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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 2, 1998 on GH
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Monday February 2, 1998

Brenda finds Jax at the Port Charles Grill and sits down at his table. He thinks she's there to meet with an agent but she tells him she would like to take him to dinner. Before he can give her an answer, Ashley shows up and Brenda is surprised to see her. Brenda introduces her to Jax not realizing the two already know each other. She asks her what she's doing in PC and Ashley says having dinner but it looks like she's taken her seat. Brenda looks at the seat and seems taken aback.

Carly walks in towards the end of the baptism and Jason hands the baby to Emily and walks over to her. He tells her he thought the baby should be baptized and wasn't sure when she was coming home, he would have waited. Carly's OK with this and when he asks her to participate she says she would rather just sit in the back. Jason goes back up to the alter and the ceremony is concluded. When it's done Jason instructs Mike to watch the baby and not to let the Quartermaine's near him. Monica approaches Carly and tells her she knows she drugged her son and tricked the other one. She tells her she believes Carly doesn't care for the baby and should leave town again for good. Jason walks over and tells Monica she should leave. He then tells Carly that they tried to steal the baby but he's OK and healing fine from the operation. Jason also tells her he named the baby Michael. Carly wants Jason to go on with the day as planned.

Edward tells the family he isn't leaving until he holds his great

grandson and swears he'll have that baby back within six months and then he's changing his name after his.

The priest announces there's a reception afterward at Jason's house and all are invited. Jason jumps in saying not everyone.

Ashley gives Brenda some suggestions but she doesn't appear too receptive. Ashley's phone rings and she excuses herself. Jax asks Brenda if she really wants to go back to modeling and she says not really but her experience is pretty limited.

Jason includes Moreno in the reception and tells Justus he better be there. Bobbie asks if he'll reconsider inviting his family and he says no. She says what if Carly wants them there and he says he'll do whatever she wants. Bobbie asks Carly if they can come since they are family and she says she doesn't care. Bobbie makes the announcement that they are invited.

Jason thanks Robin for coming and then walks away. Robin asks Emily to place her gift with the rest and Emily convinces her she should come to the party. Robin watches sadly as Jason and Carly leave the church.

Jason and Carly arrive at the penthouse and everyone is waiting outside. He tells them to stay there until he is ready. Leticia is instructed to feed the baby upstairs and not to bring him down. He will have a guard standing outside the door. She asks Carly if she would like to feed him but Carly declines. Carly thanks Jason for giving her son a name. The family is let in and Edward walks straight over to Carly and says they have matters to discuss. AJ then walks over to her and she turns away from him. Jason is by Emily and introduces her to Carly. Monica asks Bobbie what she did to make Jason and Carly change their minds and Bobbie says it was Carly and that she believes the post pardum depression has really hit her hard. Monica can't believe that Bobbie can be so nice after all she's done to her.

AJ tells Robin he's surprised to see her there and is even a bit sarcastic. He apologizes for being angry it's just that the worst thing Jason could do is name that child after Sonny and let Carly anywhere near him. AJ thinks he should sue for sole custody because that is what he would do.

Carly is sitting outside the penthouse and AJ walks over and starts picking on her. He tells her the baby is better off with his family and she tells him they will never have him. He can't believe she would want her son to be around guns since that is what Jason pulled on them to get the baby back. She tells him that Jason protects that child and he is just a wimp because Jason fooled them and they all backed down. AJ calls her names such as a user and Jason walks over and tells him to get out. Carly tells Jason that AJ hates her and he can never know. Meanwhile the guard watching over Michael brings Edward back downstairs. Edward tells Jason if he throws him out he'll charge him with assault. Everyone is laughing and Jason tells him he can stay. Lila comes in and demands that he apologize to Jason but he tells her it's OK, he doesn't want him to apologize. Jason does say that they can never show up again, except Lila and Emily.

Bobbie tells Carly she did a good thing by letting the Quartermaine's come to the reception and says it's good to have her back. Carly doesn't' seem all too thrilled.

Moreno strikes up a conversation with Robin, telling her that he knew her stepfather and her mother. He reminisces about meeting Duke and Anna and says that it was a shame he tried to get out of that life. Jason and Justus walk over and Moreno tells them he was just telling Ms. Scorpio that Duke Lavory was a business associate of his. Jason warns him to stay away from Robin and everyone else under his protection. Jason offers him a piece offering.

