General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 15, 1997 on GH
Brenda was admitted to the hospital, but failed to convince the doctors that she was stable enough to leave. Tess and James kidnapped Mac so that James could pose as Mac. Carly moved in with Jason. A.J. confronted his brother.
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of December 15, 1997 on GH
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Monday, December 15, 1997

Brenda is calm but in a bit of a trance. The photographer tells someone to call for help and check her bag for her pills. He gets Brenda up and she then grabs the video camera from the cameraman and begins talking to the crew. Lucy shows up in the middle of all this and Brenda starts to flip out again, telling them all to stay away from her.

Jax jumps into Justus' car to thank him for the Ja.k.arta deal. He wants to know his role in the whole deal and Justus tells him not to get to ahead of himself because the board has not yet voted. Jax brings up Sonny's name, since he is a member of the board, and asks what ever happened to him. He shows Justus the paper which has Jason's photo in it and Justus says he's not his lawyer.

Jason walks into the penthouse and Luke is there waiting for him. He's upset about what went down at his club and thinks Jason walked away from it by skipping town for a day. Luke asks if Robin's life is in danger. Jason tells Luke he'll pay for the damage to the club and he knows that Sonny was his friend and would explain things to him but he won't. He told him he's taking care of things and he is.

Carly tells Tony he's not the father, Jason is. Tony thinks this is all a lie but she tells him he thinks she was lying about something and she was, that she slept with Jason and more than once. He thinks she's even sicker and won't entrust her with his baby. She tells him to walk out of denial. Carly tells him a story about how her and Jason met and the low down dirty sex they had. She tells him Jason doesn't give a damn who she is or what people say. Tony lets her know she's welcome to keep the apartment and she tells him she's glad because it reminds her of Jason; they were doing it right under his nose. Bobbie walks in and interrupts there fight. She's just there to let Tony know his consultation has been canceled.

Luke tells Jason his son was in that club and expects answers from him. Jason tells him he's back and his mind is on business. Luke wants to know what if Robin follows him and Jason says she won't. Jason explains what he's going to do and lets Luke know it was Valentine who tipped off Marino but not to worry, he has another attorney in mind.

Jax wants to know why he trusts Edward, Justus says because he's family. Justus is not under contract with ELQ and Jax lets him know he'd make it worth his while if he decided to sell them out.

Brenda tells everyone to stay away from her and all they can do is watch. Lucy tries to talk to her and when she touches Brenda's arm she tries to fight her off. Lucy holds her and rambles on how she wants to help her get out of there. She asks for Brenda's hand and she lets her hold it. Frank Scanlon shows up and asks if she's the patient. When she hears this she tries to run away but he grabs her and she screams for him to let her go. Lucy begs him to let her go, she's scared. He lets her go to Lucy and she tells Brenda she will call Kevin. Lucy gets a hold of him and asks what they should do. Lucy tells Brenda Kevin said they should go to the hospital and let Frank help her in putting on the restraints, which are just a rule. Lucy lets her know she'll be in the ambulance with her and won't let anything happen to her. Frank shows her the restraints and puts them on. Brenda's in a fog but says she's fine and says, "I don't need you." She must be talking about Sonny.

Luke tells Jason he's got to stay focused, if not bail like Sonny did, or else innocent people will die. Jason asks about Nikolas and then Luke says he must leave. As he opens the door Justus is standing there and so Luke decides to stay a bit longer.

Bobbie apologizes and leaves. Tony tells Carly he wants to stop this and gives her 3 minutes. He asks Robin's role because Jason is in love with her and Carly says that didn't change because she also loved him, but the two of them were about sex, not love. She tells him he was easy to fool and explains that all the times he found them together they had just had sex. She thinks he believes her and challenges him to say she's lying. Carly says he can't because he knows it's true. (Meanwhile this is just another one of her lies) She insults him and calls him a loser, saying he was an alternative to working. She lets him know Jason has all the money she needs. She walks out and both are shaken up.

Justus is surprised to see Luke and Luke asks him how his conscience is doing. Luke takes a few more shots and then tells him if he gets introduced to Jason's associates he's going to be in over his head. Luke leaves and Justus tells Jason that Nikolas is going to recover and the case against him is closed. Jason wants to know if he's given his job offer any more thought.

