General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on GH

Carly and Tony set a wedding date. A.J. and Keesha had an enlightening conversation with a neighbor about the night that A.J. had supposedly relapsed. Tom ended things with Felicia, while Mac enlisted Dara's help to find Felicia in Texas.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 25, 1997 on GH
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Monday, August 25, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Lucky tells Liz she's a brat and as she continues to rub it in that Sarah is out on a date with Nikolas. He assumes she knew they were brothers but Liz tells him she had no idea. It's obvious that he's upset and she tries to apologize. Lucky tells her that they're only half-brothers; they have the same mother and even she didn't want him. Liz makes a remark about Laura getting knocked up and he doesn't take that well either. She asks him if he'd like to go for a walk and talk .

Emily interrupts Sarah and Nikolas in the park. She's crying and as a friend Nikolas helps her. This touches Sarah. He calls the Quartermaine's to let them know Emily's OK and promises to take her home. Nikolas tells Sarah he'll drive her home as well but it's out of the way and Sarah say's she'll take a cab. He apologizes for the way their date has ended but she says there's no need to be sorry.

Carly tries to stop AJ from drinking at the Outback. She keeps telling him it was her fault; if she only hadn't sent him to a bar that night (she feels guilty over what she did). AJ believes he's a drunk and decides to leave and go elsewhere to drink since Carly won't leave him alone. He grabs the bottle and walks out; Carly follows him.

Dara comes to the Outback to perform and as she is singing V. comes down and listens. At the same moment Jax walks in and sits down at her table. Afterwards they discuss her current employment situation and at the same time as they are having this discussion one of the waitresses quits. Jax tells her she's in the right place at the right time and they approach Mac. V. asks him for the job and he tells her she can start tomorrow morning.

Bobbie walks into Kelly's and Lucky introduces her to Liz. She's there to drive Lucky home and Liz tells her that they were going for a walk. He does not want to go anywhere with her and Ruby gives her cab fare to go home. Bobbie wants to know what's bothering him; she asks him if it's Nikolas. Lucky snaps at the sound of that name.

AJ goes to the park and Carly is right behind him. She tries to talk him out of taking a drink and he believes he blew everything by getting drunk the night before. Carly tells him he can go to rehab and he tells her he sees no point in it because all he really is a drunk. She begs him to give this one more chance because she doesn't want to loose her best friend. She then takes the bottle out of his hands and throws it. The two hug and leave to go home.

Monica suggests to Emily and Alan that the three of them take a vacation to either Tuscany or the South of France. Emily is excited about the idea and both Monica and Alan think it will be good for her. He's not sure he could take a month off right now and Monica suggests maybe he could get away for a week.

-Carly sees AJ home safely and he credits her for him not taking a drink earlier. He asks her what he'll do when she's no longer around. Her answer, she can get him through rehab. He tells her he'll never forget what she did for him and thanks her from the bottom of his heart.

As Carly is heading back to her apartment Mick, the bartender, shows up. He's there to re-negotiate their deal. Since AJ is a Quartermaine, he wants more money or else he's going to go and tell them what she made him say and he can get some money out of them. He demands $500 by tomorrow for his continued silence.

Liz questions Sarah about Nikolas and Lucky. Nikolas shows up to make sure she got home safely. As the two speak, Liz stands on the side, listening. Nikolas asks Sarah to go out tomorrow evening and she accepts. When he leaves Liz continues to take shots at her sister.

Tuesday, August 26, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Felicia and the kids are still in Texas visiting her grandmother. Felicia mentions that maybe they do not have to go back to PC at all. Felicia talks about Tom and their relationship and tells her grandmother that she is planning on going to see him in Africa. After making this decision she receives a letter from Tom, who breaks off their relationship. He writes that things have changed for him there and he doesn't know if and when he will be coming home.

V. started her new job as a waitress but isn't really cut out for that line of work. Mac notices it as well and decides he's going to have to let her go; she's bad for business. Jax and Dara show up to witness this and Jax tries to explain the situation to her. Mac tells her no hard feelings but he's got to let her go. He is desperate for Felicia to return and enlists Dara in helping him find Felicia's number in Texas.

AJ shows up at Carly and Tony's to tell them that he's leaving to enter a rehab program. Tony leaves for the hospital. AJ credits Carly for helping him through this which causes her to get a bit teary eyed. He also comments on how she's beginning to show. For a brief minute Carly places AJ's hand on her stomach. She tells him not to leave without saying goodbye.

Monica and Emily are going to Italy for a month. Alan tells them that he can't get away to join them. Emily tells her parents she wants to say goodbye to AJ but before she has the chance to find him, he shows up at the house. He's there to tell the family that he's going into a rehab program out of state and he's not sure if he'll return to Port Charles.

