General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on GH
Nikolas was shot in front of Luke's club by gunmen who had been aiming for Jason. Brenda suffered a psychotic break. Carly claimed that Jason was her baby's biological father.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 8, 1997 on GH
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Monday, December 8, 1997

Luke throws a party at the club and opens up with this saying, After today nothing will be the same.

Brenda's invited the Q's and Edward wants to know why Jax is there. Jason walks in and Jax confronts him, he wants to gamble in the back room for Jason's shares but he declines the offer.

Liz, Emily and Lucky are also hanging out at the party, dancing and having a good time.

Nikolas walks in and Luke wants to see his invitation. He tells Luke he's there with an invited guest but since she's not there yet he'll wait outside for her.

Jason tells Luke someone wants him to open the back room and they step outside to discuss matters. Luke asks him what the stakes are and at that moment shots are fired and people inside and outside are going down.

Lucky gets up and calls out for his dad. Someone checks on Edward who seems to be having some chest pains. Brenda says it's him and runs outside. Nikolas is on the ground, gasping for air, he's been shot in the throat. Lucky comes outside and Luke tells him to go inside.

Carly and Tony are on there way to visit friends of Tony's. He appears annoyed that she can never remember their names and then over the radio comes the announcement that there's been a shooting at Luke's. He says Bobbie was supposed to be there but she's not off her shift yet.

Stefan and Katherine are in bed but this time they are at Wyndemere. She tells him she's got to go home but he reminds her she sold her home. Katherine says she'll go to the hotel but Stefan informs her he's had a room made up for her. He needs to set an example for Nikolas, that's why they can't sleep in the same room.

Sarah shows up and sees the bodies. Nikolas is still having trouble breathing and Sarah runs to him and freaks out. Jason orders Mike to get her away from there. Liz comes to the aid of her sister. Alan walks outside and Emily tells him Jason is OK and he wants her to go inside.

Alan needs his pills and pops some. Edward is going to be OK.

Jason needs to cut a slit in Nikolas' throat so he can breath and Luke helps him out.

Carly wants Tony to turn the car around and go to Luke's after she hears one dead and another close to it. He wants to know what's the matter with her when she demands he stop the car ; she says it could be Jason.

Monica shows up and says Jason did a good job. Jason was able to allow Nikolas to get some air in his throat. Pete is dead and Jason is upset.

Nikolas is put on the stretcher and taken in the ambulance. Sarah tries to talk to him but Monica tells her he can't hear her.

Mike comments on how he looks scared and Luke asks Mike to watch Lucky, he's riding to the hospital. Luke tries to talk to him and Nikolas reaches for his hand and squeezes it. Luke tells him he wouldn't let him fall over the mountains and he won't let him bleed to death.

Tony asks Carly to get a grip and she wants him to do this for her. He says they won't do any good there and he's taking her home and will call her from the emergency room. She demands on going and gets out of the car and says she's going to hitchhike. He thinks she's crazy and asks if she cares about their baby. She tells Tony Jason is the best friend she ever had and if it were her shot, laying in a pool of blood, while he was busy, Jason would be the first one there, standing over her when she woke up. Tony sternly tells her to get in the car.

The cops, along with Taggert and Garcia show up at the scene. Justus points out that all Jason did was save a life. They go over to question Jason who says he has nothing to say to them.

Alan explains to Monica what happened and she points out that someone was trying to murder their son.

Edward tells Jax and Brenda it is on these nights he feels old and says he doesn't understand the world they live in. Brenda agrees with Jax that Jason knew it was coming and now he's important enough to be killed. She says Sonny taught him really well, throwing innocent bodies in front of him.

Jason's questioned on the car and the people who might have done this. They even wonder if it was Sonny. They remind him Sonny's bodyguard, or is it his, was killed. They threaten to bring him down to headquarters.

Mike leaves another message for Stefan.

Stefan & Katherine are still in bed and she tells him Nikolas will be home soon. There's a knock on the door and Stefan says he told them he was not to be disturbed. He gets up and opens the door and his servant tells him Nikolas has been hurt.

Bobbie is getting ready to leave for the party when a nurse tells her they're bringing in someone from her brother's club. At that moment Nikolas is wheeled in. Luke tells Bobbie to go with him and he watches form the door.

Emily says Jason told her things were going to be different and that they weren't trying to kill him and she believes he doesn't lie. Lucky thinks maybe they were after his dad. He asks if she'll be OK and goes to ask Mike where his dad is. Lucky can't understand why he went because a Cassadine means nothing.

