General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on GH
A.J. agreed to keep quiet about sleeping with Carly if she could prove that the baby she was carrying wasn't his. Jason was left with the task of explaining to Brenda that Sonny would not marry her. Stefan tried to push Katherine away.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 22, 1997 on GH
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Monday, September 22, 1997

AJ tells Carly how won't tell Tony as long as she proves the baby isn't his. She tells him they only slept together once and that's not how people get pregnant. Unfortunately for her AJ is not that stupid and tells her she's going to have a sonogram tomorrow at GH to determine the date of conception. Carly is opposed because Tony will find out and people at the hospital gossip; AJ doesn't care, he tells her he's sure she can make up some lie to Tony. He tells her if the date proves he couldn't be the father then he'll leave her alone but if it proves otherwise he's spilling the beans. Carly asks him if he wants her to lose Tony and he says yes but doesn't want the baby to lose him if he's the real father.

Jax and V. get a little too close and almost kiss. She asks him if he wanted to kiss her and he says it crossed his mind but the thought has passed. She tells him she doesn't want to be what gets him through his ex-wife's wedding day.

Sonny tells the driver they're taking a detour from the airport and he's headed towards the park across from the church.

Brenda walks down the aisle alone and Sonny is not at the front waiting for her. She reaches the priest and just stands there. She hears the church doors open and turns around, expecting it to be Sonny. It's not... it's Jason. He stands there and the two of them just stare at each other as everyone else in the church looks on. Mike comments on how he knew something was wrong. Brenda's asks Jason if Sonny is hurt and he tells her no. Everyone clears out of the church and Brenda turns away as if she can not face them leaving. She appears to be in shock. Brenda tells Lucy it's all right she can go. Mike tells Lucy this doesn't make sense and Lucy asks him why, because his son is such a nice person? Mike tells Brenda there has to be a reason and then he asks Jason to explain. He grabs for Jason's phone and he tells Mike Sonny won't answer him. He asks if Sonny's coming back and then yells at him for standing there looking so stoned face. Mary grabs him and leads him away. Mike tries to find out from a guard if he knew what was going on.

Lila invites everyone back to the house for supper.

Brenda asks Jason now what and wants to why this happening. She wants him to take her to Sonny and he tells her he'll take her anywhere but to him. She wants to find him herself but he tells her she won't find him. Brenda asks why. She tells him she's so sick of his stone face and wants to know why Sonny sent him. Jason tells her she doesn't have a relationship with Sonny anymore and that's why he sent him. She slaps him across the face.

Jax and V. watch the sunset and he talks to her about how he loved Brenda with everything he had. He also knows that he has to let her go, he doesn't want to hurt forever.

Lucy tells Bobbie & Ruby about the suspicions she had before the wedding. She asks them where Kevin went and when she turns around and sees the middle candle let, she knows something is wrong and leaves.

Brenda asks Jason where Sonny is and he says he doesn't know. She wants to go to the penthouse and wait for him nut Jason tells her she can sit at the door until she dies but Sonny is not coming back. She thinks maybe something went wrong with the plans and tries to get information out of him. All he'll say is that it was safe enough for him to leave alone. Brenda thinks he'll eventually call for her. She asks Jason to tell her exactly what he said to tell her and Jason says Sonny said it was a great ride. This infuriates her, she doesn't believe he would end their relationship this way. She then gets the idea that maybe Jason doesn't even know the real story. He tells her that Sonny doesn't lie to him.

AJ goes back to the house to see Lila who called for him. She just wanted to make sure he was OK after the talk they had. Keesha's there and she asks AJ if he's staying. She tells him how she saw Carly and wasn't too nice and he tells her him and Carly have some unfinished business. Bobbie looks on as the two talk.

Jax unplugs the phone and TV so he doesn't have to hear anymore about the wedding. V. tells him she wonders why a woman who had him would marry Sonny.

Sonny watches the front door of the church hoping to catch a glimpse of Brenda. He knows she's still in there because Jason's car is in the lot.

