General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on GH
A.J. recalled his one-night stand with Carly and confronted her at the airport. Brenda waited for her groom at the church, while Sonny decided that the best way to keep Brenda safe was to disappear.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 15, 1997 on GH
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Monday, September 15, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Ardanowski is reluctant to tell Jax her first name when he questions her on it. She hates the name and says she never tells anyone what it is. Jax tries to get it out of her and goes through every name that begins with a V. She drops a clue to what it is and he then calls her Venus. She can't believe he figured it out but Jax tells her it wasn't too difficult with the clues she dropped. Venus doesn't seem too happy that he's discovered what V. stands for.

Mr. Reese tells Sonny there's no escape for him. He's killed two members of his organization, Rivera and the Tin Man, and now him and his bride will soon be dead. He also tells Sonny that he is too locked in to the organization to leave and that him and Brenda are doomed. The plan is that they will meet with a fatal accident and if they fail, they will try again until they get it right. Mr. Reese also informs Sonny that he will die after they execute his wife right in front of him.

-Katherine finds Stefan at the cemetery and tells him how she feels about him; she also tells him that she loves him. She says she is not waiting for him to say it to her and informs him that every time they get close he pulls away. Katherine wants to fix things between them. Stefan tells her that she is a part of him, as if they are one since the hour of her birth. He's implying this because he believes they are related, yet she has no idea that is what he is implying.

AJ goes to the airport and confronts Carly. She tells him she's going to see a friend and he tells her he knows her and Tony are eloping. Carly's excuse is that they didn't want anyone to know. AJ informs her he's remembered everything that happened between them that night. Carly tells him he's so obsessed with that night and tries to cover up the fact that they slept together. She walks away from him but he only follows.

Tony shows up at Luke's where Bobbie is staying. The two reminisce about a particular time with BJ. He is there to tell Bobbie that him and Carly are eloping. Tony admits to Bobbie that one of the reasons he is marrying Carly is because of the baby and that this is not how he hoped things would be. But Tony does say he's happy and wants to give Carly the security that she needs. Bobbie tells him she is happy for him but she wishes it was with someone else.

AJ recounts that night to Carly and calls her on her game. He tells her she is out of lies and she asks him how he could do this to her, she was so close. She admits they made love that night, explaining it as two lonely people needing one another. But she tells him she's tried to wipe that night out of her mind. She acts like she was trying to protect him but he doesn't buy it; he says she just didn't want Tony to know. She begs him not to tell Tony and tells him her baby will grow up without a father and unless he's ready to step in then this baby will be fatherless. This makes AJ question if the baby is his but she explains it can not be possible. He believes her that it's not his. Carly tells him innocent people will be hurt if he tells Tony and that she is not prepared to raise a baby alone. He says she should have thought about that in the beginning. AJ wants to stop her from telling all these lies and destroying lives. He tells her that Tony has been nothing but a friend to him and he has to tell him. It's then up to him to decide what he wants to do. Carly plays on his sympathy for the baby and for Tony's dream of becoming a father again. Tony shows up at the airport and asks AJ what he's doing there.

Jason pulls a gun on Mr. Reese and Sonny orders him to let him go. But before he leaves Sonny threatens him as well. Once he's gone, the two men discuss the current situation and Sonny wonders if this guys organization knows what he's planning. Jason reassures him everything will be fine. Brenda comes downstairs and overhears them saying they need to be careful and so she questions what they need to be careful about. Sonny tells her they were just going over the plans for after the wedding and she buys the story. Jason leaves and the two spend there last night in Port Charles. She asks him if he's afraid to leave and he says he's afraid to live without her.

-Katherine reminds Stefan that her birthday is the next day and she thinks that's why he's been acting a bit weird because he is trying to make her bd. special. He tells her that's it and asks her to meet him on the Wyndemere docks at dawn. The two kiss and Alexis sees this.

Venus tells Jax he better not think of calling her this and he thinks she should start going by her name. She tells him that she doesn't want the world to know and he agrees not to tell. V. then lets him know that this could have been a bad day but he's made it pretty wonderful. Since it's been a long day she decides to go to sleep but before she goes in she tells him she feels they'll be friends for life; he agrees.