-As Brenda is filling Sonny in on the plans she's made so far for the wedding, Jason shows up. Brenda leaves to do some errands and Jason informs Sonny of some problems that are happening within the organization. Sonny decides to send Jason to Canada to take care of things and makes plans to rectify the situation. Jason tells Sonny he's the one who screwed up and when Sonny wants to how he could let this happen Jason tells him it's because of Brenda.

-Brenda shows up at the Outback looking for Jax. She tells him that he is truly her best friend and that she misses him. Jax tells her that he already knows about her and Sonny's upcoming wedding and tells her he wants her to be happy. She tells him she is.

-Jax's assistant shows up at the Outback to tell him she's quitting, she can no longer deal working for him. He calls his brother Jerry to yell at him, (it's his fault the woman quit) and V. tries to hint that she wants the job.

After Jason leaves, Sonny has a vision of Brenda being shot and killed in the penthouse on their wedding night.

Mick shows up at Carly's apartment demanding more money. He now wants $700 to keep his mouth shut or he's going straight to the Q's. Carly threatens to call the cops but he doesn't care.

-While playing outside with her sister, Maxie finds an object that looks identical to one in a story Felicia read to her.

As Felicia is crying Mac calls and asks her why she's upset.

Wednesday, August 27, 1997

by Alexandra Anastasio

Sonny tells Brenda what's been going on with his business while they were out of town. He also tells her that he's getting out of the organization if they are going to get married. She is surprised that he would be willing to give that all up for her and Sonny tells her that he loves what he does but he loves her more. But if they go through with the wedding and he leaves the life, she will be giving up much more than he is. Sonny tells Brenda that after the wedding they will have to disappear forever. Everyone will think they are going on their honeymoon but they will never come back. There will be no contact with any of her friends; he wants to know if she can handle this. Sonny tells her if the price is too high say so now and he'll walk away knowing she loves him, but if she can do it, then they'll walk away together. Brenda realizes she'll be leaving the extended family she's made in PC, along with her career, but she decides her place is with him; he's her family now. There's also one more favor he asks of her, she can't ask him anymore questions, she must trust him blind. She tells him she trusts him completely.

V. continues to hint to Jax that she would like the job as his assistant. He doesn't seem to catch on and has her help him look through the want ads. Finally she tells him straight out and his first reaction, no way. He does soften to the idea and tells her they'll try it out on a temporary basis.

Mac gets Felicia to admit what's really wrong and she tells him about the breakup letter from Tom. He asks her if she wants him to come down but she claims she'll be fine. His next question is when is she coming home and Felicia doesn't have a definite answer for him.

Alexis and Stefan have lunch together and she informs him that George will be arriving later today.

Nikolas thanks Katherine for all she's done and says goodbye; he's moving back home. He calls his uncle and asks him and Alexis to come to Katherine's, he wants to tell them something.

AJ wants to know what's going on with Carly and Mick. He seems to think that she invited Mick over to try to change his story so AJ wouldn't look so bad. He thinks this is the sweetest thing someone's ever done for him. Carly tells him she was trying to get at the truth. AJ is thankful they met, even though it was under circumstances that he can not remember

Mac asks Dara to sing as a regular at the club. She wants to know how he's doing and he tells her about Felicia. Dara helps him make the decision to fly down to Texas and meet Felicia.

Tony comes home and AJ tells him what a wonderful thing Carly did for him. He then proceeds to tell the two that when he leaves for Minnesota it will most likely be for good; he needs to build his life over. They say goodbye to one another and AJ thanks Carly and Tony for all they've done for him.

Stefan & Alexis show up at Katherine's and Nikolas tells them both that he loves and misses them and would like to come home. Stefan is overjoyed and the two men embrace. Alexis thanks Katherine for what she's done. Stefan stays behind, claiming he has some business to attend to with Katherine as Alexis and Nikolas go back to Wyndemere. The two share a kiss and Stefan promises the following evening they will be together and nothing will stop them.

-Maxie shows Felicia what she found outside and Felicia explains to her that where she was playing is sacred ground and that she must return the object to its original place. The two later go back there and bury the object.

Tony tells Carly to pick out an official wedding date and they decide on November 14th.

Thursday, August 28, 1997

The day starts off in Sonny's apartment, Sonny and Brenda are discussing what is going to happen next. There is a knock at the door, it's Jason. Brenda says she has to get going, she is meeting Edward and Ned at the Outback. Sonny order the body guard to go with her, but she wants him to stay in the car, Sonny agrees. After she leaves Sonny announces to Jason that he is quitting the business. He tell him that after the wedding they will leave like nothing is wrong and then they never come back. Jason wants to know what he wants him to do. I need a month to get things together so nobody in the organization know what's happening. He then offer the business to Jason. He tells Jason that he really only has two options. He either can stay and fight or probably be killed by who ever is going to try to take his place. Preparations have begun for Jason to take over.

