General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on GH

Stefan felt betrayed that Bobbie had chosen Luke over him. A.J. found a pregnancy pamphlet in Tony's apartment. Ned talked Monica out of confessing to Dorman's murder.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 30, 1997 on GH
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Monday, June 30, 1997

by Connie

Alexis and Luke exchange the usual comedic banter, when she finds him with binoculars at the wharf. He wants her to help get Stefan and Bobbie to break up. She of course knows something is going on and realizes Luke really cares more for Bobbie than he was letting on earlier. Meanwhile, Stefan (being warned by the phone call from Alexis about the drugs she saw Bobbie with at the hospital earlier), jumps Bobbie from behind, as she opens the wall where the box is. She tries to lie her way out of it, saying she was looking for evidence on his affair with Katherine. He is in a rage, as he forces her to hand over his medallion. And he tries to get her to drink the port she had drugged (he had switched the glasses without her realizing it). He thought she was going to poison him and she denied it. He tells her he knows what she and Luke have been up to. He feels Luke was her pimp, as she forced her way into his bed, just to get information from him. She informs him it wasn't that way at first and that she stupidly fell in love with him. But, now she knows what a fool she's been. He starts insulting her about her past as a hooker and tells her she belongs back in the streets. He goes and rifles through her clothes and starts throwing them at her, telling her to get out! Bobbie is in tears. She says she doesn't want anything he gave her, " You only thought you bought me. If I am a whore, I'm a whore you couldn't afford." He tells her he never forgets or forgives and he will ruin them both. She leers at him and says, "We'll let the judge decide whose going to ruin who." Later, at the wharf Luke comforts a tearful Bobbie and tells her they'll find another way to get Stefan. He takes her to his house.

Meanwhile, Brenda makes her escape from the police department with Jason's help and Mac as a diversion. Taggert is furious and gets in a few smart remarks to Sonny and Sonny tries to hide a grin. Jax comes to the PD and is very concerned about Brenda. All who know her, realize she is being set up. Jax accuses Sonny of conning Brenda into taking the fall for his crime. Even Mac questions Sonny about who could be setting her up...Sonny assures Mac he didn't do it! Jason gets Brenda to a safe place-a house in the woods (could be the farm Sonny bought-my guess). Jason leaves her there alone, to set up his alibi for breaking Brenda out. The bartender agrees with his story that he was there at his apartment the whole time (asleep-Jason says.)

Nikolas brings Katherine a gift (ice skates) to her at her penthouse. He is worried about their friendship, after all the Cassadines have done to her. She assures him he will always be her friend. But, it is over between her and Stefan. Nik seems glad to hear this bit of news.

Tuesday, July 1, 1997

by Nina

Stefan told Alexis that he did not believe Bobbie's story about Katherine and had thrown her out of Wyndemere. Stefan wasn't pleased that Bobbie had been working with Luke on cracking his secret box, but knew that they had not figured out what was inside. Stefan was also confident that Luke did not know what was in the Faberge egg. Stefan also thanked Alexis for tipping him off about Bobbie and promised that he would never let anyone get that close to him and Nikolas ever again. Stefan broke the news to a disbelieving Nikolas who then left to confront Bobbie at the hospital. Nikolas was devastated when Bobbie was not able to deny that she had tried to drug Stefan. Nikolas also learned that Lucky and Sarah would be working for him at the hospital. Bobbie moved in with Luke. Stefan notified Audrey of the drug theft, but Bobbie realized what he was trying to do and told him that she would put up a fight. As Stefan told Bobbie that his revenge was just beginning, Luke received information from the WSB that could stop Stefan. AJ and Tony's bond continued to grow during their breakfast and AJ noticed a pregnancy pamphlet. Later, AJ asked Carly why she never told him that she pregnant.

Wednesday, July 2, 1997

by Connie

Lucky got ready to quit his volunteer job at General Hospital after he learned that Nikolas was his boss, but after Sarah's words and an experience with a young patient, Lucky changed his mind. Sarah was shocked to learn that Nikolas and Lucky were half-brothers. Carly told AJ that she was keeping her pregnancy a secret out of concern for Bobbie. AJ praised Carly's actions, but started to remember some of their conversation from the night they had slept together. Carly decided to use Keesha as a way to distract AJ and his memory. Meanwhile, Brenda tried to get comfortable at Sonny's "safe house" and watched a television interview in which Garcia fielded questions about her escape. Jason and Sonny staged a medical crisis. Sonny then escaped to join Brenda and Jason took Sonny's place in the gurney. Jason was arrested and came face to face with Ned at the police station. Monica and Ned also watched the television interview and learned that the murder weapon had been found in Brenda's car. Monica asked Ned if he had set Brenda up, but he made it clear that he had taken care of things and would never do anything to hurt Brenda. Monica tried to keep the news of Brenda's arrest from Emily, but she heard what happened from Edward.

Thursday, July 3, 1997

As usual, Detective Taggert is acting the tuff guy with Jason, he's being detained at the police station for helping Sonny get away from the police surveillance. Ned is at the police station trying to find out what is going on with Brenda, he see's Jason in handcuffs, Taggert wants to know what Ned wants, Ned precedes to tell Taggert that Jason is his cousin and to either charge him or let him go, Taggert then gets called away, while he is gone, Ned is able to talk to Jason alone. He lets him know that he knows that Brenda didn't kill Dorman. Jason explains the evidence that the police have on her, Ned knows that it can't be the real murder weapon, because he hid it five feet under water.