Brenda tells Jax that Ashley is probably waiting for her to leave. Brenda finds it weird to hear he's dating and she seems at a loss for words. She tells him that any woman who has a chance with him would be a fool to let him go. He gives her a box of cookies and she is all excited. She tells him that when V. told her his plane went down she didn't know what she would do without him. She would never be able to accept another present. Ashley comes back and tells Jax she is free for the next two weeks. Brenda gets up to leave them alone and she walks out slowly, watching them from the door.

Back at the house, Edward tells Alan, Monica and AJ that they still have a chance to raise the baby. He thinks they can get the baby from Carly. He plans on befriending her and isolating her from Jason. Then they can pay her off. First order of business is to let her know they harbor no malice.

Jason thanks Mike for his help and Mike lets him know Sonny would be happy he names his child after him. Carly asks Robin when she's going back to Paris and she says she's not. Carly says she doesn't know what Jason told her and Robin lets her know it's none of her business just like her and Michael are none of hers.

Robin says goodnight to Jason and he is glad she came. Robin tells him all she wanted to do was help but she's not sure she did and when she walks away she looks sad.

Bobbie brings the baby down to see Carly who tells her to give him to Jason. She claims she caught a virus on the plane. Bobbie leaves and Jason thanks her. Carly is glad this is all over and asks him what he's going to do now with the baby. He tells her he's going to talk to him and she says she's going to bed. As Jason stands by the window and talks to him she watches from the steps.

Tuesday, February 3, 1998

Felicia and James are at the Port Charles Grill and she's worried about him proposing again; he promises not to. At their table is a big bouquet of roses per his instructions. She's not too pleased and so he has the waiter take away the other things he has placed out.

Emily goes to Kelly's to pick up some chocolate scones for her and Nikolas. Sarah is there, trying to study, but goes over to talk to Emily. She's wondering how Nikolas is and Emily tells her to trust her when she says things will get back to normal real soon. Ruby comes out with her order and Sarah comments how scones are Nikolas' favorite.

Nikolas is practicing his fencing and looks at Sarah's letter again.

Carly hears her baby crying but doesn't do anything except call out to Laticia to see if he's OK. There's no response though. Bobbie walks in and at first she thinks it's Jason but when she turns around and sees Bobbie she asks what she's doing there. She wants to know why the guard let her in and he tells her that Mr. Morgan has her come by every day to check on Michael. Carly lets her in but is on the defensive. Bobbie hears the baby crying and says he's probably hungry. She suggests they go upstairs but Carly refuses. Jason comes home and goes to look in on Michael. He stops crying and then Cary lashes out at her for making suggestions. Bobbie brought Michael a gift and tells Carly to open it.

Alexis is at GH and Tony tells her he was just thinking of tracking her down. He'd like to continue with the custody suit because he doesn't believe Jason is capable of taking care of the baby. He was led to believe all those months that he was the father and he feels he has some rights. Alexis tells him he has no legal rights but he won't accept this. She tells him that Ned told her the baby is safe and well taken care of but Tony says it's all an illusion.

Liz walks into Kelly's and sits down with Sarah . Liz tries to find out what's wrong but Sarah doesn't want to talk. She then apologizes for snapping at her and Liz brings up Nikolas' name. She tries to give her sister some advice and says he will come around. Liz tells Sarah that she saw Emily climbing into the Cassadine boat to head over to the house.

Emily shows up at Nikolas' and he charges out at her.

Felicia tells James that what's different is he never cared about getting on her nerves and she wants to know why he doesn't do that anymore. He tells her he's trying to be more sensitive to her needs. Felicia acknowledges an attraction but says she doesn't want to loose her best friend; he says she won't.

Carly thanks Bobbie for the outfit and Bobbie tells her it's a good thing she came back because Michael's going to need new clothes since he's outgrown what he has. Carly takes this as an offensive remark and tells Bobbie she came home as soon as she could. Bobbie tells her that if she's not comfortable with her coming over to check on the baby then she won't. Carly says since that was what Jason wanted it's fine but she leaves instead. Bobbie asks Jason what's going on with her and he tells her that Carly is afraid and that's why she left. Bobbie tells him they have to get her to hold her baby and Jason thinks it's up to Carly, he can't tell her what to do. Bobbie leaves and says she'll be back tomorrow.

