General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on GH
Robin urged Jason to be more understanding of the Quartermaines' loss. Taggert revealed that Deke had been his mentor. Bobbie suspected that Katherine and Stefan might be involved. Dorman pulled a gun on A.J.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 7, 1997 on GH
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Monday, April 7, 1997

Miranda shows up at Jax' penthouse with pizza. Jax is none to happy to see her. She admits that she came over when she found out Brenda had left, and was hoping they might have some time together without worrying about Brenda. Jax is upset. He says they both have been sending mixed messages, but he won't anymore. She helped him find Brenda and stopped him from going too far when he thought he had lost her. He's grateful, but that's it. He emphatically tells her he and Brenda have not broken up, he is not free, and he loves Brenda. Miranda declares he loves Brenda, I love you, Who does Brenda love? "Brenda's in love with Sonny", she tells him. Jax gets even more angry and tells Miranda this is not about Sonny, this is something else. "At least Brenda always has been honest about disliking you. She didn't wait until something bad happened to badmouth you." Miranda wants to know when she's been dishonest. When she pretended to be dead, for starters he responds quickly. Miranda is hurt and tells him he's not being fair. Jax angrily replies that his wife is barely out of the door, and she shows up ready to console him. "You had your shot, and it didn't work", he tells her and asks her to leave. Before she leaves she apologizes for making him mad, but she just wanted to tell him how she feels.

Robin and Jason's date is on a river boat where there is a big band dance going on. They start talking about AJ and his drinking and Robin can't help but admit that sometimes she feels bad for him. Since the accident, she and Sonny got a wonderful gift, but AJ and the Quartermaines lost everything. She knows how close they once were. She doesn't mean to hurt him, but she knows the Quartermaines really loved Jason. When he is perplexed she explains that they were his family, until you took his place. You inherited them so to speak. Even he has to see that the mistakes they made, they made out of love. He starts to get defensive, and Robin tries to make him understand what she's trying to say. "If I woke up tomorrow, and didn't know who I was or who you were, would you just give up on me? I hope not. I hope you'd keep trying no matter how many times I pushed you away." Jason wants to know, "why would I go to this stranger and force her to live your life." Robin replies, "Because it was my life first. I'm not trying to make you feel guilty, but Jason did give you lots of things. A healthy body, good teeth :-), maybe you owe him something back." She goes on to say, "Maybe you can help take care of the people he loved." When Jason asks her why, she tells him because "you're here and he's not." She tells him she believes he's strong enough not to get hurt by them. Jason promises to try and tells her he loves her.

Luke and Lucky get a letter from Laura, with pictures of LuLu. Lucky talks to Luke about how he misses them. LuLu is getting bigger and they are not there to share it. He just doesn't think it's worth it.

Brenda shows up at Sonny's penthouse. Mike urges her to wait for him. He is so glad to see her. He doesn't want to overstep the boundaries but needs to tell her Sonny has been waiting to see her. She tells him there are some things she needs to say to him face to face. Mike wants her to let Sonny help her but she needs to do this herself. Mike tells her he came here two years ago to look for Sonny. And he got everything he deserved. Sonny was very unforgiving and never gave second chances. But he watched Stone die,and it changed him. He believes in second chances now. "And he wants one with you", he says. "He won't hurt you, and he'll do his very best to make you happy." Brenda is very emotional and tells him she first needs to learn to love someone without losing herself. Mike implores her to wait for Sonny, he'll be home soon. "Don't make up your mind about anything until you see him", he says before he leaves.