Jason tells Brenda he asked Sonny not to make him do this; she's not touched by his sympathy. Brenda gets angry and he tells her he'll take her home; she lets him know Sonny is her home. She tells him to go to hell and walks out of the church. She pushed past the guards and opens the front doors only to see it's raining. She comments on how Sonny always leaves her standing in the rain. Jason leads her back inside and closes the doors.

Sonny doesn't see her and his driver informs him how they must be coming out the side doors. He appears upset that he didn't get to see her one last time.

Bobbie and Alan talk about Monica's return and then she tells him about Tony eloping with Carly. Bobbie also lets Alan in on AJ's friendship with Carly. Alan overhears AJ and Keesha and tells him if he knows a deep secret about Carly to tell him

Carly look through GH's '96 nursing directory and she appears to be coming up with some sort of plan.

Tuesday, September 23, 1997

Jason takes Brenda back to the honeymoon suite meant for her and Sonny. She tells him he can go but when he doesn't leave she asks him when Sonny did all this; he tells her when he booked the church. Brenda tells Jason Sonny's plan worked, no-one suspected a thing, not even the bride.

Stefan and Katherine spend her birthday together a she tells him she wants to celebrate it with him. They both want each and he tells her so. The two share a kiss.

Keesha is upset AJ did not come clean when Alan asked about Carly. AJ wants her to stop forcing him into telling his family the truth. Alan and Bobbie walk out into the foyer and AJ tries to apologize for cutting him off earlier about Carly but explains he didn't think it was his place to talk about Carly and Tony. Bobbie is curious and he does let them know that the two didn't elope. She wants to know what happened but AJ says they can explain better than him. Alan then goes off on AJ for being a drunk and not going to rehab like he said he was. Alan excuses himself and goes up to bed.

Carly calls on a girl named Lorraine from nursing school. She wakes her from her sleep and Lorraine doesn't even remember Carly at first. It then comes to her that Carly is the girl who dropped out of the nursing program. She tells this girl that she is in some trouble and she's the only one who can help her. Lorraine asks Carly why she should help someone she barely even liked. Carly tells her that she has money now ad can make this worth her while if she comes right over. Without her she's cooked.

Mac questions Felicia on her three dates for the evening. She admits to getting a bit overzealous and says it was only because she didn't want to be intruding on him and Dara. Mac tells her they only went as each other's' date because neither one had a romantic interest to bring and they're just friends. Felicia tells him romance can blossom from friendship and it looks as if she may be a bit jealous. She also tells him he's been hovering over her since Tom broke it off and she doesn't like it. He says he's only concerned for her. The two make a pact not to involve themselves in each other's' romantic involvement's.

As Stefan and Katherine kiss he hears a noise which turns out to be an overturned plant from the rain storm. He thinks they're being too indiscreet and she tells him it's no big deal if someone sees them kissing. Katherine tells him how she believes they are connected in some way and when he doesn't respond to her she asks if she is making a fool out of herself. Stefan tells her he's responsible for certain things that she doesn't know about and tells her she doesn't realize the danger. Katherine doesn't want to hear the truth, there's nothing he could tell her that would change her feelings. Stefan tells her he wants to tell her something before he losses the nerve - she thinks he's going to admit to something totally different. Before he has a chance she asks him to take her upstairs and love her, he does.

Keesha thinks Tony knows what Carly did because they didn't elope but he tells her he doesn't and can't tell her why. She gets a bit upset and wants to know why he's letting Carly's reputation take precedence over his.

Lorraine shows up at Carly's and is not too friendly. She realizes Carly is "knocked up" and thinks she wants her to help in getting rid of it. Carly says that's not the case, she's keeping her baby but there are some complications. She wants Lorraine to get herself assigned to the OOBGYN tomorrow so she can supervise her sonogram and say that the baby is due in December. Carly writes down all the information she will need and at first Lorraine tells her she might not be able to get assigned to that wing. Carly flashes her some money and then it becomes no problem. She tells her there is more money to follow only after this is over. She accepts the deal.

