General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on GH

The police investigated Jax for the drugs that had been found in his bag, which Jason believed Dorman had planned. Stefan knocked out Luke and stole the egg. Bobbie lashed out at Stefan when Tony filed for custody of Lucas.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 12, 1997 on GH
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Monday, May 12, 1997

The police investigate Jax for the drugs found in his bag. They believe his company is a cover for an international drug operation. Brenda asks Sonny if he had anything to do with the drugs found on Jax. Sonny denies knowing anything about it. Sonny finds out that Brenda has not told Jax anything about them making love in the cave. He figures out she is still undecided about the man she wants.

Jason thinks Dorman planted the drugs on Jax in his plan to take down Sonny. Sonny makes Jason promise not to go after Dorman. Taggert interrogates Sonny about the drugs. Sonny tells him that Jax is just a decoy for someone.

Stefan knocks Luke out and leaves with the egg. In his escape, he pushes a man off the side of the trail. The man, unbeknownst to him, was Nikolas. Luke follows Stefan and finds Nikolas. Luke reaches down to save him without knowing who he is. He still saves Nikolas when he finally sees his face. Nikolas explains that he came to Switzerland because he was worried about Laura and Lesley Lu's safety. He insists on coming back to the house to see them. When he arrives, they are shocked to see him come, especially with the blessing of Luke.

Tuesday, May 13, 1997

by Alicia

Kevin finds a letter from Lucy saying that she is going to be out of town for a couple of days, then Lucy's Personal Assisitant shows up for a meeting and Kevin then grows suspicious. Lucy and Felicia show up at a convent that is somehow connected to Kevin. While speaking with one of the nuns at the convent, Kevin calls. Kevin instructs the sister what he wants her to do with Lucy and Felicia. When the sister returns from speaking with Kevin, she turns Lucy and Felicia away. Back at their hotel, Lucy comes up with the perfect plan for them to get in to the convent; they'll become nuns! Meanwhile, Kevin is on his way to where Lucy and Felicia are.

Mac confronts Katherine about Miranda's sudden departure and he reads to her the letter that Mirwnda left him. Katherine explains to Mac the reasons why Miranda felt she had to leave, and asked him to really question why he was upset about her leaving. Katherine also tells Mac that she wants more for him and he tells her the same. After Mac leaves, Katherine tries to walk on her own.

While on his way back to Port Charles, Stefan fantasizes about Katherine being on the airplane with him going to some romantic getaway.

Meanwhile, Nikolas tells Laura how luke saved his life after he "slipped" on the mountain. Laura thanks Luke for saving her sons life. Laura asks Nikolas why he is in Switzerland and Nikolas tells her he is only there to make sure his sister and granmother were safe. Nikolas is upset that Stefan took the egg and promises Luke and Laura that he will replace it. Nikolas bonds with his sister and grandmother. Leslie asks Nikolas will he return to visit them again and he says no he will not. During the whole exhcange Luke is ckearly upset to see Nikolas bonding with his family. Nikolas is very cold to Laura during the visit. After Nikolas leaves, Luke tells Laura that it is time for the next step in their plan, after all he did save Nikolas' life. While on his way down the mountain, Nikolas stops and remembers Stefan pushing him out of the way causing him to fall.

Wednesday, May 14, 1997

by Beth Cordes

Nikolas calls Bobbie from Switzerland with an excuse for why he did not come home all night long. She doesn't really buy the excuse, but is glad that nothing bad happened to him. After hanging up with Bobbie, he watches Luke and Lucky reunite. He seems to have pangs of jealousy since he doesn't really have a father. Lucky informs Luke that the fake microchip they reinserted in the Faberge egg would fool Stefan.

Stefan arrives back at home satisfied that he accomplished his goal of getting the priceless egg back. Bobbie becomes angry at him for not telling her where he was going before he left for Switzerland. Stefan tries to explain to her the reason why he did not tell he about the trip was for fear of losing her.

AJ and Carly meet. He gives her back the earring he found of hers and promises he will not tell anyone about seeing her and Justus at his office. Carly is relieved that her secret is safe with AJ.

