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General Hospital Recaps: The week of February 23, 1998 on GH
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Monday February23, 1998

Portions of today's show were pre-empted for news coverage of a Presidential news conference on Iraq.

Carly guesses that Robin knows Jason is not the father of her baby and asks him if he told her. Jason tells her Robin knows him and just knew he wasn't the daddy. He says that Robin thinks the baby should be with her and AJ and Carly is nervous Robin will tell. He reassures her she won't; Robin will not betray him he says. Monica walks in.

Katherine tells Stefan they are going for a walk because she want's to show him something. As they kiss and walk away Nikolas watches from a window.

Sarah comforts Liz and asks if she went to the police or to see a doctor. She says no to both. Liz tells her not to tell Audrey because she won't be able to help her. Sarah asks about what happened afterwards and Liz tells her about what Bobbie did for her. She says how she couldn't tell them she was raped but they knew. Liz says she doesn't want to see herself or him, and she says she sees him in her room, his hands, his breath and so she came to Kelly's to get away from there, but now every man she sees she thinks it's him. Sarah suggests she still go to the police. Liz tells her she's not ready to go to work and so she takes her little sister home.

Lucky sits down with Luke and Bobbie and tells his Aunt he knows what his dad's done. He didn't tell her about Carly and she shouldn't hate him for that. Luke tries to stop him but Bobbie would like him to go on. He sticks up for his father, saying he'll do whatever it takes to protect the people he loves. Lucky thinks his Aunt Bobbie is wrong. He gets up to go check on Liz but comes back in when he realizes Sarah took her home. He tells his father he's going to the park to look for her the bracelet and asks him if he want's to go with him.

Sarah is overly nice but Liz wants to be left alone. Audrey comes down and Liz says she's not quite over it. Audrey asks Liz for her bracelet back and Liz tells her that the clasp broke and she brought it to be fixed. Audrey's OK with this.

Monica gives Carly a dirty look and walks past them. Jason tells her to forget about Monica. He lets her know he trusts Robin with his life. Monica stops by and tells them she has a gift for Michael. Carly says he has all he needs. She asks Jason why she can't see the baby, she hasn't done anything wrong. Jason explains that she loves Alan, AJ, and the old man and eventually she will give in to them. Monica asks what about what Carly wants and he says she can ask her herself. When Monica suggests them meeting the day after tomorrow Carly says she's busy. Monica excuses herself when her dinner date walks in, Bobbie.

Nikolas is practicing his reading and Robin shows up. He's having some trouble and she suggests they get together when he's ready. She starts to leave and he tells her to wait.

Katherine take Stefan to his favorite spot on the island and leads him to the stone bench. He has a strange look on his face when he sees it and she thinks he doesn't like it.

Luke and Lucky go to the spot where he found Liz and he describes how she looked and the exact place he saw her. Standing there, Luke has flashbacks of Laura running in that same spot and kneeling near the fountain. Lucky interrupts his thought and says he knows he's thinking this is sick. Lucky finds the bracelet within two minutes of starting his search.

Stefan tells Katherine he is not upset, just the opposite. The bench means a great deal to him. Today is his baptismal day and no one, except Alexis, ever gave him a gift. He loves this spot because it reminds him of Greece. He loved to sit overlooking the ocean. He says he loves the ocean, maybe because it's something that can't be controlled. Katherine says like a woman and asks if it reminds him of all the women he's loved. He tells her he has only loved one woman in his lifetime.

Nikolas practices reading again and although he makes some progress he still gets frustrated. Robin helps him along but he tells her no more. He gets up and goes outside where she follows him. It's freezing out there and he can tell that she's cold so they go back in. Robin tells him that he can't force things overnight and it can also be his attitude. He hasn't lost his speech, it's just blocked. She wants to know how badly he wants this.

Bobbie comments on how the baby is getting along in that house where everyone has to watch their backs. Monica thinks they could take care of him, all Bobbie has to do is get close to her daughter.

Jason is called away from the table to discuss business, he's not giving up control of the docks and will not let Jax win.

Bobbie walks over to Carly and talks about the baby. She tries to make nice and asks her about her plans.