Jax shows up at the studio to find it trashed. His cell phone rings and it's Lucy calling to let him know where they are. You can hear Brenda screaming in the background and Jax rushes out.

Brenda's in the psyche ward at GH and the staff tries to calm her down. Lucy tries to talk to her and Brenda asks if they work for Sonny. She yells at the nurse telling her she knows who they are and thinks they've been sent to kill her.

Jason wants Justus to work for him and lets him know there is a way to stay legit. Justus isn't ready yet but will consider it. A few of Jason's associates come over and Jason wants him to meet them. After formal introductions, Justus excuses himself and promises to be in touch.

Bobbie goes in to see Tony and Luke scares her from behind. She tells Luke she thinks Tony just broke up with Carly and Luke can't believe it. Bobbie tells him Tony's plans.

Jax demands they open the door and then he rushes in to see Brenda screaming and out of control.

Luke asks Bobbie if Tony is serious and she's shocked at his arrogance. Although she's not siding with Carly she can't say what type of mother she will be.

Tony is in the bathroom, washing his face, and when he looks in the mirror he thinks of the times he found Jason in their apartment. He is clearly upset.

Jason tells his associates that he found the shooters and they'll be gone by next week. He also tells them Sonny's gone and he's in charge. He lets them in on what he knows regarding Marino's plan and then tells them his plan for getting rid of Marino. The associates are reassured and he has their full support. They continue to talk strategy when all of a sudden Carly is outside screaming that she needs to see Jason. He goes to the door and she's standing there, soaking wet, and tells him she needs him, she's done something he's not going to like.

Tuesday, December 16, 1997

Stefan is by Nikolas' side as he's still asleep. Katherine comes in to check on the two and he opens his eyes. Stefan talks to him about what's been going on outside the hospital and Nikolas grabs for the paper and a pen.

Jax grabs at Brenda and she screams I hate you to him thinking he's Sonny. She asks why he (meaning Sonny) won't leave her alone.

Tony goes back to his office and smashes a picture of Carly. Alan walks in and invites Tony over to the house for dinner. Tony declines and Alan notices something's wrong. He asks about his custody suit against Carly and Tony tells him that she said he's not the father, his son Jason is.

Jason tells Carly he's in a meeting right now & she says if he tells her to go she doesn't know what's going to happen to her. Jason asks her to stop crying and tells her to warm up in the upstairs bathroom. He shows her the way up and then gets back to his associates. They get up to leave and let him know they are reassured answering to him. He lets them know they will not regret this and leads them out. Jason tells Carly she can come down now and gives her a cup of soup. She tells him Tony doesn't love her anymore and he doesn't think he ever did. Carly also realizes Jason probably doesn't have much use for Tony. She explains to him how Bobbie is her biological mother, gave her up for adoption, and now thinks she's dead. Carly tells him she doesn't know who her father is, neither did Bobbie, and now she's just like her mother because she doesn't know who her baby's father is either.

Tony says Alan's the last person he should be telling this to but he thinks she's lying. He says he had to tell her everything once she found out his plan. Tony wants to know if Alan thinks it could be true and questions if he's ever seen them together. Alan says no but doesn't know much about Jason's life except what he reads in the papers. In a round about way Tony asks about Jason's relationship with Robin.

Carly tells Jason about her "parents", especially her mom. She talks about the anger in finding out who her real mother was and how upset she was when she found out the happy life she was leading. Carly expected her to be poor, unable to raise a child, and here she was, raising another adopted child. She guesses she just didn't want her. Carly thought Tony would be a way to make Bobbie sorry for what she'd done to her but instead she fell in love with him. Jason asks who else knows and she tells him Luke who never lets her forget. His next question is what does she need him to do. Carly explains how during one of her and Tony's break

ups, she slept with someone else and then her and Tony made

up and she slept with him the same night. So Jason asks her if it's Dr. Jones' or AJ's?