Taggert tells Sonny that Deke told him Sonny beat his Mom and put her in the hospital. "I saw her. Deke asked me to come by and sit with her. Her eyes were swollen shut, she had a broken jaw, broken arm and ribs. I told Deke to swear out a complaint against you, but he said your Mom would never sign it. I guess you were afraid of Deke or thought Mom would press charges so you had him killed before she even left the hospital." Sonny warns him to get away from him. Taggert taunts him wanting to know if Sonny is going to jump him or hit him. Very calmly, Sonny says no, he's not going to hurt him because, "he'll never let Deke win." He goes on to inform Taggert that he found his Mom on the floor. Beat worse than she'd ever been by Deke. He broke down the door and called an ambulance. He got her a private room, and sat with her all night. Taggert must have gotten there after he left. Deke never showed his face. "You lie", Taggert snarls. "What's the matter? Are your rose colored memories turning bloody? HE hit her. He started three weeks after they were married, right up until the day he died." He asks Taggert to think back on how Deke was with a perp. He had a great technique. He had plenty of practice. He practiced on he an his mom at home. Taggert growls "You are not going to tarnish his memory like you did his reputation." Sonny laughs. "What reputation" he wants to know, "He was dirt and everyone knew it except you." Taggert gets so upset he pulls his gun and levels it at Sonny. He warns Taggert go ahead and shoot him, but he has people who will avenge his death. A voice comes out of the's Luke. Taggert puts away the gun and leaves by telling Sonny he's not giving up. "WRONG detective", Sonny replies. Luke asks Sonny what that jerk wanted, and Sonny tells him the lies Deke told Taggert. "I wish Deke alive so I could kill him myself. I thought of it lots of times, but I was just a kid." Luke wants to know what he's gonna do about Taggert. Sonny is waiting because he want's to see if he's a dirty cop, and if so, who he's working for. He thanks Luke for being there. Not a problem Luke tells him.

Sonny returns home to find Brenda waiting for him...

Tuesday, April 8, 1997
by Marie Forte

Luke and Lucky talk about why they all can't live under the same roof. Luke tells him if he wants, he can go to Switzerland, but Luke needs to stay for Bobbie's sake. He tells Lucky he's all Bobbie really has. Lucky objects and reminds Luke that his Aunt is not a little girl anymore. Why do we need to stay? Luke tells him that Bobbie is starting to smarten up. The first time she starts asking a few questions about Leslie, and she almost ends up as burnt toast. He wants to be her security net when she falls. He can't force her to leave Stefan, but he can be there when she wakes up and smells the smoke again. Lucky and Luke decide to have dinner at the club tonight.

Bobbie goes downstairs and thinks back to the night of lovemaking she and Stefan just had, and seems worried when she realizes he seemed distant. Stefan finds her on the couch and asks if she's okay. "Are you worried about the trip tomorrow? Lucas?", he wants to know. She jokes she seems to have caught his insomnia. But she has been wondering why he wants her to go. He convinces her it's because he thinks she is the best person for the job. He would go with her he assures her if he could, but he'll be busy. Stefan starts showing her some things she might need to know on the computer, when a loud crash comes from the other room. It startles them both and as Stefan leaves to investigate, Bobbie accidentally hits a button on the computer which brings up Katherine's physical therapy schedule. Bobbie stares at it in disbelief, but turns off the computer before Stefan comes back. Stefan can see that she's upset, but she lies and tells him it's because she's tired.

Brenda apologizes to Sonny and tells him Mike let her in. He looks so happy to see her and moves to give her a hug and a kiss, but Brenda pulls away. She blames her behavior on her getting off the pills and he's very encouraging. She wanted to tell him before he heard it from anyone else that she had moved into another hotel without Jax, so she could clear her head. she tells him she can't think straight because there is so much noise in her head. She doesn't know who she is. Sonny is trying to be patient and understanding, but he is getting confused. She could have phoned and told him that she needed to be alone. But she showed up here and that must mean something. They stand very close together and almost kiss but Brenda pulls away again. She reminds him that her issues are very important to her and he's not listening to her. "Why are you fighting this so hard?", Sonny asks her. "Because I don't know yet if it's the same thing as my taking another pill" she answers tearfully. Sonny wants to know why she's so hard on herself. He tells her he'll help her because he loves her. She says "you don't know what my problem is do you? I'm afraid to be alone." Once she knows who she is and faces this problem alone then she'll be able to make decisions. She asks him if he understands and he tells her he's trying, but frankly, no he doesn't. She looks at him sadly and tells him "Then we have a problem" before she leaves.

Miranda calls Katherine and confides in her what happened between her and Jax. Katherine tells her to come over. They get themselves a glass of wine and talk about the men in their lives. Katherine encourages Miranda not to give up on Jax. If what she says is true about Brenda and Sonny then she still has a chance. Katherine tells Miranda she's aware that Bobbie is going out of town and wonders aloud about what that could mean for her and Stefan. Miranda asks if she is assuming that Stefan instigated Bobbie's trip so the two of them could spend time together. Katherine remembers Miranda being a wealth of information on the Cassadines for Mac and asks her what she thinks. "Honestly", Miranda replies, "it seems beneath him to send his wife out of town to spend time with another woman." But she tells Katherine she could be wrong. Seeing as how Katherine is her friend, she just doesn't want to see her hurt. They both hear a noise in the hallway. Miranda goes to see who it is and see's Brenda getting into the elevator after saying goodbye to Sonny.