Tuesday, February 24, 1998

Stefan thanks Katherine again for the bench. She tells him she'd like to see Greece with him and he promises they will visit new places together. Nikolas walks in with a book in hand and Katherine leaves for PC to do some business. Stefan wants to know if Nikolas is going to continue working with Ms. Scorpio and he says yes. Stefan tells him there is bad blood between the two families; her father sent his grandfather to an early grave.

Felicia and Maxie are at the Outback with Mac. When Maxie goes into the kitchen, Mac asks why Felicia is not wearing the engagement ring. She doesn't want the girls to know. Felicia asks if he's heard anything from Tess yet and he hasn't. Speak of the devil Tess walks right in and over to their table.

Jax sits down at Ned's table at the Port Charles Grill. He wants to know what happened with Jason because he is holding up with the dock renovations. Ned hasn't met with Jason yet and Jax lets him know he's going to make sure Jason is no longer a factor on this project. Ned warns Jax this could blow up in their face if he starts running his mouth. Jax is only protecting his interests but Ned thinks he's going to ruin this. Ned believes this is personal for Jax because he is still angry at Sonny and this is his way of getting back at him.

Jason tells Benny and Sam he's got to get the Quartermaine's to do the renovation on the docks in stages. There will be a strike and he is going to need everyone's cooperation. Jason's men leave and he looks disturbed. Justus walks in to go over some contracts but Jason has something else on his mind. He tells Justus he's loosing support when he needs it most. Justus admits he's heard some things and Jason wants to know why he didn't tell him.

Felicia introduces Tess to Maxie and then says she has to take her daughter to a friend's house. Tess tells Mac, who she thinks is really James, that she's there to check up on things and make sure no one else is dead. She wants to know how things are going and he tells her him and Felicia are engaged. She can't believe it. Mac asks more about the scheme but she isn't so quick to tell. He explains his reasons for wanting to know more as trying to protect himself because he is now more involved. All she'll say is that they are close and before he knows it this will all be over. He asks if he'll be hurt and she tells him he will not be the one who gets hurt. Felicia returns and Tess congratulates her. Felicia shows her the ring.

Stefan tells Nikolas a bit more about what Robin's father and Luke did to his grandfather and his great

grandfather. Nikolas says she's different but Stefan is also worried about her close ties to Jason Morgan. Nikolas says she will be there tomorrow and Stefan says OK. He knows his nephew has been isolated. Nikolas asks Stefan to stay and read with him.

Jax says Jason has earned his disrespect all on his own. Ned tells Jax that he has invited Jason to sit down with them but Jax informs him that his partners will remove Jason and if it gets bloody, oh well.

Justus isn't holding out, he planned on telling him. He tells Jason he is young and some people don't trust him. Jason can not loose the docks, they're ˝ his revenue. Justus warns him if he doesn't make a move soon he'll be out. Jason can't say what's going to happen so he understands if he wants to bail out.

One of Jason's men, Sam, meets with Jax in his limo. Jax tells him that if Jason doesn't play ball people will get hurt. Sam promises to help Jax and says that Jason will no longer be a problem.

Justus lets Jason know he can't be without a lawyer and he has actually had the time of his life since he started helping him out. He is here as long as he needs him. Justus leaves and Ned shows up. He tells Jason he can't afford to not meet with him. There's big trouble at the docks and it's dangerous.

Nikolas reads his French book with Stefan who tells him he did perfect. Stefan wants to continue but Nikolas is tired. Stefan recalls how he learned French from a tutor and later on used French poetry in his letters, Nikolas asks to who, Laura, and Stefan gets angry. At this moment Katherine walks in and asks if something's wrong. Nikolas has already left the room and Stefan makes up an excuse, claiming him and Nikolas had a disagreement.

Tess' cell phone rings and she pretends there's a bad connection. She excuses herself to go and use the pay phone. When she walks away, Mac tells Felicia he thinks someone is going to be killed. She asks why he would think that and he says he got the feeling from her attitude. Felicia suggests they go to the police but Mac is against the idea.

Tess makes a phone call and ask if they are watching him. She wants to know what he's doing in his limo.

Justus gets into Jax's limo and Jax hands him a business proposition. Justus laughs when he sees the large amount of money Jax is willing to pay him.