Edward is surprised that Jason remembered what to do.

Jason wants a legal reason they have him there and Edward wants Justus to help him out. He says no way. Taggert wants to know what type of butcher job he did on the Cassadine kid. He tells him if the boy doesn't pull through he's looking at a murder charge.

Alexis is at GH and Luke asks who called her, she says no one and asks what happened. He tells her Nikolas was shot but he's still breathing. Bobbie comes out and says they need to operate immediately and they need a family member to sign the papers. Since Stefan is not there Alexis says she will do it.

Tony tells Carly he knows her body so well but doesn't have a clue as to who she is.

Jason is arrested for assault with a deadly weapon. Justus can't believe the charges and as the Quartermaine's prepare to leave, Emily yells at the officers. Jason asks for a minute with her and tells Emily to go home, he'll be all right.

Jason is put into the police car and Brenda goes over to him and yells. She then leans in the car and starts beating on him. Jax pulls her away and she tells him to leave her alone.

Stefan arrives at GH and asks Bobbie where he is. She says he was taken into surgery with Alexis' consent. He wants to know why she was contacted, she's not part of his immediate family. Luke appears and Stefan sees him and pushes him up against the wall.

Tuesday, December 9, 1997

Stefan attacks Luke and calls him a murderer. Bobbie tells him Nikolas has been shot and that Luke helped him and Jason performed an emergency surgery. Alexis comes out and says she signed for the surgery.

Tony & Carly show up and she thinks Jason's been shot. Alan and Monica explain what happened and that he's in jail.

Taggert & Garcia harass Jason and Dara shows up to sit in on the q & a. She tells him he needs an attorney for his role in the shooting. Justus shows up just as they are ready to bring him into the interrogation room.

Stefan tells Alexis how dare she involve herself and Luke voices his opinion. Alexis asks Luke if Nikolas was in much pain and he says as much as he could handle.

Tony can't believe what Jason did, he could have killed the boy and Carly defends him. She reminds them he's in jail and Monica says she's glad. Carly wants to see him and Tony says no way. She tells them she'll take a cab and leaves. Tony is upset and Bobbie sees him. He asks her how she could stand to look at him.

Ned asks Emily what she's still doing up and she tells him that someone tried to shoot Jason and hit Nikolas instead and now Jason was arrested for saving a life.

Justus tells them to remove the cuffs and she wants to know why he's there. He lets them know Edward is going to come down on them especially since he did save a life. Justus wants a few minutes alone with Jason and tells the officers to clear away. He asks how they're treating him and wants to know if he's called Valentine. Jason informs him Valentine is running for his life because he is one of the three people who knows Sonny is really gone for good. Jason tells Justus he'll need a retainer and he tells Jason he'll need a bullet proof vest. Jason offers him $100,000 but Justus tells him to keep his money. He'll handle this situation and then they'll see from there. Justus tells him he has two choices. Jason gets a call at the station, it's Marino, asking him if the good news has reached Paris yet.

Emily explains how things happened to Ned. He's also a bit surprised that Jason did the emergency surgery. She tells him grandfather is fine, he just had some chest pains. Emily is afraid that Nikolas is going to die and Ned promises to call the hospital if they don't hear from Monica or Alan. Ned also explains to her why they're really holding Jason, it's because of what he does for a living.

Bobbie tells Tony she has no trouble looking at him. He tells her his life has come full-circle. He says he close to having a newborn baby and a stillborn marriage. He wishes she could have told him the truth about this whole situation and he now sees it was a mistake and he made a complete ass of himself. He claims he doesn't love Carly now and isn't sure he ever did. Tony apologizes for making her listen and she says maybe its a little too early to be thinking all these thoughts.

Lucky, Liz, and Sarah show up at GH and want to know about Nikolas' condition. Sarah approaches Stefan and he asks why Nikolas would enter an establishment owned by Luke Spencer. She tells him she asked Nikolas to meet her there. The doctor comes out and says he has some news.

Tony tells Bobbie he thought you were supposed to get wiser as you got older and by the time he realized who Carly was she was his. He wants to know why him, why was he her target. Tony also says it's time he stop piling all his guilt on top of BJ's grave.

The doctor tells them that Nikolas is stable and remarkably lucky. Stefan asks about the emergency surgery that was performed on him and the dr. tells him that without that surgery Nikolas would have died. He will be on a ventilator for the next few days and won't be able to speak. Liz tells Sarah she thinks he'll be OK and Sarah thanks her for her help.

Luke tells the Q's they have reason to be proud. Jason saved a life.

