General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of January 5, 1998 on GH
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Monday January 5, 1998

Brenda exhibited some disturbing behavior as she cut her image out of photographs while she was alone in her cottage. After cutting the photos, Brenda then burned them in the fireplace. Jax thanked Robin for returning to Port Charles with him and hoped that Robin could help Brenda. Robin agreed when Jax asked her not to mention Jason to Brenda and Jax realized that Robin still loved Jason. Later, Robin arrived at Brenda's cottage. After learning the baby's blood type, AJ jumped to the conclusion that Jason was the father of Carly's baby. Jason visited Carly, who was suffering from postpartum depression and refused Jason's suggestion to try to hold her baby again. Bobbie arrived and tried to talk to Carly, but Carly remained in the throes of her depression. After Bobbie left, Tony entered Carly's room and a vicious argument ensued in which Tony said that Carly was out of his life for good. Later, Carly asked Bobbie to wheel her to the neo-natal intensive care unit so that she could once again try to hold her baby. Carly was unable to bring herself to touch her baby and was overwhelmed with feelings of helplessness. Carly then bumped into AJ as she fled from the room and begged AJ to take her back to her own room. Jason walked in on Carly and AJ and AJ congratulated Jason on being the baby's father. After AJ left, Carly lamented to Jason that she was incapable of mothering her baby. Carly then begged Jason to help her leave town for a while and said that she was going to leave her baby with Jason. Carly swore that she would return after she figured out what to do with her life and Jason agreed not to tell anyone the truth about the baby's paternity in her absence.

Tuesday, January 6, 1998

Brenda and Robin were reunited, although a paranoid Brenda mistakenly came to the conclusion that Robin had been in contact with Sonny. Brenda then suspected that Robin was visiting to spy on her for Sonny. Later, Brenda eavesdropped as Robin made plans to meet someone. Jason told Luke that Carly had left town and had placed the baby in his care. Luke wanted to tell Bobbie the truth about Carly, but Jason negotiated a deal in which Luke agreed to give Carly one month to return to Port Charles and tell Bobbie herself. Later, Jason granted Luke's request to let Bobbie help take care of the baby. Meanwhile, Lorraine told a drunken Tony about Carly's departure. Lorraine then made a pass at Tony, but he rejected her. Tony then returned home and threw all the things he had bought for the baby out the window. Felicia was puzzled by "Mac's" attentions and she shared her bewilderment with Bobbie. Bobbie, however, saw nothing amiss with "Mac" and encouraged Felicia to resurrect her romance with him.

Wednesday, January 7, 1998

AJ found Tony passed out on his doorstep and learned that Carly had left Port Charles. After absorbing these facts, AJ finally felt ready to tell Alan that Carly had drugged him in order to keep their one-night stand a secret and that he hadn't fallen off the wagon as Alan believed. AJ told Alan the truth about the events on that fateful night and Alan believed that AJ hadn't slipped. Alan, however, choose to believe that Carly had drugged AJ because he had found out that Jason and Carly had slept together, not because Carly was trying to erase AJ's memory about the two of them. AJ was shocked by Alan's version of events and realized that even with the truth out in the open, Jason was still the favored son. AJ then wanted no part in being welcomed back into the Quartermaine fold. Dara gave Justus a tip to pass along to Jason about new mob arrivals in Port Charles. Ned and Edward both wondered about Justus' loyalty to ELQ and feared he might abandon ship. Edward remained determined to buy Carly's baby from her and Ned met with Alexis and spoke about a potential job opening at ELQ. Tony also met with Alexis and wanted to start legal proceedings against Carly and Jason in order to get custody of the baby himself. Katherine and Stefan disagreed on Nikolas' treatment during recovery and Katherine began doubting whether or not she should move into Wyndemere. Stefan then pointed out a beautiful guest house on the grounds and Katherine agreed to move in there. Nikolas watched unseen as Sarah gave Emily a letter to take to him. Emily then visited with Nikolas and gave him Sarah's letter before she left. Later, Nikolas crumpled the unopened letter in his fist.

