General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on GH
Bobbie and Stefan confronted Tony about filing for custody of Lucas. Nikolas learned that Stefan had shot Katherine. Lucy was disappointed when she was told that Serena would not be visiting.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of May 19, 1997 on GH
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Monday, May 19, 1997

Bobbie and Stefan storm into Tony's demanding to know why he would sue her for custody of Lucas on the grounds of not having good morals. She yells at him for starting these proceedings and then sending the papers to her on the anniversary of B.J.'s death. Tony tells her that he told Justus to drop the suit weeks ago, but she doesn't believe him. Carly tries to defend Tony, but Bobbie explodes at her too. Once Bobbie was done venting and about to leave she tells Tony that he will live to regret what he has done. Once they leave, Tony thanks Carly for her loyalty to him. Carly is uneasy, but keeps quiet.

Nikolas and Katherine talk about when she was shot. She confirms Nikolas's suspicions that Stefan shot her and caused her paralysis. She tries to get Nikolas to believe that Stefan has more than made up for the accident. Nikolas doesn't seem to believe that.

Mac finds Felicia ringing the bell and helps her off the bell rope. The nuns flock to find what caused the ringing of the bell. While everyone is going to the bell tower, Lucy investigates what is in the room. She opens the door and finds an old man. She doesn't know what to think. Kevin arrives soon after and tells her that man is his father. Everyone thought he was dead, but he was just unresponsive and kept in the convent. Kevin explains that it was just easier to tell everyone he was dead instead of telling them the truth.

Tuesday, May 20, 1997
by Connie Reditt

Bobbie discussed the Custody legal plans of Lucas with Stefan and Alexis. She explained to Nickolas what had happened and she plans to sue for full custody against Tony. Nik and Alexis both don't think they should pursue the matter-just leave it alone since nothing has been filed. Nik is concerned about Lucas being upset and separated from his father, since he knows what that is like. Stefan and Bobbie are determined to at least be ready if Tony goes ahead with the lawsuit for custody of Lucas.

Stefan presents Nikolas with a new Fabrege' egg to replace the one he took back from LuLu. Nikolas was not to pleased with the whole egg situation and agreed to send the new egg to LuLu right away. Stefan said to Nik that no matter what happens on the surface, he always has Nik's best interest at heart. Nik was skeptical and told Stefan so and walked out of the room.

Luke and Tony talk to Justus about the Legal file and how it got into Bobbie's possession. Justus says his secretary-Peg did not do it. She remembers a redheaded woman coming to the office and asking to speak to Justus on legal advice for a friend. And that she waited for him (while Peg went to Lunch) and for Justus to finish with talking to AJ. Luke thinks Stefan hired someone to steal the file in order to control Bobbie and keep her from leaving him. Tony and Justus don't believe Stefan knew about it.

Keesha comes in to Luke's office searching for her lost Bracelet. She remembered last seeing it, she told Justus, when Carly asked Justus for his business card at the All-for-One concert. Tony and Justus left. Keesha looked through Luke's Lost and Found box and found the bracelet. Luke inquired as to why Carly was asking Justus for his card-legal problems? Keesha said all she knew was that Carly was asking for a friend. Luke showed up later at Carly's door.

Meanwhile Carly is putting the red wig she wore as a disguise to Justus's office that day in a trash bag. She's leaving the apartment to take out the trash and literally runs into AJ as he's moving in across the hall. She offers to help him carry a box and he drops it and breaks something in the box. He reaches in and cuts his finger. Carly insists he come in to her place for first aid. They talk and laugh. He asks if everything is all right with her friend, who needed the legal advice from Justus.

Back in France-Kevin confesses to Felicia and Mac about his father being alive and is there at the convent. He explained Victor Collins is mentally ill and practically insane. He has not seen him in years and only hears from him time to time with the math letters. His father was never abusive, just started withdrawing from Kevin once they left his mom and Ryan. He does not want to ever see him again. He lives in terror that he'll end up like his twisted family. Mac, Lucy and Felicia sympathize with him. Lucy insists that since Victor is there and is ill Kevin should visit him. Kevin was very emotional through the whole scene and finally Lucy talks him into seeing his father, but only if Lucy goes with him. Later Kevin hesitantly walks into his father's room-his father turns (he's typing on the computer) and they stare at each other.

