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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 9, 1998 on GH
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Monday March 9, 1998

Stefan returns and Katherine comes in, asking where he was. They are both thankful for Nikolas' recovery but Stefan doesn't believe Robin is responsible for it. He leaves the room to make a phone call. Katherine picks his jacket up from the couch and the check he wrote to Robin falls out.

Lucky doesn't believe what Nikolas is saying. Nikolas informs him that Luke killed his father and raped their mother. Lucky thinks this is just all a plan the Cassadines have to get him to turn against his father.

Carly searches and screams for her missing son. Jason walks in and asks what happened and who took him. He runs outside for a minute and then comes back. He wants her to explain everything; She tells him about the mysterious call from Edward. Jason believes this could be someone in the organization trying to get back at him. He doesn't want anyone to know about this, especially the police. Carly is barely listening to him and he makes her see things his way. He instructs her to go and find the desk clerk and tell him it was all a misunderstanding. Taggert and Garcia walk in (too late to hide it from the police).

Sarah calls Wyndemere and Katherine answers. She's heard about the progress Nikolas is making and would like to speak with him. Katherine informs her that he's made a full recovery and is on his way to see her. Excited, Sarah says goodbye.

Stefan comes back from making his call and Katherine confronts him about the check; he lied to her about his whereabouts and she wants to know why.

Lucky asks Nikolas for proof and when Nikolas gives it to him he thinks it's still all a lie. Nikolas tells him to find someone he trusts and ask them, if not research it himself; October 8th is the day to remember.

Katherine calls Stefan on what he did and she can't understand why he sees everyone as a threat. All she wants to do is help. She lets him know he should not try to run Nikolas' life. She even thinks his perceptions can be warped. Maybe all that he's told her about Helena isn't so true after all. This enrages Stefan and he warns her not to pursue this any further.

Nikolas goes to Sarah's house and he tells her he's sorry; the two embrace.

Lucky goes home looking for his father but he's not there. He leaves.

Taggert and Garcia got a call that a baby was missing. Jason tries to play it off but Carly tells them that her child is missing. Garcia asks her to remember everything and she gets upset all over again. Taggert tells Jason he brought this upon himself, leaving the baby alone with his mother. Taggert guesses it was someone trying to get back at Jason. They will wait until they are contacted about a ransom. Jason wants to look on his own but they won't allow it. Garcia lets the desk clerk know that he must keep what happened there a secret.

Garcia and Taggert don't have a read on this yet but Taggert thinks it has something to do with Jason's business dealings.

Carly thinks back to the night she first held her baby and then told Bobbie she was her daughter. She also remembers telling Jason how she talked to Michael and he recognized her voice. At this moment Bobbie walks in and asks the detectives if it's true. They want to know how she found out and she tells them Carly called her. Carly says it was before they told her to keep it quite. Bobbie accuses Carly of leaving the baby on purpose and thinks this wasn't an accident.

Sarah is glad to see Nikolas is feeling better. He apologizes for not seeing her, he was embarrassed and frustrated. All he could think about was how it used to be and what it may never be like again. She tells him she could have helped him but he doesn't want to dwell in the past.

Katherine apologizes to Stefan but still thinks she deserves an explanation. She wants to be someone he trusts. Stefan warns her that Helena is a monster and her feelings for Nikolas are not real.

Lucky goes to the library and researches events in Luke's life. He sees the article that cleared Luke of Stavros' death as well as others. The last article he comes to is the one about a rape victim found in the park.

Sarah tells Nikolas all about school and lets him know they can still have fun. He gets up to leave and promises to call her later on. He gives her a kiss goodbye.

Carly yells at Bobbie and Jason tells her to keep it quite. Bobbie has tears in her eyes and promises not to say a word. She starts to offer her help but Carly tells her to go to hell.

Carly is afraid that maybe Bobbie was right but Jason doesn't believe that. He just wants them to go home.

Nikolas goes home and Katherine asks how things went with Sarah. She assures him that they'll be a lesson in all of this. He says there already is.

Lucky reads the article.

Jason promises that they'll find him but they have to get out of the hotel first.