Thursday, January 8, 1998

Alan and Monica get cozy while they are preparing for the ELQ board meeting. They discuss Jason and AJ and Monica asks Alan what he is on that has him in such a good mood. Alan tells her it is just being around her that does it. Monica leaves the room and Alan takes more pills.

Downstairs, Justus and Edward await the start of the meeting. Edward begins to warn Justus of Jax. Edward tells him Jax goes after the weakest link in a business and right now that weakest link in ELQ is his and Justus' relationship. Justus makes his displeasure with Edward known, but says Edward still has him in his pocket. Ned and Jax arrive and Ned asks Jax how Brenda is. Jax tells him Brenda is definitely on the mend.

Emily arrives at Brenda's to see how she is. Brenda makes jokes about her stay at the psychiatric ward, but Emily doesn't find them funny. Emily brings Brenda a present and apologizes for the lateness in getting it to her, the reason being everything between Jason, Carly and the baby. When Brenda tells her she doesn't know what happened, Emily tells Brenda the whole story of Jason and Carly.

All the Quartermaines gather together for the meeting and as they enter the main room, they find Jason is already there. All the Q's start in on Jason about the baby, but Jason tells them he has everything under control and he is only there for the meeting. Edward gets upset and doesn't want Jason at the meeting. Jax speaks up and tells Jason only Sonny has the right to be there. Jason then shows them all his proxy to vote for Sonny's shares of ELQ.

AJ and Keesha have dinner and they discuss Alan's reaction to AJ's revelation. AJ tells Keesha, Alan believed everything he told him except that anyone would want him after they had Jason. Keesha tries to comfort AJ telling him how nice he looks and that he is better than Jason. AJ starts to feel better and then invites Keesha to the board meeting he was going to skip.

Emily leaves Brenda and she is visibly upset. She walks around the room and sets upright a picture of her with her face cut out. Robin enters the room and tells Brenda she was suppose to meet Mac, but he oddly didn't show up. Brenda accuses Robin of seeing Jason instead of Mac, but tells Robin its okay if she did, she just wants Robin to be honest with her. Robin again tells Brenda she went to see Mac. Brenda gives up and instead begins to tell Robin that Jason isn't who she thinks he is. Brenda then tells Robin everything Emily had just told her. Brenda also tells Robin that Jason wants to be Sonny and wants everything of Sonny's including her and that he even kissed her.

Ned starts the ELQ meeting and brings up a proposal to renovate the waterfront. Jason tells them he needs the specs to review the project, but Edward tells him he doesn't need them because the don't need him or his vote to pass the project. Ned interrupts Edward with the fact that they do indeed need Jason because he runs the waterfront. Edward asks Ned if there isn't someone they can bribe and Ned tells him that would be Jason. Jason interrupts and tells Edward he doesn't come cheap. Jason is then called away to talk to his bodyguard.

After Jason is through with business, Justus approaches him and relays a message to him from Dara to be careful. Jason is curious as to why Dara would choose Justus to carry the message and again asks Justus to be his council. Justus says Dara choose him because he is family and refuses again to be Jason's lawyer.

AJ and Keesha show up for the meeting. AJ tells Ned he needs him for approval of the waterfront project because he has already discussed the environmental impact of the project with city council members. Ned relays the information to Edward and Jason comes back in. As they are set to start the meeting again, Taggert and Garcia show up to take Jason downtown for questioning in the death of Jason's old lawyer, Valentine. Justus leaves to go with Jason to help him.

At the police station, Taggert and Jason argue. Taggert finally brings up Robin and Jason threatens him and tells him if he hurts Robin, he will have to face other people besides just himself. Back at Brenda's house, Robin is very upset about the news of Jason and Carly and goes upstairs to be alone. Brenda walks over to the fire and says, "Now we're even Jason".

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