Mac and Felicia have dinner at Lukes. She's upset because he got picked to be coach of her daughters's baseball team, and she didn't. She thanks him for coming with her tonight though. Mac asks her what's going on with Tom and she shrugs and says he tells her it's work, but she believes it's because of Stefan. Luke and Lucky show up at the club. Luke is dismayed to see the club is so empty and hires Lucky to be in charge of entertainment. Felicia is still upset with Luke and goes to the ladies room when he stops by their table. Luke tells Mac what happened down at the river with Taggert, and informs Mac that he's got a rogue cop on his force. Mac thanks him for the information and promises to look into it. Luke asks him to keep him up to date if the police find anything else about the fire at the warehouse.

Wednesday, April 9, 1997
by Marie Forte

Jason watches Dorman leave his apartment. He breaks in and starts looking around Dormans desk and at all his papers. He finds a date book just as the doorknob starts rattling. Jason has just enough time to put everything back and jump into the closet before Dorman comes back holding a newspaper. Once he's inside the apartment he notices his desk chair has been moved. He pulls a gun out of a shoulder holster and cautiously starts checking out his apartment. Before he can finish his search, there's a knock at the door. It's AJ. He gets right to the point and tells Dorman he has a briefcase filled with a quarter of a million dollars, which can be his if he just gets out of town, and leaves his mother alone. Dorman just laughs at him. AJ says "You got what you wanted, why would you want to stay?" Dorman acidly tells him, "Oh, I don't know, to see Monica squirm every time I walk down the hallway, and I know every time I see her that I got what I started out to get." He tells AJ to get out and AJ defiantly warns him not to threaten him. To which Dorman pulls a gun on AJ and tells him again to get out. Jason is watching from the closet ready to jump out if AJ doesn't leave. Fortunately, AJ takes him seriously and leaves. Dorman still suspicious that someone was searching the apartment keeps looking through the apartment. Jason takes that opportunity to sneak back out of the apartment. Dorman, still holding the gun, comes back to the living room when the phone rings. He tells whoever it is that he warned them never to call him. In answer to their question, he says "It's somewhere that no one would ever think to find 20 Kilo's of Heroin."

Mike and Luke are having coffee at Lukes when Sonny comes in. He's very irritable and Mike guesses he was up late with Brenda, who he hopes has spent the night. He pushes Sonny for details and Sonny tells him that Brenda needs space. He's very sarcastic and Mike understands. "You pushed her didn't you?" he questions Sonny. Sonny just isn't in the mood for Mikes questions today. Robin calls Sonny at the bar, and tells him Jason dropped her off at college to head back to Port Charles. Sonny wonders out loud why Jason hasn't checked in. When Jason does make it to Lukes, Sonny is relieved to see him. As he relates his story to Sonny, Sonny berates him for not calling or using back up. "What if he had a gun?" Jason says, "Oh he did. But he pulled it on AJ." Sonny wants to know what AJ has to do with this. Jason explains that AJ was trying to get Dorman out of town. But the reason Jason was there was because he was trying to understand why Dorman was so nervous. He just has a gut feeling about it. Sonny has a flashback to the night he was lured to the hospital and injected with the heroin. "Damn", he says to no one in particular.

Stefan shows up at Katherines apartment in the morning with bagels and coffee. They engage in small talk until Stefan brings out the laptop he's brought for her. She tells him she doesn't need one, she has one of her own. Not like this one Stefan tells her. He's installed a program which will allow them to "talk" to each other at anytime. Katherine asks him what's going on between them. Bobbie is out of town, and you rush over. Stefan admits he doesn't want to hurt Barbara, but he had to see her. "We're having an affair", Katherine says bluntly. Stefan says he doesn't see it that way. "Because we haven't slept together", she wants to know. "We have an emotional bond, you send you're wife out of town, and now you've brought me this laptop so we can communicate without anyone breathing down our necks. I'd say this is an affair." Stefan tells her so much of his life is built on subterfuge, he doesn't want that with her. He wants to be totally honest with her. He trusts her judgment. If she thinks this is an affair, then it must be.