Brenda reads wedding cards from friends and throws each one of them as Jason looks on. She's upset and opens the bottle of champagne, asking Jason to join her in a drink, only she can't even hold the glass because she is shaking so much. It falls to the floor and Jason tries to help but she doesn't want him to touch her. She asks him why he's here and tells him he can go back now to Sonny and tell him his plan went well and that she hates him with all her heart. Brenda also informs him that she doesn't want him there and to leave; he goes but tells her he'll be right outside the door. Once he's gone, she starts throwing all the gifts, the phone, the wine glass around the room. She takes off the dress and the diamond bracelet he gave her years ago and throws them to the floor. She also takes off the ring but leaves that on the table.

Bobbie walks in on Tony at the hospital and as he's about to tell her he didn't elope she tells him she already knows; she saw AJ. He tells her that AJ was there at the airport but he had already decided not to go though with it on his way there. She questions him on the closeness of AJ and Carly but Tony is then informed by Amy to go see a patient. Bobbie tells her what didn't happen with Tony and Carly and Amy adds her two cents.

Katherine and Stefan go up to his room but he tells her he doesn't want to rush and so he wants to just hold her for the night. She tells him she loves him and he looks so sad.

Wednesday, September 24, 1997

Jax bounded down the stairs of a vacation beach house and announced to V, sketching on the couch, that on day two of their "escape from the world," he had slept like a baby. Jax noticed that she hadn't sleep at all and wondered why. V had every intention of going to bed but had ended up sketching, which usually knocked her out. Jax wanted to know if she suffered from insomnia. She assured him that since they'd taken her badge away, it hadn't been a problem. Jax was impressed with her sketch of a dog with a bird sitting on its head. She dismissed it as only a drawing, but Jax was convinced that the drawing had a story to tell, and he was going to find it.

In Stefan Cassadine's bedroom at Wyndemere, Katherine Bell rolled over in bed and realized that Stefan wasn't there.

Katherine went downstairs to check her messages and Alexis entered and demanded an explanation. Katherine curtly informed Alexis that she was there at Stefan's invitation, so Alexis should ask him. Alexis apologized to Katherine for coming on so strong, but Alexis was surprised to see Katherine at Wyndemere so early in the morning and wearing Stefan's robe. It was obvious that Katherine had spent the night, and Alexis was curious about the change in their relationship. Katherine reminded Alexis that she and Stefan were free agents. Katherine wondered if Alexis knew where Stefan was. Alexis had planned to ask Katherine the same question.

On the phone in his office, Stefan thanked an officer for handling a situation exactly as he had requested and told him that he would be duly rewarded. Alexis entered and asked Stefan if he had any new information. Stefan assumed that she had seen Katherine at Wyndemere. Alexis confirmed that she had seen Katherine in the conservatory, wearing Stefan's robe. Alexis reminded Stefan that she was standing next to him, looking into his sister's empty grave. She wondered if Stefan had discovered that Katherine wasn't his sister. An angry Stefan confirmed that Katherine was his sister and, no, they had not made love. He swore to Alexis that he would end the matter right away.

In the bridal suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel, Brenda, dressed in black, aimlessly roamed the room until a knock on the door brought her back to the present. She opened the door to Jason and assumed that he was there on Sonny's orders. Brenda told him that she needed some favors, and Jason said he was happy to oblige. She wanted Jason to get rid of anything that had to do with the wedding. As Jason was picking up the strewn clothes and wedding paraphernalia, he found Brenda's diamond bracelet and necklace on the floor. Brenda sadly reminisced that Sonny had given her the bracelet at the beginning of their relationship, and the beginning had turned out to be the worst mistake of her life, "Diamonds at the start and diamonds at the end" she said. Brenda ordered Jason to take the diamonds to Sonny and tell him to stay gone, and that went for Jason too.

