General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on GH
Stefan searched for Katherine, but she had left town. Tony pressured Lorraine for information about what she and Carly were hiding. Tess was revealed to be in cahoots with Mac's double, James Meadows.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of November 24, 1997 on GH
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Monday, November 24, 1997

Alexis is outside, begging for Stefan to let her in. She says there's more to it and needs to tell him everything. Stefan opens the door; he does not want to hear it. She tells him she never meant to hurt him but he doesn't care what she says. Alexis wants to get a few things from her room but Stefan won't let her. He advises she leave the island and never return.

Tony wants to know what Lorraine knows about Carly and he repeats what he heard her say. She tries to walk away from him but he lets her know he's not leaving until he has the truth. She says she knows something about his baby & she's been protecting Carly but she can't do it anymore.

Amy brings Carly some juice and she asks Amy if she's seen Tony, he was supposed to take her home.

Bobbie shows Luke the picture of Carly she found. Luke says that the first time he saw Carly he knew something was up and so he did a little research on her. He had hoped to find something that would pull Tony away and he had the photo just in case he needed to show it around. Bobbie wants to know if he found anything but Luke tells her no, her past checked out. Bobbie wonders why he never said anything to her and he talks his way out of it. Bobbie tells him how at times she thinks Carly can be sweet and feels like she wants to reach out to her at times. Luke warns her not to go down that road and she admits she is drawn to her.

Lorraine tells Tony he is having a boy; she was with Carly when she had a sonogram at Mercy. Tony is a bit surprised and says he's going to speak to Carly about this. When he leaves Lorraine goes to call Carly and is reprimanded by Sister Margaret.

Stefan calls to go to the mainland and orders a car when he arrives there.

Lorraine changes her mind and calls to warn Carly. When she tells her she told Tony he was having a boy, Carly informs her that the sonogram doesn't show the sex of the baby. She yells at Lorraine but apologizes. Lorraine also reminds her about the job at GH she wants, but Carly tells her that she's trying but can't guarantee anything. If she doesn't come through, Lorraine tells her Tony will learn a lot more and she hangs up. Carly seems a bit shaken and then Tony walks in.

Bobbie wants to change the subject & Luke thinks it's a good idea but Bobbie now wants to talk about Caroline. She says when the picture fell out of the safe she thought it was one of the pictures Virginia sent. Sometimes she wants to see what her daughter looked like but Luke talks her out of wanting to ever find out. She invites him to Thanksgiving dinner at the brownstone. He tells her he is close to finding out Alexis' secret.

Alexis sits alone at the docks and Ned finds her there. He wants to know why she's there and if she is all right. He gives her his coat and says he was on his way to see her. He now believes that she didn't have anything to do with the takeover. He wanted to see her before she left for Greece with Stefan. Alexis lets him know they're not going to Greece and there is no more her and Stefan. She can't tell him what happened but she does let him know the relationship with her cousin is completely over.

Stefan knocks on Katherine's door and when there is no answer he walks in to find she's left.

Tony asks Carly how she's feeling and she asks him where he was. Tony tells her they need to talk but when she's up to it. Carly lets him know Lorraine called and she knows what he wants to discuss. He wants to know why she lied about the sonogram. Carly tells him she didn't really lie because she didn't have one yet when he had asked but he put the thought in her head and she was afraid he'd try to stop her. Carly says she had a fear that something was wrong with her baby and she didn't want to bother him. Carly apologizes and tells him she doesn't want him to ever feel he has to marry her and she had to prepare herself for single motherhood. Tony believes she was trying to protect him but doesn't want to be left in the dark.

Luke shows Bobbie what he's been doing with the numbers. He wants to find out what it is and make it worse, then he'll have the upperhand.

Nikolas makes conversation with Stefan. He asks what's wrong and says he'll explain later but they are postponing their return. He does tell him they will no longer be seeing Alexis, she's dead to them.

Ned tells her to take some time to sort things out and then she can talk it over with her cousin. He asks what it was she did and she will only say she betrayed him. Ned says she probably had her reasons.

Carly's released and promises Tony no more secrets. He tells her wants to see the sonogram, maybe even frame it.

Nikolas thinks it's harsh to say that about Alexis and wants to know what she did. Stefan says he can't say but does tell him that he needs to find Katherine because the estrangement was caused by Alexis. Nikolas informs him that she has left PC for good.

Ned invites Alexis home with him but she says she can't, she's staying at the PC Hotel. She doesn't want him to look out for her but he lets her know he wants to be her friend and she does need him.