Nikolas writes Sarah's name on the piece of paper and Katherine lets him know she's been at GH the whole time but his visitor list was restricted. He wants to know why, and when Bobbie walks in Katherine asks her. She's not really sure why either and assumes someone must have thought family only was necessary. Stefan tells him his recovery comes first. Bobbie lets them know Sarah's outside and Katherine leaves the room. Bobbie asks to have a word with Stefan and asks him if he has a problem with the care she's been giving his nephew? He says no, but does have a problem with her presence. He blames Luke for what happened and lets her know that he does not want Laura to know. She tells him that's about the only thing him & Luke agree on.

Sarah asks Katherine when she might be able to visit and Katherine is really not sure. Sarah tells her to let Nikolas know she's there and that she misses him and is sorry because she was the reason he was at Luke's.

Jax helps Brenda lye down. Lucy apologizes and thinks this is her fault. Brenda tells them he's trying to hurt her & she's not imagining it. Jax & Lucy step outside and he asks her exactly what happened. She describes what she saw when she came in. He lets her know they must do damage control to keep this out of the papers and off the TV. He sends Lucy to go work with his assistant V and he places a call to Star TV, but the man he's calling comes up behind him.

Carly asks what AJ told him and he tells her they used his room and he figured it out. She's surprised he didn't say anything and he wants to know what would you say to two people who had sex. Carly tells how at first AJ didn't remember that night but when he started to figure things out she knocked him out, left him in the courtyard and poured vodka all over him. She says she told Tony it's not his and she'll do the same with AJ because she told Tony it was his. Jason has a look of surprise on his face. She defends what she did, claiming she won't let either take her child away. Jason asks if she ever thought she'd get caught and Carly admits she thought things would go differently. Jason tells her he's too busy to get married but doesn't care if she tells people it's his. He reminds her they will want blood tests and then they will know he's not the father. Carly knows that but this will give her a bit more time to decide what she's going to do.

Tony asks if either him or Carly need to be tested for HIV and Alan tells Tony Jason is negative because he had him tested illegally; Jason never gave his consent and Alan is violating the law by telling him these things. Tony ask Alan to keep this a secret but he says he can't. Tony thinks Alan's looking at this as his son is about to become a father and not that him and Carly have broken up. Alan promises not to tell anyone outside the family.

Jax finds out that Star TV is going to air excerpts from the shoot on TV later that evening and Trent tells him it's too late to stop it. Jax places a call to V. looking for Lucy.

Katherine tries to explain the rules to Sarah but says she'll look into it. Sarah knows Stefan doesn't want her to see Nikolas and doesn't want to do anything to upset him.

Bobbie gives Nikolas' condition a good review. Stefan tells Bobbie the only reason he hasn't had her removed is because Nikolas responds well to her.

Jason tells Carly he'll help in anyway and she asks if she can stay there. He says OK. Jason doesn't understand what else though the two men want from her, they already had sex with her. Carly tells Jason she'll do all the lying and he just doesn't have to say anything.

Trent shows up again to let Jax know that various cities are refusing to air the tape.

The doctor tells Jax and Lucy that Brenda is sleeping and if all goes well they will be able to release her. Jax goes in to sit with her.

Alan is still in Tony's office when he returns and asks what has Alexis told him in regards to the custody. He recalls how he fought for Jason and fate gave him to him, only to then loose him in an accident. Alan says goodnight and outside the office he seems happy Jason is going to be a father.

Jason tells Carly she can say whatever she wants but he won't make stuff up but will do whatever else he can.

Jax says he will never touch her again (meaning Sonny) to a sleeping Brenda.

Wednesday, December 17, 1997

Felicia is at the Outback looking for Mac; he's laying on the bar and she walks over and pours water over his head.

Tess meets James outside the Outback but she's worried someone will see them. She goes inside and apologizes for interrupting the two. Tess plays up the sad story of how she misses Jimmy and asks what she should do with her feelings. Felicia suggests that she have a service.

The doctor tells Gail they need a 2nd opinion on Brenda because she's a danger to herself. Gail asks if Julia's been contacted and he says Mr. Jax is working on it.

Jax shows up at Jason's and tells him he and Sonny are going to pay for what they've done to Brenda.

The Q's are all together having breakfast when Alan comes in with an announcement, they're going to have an addition to the family, Jason's going to be a father. Edward says just what they need, a baby hit man in the family. They're all shocked and at first they think it's Robin's but he says no, it's Carly Robert's. Monica is shocked and very pissed off. Monica tells them that this girl has no morals. Emily says it can't be because Jason is in love with Robin and 8/9 months ago he was with her. Monica still can not believe this and the family is shocked.