Alexis questions Stefan on if he's told Katherine and he says he couldn't do it. She insists he tell her tomorrow but he tells her no, it's Katherine's birthday and he couldn't do that to her. Alexis pushes him to tell her.

Tuesday, September 16, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Brenda & Sonny spend their last night together before the wedding. The two talk about their feelings on leaving and Brenda is sad because this is the only place she's ever felt safe and now she must leave in order to stay that way.

Mac compliments Dara in her singing performance which doesn't go unnoticed by Felicia. Bobbie shows up at the Outback and tells her friend about Tony's visit. A man named Derek calls for Felicia and Mac answers. She's asked him to go to the wedding but he's not sure he can make it, so Felicia phones another male friend, Colin, and when he calls back Mac answers again.

Tony questions AJ on why he's at the airport and Carly jumps in saying that he came down to wish them all the happiness and luck because he knew all her dreams were coming true by marrying Tony. Tony notices AJ doesn't look too happy and asks him why. AJ starts to tell him but Tony gets pages and Carly urges him to return the call.

-Sarah sits alone outside, sorting out her feelings and Audrey comes out to talk to her. She tells her grams that she doesn't know how to handle seeing Nikolas every day after what she heard about his Uncle. Audrey tells her a story about hiding the truth; when she was younger and involved with Steve, she believed she was unable to have children, and so instead of telling him, she was artificially inseminated. Steve found out that it wasn't his baby and the two separated. She was then in an accident and lost the child and was estranged from Steve. They did get back together but she wonders what her life would have been like with him if they hadn't lost those years. Her reason for telling this to Sarah is so that she'll be honest with Nikolas.

Carly begs AJ for another chance to change things. Carly pleads for her baby's sake and for Tony's. AJ tells her Tony's been nothing but a friend to him and he deserves to know what she's done and the type of woman he is marrying. She questions him on if it will be worth it to tell Tony and AJ is upset with the lengths she went to to cover this all up. He tells her the marriage will be based on lies & deceit and Carly tells him she plans to eventually tell Tony everything but not right now and not all at once. He tells her if she walks on that plane he will spill everything and so she agrees not to and says she'll wait. Tony comes back and asks AJ if he doesn't want them to get married. AJ says that's right, he doesn't think this is the way they should go about things, eloping in Las Vegas. He says that warning signals went off in his head when he heard the news and just doesn't think they should rush into this; they should stay here and have a wedding with their friends and family. Carly looks at Tony and asks him if AJ has made him change his mind; Tony tells her no, that he already changed it on the way to the airport. He had some thinking to do on the drive over and really does not want to elope, yet he still wants to marry her. Tony thanks AJ for what he's done for them but suggests AJ ask himself why he's so involved in their problems; maybe because he doesn't want to face his own? AJ begins to tell him he's out of line when Carly jumps in and tries to smooth things over.

Nikolas confronts Liz, asking her for some straight answers. He asks her about Sarah and wants to know what was said about her grandfather that upset her. He plays it off that he knows everything and when Liz tells him about what she heard he does seem a bit surprised. He is disappointed she would spread that rumor when she doesn't even know his family. She tells him she's met his Uncle and doesn't have a nice word to say about him. He tells her he came to PC the day Steve died and she realizes maybe he doesn't know much about the situation.

Sonny has a dream about the night Lily dies but instead of Lily getting in the car it is Brenda. He wakes up calling out Brenda's name and after that can not get back to sleep.

AJ and Keesha meet at the Outback and he tells her he knows why Carly set him up but he's not ready to talk about it yet. She wants to know when he's going to tell his family and he says he'll wait until Emily and his mother get back.

Carly and Tony are back at their apartment and she apologizes to him for her wild goose chase. She also tells him she won't continue to let her emotion take over. They talk about the baby and he tells her what this baby means to him. Carly tells Tony although they aren't eloping she still wants to push the wedding date up.