Bobbie asks to speak with Luke and Lucky; she tells Luke he has to call Laura. Lucky says he can't do that.

Justus is upset they listened in on Jason's conversation. Jason tells Justus he needs to get out right away. Justus threatens to call the media if they don't release Jason now. Carly shows up and wants to know why Jason is there. Carly tells Taggert he is persecuting an innocent man. Carly tells Jason she thought it was him and he thinks she should think about herself. He tries to calm her down and she goes off on everyone in the room. Garcia tells her Jason is a common criminal and Dara says he's free to go. Justus asks where he's going and Jason says he doesn't want to know.

Bobbie thinks Laura would want to know and Lucky doesn't think this is a good idea because she'll come back, hover over Nikolas, and blame the wrong people. Luke tells her to forget it. Bobbie tells Liz and Sarah to go home, she won't be able to see him, family only. Sarah approaches Stefan and asks if he'll tell him she was there. He says that remains to be seen and walks away. Sarah tells Lucky she's not leaving.

A nurse tells Stefan he can go and see Nikolas. Him and Katherine head that way and Alexis tells Katherine family only is allowed in and she says she let Alexis know how he is.

Tony shows up at the station and tells Carly he wished she wouldn't have been there. She tells him she felt it was her place to be here. She doesn't have many friends and Jason has none she says. Tony says he didn't know she was that close to him yet he doesn't know much about her at all. She reminds him he's the only one for her and that he's her soul. He asks if she thinks that's very good. Tony tells her he's taking her home and walks out of the station.

Jason is on a plane bound for Paris.

Bobbie tells Luke she's going home and he asks for a lift. Luke approaches Alexis and tells her it's late and she tells him to pretend she's invisible like everyone else. Luke tells her she did nothing wrong.

-Stefan goes to see Nikolas who is in ICU. He touches his head and then cries at his side and says, my son.

Wednesday, December 10, 1997

Brenda begins her photo shoot along with filming for the special. Jax shows up to watch.

Stefan is by Nikolas' side as well as Katherine. He blinks his eyes and Stefan talks to him, hoping he understands. Katherine also talks to him telling him things are going to be OK. They leave the room and Stefan cries on her shoulder. Bobbie walks over and Stefan tells her he opened his eyes but he thinks something wrong.

Carly shows up at GH looking for Tony. Lorraine shows up GH and asks if Carly's going to talk to Tony about a job for her. Carly tells her as much as she hates her at times she's really glad she's here.

Alexis shows up in Tony's office for an update on Nikolas' care. He says he'll keep her informed. Alan comes in and asks what's up. Tony feels like a chump when it comes to Carly. He asks Alan who's the toughest lawyer he knows and Alan says she just walked out. Tony says there's no way he's going to let Carly raise his child.

Carly tells Lorraine she's growing fond of her, she's the one constant in her life. She's like her best friend; she has no secrets from her. Lorraine tells her that Tony's been asking about her past and he's not so happy with her.

AJ visits Keesha in the library and she tells him she's planning their trip for the spring. They talk about Jason and she's afraid for him. AJ asks her to have dinner but she has other plans and is really busy.

Jax tells Brenda she looks beautiful. The cameraman shoots some personal footage and Jax wants it back now. Gus, the producer, doesn't want to give it to him but Jax insists and gets what he wants. Jax leaves and a photo is taken of Brenda, which startles her.

Alan is having a tough time focusing, he's still thinking about the shooting. Tony says Carly is not fit to be a mother, she's unstable. Alan says hire Alexis but she's not a favorite of Tony's.

Bobbie explains what could be going on Nikolas. Stefan thinks his hearing is impaired and Bobbie says they'll have him checked over.

Katherine tells Sarah he's OK and asks if she's been there all night. She stands outside and Liz and Lucky show up with food and some clothes. She watches from the window. Lucky asks Bobbie how he's doing.

Stefan writes down a question for Nikolas and tells him to write either yes or no. He gives him the pen and asks a question. He writes his answer and Stefan tells him he loves him.

Lucky says he hates waiting around hospitals, it reminds him of Lulu. Liz asks Sarah to give Gram a call. Liz tells Lucky she's leaving and asks if he's going to see his brother. This question doesn't sit too well with Lucky.

Katherine tells Stefan to permit Nikolas' girlfriend to see him. She feels it would cheer him up. Stefan says Sarah is hardly his girlfriend.

Alexis asks Bobbie about Nikolas' condition. Alexis gets a call and before taking it Bobbie says his prognosis is good. Tony's on the line and tells her he needs to talk to her but it's not about hospital business.