Luke thinks he's getting somewhere. The ID numbers show the name George Pappas and Kenneth Soames. Luke gets information on him and sees another transaction to a cemetery worker. He plans to find out more.

Tuesday, November 25, 1997

Katherine goes to Serenity and knocks on the door but there's no answer.

Stefan questions Nikolas where she could have gone. Nikolas needs to know what Alexis has done. Stefan says he'll tell him but he must find Katherine first. Nikolas says OK but is coming with him and he can tell him in the car.

Ned sits down at Alexis' table and wants to know how she's doing. She's still down and he tries to lift her spirits. Alexis is not ready to discuss what happened and doesn't think Ned will ever understand.

Luke goes to Natasha's grave & notices the area was recently dug up. Mr. Smith, the cemetery worker comes across Luke who says he's paying his respects for Alexis Davis.

Felicia's back is killing her from their stakeout the previous night. Her and Mac discuss Thanksgiving Day and Mac mentions how he's going to miss having Robin there. Felicia asks him to explain what happened at the stakeout . Tess comes in and tells the two they're fired.

Mr. Smith wants to know if Ms. Davis sent him and Luke comments on how the grave appears tampered. He talks his way out of it, claiming upkeep and Luke brings up the money Alexis paid him. He says the plot had to be re

dug and Luke asks if they dug up the grave & opened the coffin. He says yes but there wasn't a body in it. He offers Mr. Smith some whiskey since it's going to be a long stay.

Stefan begins to tell Nikolas about his half-sister and the danger the child would have been in. He says that Alexis led him to believe that his half-sister was Katherine Bell. He tells how she spent a small fortune proving this and explains all she did. He says he believed it was Katherine and kept silent so to keep her safe. Nikolas asks why Alexis would do this and he says she thought Katherine was unworthy of him and knew he wouldn't give her up on his own. Stefan explained how he learned the truth and Nikolas wonders how you could be so wrong about someone. He knew she was devious but not against them.

Alexis thinks Nikolas will one day come around but Stefan won't. Ned asks if there's life after Stefan' but she doesn't know. He wants to help her. Alexis doesn't know how to think of Stefan as her enemy.

Nikolas tells Stefan he feels better knowing the truth. Stefan says he hopes Katherine will listen to him, he thinks she despises him but Nikolas doesn't agree.

Katherine knows someone's inside and is not giving up. She knows that its not a private estate anymore. She stands outside and talks about her mother and there is an old man sitting inside on a couch. He opens the door and recognizes her.

Luke goes to the hospital to see Bobbie and she wants to make sure that him and Lucky are coming to Thanksgiving dinner. Bobbie notices some dirt on his hands and wants to know what he's been digging. She wants to know if he found the man Alexis paid and she wants him to tell her but he thinks it's a sensitive issue because it involves a little girl who supposedly died. She thanks him for caring but wants to hear everything. He tells her all he's learned and they try to figure out what this all means. Stefan walks in and asks Bobbie if she's seen Edward. Edward walks in and asks what he wants. Stefan needs to know where Katherine is.

Mr. Redfield lets Katherine in and tells her to make herself at home. She says she never thought she'd see this house again and tried to forget her childhood. He detects some sadness but she says she's going to be fine. She asks if she can stay there.

Felicia tries to smooth things over with Tess but she doesn't thinks things are working out. She claims the problem is with her and needs to get this over so she can move on from the past. Tess also gives them a tip about seeing Jimmy at the Great George motel. They are going to check it out and she apologizes for her lack of faith in them.

Edward thinks what Stefan did to Katherine was horrible and asks if he's back to finish the job. Edward will not say where she is and Stefan says he plans to make an apology and reinstate her. Edward wants to know what happened to his plans to return to Greece and Stefan says he's staying in PC and needs to find Katherine. Edward doesn't know where she is.

Ned asks Alexis is she'd like to go for a ride in the mountains but she's not very good company. She tells him she'll call him later on & he lets her know he's going to keep popping up. Alexis gets up to leave and Nikolas is there to give her something which was left behind. She wants a chance to explain but he doesn't want to hear her lies. She tries to reason with him and he wants to know how could she.

Mac says no

one with his or James Meadows description checked into the motel. Felicia says that Tess is just an innocent woman, that's why she felt such compassion for her.

Tess walks into a motel room and there's the Mac look alike laying on the bed.