Alone in the bridal suite, Brenda looked back on some of the key moments in hers and Sonny's tumultuous love affair starting with their first meeting.

Brenda experienced a series of flashbacks. Sonny introduced himself. "I'm Sonny Corinthos. Brenda responded, "And I'm leaving." Finally Sonny convinced her to tell him her name was Brenda. Sonny asked Brenda how old she was. "I'm 18, do you have a problem with that?" she said. Sonny's answer was, "Not even a little."

She continued to remember as she and Sonny kissed passionately in the front seat of a car. Later, Sonny told Brenda that this time there was no turning back and they made love. As she snapped out of her reverie, a pensive Brenda surveyed the empty bridal suite.

Her hand shaking, Brenda tried to pour a cup of coffee at the table that was set for her wedding breakfast, and more memories kept flooding back. Brenda remembered as she and Sonny kissed passionately in a hot tub, and later as they made love. She recalled a time she and Sonny ran for their lives and jumped onto a moving boat.

Brenda recalled a time that she and Sonny made love at sunset on the beach. Brenda remembered when she finally got Sonny to say, "I love you." Another time, while Brenda was taking a shower at Sonny's penthouse, bullets riddled the shower. Back in the present, Brenda spilled her coffee.

One of Brenda's most painful memories was when she wore a wire to prove to herself that Sonny was not a mobster. It had unleashed Sonny's anger and had caused a devastating impact on their relationship. At that painful juncture in her life, Brenda couldn't help remembering that moment.

Because he had trusted Brenda more than any other woman, Sonny demanded to know the truth. He had loved her more than he could imagine and had thought that she loved him too. He demanded to know why she'd spied on him. Sonny went into a rage, throwing Brenda's clothes out of her drawers while looking for a bug. Brenda tried to convince Sonny that all she wanted was for him to tell him her the truth. She insisted she had to know that she would have stuck by him through anything. Sonny lost control and started to get violent. He accused Brenda of turning him into his abusive stepfather. Afraid of what he might do, Sonny ran out, leaving Brenda hysterical and begging him not to leave her.

Alone in the bridal suite, Brenda wondered aloud why she hadn't let go.

The wire wasn't the only painful memory. Memories flashed through her mind. Sonny called Brenda a whore. He reamed Brenda out for disrespecting him by strolling into his club on someone else's arm and added that hanging all over Miguel was as disrespectful as it got. Brenda told Sonny to "go to hell."

Then there were the times that Brenda and Sonny couldn't be together but couldn't bear to be apart. Brenda remembered when she told Sonny that all she wanted was for him to be okay. Another time, Brenda tried to seduce Sonny with a kiss because she reasoned that every time he kissed her, she could tell how much he wanted her. She reminded Sonny of how good they were together. Sonny tried in vain to resist.

She reminisced about when Sonny had just found out that Lily was pregnant and he'd tried to explain to Brenda that "a long time ago I swore on everything holy that no child of mine would ever have to live with a big hole in his heart the way I did." Even though he loved Brenda with all his heart, he couldn't do that. Brenda knew that she'd lost him. "Be a good father," she said. "Make it worth it." Back in the present, Brenda realized that Sonny was like a drug.

Brenda found a single pearl earring on the floor of the bridal suite and remembered Sonny's several proposals of marriage. She flashed back to when Sonny asked Brenda, "Will you marry me?" On another occasion, he got down on one knee, and asked Brenda if she would be his wife. Brenda responded, "There's no other option for me. Yes, I'll be your wife." Her memory took her through a montage of romantic dances that led up to Brenda in her wedding dress at the church.

Brenda walked down the aisle alone and turned lovingly to look at Sonny, but Sonny wasn't there. Worried, Brenda asked Jason if Sonny was hurt. Jason confirmed that Sonny was all right. The only thing Jason knew was that Sonny was gone. Brenda wanted Jason to take her back to the penthouse. She had planned to sit at the front door until Sonny told her why he had done it. Jason wondered if she was ready to do that "until the day you die?" Jason tried to make Brenda understand that Sonny was gone and he wasn't coming back. Brenda demanded to know exactly what Sonny had told him to tell her. Jason reported that Sonny told him to tell her "it was a great ride."