Jax wants to know where Sonny is so he can tell him he's scum. Jason wants Jax to explain what happened; he already knows she's in the hospital. He asks how she's doing and Jax's tells him she's afraid for her life, thinking Sonny is going to kill her. Jax tells him to let Sonny know if he comes back to PC he's dead. Jax attacks him and Carly yells at them to stop.

Katherine and Stefan are back at Wyndemere. He thinks Nikolas almost died because he permitted him to do "normal" things. She says it was an accident but Stefan thinks he should have forbade him to go to that club. She says he would have gone anyway and then he would not have allowed him to stand vigil by his bed.

Felicia lets Tess know they'll help her plan the service and she tells them it's too late because the funeral already happened. Tess says she did see him one last time before he was laid out and cries. Mac asks where he was buried and she wants to know why. Mac says he wants to pay his respects.

Alan thinks the pregnancy can be a blessing in disguise, maybe he'll want to be a part of the family. Ned doesn't agree with Alan. Lila says they should hear what Jason has to say. V. shows up to talk to Ned about the situation with Brenda but he, nor the Q's, knows what she's talking about. V. explains she had a breakdown and is in the psych ward.

Brenda's awake and Gail goes in to see her and talk for a while.

Carly tells Jax to get out before Jason shoots him. Jax says just to leave her alone and walks out. Jason explains to Carly why Jax was there and then Mike shows up. He's also there to talk about Brenda. Mike wants Jason to call Sonny and tell him to come home because he's the only one who can help her. Jason says he can't do it and Mike thinks he can. He wants Sonny to fix this. Mike believes Sonny is the only one who can let her off the hook. Jason tells him he is on his own and so is Brenda. Mike feels Brenda needs Sonny and begs him to call.

Gail asks Brenda if she'd like to see Julia and Brenda wants to know if her sister can get her out of there. Gail asks if she remembers what happened at the shoot and she says there were a lot of people there and they were trying to hurt her. Gail asks if she thinks it was Sonny.

Jax shows up and asks the dr. how she is doing. He lets him know Gail is with her and Jax watches them from the window.

Katherine suggests Stefan take a ride on Nikolas' horse but he says he needs to get to the hospital. He tells her she can not understand how much he loves Nikolas. Stefan tells her about how he taught Nikolas to ride and recalls an incident where he almost drowned, but Stefan saved him. The other night brought those fears back to him and he thought he was going to loose him again.

Tess thinks it's nice of him to think of putting flowers on his grave but Jimmy's being cremated and she's going to go back to California. She asks them to send her the documents she gave them and leaves her address. She says her good

byes and goes outside to meet Jimmy. Mac and then Felicia step outside and Mac thinks something's fishy.

Ned & Edward make some calls to keep the photos of Brenda out of the papers. Lila wants to know what Carly did to upset her (Monica). Alan can't understand why everyone's so upset about Carly and wants to know what she's done that's so bad. Monica says it's not her story to tell but she knows what Carly's doing with her two sons.

Mac doesn't think Tess' story made sense. Felicia thinks he has an overactive imagination but Mac thinks Tess is lying to them.

Jimmy can't believe they forgot such a minor detail as a funeral arrangement. Tess tells him they need to make their move.

Gail tells Jax she's been asking for him and lets him know she's going to talk to the doctor. Jax wants to know when she's going to come home and Gail says if things go OK maybe on Friday. Jax goes in to see her and she asks where he's been. Brenda wants to know when she can leave because she doesn't like this place. She thanks Jax for taking care of her.

Jason tells Mike he's wasting his time. Mike leaves and Carly comes back down. She thinks his life might be as bad as hers but he says no. She continues to make comparisons between the two and Jason tells her to just worry about herself.

Alan wants to know how Carly's using both their sons and Monica tells him AJ's hiding a big secret and Alan wants to know when he's going to find out. She says it's his story to tell but AJ might be the only one beside Carly who knows the truth.

