General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on GH
Audrey emerged from her coma. Taggert interrogated the Quartermaines about Dorman's murder. Tony found out that Carly was pregnant. Brenda switched hair samples with Sonny at the police station.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 16, 1997 on GH
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Monday, June 16, 1997
by Connie

Sarah Weber brings flowers, balloons and familiar possessions from the Hardy home, hoping to help Audrey come out of her coma. Lucky, in an attempt to impress Sarah, goes and gets Audrey's cat, Gatsby. He walks in the hospital room with the kitty under his shirt and Sarah is so pleased. Awhile later that evening, Audrey comes out of the coma and speaks to Sarah.

Detective Taggert goes to the Q's mansion to question the Q's. His main attention was to be on Emily. Monica and Alan tells, no way, Emily cannot be questioned. Emily comes down the stairs and says she'll talk to him. They agree only if Alan and Monica are present. Emily doesn't remember much. She mentions she lost her locket. She gets upset and Monica panics, pulling the locket out of her purse, making up a story as to where she found it. Emily is happy and she leaves the room, wishing Taggert good luck in the investigation. Taggert informs the family he will need hair samples of Emily and Monica-being they are blond and brunette. Lila becomes outraged. She insists that everyone including herself, the maids and butler give hair samples. Ned gets smart with Taggert and says they could get the 2000 employees of ELQ to submit samples also. Taggert is getting irritated and says so. He'll be back tomorrow for the samples. Meanwhile, Alan presses Monica and Ned about Emily. He feels they are hiding something about her. They explain she has memory lapse possibly due to a post traumatic stress problem. Alan calls her Pysch. Dr. for him to call him in order to do hypnosis on Emily, ( without talking to Monica first.)

Jason finds Sonny down at the docks alone and he talks to him about his suspicions on Dorman's killer. Recalling Robin's words about his responsibility to the Q's, when he first saw Dorman's body, he felt he had to cover for Monica. He senses the Q's are lying about something and he vows to Sonny he will not let him take the fall for a murder they both know he didn't commit, no matter what.

Tony comes to Carly's apartment wanting some things from his desk. AJ distracts Tony about a plumbing problem in his place, he can't seem to find the manager. Carly volunteers Tony and he goes with AJ. She hurries and puts the positive pregnancy test in the trash can, next to the desk, so Tony would be sure to see it. After Tony finds the test later, Carly admits to him, yes she is pregnant with his child. He is totally shocked and at a loss for words. He says he has to leave, but wants her to take care of herself (after she tells him she wants to keep the baby) and to see Dr. Newman, the OB/GYN asap.

Working in the empty hospital library, Bobbie finally guesses the password into Stefan's laptop computer, it is Island . When she calls Luke on the cellphone to tell him the great news, he warns her in a round about way, he is with Stefan outside the door. She quickly hides and Stefan comes and goes. Luke comes in and congratulates Bobbie on a job well done! Now they need to proceed to plan B.

Tuesday, June 17, 1997
by Connie

Edward Q. is complaining about being in the fast approaching Nurses Ball. Ned asks him why didn't he just say no. Edward tells him the Ward House Kids wanted to do a number with their benefactor. So Keesha went over his head and went straight to Lila. Now he has to do it! Emily volunteers to help him. He says he has a song to learn that even Sinatra would find hard. Emily insists, so Edward agrees and tells her to meet him a little later to practice. Ned laughs, and tells Emily, " Good Luck with old Blue Veins!"

Alexis drops by the mansion wanting to know about his family's involvement in the murder of Dorman. Ned denies their is nothing to tell, they don't know anything! She doesn't believe him. Ned tries to divert her attention and asks her for a date. Alexis is finding him hard to resist. Ned tells her he has an intense desire to see her in something other than a business suit. She finally agrees to go out with him.

Katherine goes to Audrey in her hospital room where Amy and Sarah are there telling Audrey how excited everyone is about her coming out of the coma. Katherine wants to talk to Audrey when she's more up to it, about good PR for the hospital on her miraculous recovery. She leaves when Tony comes to examine her again and he's very encouraged. Katherine and Sarah encounter Nickolas in the hall. Sarah's second encounter with him proves to be even icier. Sarah goes back to Audrey and tells her she wants to stay the summer with her. Audrey is thrilled. Nik takes Katherine to a surprise place. It turns out to be their estate where Stefan took her for a swim. Nik tells her a Hydrotherapist is going to come and help her in the pool with her therapy. Katherine is less than thrilled to be there, because it makes her uncomfortable. Nik goes to find out why the therapist is late and out walks Stefan, clad in bathing trunks and a white robe. Their eyes meet.

Brenda tells Sonny she is afraid for his safety. Sonny insists that they can't live their lives in fear. Taggert and Garcia come to their hotel room and inform him they need a hair sample from him. He tells them he will come to the PD in an hour. Brenda and Sonny get into a spat about how the police are going to frame him. Sonny calms her down. She will always try to protect him. Later, while Sonny is getting dressed, she cuts a piece of her hair and puts it in an envelope, then into her jeans pocket. Sonny and Brenda leave together.