Sonny was alone in a car, waiting for Jason. When Jason arrived, Sonny asked where Brenda had gone. Jason told Sonny that Brenda had gone back to the bridal suite at the Cosmopolitan Hotel. Sonny wanted to know everything that had happened at the church. Jason told him that Brenda was at the altar when he arrived. She had walked down the aisle alone because she had thought that Sonny would be there. She'd asked Jason if Sonny had been hurt. Sonny wanted more details.

Jason confirmed that he'd told Brenda what Sonny had instructed him to say, and she believed him. Sonny wanted to know if Brenda hated him. He got his answer when Jason handed him the diamond bracelet and necklace. Sonny tried hard to convince himself that it was better that way. He ordered Jason to protect Brenda because Jason was the only one Sonny trusted with her life. Jason promised Sonny that he wouldn't let anything happen to her.

Jason wanted to know Sonny's plans. Sonny said he planned to go to Puerto Rico on business then leave on a flight to Port Charles but never arrive. They talked about how Jason had learned everything Sonny had to teach. Jason said that Sonny had changed his life. Sonny said that Jason had done the same for him. Jason's parting words to Sonny were "Don't you die on me now." Sonny responded in kind, "Don't you die on me." Sonny instructed Jason to let the pilot know he was ready. Jason nodded and walked away, leaving Sonny stoically staring into space.

Thursday, September 25, 1997

At the Quartermaine mansion Allen and Edward were at each other's throats about AJ Lila enters and says, no there is something bothering him. As Allen and Edward were fighting who should walk into the room, Monica. Allen turns, and says what are you doing home, you weren't due back until next week! She hugs him, and walks up to Edward and jokingly says quit beating up on my husband, Edward says, but you don't know what he said to me. They ask her how Emily liked Paris, oh you should of seen her, plus it helped to have this young man follow her around. We met up with some friends of hers from Arizona, they invited her out for a week. That's where she is now. Monica is told that AJ didn't check himself into rehab. Monica says, we can't give up on him. Your right Monica Lila says. There is something troubling him. He asked me if he was Allen's son. Why would he ask you that, Monica says!

Over at the hospital AJ is having his first day back. He's hard at work when Carly shows up. She tells him that she has set up a sonogram at Mercy. Oh no! he says. That wasn't part of the bargain. Listen AJ you can't expect me to have it at GH. Tony works here, and then there is my obstetrician. She didn't order it, how would I explain it? Just as they are arguing Keesha appears out of no where. She starts in on Carly, tells AJ you should be running for your life. This girl, drugged you, rolled you out into a alley, pours Vodka all over you and ruins your life and you still meet her places. What does she have on you?

In the mean time Katherine is waiting for Stefan to come home. When he finally arrives it's not the home coming she is expecting. He looks her straight in the face and tells her he never loved her. That he was leading her on just to stay out of jail. She doesn't believe him. She yells at him, you're lying, I know that you feel something for me. But relentlessly Stefan doesn't give in. He holds his ground. She yells at him one more time, look at me Stefan! Look at me in the eyes, tell me you never felt anything for me. You are a gluten for punishment. He looks at her, and tells her what she wanted to hear.

Mike arrives at Jason's apartment demanding to know where Sonny is. Jason says, I can't tell you. Mike looks at him and says, you have a brain and a mouth, you can tell me you just don't want to. Don't just stand there like stone, damn it! I can't go into it with you right now, when I get back I will tell you what I can. When he returns home, he still isn't much help. He tells Mike that he has feelings. That you once told me that the only way Robin would ever be free is to let go, Mike , Sonny has to let go. I can't tell you anything.