Carly explains a bit of her and Tony's fight. Lorraine asks if her and Jason have done it but she says they're just friends. She tells Lorraine about Jason and the type of person he is. Lorraine suggests she marry Jason. Carly laughs. She thinks Tony will come around because the baby is everything to him.

Keesha doesn't want to damage things between them. She understands there are things he needs to keep to himself. He tells her he made a terrible mistake one night and thinks she should know. Alan walks in and AJ thinks he should hear it as well. Alan says he's busy and it'll have to wait and walks out. This bothers AJ but thinks its better he doesn't hear it. AJ says this isn't easy. There's another night she doesn't know about, eight months ago he got drunk and blocked it out. Keesha catches on. He says they ended up in Jason's room. She asks if he's the father and AJ says he's not sure but this will be resolved when the baby's born. He apologizes and tries to explain to her why it happened. Both are upset and he leaves the room.

Brenda wraps up her first day of shooting test shots. Jax is back and they agree to have lunch at the Port Charles Grill but she has an errand to run first.

Sarah watches Nikolas from the window and talks with Katherine briefly.

Tony wants to know if he has any chance and Alexis says not much. He asks what if he can prove she is unstable and dig into her past to get the proof. Alexis says she will dig into his past as well and this is going to get messy. He thinks that she doesn't want to handle the case but agrees to take it on. Bobbie sees Alexis leaves and questions Tony on what she was doing in his office.

AJ confronts Carly with a court order for a paternity test.

Brenda goes to see Nikolas, who opens his eyes and looks at her. She says hello and tells him she just wanted to come by because she knows what he's going through, being caught in gunfire. This brought back a lot of memories for her. She understands he can't talk to her but knows if he could talk what he would say. She's there just to tell him he's going to be OK and get through this. She touches his hand and says goodbye.

Thursday, December 11, 1997

At the hospital, Carly begins to argue with AJ about the court order for the paternity test. Carly asks AJ what he will do even if the child is his. AJ tells her he just wants to know if he is a father. Carly tells him the baby is hers and threatens AJ to stay away even if the child is his. AJ refuses and after more of Carly's prodding, he reveals that he doesn't want to take Tony's place, but he does want to raise his child. Carly once again threatens AJ if he tries to take her child away from her and walks off.

Meanwhile, Tony tells Bobbie he is suing Carly for sole custody of the baby. Realizing Bobbie remembers him drawing papers up to do the same thing to her not too long ago, Tony apologizes to Bobbie for starting a case against Bobbie for Lucas' custody. He tells her he never would have gone through with the suit and the whole thing just proves how out of touch he was at the time. Bobbie asks him if he is really ready to go after Carly knowing all the circumstances. She also tells him she was beginning to see Carly in a somewhat better light. Bobbie tells him she knows Carly seems to really care about the child and having been in a position where everyone tells you will be an unfit mother, she understands Carly's feelings.

In Paris, Jason discusses Robin's surveillance with his French contact. While trying to walk away being unseen by Robin, she spots him and they kiss and hug. Robin asks Jason why he is there and he explains that he has taken Sonny's place in the organization and tells her about the drive-by at Luke's. Robin tells him they need to just enjoy the time they have together and not discuss a situation they can't change.

Back at GH, AJ tells Keesha everything that transpired between him and Carly. He begins to tell Keesha about his desire to have children and wonders if this is wrong considering his past and the family he comes from. Keesha tells AJ he would be a great father and when AJ begins to feel bad for the court order, Keesha tells him he is doing the right thing and Carly is the one at fault for the whole situation, not him.

Still in his office, Tony tries to pump Bobbie for her advice as to whether to continue with the custody suit even though she tells him she wants to remain neutral. As Tony continues to press for an answer, Bobbie begins to get upset with Tony and tells him he abandoned their marriage and now he is trying to do the same thing to Carly. On the other hand, she knows how rotten Carly is. Finally Bobbie tells Tony she absolutely will not give an opinion either way. The phone then rings and it is Alexis calling about the custody suit. Bobbie excuses herself and leaves meeting Carly outside Tony's office.

Mac gets a phone call from a friend who is a state trooper near the Canadian border. His friend tells him James Meadows was involved in an accident and they have his body in the morgue. Upon hearing the news, Mac and Felicia tell Tess and they all leave to identify the body.