Daytime Emmys Wednesday, May 21, 1997
by Beth Cordes

Brenda talks to Sonny and asks him what he is doing to help Jax. She quizzes him about what information he knows about the drug ring. At first Sonny says that he knows who is bringing in drugs and who was Harry's partner, but he can't tell her because it is too dangerous. She asks him if they will ever be able to trust each other again. After that he breaks down and tells her that Dorman is the one involved in the drug ring. She says that she has to tell Jax.

Kevin talks to his father and tries to get him to remember who he is. His father remembers who he is when Kevin recollects how he was hyper when he was a child and climbed all over everything. His father gave him the nickname Monk (short for monkey). Kevin tries to get him to realize he is not little Monk anymore and that things have changed. All his father says is that Monk should leave and wash his hands because he is busy. Kevin leaves and talks to a curious Lucy. Kevin's bitterness for his father because he took him away from his brother comes out. The idea of bringing his father back to Port Charles is brought up.

Luke confronts Carly about the custody papers. He inquires about Justus's business card she got for her "friend." Carly tries to hide it, but the truth comes out that Carly was the one who sent the papers to Bobbie. Her reasoning why was because she didn't want to lose Tony. Luke says that she will be lonely for the rest of her life. This is not about love for Tony, but it is about how she can screw up Bobbie's life. Carly denies the allegations. Tony walks in on Luke and Carly. Soon after, Carly goes to work and Luke leaves. Tony calls Justus's secretary and wants to know everything she remembers about the day the papers were sent.

Stefan offers to help Katherine start to walk again at the hospital. She declines help and tells her that he was the one who helped her out of the dark. She wouldn't have bothered to try to get out without him. She tells him to stop caring for her and to take care of Lucas because he is the one that will be needing help with this whole custody battle going on. They also talk about how Stefan can help Nikolas since he is shutting Stefan out of his life. Katherine gives him advice.

Thursday, May 22, 1997

Friday, May 23, 1997

Emily runs into Jason at the hospital when she is there to meet her therapist. She tells him they are having a big family discussion with the therapist tonight. He offers to come and offer moral support, but she said it would be uncomfortable. Dorman tries to talk to Emily, but Alan cuts in and warns him never to talk to her again. Dorman tells Alan that he should be more worried about his psycho son who keeps following him around (Jason). Alan tells Jason that he is doing a good job scaring Dorman. Little does Alan know that the reason why Jason is doing that is not because he is bitter about the way Dorman treated Monica, but it is because of the drug ring.

Sonny, Brenda, and Jax have a confrontation. Brenda told Jax that he is the decoy for them and threatens to expose it to the press. Sonny tells him that they don't have enough evidence to put Dorman away yet, so if he does go to the press there won't be any evidence. Jax calls Mac to come over and tell him what is going on. Mac and Taggert arrive and persuade Jax not to go to the press. Sonny walks out and Brenda follows him. He kisses her and then leaves.

Lucy goes home and marvels in the remodeling she had done. She is so excited for Serena to be coming home. She tells Felicia that she has waited so long to see Serena and she doesn't want to screw anything up. Lucy sits down suddenly and feels queezy. She just thinks that she is dehydrated. Lee shows up at Lucy and Kevin's with some bad news. Scott and Serena are not coming. Scott is afraid of Kevin and what he might do to Serena. Lucy breaks down and cries. Lee says Scott was very insistent that as long as Kevin is in town they won't be back. Mac volunteers to vouch for Kevin's sanity. Someone arrives at their door from France.

Emily writes in her diary that she misses Matt a lot. She also misses getting high and wants to get stoned again.

Dorman gets an urgent message at the hospital to meet "Rebecca" at a hotel. He leaves right away. He arrives at the hotel room, walks in, and is stabbed by a needle.

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