stefan supported Katherine about the importance of her leg sensation and she accepted the PR job at General Hospital. Bobbie was unable to escape from the fire, but Tony arrived in time to save her. Meanwhile, Luke muscled Carly for information about Stefan and Katherine, but she wasn't able to tell him anything useful. Luke started to criticize Carly, but she blasted him and Luke saw shades of Bobbie in her. Meanwhile, Robin got Sonny away from Brenda and advised him to stay away from her. Sonny promised Robin that he would stay away from Brenda as they discussed Brenda's pill addiction. Brenda tried to come clean to Jax about Sonny, but instead told him that she was going to get local professional help for her problem. Meanwhile, Jason confronted Dorman and started to search his apartment. Jason's strong arm tactics scared Dorman, who later stuffed the hidden heroin into a briefcase and left.

Tuesday, March 25, 1997

Luke visited Bobbie in the hospital after he learned about the fire. Luke tried to convince Bobbie that Stefan had started the fire, but Bobbie chose to believe Stefan's claim of innocence. Bobbie, however, was pleased to see that Luke still cared for her. Nikolas later rushed to the hospital and spent time by Bobbie's side. Stefan gave an unimpressed Luke a computer printout and told him that all of the hospital records were on a computer disk, which proved that Stefan had no motive for setting the fire. Meanwhile, Lucy became upset when Kevin painted the vision she had of Kevin being frozen in ice. Gail suggested to Lucy that she seek couples counseling. Kevin arrived at Wyndemere to work with Stefan, but talked with Alexis. Kevin told Alexis about Ryan, and Alexis talked about Stavros. Later, Kevin confronted Lucy about her secret letter to Oxford. Carly became upset over Tony's focus on Bobbie. Luke questioned Carly about Katherine, but let things go for now.

Wednesday, March 26, 1997

Lucky visited Bobbie, who told him that family ties don't always outweigh life choices. Lucky and Nikolas crossed paths and were civil to one another. Meanwhile, Luke grilled Katherine, but she still would not implicate Stefan in her shooting. Stefan told Alexis that he had to sever his ties with Katherine. Lucas was still belligerent towards Carly, and Bobbie asked Carly if Tony could stay with Lucas for a few days in the brownstone. Kevin confronted Lucy about the letter she had written to Oxford. Lucy tried to defend her actions but an infuriated Kevin was upset over her lack of trust in him. Lucy realized why Kevin was so upset when Mac told her that it was anniversary of Ryan's death. Gail was concerned that Kevin did not discuss Ryan's death in their session.

Thursday, March 27, 1997

Stefan visited Katherine but was unable to end things with her. Alerted by Luke that Bobbie's faith in Stefan seemed to be eroding, Katherine prodded Stefan as to why he was still in Port Charles and married to Bobbie. Katherine became angry with herself and ordered Stefan to leave, but he swept her into an intense kiss. Meanwhile, Jax helped Brenda rally her strength for her appointment with Kevin. Ned visited Brenda and she told him about her drug withdrawal. Jax overheard Ned admitting to Brenda how he had blackmailed Justus. Later, Jax made a mysterious phone call and Brenda resolved to see Kevin alone. Kevin and Lucy made love after he suggested that they redecorate the lighthouse to suit "their" tastes. Lucy reawakened Jax's doubts about Brenda and Sonny. Emily misinterpreted Nikolas's show of friendship as something more and kissed him.

Friday, March 28, 1997

Brenda told Kevin that she was fighting a pain pill addiction. Brenda's insight into herself triggered a craving for more pills and she finally broke down. Alan confronted AJ on his drinking but covered for him in front of Edward and Lila. Keesha went to an Al-Anon meeting. Monica caught AJ drinking and was infuriated that Alan knew about it. Meanwhile, Jason helped a patient who had been going into insulin shock. Dorman confronted Jason and learned that Jason had been following him. Dorman threatened to harm the Quartermaines, including AJ and Emily, if Jason did not back off. Emily was humiliated that Nikolas did not share her feelings, and Nikolas's efforts at diffusing the situation were to no avail. Later, a concerned Nikolas told Jason that Emily was going through a hard time. Emily returned home and heard Alan and Monica arguing and later met up with Matt who offered her a heroin-laced joint.

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