Dara confides in Mac she just is not looking forward to trying the Dorman case. She fills him in on confidential information. She hopes that Sonny or Jason committed the murder, because they are smart enough to cover their tracks. So, she then wouldn't have to prosecute the case.

Carly runs into Tony at GH. Carly, with tears in her eyes, tells Tony he doesn't have to be concerned about her or the baby. It's her responsibility, so she's going to leave town. What is the use of staying, she tells him, if it's over between us. He wants to know if he can be in the child's life. She says yes, but she is still leaving as soon as she can.

Wednesday, June 18, 1997
by Connie

Gina and Amy meet with Lucy at the hospital concerning the Nurses Ball. Lucy insists that Amy be her dresser and Amy explains she won't since she is in charge of Bobbie and Dr. Drexler's dance number. Gina is Amy's replacement and Lucy is thrilled. Jax stops by to discuss business with Lucy, too. Mac shows up to tell Lucy that Robin will not be there, due to finals. Now Lucy needs a new speaker. Mac overhears Officer Ardonowski on the phone about being in desperate need for an apartment.

There is turmoil at the police department as hair samples are starting to be gathered. Rebecca Chase is there first. In walks Sonny and Brenda. Sonny gives the hair sample and yelling is heard behind him as Jason is led in with handcuffs on. Sonny gets furious, as well as Jason. Sonny tells them they will not cooperate until they get a judges court order in order for them to give them anything now!!! Garcia gets everyone to calm down and Jason's handcuffs are removed. ( Brenda quietly takes Sonny's hair sample while all the confusion and yelling is going on. ) She asks Jason for a distraction so she can help Sonny with something. He does so, when Rebecca comes out of one of the offices, he verbally attacks her. Sonny jumps in as Taggert grabs Jason, handcuffing him and threatening arrest. Garcia puts a stop to it. Taggert starts in on Sonny about Lilly's death and how he caused it. Garcia loses it, tells Taggert to shut up. All is quiet at that moment, surprise showing on Sonny's face. (Brenda succeeds in the switch.) Jason and Sonny finally agree to cooperate once Garcia apologizes and says the quicker they get this over with, everyone can leave. Later, Sonny scolds Jason for going after Rebecca in front of Taggert. Sonny is going with Jason to help fit for a tuxedo for the Nurses Ball, per Robin's request. The three of them leave.

Alexis and Ned's first date turns out good for both of them, once they declare a truce of sorts. Ned even serenades Alexis on the piano at the Outback club.

Katherine and Stefan's accidental meeting at the country estate doesn't go well. They share a passionate kiss, but Katherine puts a stop to it and asks him to leave her alone and to go away. He relunctantly does so, after telling her he's glad he wasn't the only one who was suffering over what they can't have with each other. Nickolas returns per Katherine's request to pick her up, she makes a lame excuse she's allergic to something in the garden. So they cancel the hydrotherapy, (he was on his way to help the therapist, who had a flat tire.) Nik takes Lucy to the hospital for her meeting with Katherine about the Nurses Ball. She's ready for a fight and she get's one! They end up at each other's throats once again!!

Jax shows up at the Outback per Mac's request, when the saw each other at the hospital. Mac tells Jax he got a letter from Miranda. Mac tells him the grudge against him is over-what's in the past is past. Jax smiles and they share a toast. In walks, Officer Ardonowski with a duffle bag over her shoulder. Mac informs Jax that she is his new tenant upstairs.

Thursday, June 19, 1997

At Ruby's diner Luke is telling Lucky that his Aunt Bobbie now knows that everything that he has been telling her about what Stefan is doing is true. He tells him how he and Bobbie broke the code on Stefans computer, when Bobbie walks into the diner, she hugs Lucky and tells him that she has missed him and wants to know what has been going on in his life. Lucky tells her that he just doesn't have the time, when Sarah walks in. Lucky is surprised to see her here and walks over to her to find out what she is doing . She says that her grandmother wants a piece of Ruby's famous strawberry rhubarb pie. Lucky says , I have some connection here and introduces her to his Aunt Ruby asking her if she has any pie for the beautiful young lady.

Over at the table, Bobbie is telling Luke that Stefan knows that someone was tampering with his computer and that he changed the password. Luke tells her not to worry as long as he thinks that it is him that is doing it. Bobbie doesn't know what to do now, Luke reassures her not to worry, that they will find the new password. He tells her that they will still have to act like they are mad at each other in Public and she agrees. Luke gazes over at Lucky (smiling), Bobbie tells Luke that if he wants to meet Sarah to go over an introduce himself, but he refuses, saying that he is not going to be an uncool father and will wait until Lucky is ready to introduce him. Bobbie laughs telling him that it is going to be along wait, Lucky is a teenager and not to expect him to introduce his father anytime to soon. Suddenly (with a look of surprise on his face ) Luke realizes why Lucky has been spending so much time at GH. Bobbie goes up to Sarah and introduces herself, then Ruby calls Luke over and introduces him to Sarah.