Friday, September 26, 1997

Keesha waits patiently for AJ to get off the phone. He finally walks over to her and says, thanks for waiting. She looks at him and says are you nuts, why would you meet that girl anywhere. What does she have on you any ways? You are going to have to trust me Keesha, she has nothing on me. I can't tell you anything else right now. Well all I can say is that I'm going to follow you just in case she knocks you down the stairs or something, I will call 9-1-1! Just as he's getting ready to leave his mother walks into the room. Mom he says, I expected you to be gone longer. Is everything all right, is Emily OK? We are fine, but I expected you to be in rehab. What happened? Keesha says she has to get back to work. After she leaves, Monica drills AJ but she can't get anything out of him. He tells her that when he can he will explain everything to her. She tells him that she knows that he talked with Lila. Did you learn everything you wanted to know? Yes I did, he looks at his watch and says, I really must go and he walks out of the room.

She picks up her purse and walks out into the other room. Keesha is standing there when Monica says to her, I need to talk to you. I couldn't get anything out of AJ as to why he didn't go to rehab. I need your help. You need to convince him to go. I can't! Is it because you are afraid you will be codependent. I know you went to ALA non. AJ had a terrible set back Keesha. Do you forget not long ago I found him drunk in the apartment alley. I'm afraid the next time it will kill him! Keesha looks at Monica and says, it won't happen again because he wasn't drunk the last time. He's been sober for months.

Over at the penthouse Mike shows up at Brenda's front door. The bodyguard says to him, good luck , she won't talk to anybody. She invited me over. He knocks on the door and in the back ground you hear, who is it? It' s Mike! She opens the door and says thanks for coming. She starts to close the door, she pokes her head out and says I thought I told you I didn't want you here. You work for Sonny, don't you? If I see your face again around here, I will call the police. Mike, there is only one thing left I have to get rid of and she walks over to the counter and picks up the ring and hands it to him. Here this is yours it doesn't belong to me. But Brenda, he loves you. Something must be wrong. Mike I don't want to think of him, I don't care if he's safe or anything else. I am rid of him. The best thing that happened to me was not to marry Sonny. I'm worried about you Brenda. We all are. Well don't, I just need to be alone!

At Wyndemere Katherine and Stefan are still fighting. She says to him I don't believe you. I know you felt something for me. Don't you get it Katherine, I only wanted you so I wouldn't go to jail. She looks at him and slaps him right across the face. He looks at her. She says look at me! He screams at her, I want you to leave my island now! I'll leave but there is one thing I have to do first and she makes a fist and socks him right in the eye. Then she walks out of the house and heads for the pier. She runs until she looks over at some bushes and says I don't believe it, I've come full circle. She sits on the bench and starts to remember when she met him, then thinks to her self. He's lying. Inside the mansion Alexis comes down the stairs and says I heard shouting. It's done. She won't be back. Maybe we should go to Greece she say. Maybe later we will go for a visit. No Stefan I meant for good. Is there anything to keep you here. No, I guess not. But I didn't know you wanted to leave Port Charles. If you need to go, we will! All of a sudden the door opens, it's Katherine. She walks over to him and says you lied. I want to know the truth now!

Carly has arrived at Mercy, she walks to Loraine and says, well is everything ready? Nothing can go wrong. Just remember that when the test is done to give the results to the guy sitting next to me. I still have a few things to work out, I'll be right back. Well you better hurry, it's almost 4:00! Carly is patiently waiting for her return, when she finally does, one of the sisters comes up to Loraine and says to her, what are you doing here. :You were suppose to be in trauma. I know but I switched with, I know she says you made her. No sister, I wouldn't do that. She finally convinced her to let her stay. Carly was sweating it there for a moment. Not much later AJ shows up, she runs up to him and says I there honey and kisses him on the cheek! Are you ready? Loraine walks up to Carly and says, do you know who that is? Of course I do. You didn't tell me it was the most available and richest bachelor in Port Charles. You are going to tell me everything now!

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