Bobbie is over at GH and bumps into Tony. She asks how Lucas is since he's sleeping by Tony's. She tells him he's a great dad and she may not tell him often enough. Bobbie asks him if Carly ever seemed excited about becoming a mother because right now she seems detached from her child and wonders about her background and the type of relationship she had with her mother. Tony really doesn't know and wants to know what she's getting at.

Carly comes back and is glad Bobbie is gone. Carly asks how Michael's doing and Jason offers to wake him up so she can hold him. She tells him she can't, what if she hurts him. Carly is afraid he will hate her and thinks maybe she should leave again. Jason tells her it might take time and lets her know she has all the time in the world to get used to him. Carly says that she doesn't care about Bobbie's interest in the baby, she just wishes she would have been interested in her. She goes up to bed.

Felicia hopes she didn't hurt his feelings and he tells her it's going to be hard because he wants something more but does say he'll take it slow. His cell phone rings and he excuses himself which she finds strange. Robin walks in and is looking for her Uncle.

Sarah puts two and two together and realizes the scones were for Nikolas. Liz gives her a little slack when Sarah says he wouldn't be interested in Emily like that. She asks Liz for her advice and she tells her big sister she should go to the island and find out what's going on. The two girls leave for their little adventure to the island.

Robin tells Felicia she's afraid Jason is going to get hurt and Felicia can't understand how she can still love him. Robin tells her about meeting Moreno and can't see what happened to Duke happen to Jason. James (Mac) walks over and asks what she's doing there.

Sarah and Liz watch Emily and Nikolas through a window.

Tony makes a cold observation about Carly and Bobbie says she remembers holding her daughter just once and would give anything to do that again. Bobbie gets paged and leaves.

Tony sees Alexis again and asks her what if the mother refuses physical contact with the child. She tells him there might be a slight chance; they would need a sympathetic judge and some proof. He says he can get some. He wants her help because he's going after her. Alexis finds it strange that he says he's going after her, she thought all along they were talking about the baby. She says she'll be in touch.

Sarah is happy to see him smile again and then after a few minutes they decide to leave before they get caught.

Mac doesn't seem eager to talk to Robin and wants to know if it can wait till tomorrow. She says OK, she'll call him tomorrow. Felicia finds this strange and he sits down to resume their evening. All of a sudden her mood change; she's ready to celebrate and asks him to go and get her a glass of champagne. Maybe she' s on to him.

Jason talks to Michael by the window and Carly watches on with a smile on her faceRecap --->

Wednesday, February4, 1998

Bobbie tried to shock Carly into developing an interest in her son by inviting Monica over to the penthouse. Bobbie had hoped that the sight of Monica, a person whom Jason had banned from seeing Michael, would cause Carly's maternal instincts to surface. Even though Carly and Monica briefly clashed, Carly was unable to bring herself to touch Michael, especially after she saw how easily he had warmed up to Monica. Monica eventually expressed her resentment and confusion over the fact that Jason had allowed Bobbie complete access to Michael and had barred her from him. Bobbie told Monica that she did not know why she had been allowed into Michael's life, but saw a silver lining in the fact that he was at least being looked after by someone who was sympathetic to Monica's plight. Jason arrived before Monica could leave, but she covered to make it look like she had forced her way into the penthouse. Brenda refused to believe Robin when she said that she and Jason were history. Brenda was also skeptical of Robin's belief that Jason was capable of changing and tried to use her relationship with Sonny as a way of warning Robin away from Jason. Brenda then arranged a meeting with Jason and told him to do whatever it took to stay out of Robin's life. When Jason refused, Brenda made it clear that she was not going to let him hurt Robin. Amy found Alan in the General Hospital garage asleep at the steering wheel of his car, but he managed to explain his intoxicated state with a story about sleeping pills and stress. Robin also saw Alan and Amy together and Alan made them both promise not to tell anyone about what had happened. After consulting Felicia about "Mac's" strange behavior, Kevin talked with James/Mac and also noticed changes in him. Kevin told Felicia that Mac maybe re-evaluating his priorities after seeing Jimmy's dead body in the morgue. Kevin also pointed out that Felicia might be having a residual "twin" reaction considering the horrifying experiences she had with himself and Ryan. Still not satisfied, Felicia asked V to help her search for the truth about the changes in "Mac."