Over at Katherine's house Mac is discussing the Nurses Ball, he tells her that he wants to escort her tonight, that even though they didn't get married, they are still good friends. Katherine agrees to go to the ball with him. They start discussing about how well she is doing, Mac praises her, expressing to her how her attitude has changed, bringing up to her that at he can remember when nobody could even get her to get out of bed, let alone walk again. Excitingly she replies, I am committed to walking again

Over at the hotel, Sonny and Brenda are discussing her moving back into his place. Brenda is trying to explain to him that she is not ready to do that yet. She says that it will to hard right now with all the memories of Lily there, that she doesn't want to be haunted by ghosts. The house he says, was decorated for him by Lily to suit his taste, but he also knows that she wouldn't want him to turn the place into a shine for her either, when there is a knock on the door. Brenda asks Sonny, who could that be? He opens the door, it's Detectives Taggert and Garcia. They tell Sonny that the results of the hair sample came back from the lab and that his matched. Taggert says that he must of dropped the hair when he was planting the heroin to try to set up his partner Dorman. Angrily he replies, I have not been near the morgue, when Brenda jumps in, telling the detectives that she knew that they were going to try to set up Sonny, so she switched his hair sample with a piece of hers.

Detective Garcia tells her that she can get in big trouble for tampering with evidence, that she has wasted valuable time, to get ready to go down town to do another sample, and that if what she says is true, she better have a good alibi for why her hair was on Dormans body. Brenda tries to explain to Sonny why she switched hair samples, but he tells her that they will discuss it later. Meanwhile over at Carly's house AJ shows up at her door. AJ sees that Carly has packed her bags and asks her if she is going somewhere. She starts to cry again, telling him what happened yesterday with Tony, but doesn't tell him that she is pregnant. AJ gives her some advice telling her not to back Tony into a corner, but that if she does leave not to leave without saying good-bye, she promises that she won't. A few minutes later , Tony shows up and asks Carly for a few more weeks to see if they can work things out, she tells him that there is no point in prolonging things, that if it wasn't for the baby, would he be asking her to stay. He says he doesn't know, but things have changed now that she is pregnant.

Friday, June 20, 1997

At the ball, Lucy is remembering the kidnapping of Serena when Kevin walks up and brings her back to reality. Kevin expresses his concern that Lucy has taken on to much, with her being pregnant an with Serena's kidnaping. Lucy angerly tells Kevin that she can handle it all, no you can't he says. She reminds him that there has been times when she didn't think that he could handle things and she was told to mind her own business, when Stefan interupts the conversation. Lucy says to Stefan, can't you tell when someone is in a heated discussion. Stefan apologizes, but reminds Lucy that he wants tonight to go smoothly, Kevin says, Lucy is not responsible for GH's image.

At Carly's apartment, Tony is fighting with Carly about her the baby and her leaving. She reminds him that as soon as their number at the ball is over she will be leaving Port Charles. She doesn't want people to know or feel sorry for her.

At the ball Stefan sees Katherine and is staring at her, when Luke walks up. Luke makes a remark to him. Jason, Sonny, and Mike are discussing the hair sample and that Sonny doesn't want Jason to get involved in Brenda's scheme's. Sonny with a smile tells Jason that he looks like he was born in the tuxedo. AJ walks into the room, walks over to Jason and says, Haven't I seen you in that suit before.

And the ball begins! Back in the dressing room all the ladies are getting dressed for the fashion show. The nervousness and the excitement builds up. Alan is ready to go on stage, he is the first act to go on stage. AJ walks over to the Quartermaine table, Eward scolds him. letting him know that he almost made them late waiting for him, He says, how was I suppose to know that you were waiting for me. Edwards says that he almost gave his ticket away, so AJ lets him know that he has his own ticket and that he is there with someone.

At the ball, Karen sees Jason and goes up to him as if he remembers her. They are talking about Robin and Stone when Jason makes a remark,you're Karen, so you use to be my girlfiend, she realizes then that he doesn't remember her. At the Q's table, Edward sees Jason and Karen, Monica reminds everyone at the table that she was a friend of Jasons along time ago. The ball begins and Alan enters the stage singing, when the fashion show begins Bobbie enters the stage an starts to dance, then one by one the ladies enter the stage.Lucy enters the stage and introduces the next act.

Tony and Carly are on stage, Tony is singing behind the bar as Carly is sitting on a bar stool acting as sexy as ever. The act goes on and when it is finished Lucy appears telling them how wonderful they were. She then reminds everyone why they are here tonight.She is telling them that what they get for there money is hope, real hope.That all the donations that have been given over the years have given people like Robin one, five, maybe twenty years of more life. That it might have been to late for people like Stone and John Hanlen but not for everyone else.

Karen and the new interns of General Hospital are all siiting at the table together when one of them asks her how long she has known the Quartermaines, for some reason Karen gets upset and leaves the table. Backstage Tony enters Carly's dressing room, she says I 'll be out in a minute, he says, Yea out of my life forever. He tells her that he doesn't like to be pressured but that this discission is easy. Out in the garage at the ball, Dorman and Garcia find the murder weapon in the trunk of Brenda's car.

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