Tess comes back and says her goodbyes, letting them know that she'll be around for the week and will keep in touch. Felicia still thinks the police should be involved but Mac is adamant, bringing in the cops will only ruin their plan.

Nikolas is in the wine cellar looking for his old journal. Katherine walks in thinking Stefan might be there. She leaves to go find him and Nikolas sees the covered portrait and takes a look, it's Laura. He walks out.

Stefan is outside on his bench, thinking back to a time in Greece with Laura. Katherine sees him there but walks away.

Ned tells Jason that Jax is determined to push him out with force. Jason asks if he'd put a hit on him and all Ned knows is that he still holds a grudge. Ned doesn't want to see Jason get hurt and Jason tells him he is not dying anytime soon. Ned leaves, he tried to warn him.

Justus tells Jax no thank you. He wants to know why him and Jax says Justus is the kind of lawyer he needs. Justus thinks he just wants to get him away from Jason. Jax tells Justus that Jason is in way over his head and things are going to get ugly and people will be hurtRecap --->

Wednesday, February25, 1998

The Q's are in the living room and Ned is in a bad mood because today was Junior's first day back to work. AJ tries to talk to Emily who gives him a bit if attitude.

Carly is at the Port Charles Grill and Edward sits down at her table. He asks how she's doing regarding her mother and then notices she's doing some remodeling. She says how she wants to make the penthouse look like Jason's home, not a place he's house sitting. Carly tells Edward that he's not what she expected but knows he has a proposition for her so he should just make it now.

Jax shows up at Jason's and just walks right in behind Rinaldo. Jax asks Jason if he can trust that man since he was able to get right past him. He starts to talk to Jason about the dock renovations and how he's wondering if he wants to start off with a new man. He mentions Sam, and tells Jason that he is just a kid and everyone wants a grown up. Jason asks then why not just take him out and Jax lets him know he's the reason Robin's hear and he doesn't want to have to take her to Jason's funeral. Jax tells him he hates his guts but now he owes him.

Nikolas is sitting at the bench and Stefan appears; he asks if he can sit with him. Nikolas moves over. Stefan talks about how the spot reminds him of home and as he talks he sees an image of him and Laura. Stefan tells Nikolas his father would meet his mother at that very spot (guess Stavros was not the daddy after all). Nikolas asks if it was really his father or Stefan. Stefan asks for what purpose and Nikolas thinks so his father wouldn't know. Stefan is angry and thinks that Helena planted these thoughts into his head. He believes Helena lives for the day when Nikolas will cast him off. Nikolas tells his Uncle he would rather have Laura for a mother than his. Stefan can't argue with that. Stefan wants to know the facts Helena gave him and he says he thinks Laura is the reason they came to PC. He disagrees, stating that he came at first without him and didn't want to leave when Stefan did. If he wanted to be near Laura they would have gone off to Switzerland. Nikolas believes she knew about his injury and didn't care. Stefan admits he was wrong to let him think his mother had no feelings for him and Nikolas believes her only feelings are of hate. Stefan wants to know why he thinks that and he tells him Laura hated his father. Stefan yells that is not true and demands to know who told him that. Whoever said it lied.

Monica says no one cares how things are between Ned and AJ. Monica and Alan are just happy to have AJ back in the company and back living at home. Their words for his defense do not make AJ happy, he thinks they could care less if he can't really hold his own at ELQ as long as they have him back in the family.

Edward asks if she thinks he wants to buy her and she does. Edward asks Carly to have her son give him the meaning of life. He talks to her about his growing up and his children. He tells her the only vibrant people in is life aren't his blood relatives. He says who knew she was what he had in mind. Lila interrupts them and Edward acts as if he just ran into Carly. He gets up to get a car to take Lila home and when he passes the waiter he thanks him for informing him that Carly was there. Lila tells Carly she's no fool and that she should not underestimate Edward, he'll want her to betray Jason. And if she does she will have her to deal with. Lila leaves and asks the same waiter to use her private home number next time, it's quicker. Carly looks confused.

Nikolas says Laura was a prisoner but Stefan asks if he ever heard Laura say she hated him; he says no. Stefan tells him his father was also a prisoner on that island, unable to lead the life he wanted to. He was a prisoner of his birth, as they all are. Falling in love was the last thing he intended and Nikolas was a child of love and that is Laura's last, most desperate secret.