Outside Tony's office, Bobbie tells Carly not to go into Tony's office because he is on an important consultation call with another physician. Carly begins to smart off to Bobbie and walks in anyway. She overhears Tony talking to Alexis and wants to know why he is talking to Alexis Davis and not another doctor as Bobbie said he was. Tony tells her the call involved hospital business. Satisfied with his answer, Carly begins to demand that Tony come home to spend the evening with her. When he tells her he can't, she erupts into a tirade. When Tony begins to question whether Carly is okay, she apologizes for getting upset and blames it on her hormones. She tells Tony she will be a good wife, though. Tony ignores her statement and tells her he wants a healthy mom-to-be. He tells her to go home and relax. As Carly is leaving, she hugs Tony and tells him she loves him. Tony says nothing and after she leaves, he begins to fell bad about everything.

At the morgue, Mac, Felicia, and Tess view the body of James Meadows. Mac and Felicia leave the room to give Tess time with the "dead" James. Shaken by seeing a dead "Mac", Felicia get upset and tells Mac she doesn't want him to die. Mac tells her to relax he isn't going anywhere. Back inside the room, the morgue attendant opens the body bag again to reveal a very much alive James.

Friday, December 12, 1997

In Paris, Robin and Jason admit they still have feelings for each other. Robin then begins to talk to Jason about his new status in the organization. She expresses her concerns and they argue about Jason's safety. As Jason gets ready to leave Paris, Robin begs him to stay with her and leave the organization.

At the Q house, Edward and Justus are discussing Jason when Ned walks in and announces that ELQ Ja.k.arta will be theirs in a couple of hours. Justus gets upset at being kept in the dark about the Ja.k.arta project and Ned tells him the project was on a need-to-know basis and he didn't need to know.

Brenda prepares for the Christmas shoot as Jax shows up with flower baskets for her. As the shoot starts, Brenda starts to show signs that something is bothering her, but no one notices. Thinking that all is well, Jax leaves for a meeting with Ned and Edward. Brenda continues to have trouble. She looks around for Jax, not knowing he has left. A light bulb blows out causing everyone at the shoot to be startled except Brenda.

Carly visits Tony at the hospital to discuss plans for the nursery in their new house. Tony tells Carly the house deal is off and that he withdrew his offer because he didn't think she really wanted the house. He tells her they will just worry about where they will live once the baby comes. Carly says she does want the house and asks Tony to call the Realtor back. Tony refuses telling her he has lost interest and he doesn't want the stress of buying a house now. Carly wants to talk about the nursery, but Tony interrupts her to go to a meeting. He tries to get her to leave, but Carly says she will just wait for him. After Tony leaves, Amy shows up with an envelope for Tony from Alexis. Even though she doesn't want to leave it with Carly, Carly convinces her and after Amy is gone, Carly opens the envelope and sees the custody forms.

On the plane, Jason remembers explaining to Robin how he can't leave the organization. Robin tells him he can, he just won't. Robin then tells Jason how much she loves him. Back in her apartment in Paris, Robin writes a letter to Jason in her journal. She writes, "Dear Jason, good-bye" and cries.

Tony comes back from his meeting to see a crying Carly. He asks her what's wrong and she throws the papers at him. Tony apologizes for having her find out about the custody suit like she did. Carly apologizes for her behavior in the last few weeks, but Tony tells her it isn't just her behavior over the past few weeks but everything she has done starting with her stealing the custody papers for Lucas. Carly tries to talk Tony into changing his mind, but he refuses. Tony tells Carly he doesn't love her anymore. Upset, Carly asks Tony when he was going to tell her but Tony says he doesn't know. Then, Tony "hits" Carly with everything rotten thing she has done. He tells her he is tired of it all and their baby is better off with him. Enraged, Carly begins to attack Tony personally. Tony, having had enough, tells her they are through.

Jax arrives at the Q house and seals the deal with Ned and Edward. Justus watches them looking concerned.

Brenda's photo shoot begins again and Brenda is still having trouble concentrating. She starts to loose focus, then hallucinates. She thinks she sees Jason in the white shirt from Luke's party with Nikolas' blood on it. Jason is repeating to her again and again, "He said to tell you it was a great ride." Brenda starts to have a break down and begins to tear off the jewelry she is wearing for the shoot. She destroys the set, grabs part of a tripod as a weapon, and screams to everyone (or Jason) to get away from her and "I hate you."

Back at the hospital, Tony tells Carly he loved her before he knew she was so unstable and that life with her would be the worst thing he could do for their child. Furious, Carly tells Tony he will never get her child. Backed into a corner, Carly tells Tony the baby isn't his, it is Jason's.

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