At the Outback Stefan, Katherine, an Nikolas are have lunch together. Nikolas thanks Katherine again for letting him stay at her place, and that he misses her. He tell them he has to go, but Stefan stays behind to be with Katherine. He asks her if she is going to be alone tonight, she says, I don't know am I ? He looks at her and says no you're not. Stefan says, I have to go but I will see you tonight. As Katherine is leaving, Scott walks into the Outback. She hugs him, and they sit down together. They talk about Serena for awhile. Scott tells her some of the things that little Serena like to do, and Katherine says it reminds her of Dominique.

Ned and Edward are waiting for Brenda to show up, in the mean time, Edward is complaining about Brenda's choice in men, when she walks in. Edward ask her, is there anyway that you will change your mind about marring Sonny? She looks at him and says, not a chance! She then asks Edward if he would give her away, he says, of course my dear, I was wondering what to you so long to ask. He tells everyone good-bye, and then Ned says, I give people away a lot better than he does. She laughs, I know but I need you for more important things. Will you be my Maid of Honor? He laughs and says yes. Brenda then offers him L&B Records. He wants to know why. She tells him that Lois had called her up wanting to sell her part of the business to her, and she says that he is so much better at it then she is. Ned thinks for a minute and then says he will buy it for his daughter. He will put it into a trust for her, so that she knows that she was part of a magical time in their lives.

At Spoon Island, Stefan's relatives are waiting there for him. Stefan arrives and asks George why the renovations are taking so long on the Villa. He tells Stefan that there are secrets that nobody knows about and it's not his place to say. Stefan sternly looks at him, then say, I am head of the Cassadine family, I give you permission. George then starts to talk about the woman that Stefan's father had an affair with. That he had built tunnels under the Villa so that she and their child could get away. Are you telling me that they are still alive? Yes, you have a half-sister out there. Your mother was unable to kill them, they both got away.

Over at Ruby's Bobbie is waiting for Lucky. He finally shows up, but he is still in that foul mood. Bobbie tells him, that she promised Luke that she would stay out of his business, but she can tell that something is wrong. She asks him if she can help. He then tell her about Sarah and Nikolas dating. He is really upset. He tells Bobbie that Nikolas will hurt her, just like Stefan hurt Katherine. Bobbie defends Nikolas, saying he is not his uncle.

As Sarah is taking a walk and picking flowers, Nikolas sneaks up on her and surprises her. She is glad to see him. She puts her flowers down, they hug and she tells him that he is stepping on her flowers. He says sorry, they bend down to pick them up and they look into each other's eyes. They make plans for later tonight.

Friday, August 29, 1997

Mac shows up at Felicia's door step in Arizona. She is glad to seem him, even though she acts like she is angry. Mac says he needs her and misses her. He knows she told him not to come, but he had to. She tells him that she had already decided to come back to Port Charles. That she had already made calls to the airport about tickets, when he hands her the tickets he had already bought. She tells Maxi to start packing. As she and Mac are talking, Maxi sneaks out the door to where she found the statue, she dug it back up and sneaked it back home with her.

Back in Port Charles, at Wyndemere, George is telling Stefan about how his father mistress and their child got away. He says that Mikos hid them in a place called Serenity. Nikolas calls up Sarah and tells her that he will be a little late, he has to spend some time with his uncles guest. He chats with George, then says his says his good-bye's and leaves for Sarah's house.

Over at Ruby's Bobbie is warning Lucky about saying anything to Lizzy about his idea that Stefan killed her grandfather, but he doesn't take her warnings and tells Lizzy anyway. After Lizzy hears everything that Lucky said, she heads home. When she gets there, she finds Sarah all dressed up, she tells Sarah how can you go out with the nephew of the man who killed our grandfather?

At A'J.'s, Keesha is saying her good-bye's. They are talking and remembering the good time. They go over and open the door, but who it there, Jimmy the neighbor kid. He says he's just spying on them. Wants to know if there are any dead bodies in there. AJ asks him how long he has been spying, he said ever since Dr. Jones girlfriend came out of his apartment with a big laundry cart. Jimmy's mom shows up, tells Jimmy to quit bothering the nice people. She tells AJ she is sorry to hear that he is leaving. Keesha asks Jimmy's mom when the last time the babysitter was over. She tells them two weeks ago Friday. They look at each other, they know something is up.

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