Stefan stops by to see Mac and asks if he knows where Katherine is. Mac doesn't know but recalls their last conversation together upon request from Stefan. When he mentions she was going to look for piece of mind Stefan thanks him and leaves.

Mr. Redfield allows her to stay and she'd like to stay in Dominique's room.

Alexis tells Nikolas she couldn't stand by and watch Stefan make the biggest mistake of is life because Katherine is a dangerous woman and he doesn't know her history. He defends Katherine and tells her he can not hear anymore of her lies. Nikolas walks out and Alexis is deeply upset.

Wednesday, November 26, 1997

Today's recap was written by Amie Martin

The day before Thanksgiving finds the citizens of Port Charles reminiscent....

Katherine returns to her childhood home at Serenity where Mr. Whitfield, a servant like her mother, welcomes her with open arms. Stefan is not far behind his beloved Katherine. His knocks on Serenity's door are answered by Whitfield who, upon realizing this is the man Katherine is running from, manages to keep him at bay---until Stefan forces himself in and throws a hundred dollar bill on the table hoping to buy information. Stefan explains the "urgency" he feels regarding finding Katherine; he simply must explain things to her face to face. Moments after Stefan leaves, Katherine returns from her visit in the kitchen in which her mother worked, and Whitfield shoves the money in his pocket. Whitfield tries to assess her true feelings about the man she is running from-the man who broke her heart. Perhaps, Whitfield suggests hopefully, Katherine can find a way to figure out what really happened and work things out with him. She insists it was all too painful; she tried to hang on, but in the end she simply had to leave Port Charles-and him-behind her. Maybe if she saw him face to face again, Whitfield suggests....But Katherine maintains that seeing him again would only stir everything up and make things worse. Later, when Stefan returns (hopeful that Whitfield has reconsidered), Whitfield gives him the money back and tells him again he doesn't know Ms. Bell's whereabouts.

Mike visits Brenda at her new home to invite her for Thanksgiving. He's hesitant with her because he's afraid when Brenda sees him she only thinks of Sonny. Brenda assures him that, although she does think of Sonny when she sees him, she also thinks good thoughts. Though she declines his invitation because, as she tells him, she's considering flying to London to surprise her sister and then to Paris to see Robin, they agree that they're like family. If she ever needs him, he'll be there.... Jax arrives as Mike is leaving and is surprised about Brenda's "plans." When they're alone, Brenda tells Jax she isn't really flying to Europe because she has other plans. With him, she hopes. Jax agrees, and, when questioned about her ability to cook, Brenda suggests he use his imagination. After all, it's not her fault Jax is always flying in food from all over the world so she doesn't have a chance to cook! How hard can it be?

Jason gives his bodyguard the night off.... In Paris, Robin opens her notebook and begins to write a letter to Jason. She's thinking about last Thanksgiving and wishes they could be together now. She writes how she still feels him with her. She misses teaching him and learning from him and feeling like he knows her "straight through to my heart." She imagines what it would be like to go home this year for Thanksgiving and explains that she realizes now she ran to Paris to avoid dealing with her life: But, she also realizes, "Living half a world away from you doesn't make me love you any less." Robin imagines that if she went to Port Charles, she'd surprise her Uncle Mac at the Outback and tell him how much she misses her life. She would tell him how she wants him to be proud of her; would he be less proud if she went to PCU instead of Yale and Paris? She imagines Mac supporting her but pointing out, where Jason is concerned, that he hurt her, chose his job over her, and endangered her life. She'd tell Mac how she loved Jason anyway and how he's given her so much. "The question is," Mac would ask her, "can he see how much you've give him?" Jason would appear from the dark and Mac would ask him, "Do you love her? Will you protect her?" "With my life," Jason would tell him. When Mac would point out that Robin wouldn't want that, she wouldn't want to lose him, Robin would tell him that's for her and Jason to decide and she'd ask her uncle to love and accept them either way. Mac would tell his niece he only wants her to be happy.... Next, Robin would urge Jason to visit his family because they need to tell him face to face that they love him. Jason would be hesitant, but Robin would prevail! At the Quartermaines' Emily and Lila would fight with Edward about Jason's arrival. Edward would bring up his criminal association, but Lila would urge him to let the holiday spirit take over and be thankful he's with them. Alan and Monica would then arrive and thank Robin for bringing their son to them. "I can't make him do anything he doesn't want to do," Robin would explain to them. Still, Edward would continue to bring up Jason's role as Sonny's predecessor, and the Q's would commence their usual bickering over the family and who is worthwhile and who isn't. In the midst of all the "noise," Lila would lean in to Robin and tell her not to be discouraged: "They really love him, you know. And one day he'll come back. I even light a candle for that day from time to time." Writing to Jason again, Robin admits his family is difficult but that they love him. "I think I could lead you part of the way back to them if we were together." If only Jason could give her the one thing she needs, Robin thinks....Later, Robin curls up in bed still thinking of Jason and imagines them alone on the bridge. They would talk about when she'll leave. Jason would tell her, when she does, she's not leaving alone! He quit and now they're free! He understands about the future now-because of her-and they'll get there together.