Thursday, December 18, 1997

Jason tells Carly she is in danger being with him and she will have to find another place to live once the baby is born. Carly tells Jason she doesn't have any money to get another place and she really needs him anyway. Feeling sorry for her, Jason tells her she can live with him until the first sign of danger.

At the hospital, Alan tells AJ about Tony and Carly breaking-up and how Carly says Tony isn't the father of her baby, Jason is. AJ is surprised at Alan's news and tries to tells Alan Carly is just lying. They begin to argue and AJ tells Alan that Jason isn't the father and even if he was, it wouldn't make Jason leave his present lifestyle no matter how much Alan wants Jason to. AJ asks Alan if he has talked to Jason about the news and when Alan admits he hasn't, AJ tells him he needs to. Alan accuses AJ of being jealous of Jason and walks off.

Mac and Felicia discuss Mac's distrust of Tess as Tess and James discuss taking out Mac. The plan is to get Felicia out of the way, then have Mac come to Tess' rescue when she fakes a drug overdose. While Mac is helping her, Tess will inject Mac with a drug used in veterinarian medicine which won't kill Mac, but will render him unable to speak or move.

While visiting Nikolas in the hospital, Katherine advises Bobbie it would be better if Nikolas had a different nurse instead of Bobbie. Bobbie tells her Stefan hasn't asked for a new nurse so she isn't leaving the case. Sarah walks up and Katherine allows her to visit with Nikolas. Both are happy to see each other.

Back at the Outback, Felicia leaves to go to a book fair at the school. After she leaves, Mac receives a call from James acting as an innocent by-stander who discovers Tess has taken an overdose of pills. Mac leaves a note for Felicia and goes to help Tess. Lucky arrives at the hospital and Amy volunteers information about Nikolas' condition. Lucky tells her he isn't interested and Luke shows up. Lucky tells Luke he is confused about helping out when Nikolas was shot. He feels he was weak because he didn't allow Nikolas to die even though he did wish him dead. He tells Luke he is also confused because Luke not only helped out, but rode in the ambulance with Nikolas. Luke tells him not to be confused because there is a difference between wanting someone dead and watching them die.

Carly asks Jason questions about his business and as she is helping Jason with the books, there is a knock at the door. Tony walks in wanting to know the truth. Jason sidesteps Tony's questions. Tony doesn't directly ask Jason if he is the father of the baby and Jason doesn't come out and say he is the father. When Tony starts to accuse Carly of being unfit, Jason sticks up for her. Carly begins to start a fight with Tony who refuses to argue with her. Jason asks Tony to leave. Tony refuses to leave without Carly because she is putting his child in danger being at the penthouse. Tony reminds Jason about what happened to Lily and Brenda as a result of being in the penthouse. Carly refuses to leave and Jason throws Tony out. Carly then tells Jason she wants to make Jason the legal father of the baby.

At the hospital, Keesha approaches AJ having seen Alan and AJ arguing. AJ tells her everything that has been going on with Carly. Keesha doesn't believe Carly anymore than AJ does. AJ leaves to find out the truth from Jason for himself.

Outside Nikolas' hospital room while the doctor examines Nikolas, Katherine pins Stefan down as to what he wants between the two of them. Stefan tells her he wants her involved in his life and Bobbie walks out of Nikolas' room and tells them the doctor has removed Nikolas from the ventilator. Everyone goes back in Nikolas' room to visit with him and as they are about the leave, Stefan receives a note and excuses himself abruptly.

Mac arrives at Tess' hotel room to see her on the bed. He tries to help her walk around to keep her conscious. She falls on the bed telling Mac she just wants him to hold her and takes out a syringe from under the pillow. Mac looks up as Tess is ready to inject him. He starts to fight her off when James comes out of the closet and knocks Mac out. Tess then injects Mac.

Jason leaves the penthouse to go to a business meeting and Carly prepares to collect her things from Tony's. The door bell rings and AJ shows up.

James arrives at the Outback pretending to be Mac and removes the note Mac left for Felicia. Felicia walks in, they exchange a few words and she doesn't notice he isn't Mac. Back at Tess' hotel room, Tess talks to an immobile Mac and tells him she is sorry for drugging him but she has to in order to transfer him to the cabin he will be staying at indefinitely.