Nikolas shows up at Sarah's and she says she is happy to see him and really needs to talk to him, she has a lot to tell him. They plan to meet before school at their spot.

Mac questions Felicia on all the phone calls she's been getting.

AJ tells Keesha he can't face being alone tonight. What Carly has done is the worst thing that has ever been done to himRecap --->

Wednesday, September 17, 1997
by Alexandra Anastasio

Stefan and Katherine meet for her birthday at the Wyndemere docks. She tells him how she is floating on cloud nine and this is all due to her feelings for him.

Nikolas and Sarah meet at their spot and she tells him she can't believe how badly she acted towards him. She knows she should have confronted him and promises never to do it again. Nikolas tells her he was hurt and knows the rumor that she heard. Sarah tells him that she doesn't believe it and that at the time she was confused about what to believe. He reassures her that his uncle had nothing to do with her grandfathers death; but does tell her there will be other rumors and she promises not to believe them.

Liz is working before school and asks Lucky if Ruby is going to the wedding and gets awe struck when Lucky tells her his father and Sonny are partners.

Lucy rushes into Kelly's looking for Brenda, she needs to tell her about a glitch in the wedding plans.

Sonny & Brenda prepare for the big day. Jason arrives and she leaves to do some errands and take one last look at PC. Jason delivers their new ID's, passports, airline tickets, and gives Sonny a run down on what will be happening for him after the reception.

Jax is up early and thinks back to the time when he brought Brenda to Malibu. The memory is of him telling her about his boyhood friend Tommy and showing her the aboriginal charm that Tommy gave him. He's brought back to reality when V. drops and breaks his coffee maker.

Lucy and Bobbie chat and Bobbie tells her she's sorry about the miscarriage. Lucy is touched that she expressed her sympathy. She is also very excited for her role in the wedding as Brenda's maid of honor.

Brenda shows up at Kelly's and Liz seems to be taken by her. Brenda is there to take one last look at her old room and to make sure Ruby will be at the wedding. Lucy tells Brenda that her dress was too tight but she now has everything under control. As the two are talking, Liz reads a tabloid paper and stares at Brenda.

Stefan tells Katherine he is frustrated and would love to take her away but has something true to tell her. He also lets her know that he doesn't have the power to make this a perfect day.

Before Brenda leaves she makes it a point to tell everyone they'll need their invitation to be let in. Lucy and Brenda leave Kelly's and Liz watches from the windows as they go. She overhears Bobbie ask Lucky if he's bringing a date and she jumps in offering to go with him. He asks her why she's so hot to go and tells her to give it up because he's not bringing anyone. She acts as if she was doing him a favor and didn't really want to be there anyway.

Sonny tells Jason they are donating all the gifts to charity except the plate Mike gave them, he's taking that with them. He asks Jason to be his best man and Jason accepts, although he's not too keen on giving a speech. Jason tells Sonny he is the best friend he ever had and that is why he'll do this.

Thursday, September 18, 1997

At the Outback Mac is talking to Felicia on the phone, he's telling her to hurry up and get over here, he doesn't want to be late for the wedding. She tells Mac to go ahead that Maxi isn't feeling real well at the moment. He says, put her on the phone, let me talk to her. I want to see if you are trying to get out of going to the wedding. I will not let you interrogate her. I'm expecting my date to show up there, so just tell him to wait. Mac wants to know how he will know which one is her date. Don't worry about it she says, you'll know. A few moments later Dara shows up, and Mac tells her how beautiful she looks. As they are waiting for Felicia to show up, her date appears. Not just one date, but three dates. Mac decides to leave this one for Felicia.

After the call that Brenda received from Reese, Sonny decides to take matters into his own hands. Jason and his henchmen kidnap Reese and take him to a motel room. They call Sonny on the phone, where he proceeds to tell him that it would be wise if he forgot what has happened. Reese reminds Sonny that Rivera paid to have him killed and killed he'll be. Sonny orders Johnny to take him to Hong Kong and let him go there. but he warns Reese that he will not let anything happen to spoil his wedding day.