Emily tells the family there is cultural abuse in the home and she won't turn out to be like them.

Jason asks Justus if he's heard anything about Sam and Justus asks if Jax named him specifically. Jason believes Sam would betray him. He asks Justus to find out what's going on by showing up at the docks and talking about him, see what they're saying.

Ned and AJ continue their bickering and AJ wants to know where all his files went. He seems to have nothing to do. AJ thinks Ned is threatened by him returning. Edward and Lila come in and ask about AJ's first day back. As they are all talking, Jax walks in and no one notices him. Ned sees him first and asks where he came from. He tells them he is about to make them richer than they already are.

Taggert sits down at Dara's table at the Port Charles Grill. He says something's going down with Jason's organization. He just got word Justus was down at the docks. She asks why he has someone tailing Mr. Ward.

Nikolas is looking at Laura's portrait when Stefan walks in. He asks Nikolas if he likes it and wants to know what he's doing down there.

Alan, as well as a few other family members don't care what Jax has to say and they leaves for dinner. Ned asks if he got Jason to budge but he didn't. He says how one of Jason's men is now on their side and he's let Jason know there is a traitor. Ned tells him this is going to cause at least 6 months of gunfire at the docks and they are not happy about this. Jason could get killed and did he ever think that's not what they wanted.

Carly comes home and asks Jason if she can make some changes to the penthouse. He's not to sure. She sees he's in a bad mood and asks if she can help. Justus comes back and Jason tells Carly to go upstairs. Justus tells him he's not going to like this. He has a meeting with them on Friday and if he goes he probably won't be coming back.

Dara tells Taggert she won't let him have his personal vendetta against Justus. He says Justus is just using her to look legitimate. She tells him to get the hell out of there but he doesn't. He stays and continues to push her buttons by talking a little dirty to her. She wants an apology. He thinks she looks at him like dirt because of the way he speaks, he's blunt. He's not like Justus, who breaks the law but does it so handsomely.

Jason asks what he's doing wrong and Justus tells him they see him as a soldier, not a leader. He tells him about leadership and how it's all about symbols. He's got to look like a leader and carry himself. This has got to be accomplished by Friday. Justus leaves and Carly comes down. He says he needs her help. Carly lets him know she would kill for him; he asks if she would shop for him.

Stefan keeps it down there because he didn't think Nikolas would want it over the mantle. He claims he had it done for him.

Thursday, February 26, 1998

Brenda finds out she is now the spokesperson for Genie Automotive. She tells Robin and Robin is excited for her. Brenda then tells Robin she has to go shopping because she has to get something for a big surprise for Jax. Robin asks her if she shouldn't be concerned about money for the item she is buying, but Brenda tells her Jax doesn't worry about money so why should she. Robin reminds Brenda that Jax doesn't worry because he has so much of it. As Brenda reaches for the door, Jax arrives to visit Robin.

Bobbie arrives at Ruby's and sees Liz working. They sit down at a table together and Bobbie tells Liz she doesn't need to go at it so quickly. Liz reveals to Bobbie that she told Audrey about her attack and Audrey just wanted to ignore it ever happened. Liz then starts to reveal her feelings to Bobbie and tells her she was a virgin before the rape. Bobbie tells her it is okay because rape isn't about sex and it doesn't matter, but Liz tells her it matters to her. Liz also tells Bobbie that she doesn't want an AIDS test because she would rather not know.

Lucky discusses his frustration about not being able to help Liz to Luke. Luke tells Lucky that maybe he can't help Liz. Lucky doesn't agree and tells Luke he can help Liz by finding the guy who is responsible. He tells Luke that before the attack, what he liked about Liz was that she had guts. Now she is just so afraid and if he could take down whoever did this to her, it would be one less thing she has to be afraid of. Lucky then asks Luke for his help in finding the guilty party. Luke tells Lucky he doesn't need to go one-on-one with the guy who did it.