Friday, December 19, 1997

Jax and Brenda await her evaluation to determine if she poses any danger to herself or to others. Brenda expresses her concern to Jax that she could be committed and kept against her will. Jax tells her to be calm and just tell the evaluating doctors the truth and they will let her go home.

Lucky watches Nikolas outside Nikolas' hospital room. When Nikolas looks up, Lucky walks away. Liz comes up to Lucky and she convinces him to search for Sarah with her. Stefan comes to visit Nikolas and in the conversation, he tries to get Nikolas to agree to go back to being tutored at home. Nikolas refuses. Stefan backs down and tells Nikolas he will not interfere with his relationship with Sarah.

Alexis tries unsuccessfully to get information on Nikolas' condition. Luke arrives and gives her a tape of her mother singing. Alexis is suspicious and asks Luke what he wants from her. He tells her he doesn't want anything and leaves. Alexis begins to listen to the tape, smiles and begins to cry as she grasps her mother's ring.

AJ tells Carly he can prove she is lying as soon as he can ask Jason because Jason is incapable of lying. He also informs Carly he knows why she is lying. They begin to argue when Jason walks in. Carly leaves the room to allow Jason and AJ to talk, but is worried Jason will reveal the truth. AJ starts to tell Jason what a witch Carly is and admits he is the father of the baby. When Jason asks him what he will do, AJ tells him he will file for sole custody of the child.

Lucky and Liz return at the same time Sarah and Katherine arrive at Nikolas' room. Sarah goes in to visit Nikolas and to bring him a bell as a present. Outside the room, Liz confronts Lucky with his feelings for Sarah. Lucky tells her he and Sarah are just friends and he doesn't want Sarah for anything else. Sarah leaves Nikolas to rest and Stefan comes back in. He talks to Nikolas then Nikolas asks him for something which Stefan absolutely refuses to allow.

Brenda starts her evaluation and is fine until one of the doctors asks her if she is feels people are staring at her. She is a little unnerved, but recovers. She asks the panel if she will be allowed to go home and they tell her they will have to discuss the matter together. One of the doctors picks up the phone to call for an attendant to escort Brenda back to her room and Brenda stares at the telephone. Afraid, she runs out of the room and down the stairs only to be caught and restrained by hospital attendants.

Stefan walks out of Nikolas' room and tells Lucky Nikolas wants to see him. Lucky tells Stefan he will think about it and leaves to walk Sarah and Liz out to their car. While Stefan and Katherine are outside Nikolas' room, Alexis shows up asking Stefan about Nikolas' condition. She asks to speak to Stefan alone and Katherine refuses to leave. Stefan gets nasty with Alexis and refuses to tell her how Nikolas is doing. When Alexis him asks to be reinstated into the family, Stefan refuses and threatens to have her removed from the hospital if she doesn't leave.

AJ continues to tell Jason everything Carly has done to him. Jason tells AJ he knows all about what Carly has done. AJ is confused that Jason could still help Carly after knowing everything and Jason asks him if he saw someone bleeding on the street, would he help the person or stop to find out what the person had done in the past few months. Jason admits he doesn't agree with what Carly has done, but it is over and no one can tell her what to do with her baby. Jason also tells AJ he will continue to help her. AJ asks Jason if he could be the father of Carly's baby.

Stefan and Katherine once again leave Nikolas and while they are gone, Lucky enters. He begins to talk to Nikolas who asks Lucky if Laura knows he was hurt. Lucky tells Nikolas Laura doesn't know and asks Nikolas if that is what he wanted to see him for. Nikolas begins to grab the back of his head and utters unintelligible words. Lucky can't understand him and asks him to repeat what he said. Nikolas again can't speak clearly and Lucky realizes something is wrong.

Alexis goes back to her hotel room. As she enters, the tape of her mother is playing. Alexis calls out to Luke thinking he has played a joke on her. When he doesn't answer she turns to look around the room and Helena turns to face her.

At GH, Julia has arrived and she and Jax demand to know where Brenda is. When the doctor tells them Brenda has been restrained to protect herself, Jax threatens to ruin his career if he doesn't let them see her. The doctor then informs them Brenda is having a progressive nervous breakdown and is being held in isolation. In the room, Brenda sits on the bed rocking back and forthRecap --->

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