Nikolas appears to have gotten everything straighten out with Sarah. He heads back to ask his uncle Stefan if he had anything to do with Steve Hardy's heart attack. When he arrives home, Katherine is there. He asks if he can speak to his uncle in private, Katherine says she'll wait in the other room. Nikolas asks him if he had anything to do with the hospital going bankrupt, which in turn caused Steve's heart attack. He says no, that if he wanted Steve dead, it would have been easier to poison him. He says O.K. and heads up stairs. He says he doesn't want to intrude on his date. Katherine gets a call while she is in the other room, she tells Stefan that she has to leave.

Over at Felicia's house she is having a problem with Maxi. She caught Maxi with the statue from her grandmothers house that she was suppose to put back. She tells her that she will have to be punished. That she can't have any television or video's tonight. Felicia then takes off for the Outback and the wedding.

Felicia finally makes it to the Outback and Mac walks up to her and says your dates are here. She walks up to the bar and there are three. They look at her and then announce that since all she wanted was a man in a tuxedo Mac will do and they left, leaving her without a date. Mac smiles and says, well are you coming with us or not? She turns around and says, don't say another word, do you hear me!

At the church Brenda is making last minute preparations. Sonny is having another flash back, he's out front with Luke and Mike, they are laughing and joking around. A woman walks by him, heads for the car, she turns around and smiles, its Brenda. She gets in the car and Boom. It's Lily all over again. He snaps out of it in a cold sweat.

Friday, September 19, 1997

Everyone is at the church waiting for the groom to show up. Lucy still has that awful feeling that she gets when something is wrong! What is it she keeps asking herself. The Spencer's show up at the door, but Ruby seems to be missing her invitation. They convince the guards to go check, you'll see she is a friend. They tell her to sit over there and wait they will go find out. As they are waiting Liz shows up at the door. What a coincidence, she tries to get in with Ruby's invitation. Busted, but Lucky convinces them to let her in.

Keesha runs into Carly again. It's only a matter of time before everyone knows what you've done. AJ is over at the Q's right now telling them what you have done. When Tony finds out he won't want you or the baby!

Over at the Quartermaines' AJ shows up just as everyone is leaving for the church. The only one that appears to be happy to see him is grandmother. He's come to talk with her any ways. Lila tells the rest to go on to the church and to send the driver back for her afterwards, by that time she will be ready. As they are leaving, Edward turns around and says, Don't make her late, do you understand!

Grandmother, you are the only one that will tell me the truth! Am I my fathers son? He tells her that no matter what he has done over the years it's never been good enough. Lila tells him the story, how they weren't sure if Alan was the father, but assured him that it wouldn't have mattered. That his father was so happy when it came back that he was his biological father. Thank you grandmother. I love you!

At Sonny's house Jason is trying to convince Sonny not to leave Brenda at the church. She will not understand. I can't have her die like Lily did. I have to do this. You explain to her it was a nice ride but it's over. The phone keeps ringing, Jason says, that's Mike he is going to want to know what is going on. We are suppose to be there already.

At the church everyone is getting a little nervous. Where is Sonny? Mike keeps calling but nobody is answering. Lucy tells Doc, I know there is something wrong, I can just feel it she says. Edward shows up and says all right who walked her down the isle. Damn traffic, it made me late. I missed it didn't I? No, you haven't missed it, the groom isn't here yet. Edward turns to the bodyguards and says, Your boss is scum. He isn't going to show up, is he?

Lucy is upstairs with Brenda, she tells her that Sonny isn't here yet. Brenda says, yes he is. He is just hiding for safety reason. You'll see, he'll show up. Lets go, it's time. She head to the entrance of the church, the music is playing. Edward walks up to her, he says don't do this to yourself Brenda. She squeezes his face and says, Edward you promised you wouldn't do this today, she smiles and says lets go.

The music is playing, they start to walk down the isle. Everyone stands up to watch the bride, they all know that something is wrong. They are at the end, she turns around, she looks and......

In the limo Sonny is having flashbacks, you can see the sadness in his eyes. All of a sudden he picks up the phone. Driver stop the car, turn this car around!!

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