Thursday, February 5, 1998

Jax throws a party to promote the proposed renovations of the waterfront by ELQ. All the Q's are there as well as Mac, Felicia and Ned. V and Felicia discuss their plan to get fingerprints from the "new" Mac and compare them to fingerprints of the "old" Mac. V tells Felicia she has a copy of the fingerprints of the old Mac all they need is for Felicia to get a set from the new Mac. Felicia decides to lift a set from a glass of wine Mac has just finished and gives them to V.

Justus and Dara arrive at the party and Ashley lets them in playing the role of the hostess. As she is closing the door, Brenda arrives and stops her from closing it. Ashley makes her usual rude comments to Brenda and suggests to her the party might be too much for her. Brenda shrugs Ashley's behavior off and goes to talk to Ned.

Mike, Emily, and Jason have dinner together to celebrate Michael. Emily asks Jason where Carly is seeing as how the dinner is about Michael. Jason tells her Carly just didn't want to come. Meanwhile, Carly is at the penthouse listening to music while she holds Michael's blanket and remembers how she hasn't wanted to hold her son. There is a knock at the door and it is Bobbie. Carly once again gets nasty with Bobbie. Bobbie confronts Carly as to why she hasn't held her son yet and Carly tears into her. Bobbie still tries to help Carly instead of yelling back at her.

Virginia Benson arrives at the Port Charles Hotel on a surprise visit to see Bobbie. She drops her reservation information on the floor and Tony picks it up for her, not knowing who she is. Tony then goes to the bar and orders a drink. He then looks around, sees Jason with the baby and decides to confront him. The two have words then Tony retreats back to the bar. Virginia later walks into the bar and sits down beside Tony. The two start to talk and she tells him she has a daughter named Caroline who is engaged to "a very nice man".

Alexis meets with Helena to discuss the next step in Helena's plot. Helena gives her a package to give to Katherine as a present. Helena leaves and Katherine walks in. She tells Alexis she doesn't have time for her right now. Alexis stops her from leaving, but Katherine tells her she doesn't want anything to do with her and she won't use Alexis' therapist for Nikolas. Alexis doesn't argue with Katherine and instead gives her the package and walks off. Katherine begins to leave, then returns to get the present as Alexis watches from afar.

Stefan comes into the main room at Wydemere and Mrs. Landsbury shows him the covered painting that has just arrived. As he goes to unwrap the picture, Katherine walks in. She tells him she decided to surprise him instead of waiting at the guest house for him. She asks what the painting is and Stefan tells her it is just one he had restored. Katherine takes off her coat and she is wearing the present Alexis gave her. It is a long, white gown and Stefan gets unnerved when he sees it. He asks her where she got the dress and Katherine tells him, "you know, sometimes you find a dress and sometimes it finds you". Stefan tells her to wait back at the guest house for him that he will be with her shortly. After she leaves, he unwraps the picture and it is a portrait of Laura wearing the same dress Katherine just had on.

Carly and Bobbie start to argue again and Carly tells Bobbie to leave Michael alone. Carly then throws the fact again into Bobbie's face that she gave away her daughter. Bobbie finally gets upset and tells Carly to stop thinking she knows what happened and what it was like for her to have to give up her child. Bobbie then proceeds to tell Carly all about what it was like.

Jax starts talking to Brenda and Ashley pulls him away. Ned, who has been standing next to Brenda, asks who the woman is with Jax and Brenda tells him it is Ashley Brett. Ned also asks her if it bothers her to see Jax with someone else and Brenda tells him no she just wants him to be happy. Alexis arrives and Ned goes to join her. Jax again tries to talk to Brenda, but Ashley again drags Jax away playing the hostess. Ned tells Brenda he and Alexis have decided to leave to go eat and she decides to leave with them. Jax later asks where Brenda is, but doesn't get an answer. Once downstairs, Brenda decides to go home, but is stopped when she discovers all the roads are closed because of the storm.