A curious Lucy persuades Felicia to dress up as nuns to get into the Sisters of Most Holy Sacrifice Convent to find out why Kevin is sending packages there. Little do they know that Kevin knows they are there and is on his way to the convent also.

Jax has his drug possession hearing. Ned escorts Brenda even though there are hard feelings between him and Jax. Brenda is grateful to have someone there for her when she is going through this hard time. Jax is still very upset about being set up and blames Sonny for his problems. He believes Sonny set him up to take the blame for Sonny's drug ring.

Thursday, May 15, 1997

by Kim Patrie

Lucy and Felica are hot on the trail to find out why Kevin is sending those packages to the convent. Mac has tracked Kevin down on the train. Kevin has confessed to Mac that he is not after Felica. But he has one last deep secert. He has convinced Mac to let him tell Lucy first. Allowwing Mac to follow and not lose sight of himself. Meanwhile Lucy and Felica dressed as nuns are on the same train only to find Kevin and Mac sitting in there train compartment. With the train departing the conductor has imformed Lucy and Felica they must enter there compartment and buckle up. Hiding behind thick glasses, bibles and a large loaf of frenck bread they discreetly enter. As the train distends on it journey they enter a tunnel. Suddenly the lights go out. When the lights reappear Mac and Kevin have thought that they where felt up???? Felica quick hands where at work. Kevin and Mac are no longer in the preence of there passports.

Meanwhile back in Port Charles Taggert has entered Jax and Brenda apartment with a search warrant In the search the police find pain pills hidden. when they where about to arrest Jaxs when Brenda steped in and confessed that they are her pills. She explains to Taggert that she had a hip accident years ago and she became addicted to them. She also explains that she has been under treatment and clean for a month. Bobbie and Tony have a heart warming conversation with Maxie about B.J. and Tony becomes very emotional. He can't help feeling B.J . inside of Maxie when he hugged her. Bonded trust. Nikolas and Stefon have a fierce battle, only to have Stefon win. Nikolas walks away to find peace and balance within. Bobbie arrvies home to find a package from Justus Ward waiting. In the package she finds the evidence of Stefon she has been looking for. He has been lieing and cheating on her.

Friday, May 16, 1997

Katherine tries to walk on her own and hears Stefan's voice in her mind encouraging her. She gets upset and falls to the ground. Nikolas arrives and helps her up. He asks her why she is trying to walk on her own. She says that she can't rely on anyone but herself because it makes her weak and vulnerable. They have a talk about Stefan and Nikolas tells her about Switzerland and how Stefan tried to kill him. Katherine says that it must be a mistake and Stefan couldn't have known it was you. Nikolas says that Stefan had no idea it was him, but the Cassadine mentality that innocent people can be spared is making him mad. He is thinking about leaving the family. Katherine tells Stefan that he brings out the good in Stefan and they all need him around. She says that Nikolas needs to find out what really happened in Switzerland because it could be a big misunderstanding. Nikolas doesn't go for it.

Bobbie blows up at Stefan after she is given papers saying that Tony is suing for custody of Lucas. The papers include things about her past mistakes like prostitution, giving up her daughter for adoption, and her affairs with Damian Smith and Alan Quartermaine. She tells Stefan that she needs him more than ever and asks if he is willing to break the law for her because she needs her son. He assures her that he is there for her, but also says that she doesn't need him as much as she thinks she does because she is an excellent mother and has proved it. They decide to start their plan tonight by showing up at Tony's.

Carly visits Lucas and Tony. Lucas acts like he doesn't want to talk to her and goes to play with Tommy. She gets the feeling that she doesn't fit in and Lucas doesn't like her. Tony tries to reassure her that Lucas likes her, but he would rather go and play with his friends. Carly stays for dinner.

Lucy and Felicia sneak into the convent dressed as nuns. Kevin and Mac try to get to the convent, but are stopped by customs officials and are delayed. When they do arrive, the nuns let them in. Lucy and Felicia find out they are there and Felicia makes a distraction by ringing the church bells. Lucy finds the room and opens the door.

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