General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on GH
The Nurses Ball began. A bloody scalpel was found in the trunk of Brenda's car. Brenda was taken to the police station then escaped from jail. Tony begged Carly not to leave Port Charles. Katherine walked out onto the stage.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 23, 1997 on GH
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Monday, June 23, 1997
by Connie

The bloody scapel that was found in Brenda's car was sent to the police lab for comparison with Dorman case evidence. Taggert can't wait for the results.

Meanwhile, the Nurses Ball is still in full swing. We mean full swing!!! Luke subs for Dr. Drexler after a backstage mishap, that sends him to the hospital. Bobbie and Luke do the disco, to the "Let's Dance" Donna Summer song. Luke is quite a dancer!!! He explained earlier to Bobbie, Lucy, Amy and Stefan, that he invented disco, and when he got bored with it, he killed it! He also said, "If you recall, it died a hideous death! "

Jason and Karen speak to each other. Karen knows he doesn't recognize her, because of his accident. Brenda later tells Jason how strange it was to see the two of them together again. It brought the high school memories back. Tony again requests that Carly not leave town. He wants to have a place in the baby's life. Carly vehemently tells him, as she fights back the tears, that she wants him to want her and not just the " ego-gratifying" baby she is carrying. Keesha later sees AJ and Carly together and tells Justus she didn't realize that they were so chummy. Justus says, "I didn't know you still cared". As the talent show goes on, we see Dara and Ned sing together. Edward Q., Emily (along with her real-life father, Russ Tamblyn) sing and dance with the Ward house kids. Jason is surprised to find Robin out in the hallway standing in front of Stone's section of the AIDS quilt. She just had to be there after all. Katherine is prepared to replace Robin for the speech part of the program. She walks on stage with just a cane, to everyone's surprise. She sees Robin in the back with Jason and asks her to come on stage. Robin gives a moving speech about Stone, AIDS, contributions that help those with HIV to have hope for a cure. She hugs Lucy, Katherine, Mac, Brenda and Sonny. She leaves, but will be back for part of the summer, she tells Mac and Jason out in the hallway. Karen finds Brenda later at Stone's quilt and they talk awhile. They have a nice conversation about Stone and Jagger. Karen leaves and in walk Garcia and Taggert, demanding she go with them to the PD.
The talent show ends with a bang as Lucy strolls out to join the chorus line and the dress Katherine earlier sabotaged, slides off of her. She grabs a hat and embarrassingly joins in wearing only her underwear. The audience gives her a standing ovation!!!!

Tuesday, June 24, 1997
by Connie

Yesterday Stefan had told Katherine to meet him in an hour at their special place. It turned out to be the tree outside the hospital window. That was the tree she said she'd walk to one day and he would be there to watch it. She tells him it was the only thing between them that was unresolved. They have come full circle. He tries to kiss her and she won't let him. She says she doesn't want to wait around for him anymore-she needs to get on with her life. He will not accept it and tells her it is it's not over between them. She tells him to take care of Nikolas-he loves you so much and thanks him. Stefan sadly watched her walk away.

Meanwhile, Bobbie and Luke search Wyndemere. They eventually find a hidden box behind a picture in the wall. There is a hidden keyhole and Luke thinks maybe the Cassadine necklaces will open this, too. He puts the box back and tells Bobbie he'll have Laura send her necklace over. When Stefan comes home, Bobbie eyes Stefan's necklace as he undresses for a hot shower. Back at the tree at the hospital, Katherine stands there looking at her glass tree necklace Stefan gave to her. (Do you think that is a hint?)

Brenda is questioned at the LAPD. Sonny realizes she was taken there and rushes to the PD. Taggert shows Brenda the scapel and tells her they found it in her car. She says, "How stupid - if she did it, why would she swap hair samples and hide the murder weapon in her own car?" Sonny is furious at them when he storms into the interrogation room. He tells them they have nothing and she has been set up. They tell him, blood type on scapel is same type as Dorman's. Sonny tells them when the DNA reports come in, then call them. He takes Brenda home, after they tell them both not to leave town. When they get back to her hotel room, it has been trashed by the cops in their search through it. Sonny says they can go to the penthouse. He reassures her everything will be fixed. She looks worried.

Taggert gets a mysterious phone call from a man telling him he can find important evidence in the Cosmopolitan Hotel trash dump. That is Brenda's hotel.

Carly and Tony have a heart to heart talk. He tells her he realizes he has been too hard on her. He's always been insecure in their relationship, because he's just an ordinary looking older man and she is so young and beautiful. He never realized they were working out, but didn't until later, after they broke up. They mull over the mistakes they've made and he asks her for another chance. She throws herself into his arms and is so happy!!!!!!

Ned and Alexis dance the evening away, as the Nurses Ball band play a few songs for them, at Ned's request. The evening goes very well as they talk of family and the power they can hold over you. They share a passionate kiss. They go their seperate ways and Ned stands there with a big smile on his face.

Wednesday, June 25, 1997
by Connie

Dr. Rogers shows up at the Q mansion for a therapy session with Emily. Monica and Ned cannot believe Alan never told them about it. Emily was told by Alan prior to the doctors visit and she is willing to talk to him. The session doesn't go too well. Monica and Ned pace the foyer and have their ears to the door to the study. Emily starts yelling at the doctor, telling him she doesn't remember anything (after she starts flashing back to the blood on Monica's blouse). She wants the doctor to leave her alone. Monica bursts into the room and tells him it's best to end the session, since she is so upset. Emily tells Monica she absolutely wants no more therapy. She wants to keep her thoughts to herself. Alan is concerned about Monica sending the doctor away. They disagree about therapy for Emily. Monica says it's too soon. She will do anything to protect Emily and leaves the room.