Tuesday, March 10, 1998

As they wait at the penthouse for a call from the kidnappers, an anxious Jason and Carly decide to go confront their prime suspects. At Wyndemere, Nikolas confides to Stefan he may have made a mistake. Meanwhile, Lucky asks his mother to describe the very first time she met his dad. Though Laura claims it was love at first sight, Lucky continues to worry that Nikolas' wild tale may contain a grain of truth. Jason storms into his family's mansion with Carly in tow and demands that Edward return Michael. Alarmed to learn about the baby's abduction, the Quartermaines deny that they had a hand in the crime. Stefan assures Nikolas that proof does exist about Luke's attack on Laura. Lucky approaches Scotty with questions about the night his mother was raped. Taggert and Garcia quiz Edward about his earlier attempt to steal his great-grandson. Listening to Edward's emotional remarks about baby Michael, Jason realizes he was mistaken in accusing his grandfather. Dodging Lucky's direct question about Luke, Scotty gently advises the boy to stop poking around in ancient history. Carly guesses that Tony took her baby out of revenge.

Wednesday, March 11, 1998

Excited about hosting her first party at Wyndemere, Katherine puts the finishing touches on preparations for Felicia's bridal shower. At the Quartermaine mansion, Alan reminds his anxious family that they must continue to pretend nothing is wrong as they fulfill social and business obligations. Later, with his illicit pill supply running low yet again, Alan heads back to the hospital to stock up. Unable to stop thinking about their missing grandson, Bobbie and Monica put on their bravest faces as they join the party on Spoon Island. Robin blushes when Nikolas catches her admiring a sexy article of lingerie intended as a gift for the bride. Meanwhile, the rest of the guests giggle after mistaking a hunky plumber for a male stripper. Feeling bad about deceiving all her friends, Felicia announces that she's called off the wedding. Tess instructs "James" to hire her on as the Outback's new mixologist. Amy is alarmed to find Alan passed out in his office next to an open vial of pills. After bringing him around, Amy begs her friend to get help for his chemical dependency but Alan insists he has no drug problem. AJ suggests to Ned that he use his influence with Jason to get him to reveal who snatched Michael. Felicia feels frustrated when her pals pooh-pooh her declaration as nothing but a natural case of prenuptial jitters. Desperate to convince Amy he only took a few pills to get him through a family crisis, Alan tells the nurse his grandson has been kidnapped. Robin rebuffs Helena's attempt to befriend herRecap --->

Thursday, March 12, 1998

Mac and Felicia continue to pretend they are engaged. Tess walks up and Felicia leaves. Tess questions Mac, who she thinks is Jimmy, as to why someone with his past reputation with women hasn't spent the night with Felicia yet. Meanwhile, Brenda arrives at Jax' penthouse to bring him presents. The presents are books that were his favorite in childhood and Jax is happy to get them. Brenda then notices an uncomplimentary article about her in a rag magazine. Brenda starts to read it and can't understand how they could print the story. Jax tells her it is because they have a quote from Mac claiming she is a ticking time-bomb. Brenda doesn't understand how Mac could have done this to her so she and Jax leave to confront Mac.

Lucky is on the docks staring out at Wyndemere when Liz comes up to him and tells him the police want her to make a statement about the attack. They found out because they received her records from Mercy. Liz asks Lucky to go with her and he agrees. At the police station, they sit down with Garcia and Dara and Liz reveals what happened to her that night. When Liz is finished she tells them she can't help them find the person who attacked her, but then remembers a particular scent to the attacker. The scent is not alcohol. Garcia and Dara tell her they will check to see if any other cases are similar and Liz and Lucky walk out to leave. Audrey arrives having gotten Liz' message and offers to take Liz home.

Justus and Carly wait at the penthouse for Jason to come home with news about Michael. Carly tells Justus she knows he doesn't like her and Justus admits they will never be friends, but Jason sees something in her that no one else does and he respects that. They discuss the events around Michael's disappearance and when Carly blames herself, Justus tries to make her feel better. Jason arrives and tells them he can't find Tony. Justus is surprised that Tony is a suspect and tries to stick-up for him. Carly tells Jason to make Tony admit he took Michael and Jason says no he isn't ready to yet. Jason then tells Carly to go upstairs because he and Justus have some things to discuss, but Carly says instead she is going on a walk. Jason tells Justus if Tony took Michael that the baby is okay because Tony doesn't want to hurt the baby. Taggert arrives next wanting to put a tap on the phone. Jason refuses and starts to fight with Taggert. Taggert leaves telling Jason if Michael dies it is Jason's fault.