Snarly and Jason go shopping at Wyndem's. As Carly helps Jason try on suits to boost his image, Brenda shows up and tells Jason he looks like a wannabe. Brenda then confronts Jason about his cheating on Robin with Carly. Carly starts to argue with Brenda, but Brenda shows more class and doesn't argue back. Brenda leaves after telling Jason he is still hurting Robin and Carly asks Jason why he puts up with Brenda's behavior. He tells Carly that Brenda hates him and always will and that can't be changed, but he promised a friend. Carly tells Jason it must be some friend.

Sarah walks into Ruby's to check up on Liz. As they are talking, Emily enters and tells Liz she is so sorry for her and that she shouldn't even be working after what she hear around school. Bobbie overhears and asks Emily what she heard about Liz. Emily tells her she heard Liz had the flu, but her suspicions are aroused by the reaction of Bobbie, Liz, and Sarah. Sarah then takes Emily aside and asks her to just give Liz some space because she has been feeling so bad lately. Emily mistakes Sarah's request as a reflection of Sarah's anger over Emily helping Nikolas.

Luke and Lucky continue to discuss Liz. When Lucky expresses his helplessness towards her and how he wants to be there to help Liz make decisions, Luke tells him he doesn't need to hijack Liz' life by telling her what to do. He also tells Lucky that she needs to run the show called "Liz Webber". Lucky gets upset because he feels his Luke is suggesting he forget what happened to Liz and let the guy go free. Luke tells him that whoever is responsible will have to pay for it and karma will prevail. Lucky isn't satisfied, but lets it go and tells Luke he feels responsible because he didn't go to the dance with Liz. Luke tells him that if he had gone, what happened to Liz would have happened to someone else and would he feel sorry and guilty for the other girl also. Luke reminds Lucky not to make it his crime. Lucky then decides that if he can't bring down the guy who did it, he will build up Liz instead. Luke warns him, though, not to get upset if Liz doesn't react the way he expects her to.

Audrey arrives at Ruby's to see about Liz. She asks Liz how her day went and when Liz tells her it was difficult not knowing if or when people would find out, Audrey tells her the less she talks about it the less likely it is to happen. Bobbie calls Audrey aside to talk to her, but everytime Bobbie mentions Liz' attack, Audrey changes the subject. Audrey finally tells Bobbie to basically ignore what happened and leave it in the past. Audrey then gets up to talk to Sarah. She tells Sarah basically the same thing she told Bobbie.

Jax sits down with Robin and asks her how she is doing. Robin tells him she is fine. Jax then tells her if he didn't realize Jason had cheated on her and that it must be difficult for her to be around him now. Jax also tells Robin that if his bringing her home was too difficult, he can remedy the situation. Robin tells him she is okay and the reason she came anyway was to be with Brenda. Because of that, she is staying. Jax leaves and Brenda comes back home. She reluctantly tells Robin she met Jason and Carly at Wyndem's. Brenda apologizes to Robin for hurting her before during her breakdown, but reiterates her warning to Robin about her being in danger because of Jason. Robin tells Brenda not to compare her and Jason to Brenda and Sonny; she broke-up with Jason because of his dangerous lifestyle and she will be fine.

Liz decides to have the examination at Mercy and wants Bobbie to be there with her. Bobbie agrees and Liz goes to ask Audrey. Audrey tells Liz she can't because she is sure she has something else to do and leaves. Liz goes back to Bobbie's table and Bobbie holds her hand. Lucky walks in and Sarah walks up to talk to him. He asks how Liz is and Sarah tells him she will be okayRecap --->

Friday, February 27, 1998

Jax arrives at Brenda's and Robin tells him Brenda will be with him shortly. Brenda has set up his notebook for him so he can work as he waits for her. Jax is curious and wants to know what the surprise is that Brenda has for him, but Robin is in the dark about it also. Meanwhile, at the shoot for the car ads, Brenda finds out the company has decided to use her for a print ad as well. She also finds out the photographer they are using is the same one present at the Jax Cosmetics shoot when she had her breakdown.

Justus brings Jason a copy of his second will and this one will give Carly a great deal of money should she need it to fight the Quartermaines for Michael. Justus tries to get Jason to change his mind about going to his meeting, but Jason tells Justus he has to go regardless of the outcome. He also tells Justus he can't run like Sonny did to get away from the mob because he would have had to have planned it out and on short notice, his leaving would get him killed. Justus pleads with Jason to allow him to accompany him, but Jason refuses saying Justus isn't in far enough to where they would come after Justus if Jason was killed.