Sarah takes Audrey home. Lucky doesn't waste time getting over to Audrey's house. He puts on the old Spencer charm and he and Sarah have a nice visit with each other (while Audrey is on the phone with Tom.)

Garcia and Taggert go to the dump to search for evidence from the phone lead. Meanwhile, Sonny stresses the importance of the situation to Brenda. She just can't believe they can build a case against her. He thinks Taggert is out to get him through Brenda. He wants his attorney Ballentine to handle her case.

Jax is storing some boxes of things in the basement storage area. In walks Officer Ardonowski and accidentally knocks the door shut and it locks. Jax is furious with her. He is going to be late to a very important merger meeting. He eventually figures a way out, by jimmying the lock with the Officer's handcuff key. She slaps him on the back and said he'd make a fine addition to the sheriff's department if he wanted to. Jax just shakes his head as she walks away.

A bloody Black outfit is found at the dump. Tests are ran and it's Dorman's blood type. Garcia remembers it is the outfit Brenda wore the night of the murder. Taggert grins like a cheshire cat.

Thursday, June 26, 1997

Stefan realizes that someone has been into his computer files, he suspects that it's Luke. After Luke and Bobbie found the box they try to use Laura's Medalion to open, but it just won't work no matter how hard they try. Luke tells Bobbie that the only key that they haven't tried yet is Stefan's. Bobbie reminds Luke that Stefan doesn't even take the medalion off even when he showers. Luke suggests to Bobbie that she make him a Micky Fin and when he passes out, take the medalion.

Over at Audrey's house Monica and Emily come over for a visit. Sarah answers the door. Audrey is so glad to see Monica. Audrey introduces Sarah to Monica and Emily. Monica tells Sarah that she Lukes just like her father Jeff. Sarah then asks her, are you the Monica that was married to my dad? Audrey suggests to the girls that they go get a soda at the mall, Emily seems quite excited to go, Monica is a little aprehensive about letting Emily go off by herself, but she lets her go anyway.

Over at Sonny's and Brenda's hotel room Jason arrives. Brenda explains to Jason what happened and how they are trying to frame her. Sonny pulls Jason aside and tells him that he wants him to go get something for him and bring it back here. He also tells him about the hair, and the murder weapon that was found in Brenda's car, but that they couldn't charge her with anything yet because there was no finger prints, but that if Taggert is trying to frame her, that it won't take much more.

At the mall Sarah runs into Nikolus, as usual Sarah takes offense to something that he said. He explains to her that he came in a limo, she feels that it is rather snobby, but he then says that he is doing the driving (in a arrogant sourt of way) and that would make it alright. Emilly walks up and invites him to sit down at the table with them, but he gracefully declines. After he leaves Emily expresses that she likes him, but Sarah tells her that she isn't impressed. Emily runs into Jason, Jason asks her if she is there by herself, and she tells him no, that she is there with Sarah, Audrey's granddaughter. She expresses to Jason how glad she is to be out by herself, that Monica has been by her side the last couple of days.

Jason finally arrives back at the motel, Sonny walks up and hands something to Brenda. She opens it up and it's blueprints for a house at the lake. She is so happy. She says that she is so sorry that she messed everything up. Sonny says that he will make everything alright.

Friday, June 27, 1997

Luke and Bobbie are going to continue with the plan to drug Stefan.. Bobbie has taken enough sedative to put in Stefan's drink to knock him out for the night. Stefan comes home and Bobbie is telling him how long it has been since they have been alone together. She still hasn't figured out how she is going to get Stefan to take it yet, when he tells her that he would like to have a port before bed. She agree's, she said that she wanted one to. She seductively tells him to go get ready for bed, he says to her, that she's in a rare mood. After Stefan leaves the room to get ready for bed, Bobbie slips the drugs in his drink, she then calls Luke up on the phone and tells him her plan. He says to her that he can see everything, that he is at the dock watching her, and to just get the medalion.

At the motel, Brenda has been arrested for the murder of Dr. Dorman. They have taken her down to police headquarters were they are questioning her. Sonny is out side the room, he tells Jason that he knows that she is blabbing to them, and that she doesn't have her lawyer with her. Jason asks Sonny what he can do to help. Sonny whispers something to him. Brenda is telling Taggert and Garcia that she knows that they are setting her up. She wants to know why if she did it, that she would leave the murder weapon in her car, they tell her that sometimes murders panic. She gets angry and says she knows that they don't have enough evidence to hold her, when they produce some clothing of hers with Dorman's blood on it. She starts to yell at them, when Sonny bursts in the room telling them that it's enough.

Carly told AJ that her and Tony have reconciled. Tony got her into the doctors early, and the doctor tells them that everything is ok. She tells them when the due date is, and Tony makes a remark that he knows exactly when she got pregnant. In Katherine's office, Alexis asks Katherine if now that she can walk again if she's planning to quit her job her at the hospital, so that she can go on with her life. Katherine explains to her angrily that she can handle it, and not to worry she can handle her own life.

Back at the mansion, Stefan comes back into the room, just as he is about to take of drink, the phone rings. As he's talking on the phone he's looking over at Bobbie. They go to bed for the evening. Bobbie sees that he's asleep. She nervously removes the pendant from around his neck. She carefully walks over the picture, turns the ball that opens up the safe, she reaches up to get the box, when all of a sudden, Stefan grabs her from behind and asks her what she is doing? Back at the station Mac arrives, Jason purposely hit him to start a fuss, everyone runs out to see what the problem is. Mac explains that it was an accident, when the female officer runs in and tell them that Brenda has escaped.

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