Kevin comes home early from his trip to find Lucy on the couch in tears. Scotty had sent her a very special gift. It's a videotape of Serena. She tells Kevin she doesn't want to scare him off, but she's been thinking lately she might like to have kids someday. Kevin assures her she'd be a great mother. "What are you doing home early?", she wants to know. He explains he got finished up early and missed her so much he came back early. She dries her tears and says she'll get dressed and they can get something to eat. Kevin had something else in mind. As they start to kiss he takes off his jacket and his passport falls out of his pocket. "Why did you need your passport to go to Arizona", Lucy asks him. Kevin says since he was in Arizona he thought he might go down to Mexico. so he brought his passport along just in case. They continue upstairs to the bedroom. Later, Lucy sneaks back downstairs and peaks at his passport. "United Kingdom April 6th", she says out loud. Hmmmm.....

Thursday, April 10, 1997
by Marie Forte

Alexis asks Ned to come to Wyndemere. He's intrigued. She says she thinks she has a found a kindered spirit in Ned. He asks why. She thinks they play the same role in their respective families. We're the gatekeepers, caretakers, take responsibility for everybody else. She goes on to say she knows Monica's trial was particularly difficult for him once they called him up to testify, but he comes to see her when she tells him she needs his help in Monica's appeal. "Anything for family", he replies. "Why did you ask me here." she tells him she needs his help to nail Dorman. He may need to bend a few rules in the process, is he interested? Definitely. She gives him information Kevin Collins has dug up when he did a background check on Dorman. A woman once accused Dorman of sexual harassment, but she dropped charges before it went to trial. Needless to say she has not been heard from since, and has not been willing to cooperate with them. She would prove to be very insightful to Monica's appeal. "What do you want from me?" Ned wants to know. "As an officer of the court, I am not permitted to say anything, but with your imagination, I am sure you can figure something to do with this information." Alexis informs him. They agree to talk soon, and Alexis says cryptically, "the sooner the better", and smiles.

Stefan is at Katherine's apartment, where she is trying to stand at the parallel bars. He encourages her to let go and she is astounded when she finds herself standing by herself. Keep going he tells her. She manages to take a step by herself, and falls into his arms in tears. "Thank you", she cries "you willed me to walk." Stefan is thrilled with her progress but insists she call her doctors so they can check her out. She calls Miranda, who agree's to meet her and stay with her at the hospital. Stefan looks at Katherine and tells her she's enchanting. She jokes that now he knows what she looks like standing up. Stefan walks away looking very upset. Katherine thinks she said something wrong. Stefan quietly reminds her she was standing when he first saw her. She tells him "I'm only interested in the present." He kneels at her wheelchair and promises her this is only the beginning. She gratefully looks in his eyes and says she couldn't have done this without him. He kisses her hand just as Nikolas lets himself in. They cover well, first by sharing the good news and second by explaining Stefan's presence. He was dropping off the computer. Stefan says since Nikolas is there, maybe he can accompany her to the hospital. Nikolas agrees. Once at the hospital, it turns out Dorman is the on call doctor. Once again, he's his usual *charming* self. He grudgingly agrees to find her a room, and Katherine comments to Nikolas that he is the most disagreeable man she's ever met.

Brenda goes to Lucy's house. Lucy has just gotten there herself and found a note from Kevin saying he had meetings with the Cassadines all day, and couldn't wait for her. Brenda confesses to Lucy that for the last year she's been addicted to pain pills. She knows Lucy showed alot of faith in her, and put a lot of time and money into their Jax campaign. She admits she was very irresponsible, and she is sorry. She tells her she will make it up to her. Lucy is very kind and understanding and reminds Brenda they used to be friends. She thinks Brenda is a very brave woman. She felt a little left out in the cold lately, but assures her nothings changed. It's business as usual. She says she's aware she's no Lois, but if Brenda ever needs a female friend, she's available. They hug and Brenda leaves. Lucy goes to the phone and calls Wyndemere looking for Kevin. Alexis tells her he's not there. Lucy hangs up and is very upset. She starts watching videotape of Serena and lays down on couch to cry.