The electricity begins to flicker at the penthouse and Bobbie tells Carly they need to get candles out so when Jason and Michael come home they won't be in the dark. Carly appears unnerved and Bobbie asks her to help her again saying, "can't you do anything right Carly". Carly looks at Bobbie and gets upset telling her she wants her baby. Jason tries to call Carly upon hearing the roads are closed, but he is unable to reach her with his cell phone.

Friday, February 6, 1998

The lights go out in the hotel and Jax' party breaks up. V tells Felicia she can compare the fingerprints on the glass "Mac" just used to those she obtained from Mac's police days. All she needs is a quiet place to go over them. Mac (Jimmy) walks up as they are talking and Felicia manages to get him away so V can compare the prints. Meanwhile, Tess leaves Mac alone at the cabin telling him she will be back later. After she leaves, Mac removes his handcuffs and gets dressed to go out in the storm.

Tony and Virginia Benson talk while at the bar at the Port Charles Grill. When Virginia mentions she has a daughter, Tony asks about her. Virginia doesn't tell him her name, but tells him her daughter was once misguided, but is now with an older man who is distinguished in his field. Back at the penthouse, Carly tells Bobbie she wants her son and has to hold him right now. Bobbie tells her okay then tells Carly they will use her car to out into the storm to get Michael.

AJ and Keesha arrive at the Grill and go to the bar to order club soda. They see Tony and he introduces them to Virginia. AJ looks around seeing all the Q's that are present as well as Jason and wishes he were somewhere else. Tony tells him that at least Carly isn't there. Virginia asks who Carly is and Tony tells her no one really knows Carly. AJ and Keesha leave the bar to sit with Alan who has been left alone. Virginia then leaves Tony to go up stairs.

Robin arrives at the Grill next and Brenda goes to take her back to her table. On the way, Brenda runs into Jax and Ashley, who have made their way downstairs. Ashley is again rude to Brenda and Brenda leaves them to get Robin. Mac (Jimmy) takes Felicia into the stairwell and he again asks her to marry him. She tells him there isn't anyone in the world she would rather marry than Mac Scorpio. He is excited she says yes, but Felicia doesn't seem very happy about it. They then walk downstairs and Mac (Jimmy) announces to the room that he and Felicia are engaged.

Bobbie and Carly are on their way to the Grill when Carly asks Bobbie why she is helping her. Bobbie tells her twenty years ago, she didn't have a choice as far as her daughter was concerned, but Carly does so she wants to help her. What she does after that is up to Carly. Carly tells her she will never forget Bobbie's help. They get to within a mile of the Grill, then they run into a snow bank. They stay in the car until it is almost out of gas. They then decide to walk the rest of the way to the Grill.

Lorraine walks up to Tony at the bar. She suggests they go upstairs and he leaves with her. Lorraine starts to kiss Tony and he is obviously drunk. She doesn't get any response from him then asks if she should leave. Tony tells her no then sits down in a chair and pulls her to him. He starts acting very strange then pulls her away yelling at her, telling her to say, "I shouldn't do this it is wrong". Lorraine goes to leave and Tony acts normal and tells her to stay. When she gets near him, he again acts strange. Lorraine pulls away and figures out he is trying to get her to pretend she is Carly. Tony then tries to justify his behavior, but she tells him she can't understand what Carly wanted with him anyway.

V tells Felicia she hasn't been able to check the prints yet because she can't find a private place. Felicia tells her to try the stairwell then tells V she is engaged to Mac (Jimmy). V asks what will happen when he wants sex and Felicia says she isn't worried about sex. "Mac" walks up and tells her that is great. Felicia tells him he needs to talk to Robin about their news, but he avoids talking to Robin telling Felicia Robin is okay with it and just wants him to be happy.

V goes into the stairwell and discovers the prints on the glass aren't Mac's. She tells Felicia the prints aren't the same because the prints on the glass have a scar on one of the fingers and Mac never had one. V asks Felicia where "Mac" is and Felicia tells her he is in the wine cellar. As he is walking up from the cellar, Jimmy comes face-to-face with the real Mac.

Carly and Bobbie arrive at the Grill and she tells Jason she wants her son. Jason gives Michael to Bobbie and she in turn gives him to Carly. Carly then looks at Bobbie strangely. Bobbie asks her what is wrong and Carly tells her she is her daughter, Caroline.

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