In Port Charles, Jason turns the lights out; in Paris Robin tries to sleep. Jason walks to the door to his balcony and looks out at the sky; Robin gets up and lights a candle in her window, looking up at the same sky-half a world away. hysterical.

Thursday, November 27, 1997

Jax arrives at Brenda's house only to find out that she doesn't have Thanksgiving dinner ready. Brenda isn't worried because she thinks Jax has catered dinner anyway thinking she wouldn't be able to cook dinner. He tells her hasn't and instead they are going to cook whatever she has in her cupboards for dinner. They wind up eating s'mores in front of the fireplace. As they are eating, Brenda begins to tell Jax what she is most thankful for this year and stops short of telling him exactly what she is thankful for and instead smiles at him.

Nikolas comes to dinner at Audrey's house and Liz makes her usual cutting comments to him. As Audrey, Sarah, Nikolas, and Liz are making small talk in the living room before dinner, Lucky shows up with Audrey's cat which had been missing. Lucky tells Audrey he found her cat through Foster his dog. The situation is awkward having both Lucky and Nikolas there. Lucky leaves to go to Bobbie's house for dinner after saying good-bye to Liz outside Audrey's house.

At the Quartermaine mansion, everyone is gathering for dinner. Monica suggests they order pizza and Edward tells her nonsense, they are going to have a traditional dinner. Right after he says this, the dogs run in from the kitchen having eaten Thanksgiving dinner. Edward still refuses to order pizza saying he has everything under control. Ned walks in next accompanied by Alexis. Upon seeing Alexis, Edward tries to make a "stink" about Alexis being there and Lila steps in to stop him. Alexis tells them it is okay for her to be there because she no longer lives with Stefan nor has anything to do with him or the Cassadine family.

While this is going on, Emily shows up at Jason's to invite him to the Quartermaine family dinner. After much cajoling, Jason still refuses and Emily leaves to go home. Jason then starts to remember a conversation with Robin in which she told him he owed it to Jason Quartermaine to take care of the people he loved, the Quartermaines.

Meanwhile, at the Quartermaines, Edward's idea of a traditional dinner turns out to be pizza. It is delivered by three men dressed as pilgrims wearing masks who proceed to rob the Quartermaines. The robbers realize the whole roomful of Quartermaines are carrying only $67 in cash and say they can't go back with such a small amount. The Quartermaines decide to help them by going through all their possessions in the main room trying to get rid of things they don't like. While the robbers are paying attention to the strange behavior of the family, Edward manages to scribble a note asking for help and attach it to Annabelle the dog.

At the Brownstone, everyone is gathered together getting ready for dinner when Carly and Tony arrive to give Lucas a Thanksgiving day present. The atmosphere is very strained, however Bobbie invites them to stay for dinner. After she tells them they all need to get along for the sake of the children, Carly and Tony agree to stay. When they all sit down for dinner, Carly gets up from the table and goes into the other room obviously upset. Bobbie goes to see to her and they share a warm moment. Back at the dinner table, everyone is eating when Annabelle shows up with Edward's note. Luke picks up the note and the only thing he can read is, "Quartermaine's... thieves", the rest of the note having been smudged by dog slobber. Luke says, "Tell me something we don't know" and throws the paper away.

Emily walks into the Quartermaine mansion and gets caught up in the robbery. She tells the robbers they will all be sorry because her brother is Jason Morgan. The robbers begin to get afraid having recognized Jason's name and start to leave. As they do, Jason shows up bringing a cooked turkey. The robbers run out the door dropping everything they have stolen, the turkey Jason has brought and a note for the Quartermaines. The note is from Tracy, who has set up the whole robberyRecap --->

Friday, November 28, 1997

Due to the extended Thanksgiving holiday, General Hospital did not air today.

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