Mac shows up at Lukes to talk to Sonny. He tells him Taggert filed a report as an official record to show that Sonny has it in for him. "So he covered his butt in advance", Sonny tells Mac. "Advance of what?" Mac wants to know. "Ask him", Sonny replies. Mac tells him Taggert mentioned he knew and admired Sonny's stepfather. He also suggested that Sonny had a personal vendetta because he hated the man. He tells Mac that Taggert saw his stepfather as a mentor, and credits Deke with making him the cop he is today. He got himself transferred here to make him pay for Deke's death. Mac asks him if he's being paranoid. "Ask him, you know cops never lie", Sonny says. Well Mac doesn't need a cop on the force with a personal agenda, and threatens to fire him. Sonny convinces him not to fire him, but to leave him where he is. It's better for him to believe he's gotten away with last night, and that we're not on the same side Sonny tells Mac. Mac asks him if he still believes he's behind the drug influx, the one Taggerts trying to pin on him. Sonny won't commit himself to anything, but he'll keep Mac informed of anything that comes up.

Mac talks to Taggert and warns him if he's using the badge to settle and old score, one of two things will happen. He'll either end up dead or behind bars. Taggert tells Mac that "just because Sonny says I'm out to get him doesn't mean it's true." And Mac counters, "just because you say he's a drug lord doesn't make it true either." Taggert questions Mac by saying "why do you think he had to leave Brooklyn?" Mac informs him there are no outstanding warrants from Brooklyn or from anywhere in the world for that matter. He knows, because he checked. One day Sonny will screw up, but until then, as far as you're trying to keep Sonny on the right side of the law, your services are no longer required Mac warns him. He does not want him filing any more reports, or hear him grilling Sonny on any trumped up charge, and he doesn't want them to have anything to do with each other. He cautions him this is your last warning. As he leaves, Taggert mutters under his breath, "yes,sir."

Brenda writes Sonny a letter telling him her reasons for needing to be alone right now. She assures him in the letter that making love to him meant everything in the world to her. She meant it when she told him she loved him. But she needs to be in control. It's hard enough under normal circumstances, but impossible when she's around him. She needs him to understand. She doesn't know how long it will be before she can look into his eyes and not disappear and lose herself. But when she can, he'll see a whole new person standing in front of him. He might not even like her anymore. She hopes she likes herself. She asks him to wish her luck, and wish her strength. She goes to Luke's to give him the letter, but Mike tells her he's out. She asks Mike to give him the letter. Mike promises to do just that.

Sonny is at the hospital waiting for Miranda to arrive. While he paces he notices Dorman, who's talking to a nurse. He flashes back to the night he was lured to the hospital. when he see's Jason, he asks him to get him a picture of Dorman and to keep the pressure on him. Jason wants to know what he's got. A feeling, Sonny says. Just a feeling.

AJ and Jason talk over coffee about what happened in Dorman's apartment. Jason tells him he was in the closet and wouldn't have let Dorman shoot him. He also tells him that he's trying to get some information on Dorman to help Monica. AJ looks at him and says, "you really do care about us." Jason corrects him and says it's because Dorman is lying and he just plain annoys him. He warns AJ stay away from Dorman. He see's that AJ is really shook up and offers him the spare key to his room in case AJ wants a place to crash. AJ accepts it gratefully and says he might just do that.

Friday, April 11, 1997
by Marie Forte

AJ and Jason are talking over coffee at Lukes when Keesha walks in. She is there to meet Taggert. She stands uncomfortably at the bar, when AJ rushes over to see her. He asks her why he doesn't even rate a hi anymore. "Look", he tells her, "it's only coffee I'm drinking." She coldly informs him he has nothing to prove to her. AJ gets upset and wants to know why she is so distant with him. He pleads with her to come over to the table to say hi to Jason, "just like old times." Keesha agrees, and they spend a moment exchanging pleasantries, when Jason notices Taggert is staring at them. He asks Keesha if he is bothering them, and she says no and tries to change the subject. Jason makes a hasty exit and AJ and Keesha continue talking. It's not long before they are in an argument again. Jason is begging her to help him, and she is telling him that AA is the only thing that can help him now. She can't be with him while he's drinking. She feels like he's chosen the bottle over her. Not true, AJ says. "I can't live without either of you." Keesha starts to cry and tells him this isn't easy for her either before Jason storms off.