Meanwhile Sonny finally gets to where Brenda is hiding. She is so glad to see him, but she is worried that he might had been followed. He tells her the story of how he got away, that he pretended that he was ill, Jason gave him something to make him sick. So Jason calls 911, but the medics that show up work for Sonny. As they are driving along in the ambulance, Jason and Sonny switch places, and he gets away before anyone knows what happened. Sonny tells Brenda that he will know by midnight if the police are setting her up or if someone else is feeding information to them. He then reluctantly leaves her behind.

At the Quartermaines', Edward let it slip out in front of Emily, that Brenda has been arrested for the murder of Dr. Dorman and that she escaped from jail . Emily is furious that they have kept another secret from her again, when Alan walks in and blurts out, hey everybody did you hear that Brenda has been arrested for the Murder. Alan yells at Monica that this family can't start keeping secrets from each other again, when Edward tells them to either start tell Emily everything or tie her up out front with the rest of the dogs. Emily goes outside to sort things out, Alan follows her to try to calm her down. Inside Monica tells Ned that she is going to go confess to the murder, luckily Ned is able to talk her out of it.

At the Outback, Jax shows up to try to talk Mac into investigating the murder. He wants Mac to clear Brenda's name. Mac knows that she didn't do it, but tells Jax that he can't take the case but he will do some snooping around for him. Over at the bar Katherine keeps looking over at the table where Stefan and Alexis are sitting. Alexis reminds Stefan of how lucky he was that she walked in on Bobbie stealing the drugs. Nikolas walks up to the table and sits down. Stefan asks him how is first day on the job went. He replied fine, but that Lucky Spencer is in the program. He tells Stefan that he talk to Bobbie, and that she is a liar, that she lied about everything, even her feeling for him. Stefan bids goodnight, Alexis remind Nikolas not to mention anything to Katherine, and he says he won't. As he is leaving to go home, Katherine stops him and Nikolas breaks down and tells her, just that his uncles marriage is over.

At the police station Jason is being interrogated by Garcia, finally Jason starts to talk to him, but the things he says get Garcia pissed off. He's talking about Lily, and that Taggert is a bad cop, so Garcia tells him to stand up, and starts to read him his rights. Out in the other room, Mac enters and see's what is going on, and that Taggert had Jason cell phone and put it in his desk drawer. One of the officers asked Mac what he was doing there, and he replied, that he was here to get some favors that was owed to him.

Friday, July 4, 1997

Today on General Hospital Mac finally talks the officer into letting him into the evidence room. As he is sifting through the evidence he is chit chatting with the officer. He keeps telling Mac to hurry up, that if Taggert finds him in there that it will cost him his job. He tells him that things aren't the same since he left so Mac tells him to leave that if he gets caught he will make up something, like he had a master key. Mac goes through everything that they have on Brenda, he hears a noise, so he starts to put everything back, when he notices that he hadn't seen this one piece of evidence, the button!

At the Outback Katherine walks up to Alexis table, she starts to question her about Bobbie leaving Stefan. Alexis is rather abrupt with her, she says that rarely does Stefan confides in her about personal affairs and wants to know why she asks. Katherine replies, that Stefan showed great concern for her when she got shot and that she was just as concerned for his well being. Then left the table. A few moments later Audrey walks up, she sits down and Alexis tell her how good it is to see her out and about. Audrey wants to know what Alexis knows. In a sneaky way she implies that Bobbie took the drugs. She tells her about the day she saw her in the drug room, and that she was acting strange. Audrey doesn't believe her, but asks her not to talk to Stefan until she has a chance to talk to Bobbie.

At the hospital Bobbie walks up to Tony and he asks her if she is all right. Bobbie replies no, and tells him that she has left Stefan. That she is dropping the custody suit, and that he can come and she Lucas anytime he wants. She tells him that she is staying with Luke, so he offers her to come to the Brownstone, but she doesn't want to impose on him there. Bobbie starts joking about how they can really pick them, her Stefan and him Carly. Tony tells her that he is no longer living at the Brownstone, that he has moved back in with Carly. He tells her that she has changed and that if she wants he will see Lucas by himself. She tells him that she is happy for him, in that strange way that she does.

In the garage Sonny is interrogating Taggert about Brenda. He explains to him that the one thing his stepdad taught him was how to torture someone. That he wants to know the truth about setting up Brenda. Taggert tells him that everything he is saying is true, that someone called in and told him where to find the skirt, for some reason Sonny believes him, but not without threatening to kill him a couple of times. Taggert wakes up later in his car, he picks up his phone and call Garcia. He tell Garcia to put out an APB on Sonny, Garcia replies on what charges, assaulting an officer.

Back at the house that Brenda is staying at she is hearing noises and seeing shadows. She picks up the fireplace poker and starts searching the house. She is scared to death, she pulls up the window shade to see if she can see anything, it snaps up and scares her. She walks around the room, then finally sits down on the couch. She hears another noise, then she hears Sonny's voice from behind the door. She opens the door and wraps her arms around him. She asks him if he has found out anything . He sits down on the couch and tells her that he believes that Taggert is telling the truth, that someone else is setting her up, she says, " you are going to fix this aren't you"?

Over at Wyndemere Stefan is finishing up on the last phase of him scheme. As he is working on his computer Luke walks up behind. Stefan doesn't hear him come up, so he doesn't realize that Luke has seen what he had up on his computer screen. Finally Stefan realizes that someone is there, and turns around, he sees Luke. Luke badgers him about Katherine, making little remarks, calling out her name, like if she is hiding somewhere on the grounds of Wyndemere. He makes it known to Stefan that nobody sleeps around on a Spencer, ( knowing that isn't the real reason he is there) and that nobody is going to hurt a member of his family. He then leaves, and minutes later Katherine shows up.

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