Bobbie arrives Luke's club looking for Lucky, but finds Luke instead. While she is there, she asks Luke if now would be a good time for him to tell Lucky about his and Laura's past. Luke asks her if she is out of her mind, but Bobbie reminds him it would be better for him to hear it from Luke and not someone else. Luke is hesitant, but Bobbie tells him she would rather him risk losing Lucky over him knowing the truth that losing Lucky because he kept another secret.

Jason picks up Michael and talks to him telling him about his meeting and how he may not be coming home after tonight. Carly comes home and asks Jason why he is holding Michael like he does right before going to sleep. Jason tells her he has to go out for the evening. Carly senses something is wrong and asks Jason what is wrong. Jason tells her nothing, but says she will be okay on her own.

Jax receives a phone call from a reporter wanting to know how he feels about Brenda's return to modeling. Jax tells him he has the wrong number, then rushes over to Brenda's photo shoot. At the photo shoot, Brenda shows her nervousness as they prepare to start, but Tim, the photographer, helps her stay calm and she quickly warms up to the camera.

Jason visits Mike to ask him to look after Michael should he not return from him meeting. Mike expresses his concern and tells Jason he will go with him because he doesn't want to lose two people. Jason tells him he can't go and he will be needed to keep the Quartermaines away from Michael. Mike finally agrees to let Jason handle things his way. Jason also tells Mike to give Robin a message if he should die, "Tell her I love her and I'm sorry".

Liz and Bobbie arrive at Mercy for Liz' exam. She is obviously nervous and Bobbie comforts her. After the exam, Liz tells Bobbie she really appreciates the concern Bobbie has shown for her. Liz also finds out the results of the tests will no be known until next week and as far as an AIDS test, Liz should have another one after six months should this test be negative. Another one after the last test will be necessary also to make sure she hasn't contracted the disease. Meanwhile, Lucky tells Luke Liz has decided to get an examination and they have the same discussion they have had all week about Liz' attack.

Robin goes to the penthouse to talk to Jason and Carly is there. Robin asks for Jason, but when Carly tells her he isn't there, Robin decides to talk to him later. Carly asks her if she can give Jason a message, but Robin tells her "no" that she needs to talk to Jason alone. Carly starts to pick a fight with Robin telling her she doesn't need to be alone with Jason. Robin ignores her and turns to leave when Carly asks her if she plans on telling AJ Michael is his son. Robin tells her she is going to tell and she would rather talk to Carly and Jason together, not just Carly. Robin also tells Carly she is trying to protect Jason from getting hurt when Carly takes to baby away. Carly tells Robin she won't ever leave and Robin calls her a liar.

Jax arrives at Brenda's shoot. She smiles when she sees him and Jax builds her up telling her how happy he is to see her working and how he loves to watch her work. Brenda asks him to stay and watch because she has a big surprise for him. Later that evening, Brenda and Jax are at her house and Brenda has set up a romantic scene. She tells Jax he is the best thing that ever happened to her and she kisses him. She then tells him she is giving him the same ultimatum he gave her almost two years ago, marry me now or you'll never see me again.

Jason's meeting begins and he reveals what he has planned for the organization. Once he is finished, Sam tells him they all know what Jason has planned, but that isn't the reason for the meeting. The reason for the meeting is to have Jason replaced.

Carly is surprised that Robin would call her a liar, but Robin tells her it is a fact that can be verified by everyone in town. Carly tells her she has never lied to Jason and Robin tells her it is just because Jason won't let her and sees through her act. Robin also tells her she will get tired of sponging off Jason one day and will want someone she can lie to and get away with it. Then she will take Michael away and Robin doesn't want Jason to get hurt.

Carly then starts in on a tirade about Robin being so saintly. When Robin tactfully ignores Carly, but Carly threatens her by saying that she will never let Robin break-up her family and she, Jason, and Michael are a family. Robin reminds her that Jason isn't Michael's father, but Carly tells her Jason is Michael's father in everyway that counts.

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