Taggert is waiting for Keesha and asks Mike for another glass of milk. Instead Mike gives him his tab and walks away. Mike calls Sonny and leaves a message regarding Brenda's letter. He says Brenda wanted him to know it was important, so he's going to bring it by himself. Taggert joins Keesha after AJ leaves. He starts grilling her for information about Jason and Sonny. She finds herself defending Jason, saying he doesn't even like drugs. Taggert increases the pressure and Jason walks up behind Keesha. He tells Taggert he should leave, which he eventually does. Jason tells Keesha there are things she needs to know about Taggert, and after he tells her, she can make up her own mind. Without revealing too many details he convinces her that Taggert is a dirty cop, and it wouldn't behoove her to be associated with him. At which point, Keesha breaks down in tears. Everyone she knows is not who they used to be, (AJ, Jason, Taggert, Justus...) and she doesn't even know who she is anymore. Jason is very uncomfortable but remembering what Robin said he tries to be helpful. He offers her a shoulder to cry on just as AJ walks in. He came back to tell Keesha he was ready to try an AA meeting.

Brenda and Jax meet over dinner. After Brenda's lackluster greeting, he is sure she is here to tell him goodbye. She apologizes, explaining she didn't mean to make him feel that way. She called him because she missed him and wanted to see him. They talk for a little while, but it's obvious to Jax that Brenda is not ready to move back in. He assures her he will wait for her. She asks him if she can stop by the penthouse to pick up a few of the things she left behind. She tells him she doesn't trust herself to be in the same room with him as long as there is a bed so close by. They agree sex was never a problem between them. Jax hesitates to ask, but wants to know if she used the drugs to tolerate being with him. She reassures him the medication was helping her deal with her pain, not to avoid her feelings for him. Awkwardly, they say goodbye, with a very confused and dejected Jax being left behind.

Dorman becomes uncomfortable under Sonny's intense gaze. He walks up to him and coldly asks him if he can help him with something. Miranda comes up from behind and gets Sonny's attention. Dorman is surprised to see her and says "so we meet again." She gives him a disinterested smile and barely acknowledges him. "why did you want to see me", she demands from Sonny. Sonny quickly answers, "I wanted to ask you a few questions about Jax and Brenda", and excuses himself from Dorman. Walking her quickly away, he explains he doesn't really want to talk about Jax and Brenda, he just didn't want Dorman to get the wrong idea. He wants to know if Miranda knows the doctor. She says no, but she did get the oddest feeling when she first met him that she had seen him before. Sonny doesn't want to talk to her at the hospital and asks her to come back to his place, it's important. She agrees and they leave. Dorman watches them as they leave. Nurse Amy congratulates Dorman about his recent press release. When it's obvious he doesn't know what she is talking about, she tries to change the subject. Dorman being his usual nasty self, won't let her off the hook that easily. She relates that another nurse told her a man came by to get his bio information for a humanitarian award he was going to receive. "What did this man look like", he wants to know. From the description he realizes it was probably Jason Morgan. And as Nurse Amy so eloquently put it, "He's the last person who would want to give Dorman a humanitarian award." Dorman doesn't look terribly happy.

Mike is waiting at Sonny's apartment when Miranda and Sonny arrive. Sonny impatiently wants Mike to leave. Mike is trying to let him know the letter he has is very important without letting on to Miranda that it is from Brenda. Sonny is not getting the hint, and just tells him to leave it on the table. Mike has no choice but to do as he asks. Sonny and Miranda talk about Dorman, and try to figure out where they knew him from. Miranda looks at the letter and recognizes the handwriting from Brenda's "Dear John" letter. When Sonny goes to make coffee, she picks up the letter and goes into the bathroom. There she turns on the hot water and steams open the letter. She finds out Sonny and Brenda made love when they were in the cave. After reading it she reseals the envelope with nail polish and puts it back on the table before Sonny notices. She leaves Sonny's and heads over to Jax's penthouse.

Brenda calls Mike and asks if Sonny got the letter. He tells her he brought it over to his penthouse and made sure Sonny knew it was important. Brenda asks him if he was there when Sonny read it, but Mike tells her he was in a meeting when he got there. But not to worry, he tells her. "I told him it was important."

Jax gets ready to settle the tab at the restaurant, when Dorman approaches him and asks him if his name is Jax. When he says yes, Dorman tells him he has a business proposition for him. "Who are you?" Jax wants to know...

Brenda is leaving the penthouse with the rest of her belongings. Just as she opens the door to leave, Miranda is arriving...

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