Tony is at his office when Carly bursts in accusing him of having Michael. Tony seems surprised that Michael is gone and tells Carly he doesn't have him. Carly starts to threaten Tony and hit him when Bobbie walks in and stops her. Tony leaves to go to a meeting and Bobbie tries to calm Carly down. Later, Tony comes back and he and Bobbie discuss the kidnapping. Tony asks her how much the police know about the kidnapping and Bobbie tells him not much. Tony tries to comfort Bobbie and offers to postpone his move. Bobbie tells him thanks, but the kidnapping doesn't have anything to do with him so he can leave.

Jax and Brenda show up at the Outback and Jax confronts Mac. Mac looks at Tess then says he did say what was written. Jax punches Mac and a photographer takes a picture of it. Brenda gets Jax to leave and Tess walks up to Mac to give him some ice. She tells him it was a test and he passed it. Felicia and Mac later talk about it and Mac tells her Tess gave the false information and the whole episode was a set up to see if Mac would pass and for the photographer to take the picture. Back at the penthouse, Brenda thanks Jax for defending her honor.

Dara walks up to Taggert and questions him on his sincerity in finding Michael versus his desire to get evidence on Jason. Taggert says she is wrong in thinking he doesn't want to get Michael back and tells Dara about his first case involving a kidnapping which didn't go well. As Taggert finishes his story, Justus and Jason arrive to tell them him have changed their minds about a tap as long as Jason's employee will be the one to put it in. Taggert agrees and they leave to go put in the tap. Dara stops Justus before he leaves and tells Justus not to ride Taggert too much because in this case he really wants to find Michael. Justus is surprised Dara is sticking up for Taggert.

Lucky awaits Stefan's arrival on the docks and when Stefan shows up Lucky confronts him about lying to Nikolas about Luke raping Laura. Lucky tell Stefan that it isn't true because Laura would never marry her rapist. Stefan tells Lucky that Laura is unique in her capacity to forgive and to love then leaves Lucky alone.

Carly goes back to the penthouse and Jason informs her of the tap. Carly tells Jason she was at the hospital and Jason says he knows because he has had a tail on Tony ever since the night of the kidnapping. Carly says she isn't sure Tony took Michael and Jason tells her if she is right about Tony, she needs to stay out of it so he can work. Then they both try to comfort each otherRecap --->

Friday, March 13, 1998

Sarah and Nikolas have dinner together and Sarah tells him how much she missed him. She also asks why he never wrote her back even though he read her letter. Nikolas tells her it was because it would have been like her receiving a letter from a kindergartner. They continue to talk, but Nikolas stops in the middle of one of his sentences when he sees Robin and Jax walk in. Nikolas tells Sarah they will have to stop by Robin's table and say "hello" and Sarah is surprised, telling him she doesn't realize he and Robin were friends. Meanwhile, Jax and Robin sit down and they start to talk about Robin's take on the Cassadines. Jax then tells Robin he is suspicious of why she asked him to eat and wants to know what Brenda is up to.

Bobbie is at home when Lucky walks in and wants to know the truth about his Mom and Dad. Bobbie tells him he needs to ask his father. Lucky storms out and Bobbie tries unsuccessfully to get a hold of Luke to warn him about Lucky. Meanwhile, Luke pays a visit to Carly and Jason to offer his help. Carly tells him Jason isn't there, but Luke tells her he will wait for him. Carly asks how he knows of Michael's kidnapping and when she finds out it was Bobbie who told Luke she accuses Bobbie of having no respect for the police because she told him when the police said to keep quiet. Luke laughs and tells her Bobbie is a Spencer so of course she has no respect for the police and neither does Caroline because she is a Spencer and if she did she wouldn't have called Bobbie in the first place.

Tony is at the cabin when Jason's men barge in and jump him. Jason walks in and they search the place. When their search comes up empty, Jason pulls up a chair next to Tony and asks him where Michael is. Tony tells him he doesn't have Michael and doesn't know where he is. Jason doesn't believe him and tells Tony he is lying. As Jason is about to hit Tony, Garcia and Taggert storm through the door. Tony gets up to show Garcia what Jason's men went through and Taggert asks Jason if he found anything. Jason tells him "no", but he knows Tony is lying. Taggert tells Jason they were just checking out people who hate Jason, and that list is very long, and Tony was on the list. Taggert tells Jason he did a good thing this time, but next time stay out of it and let the police do their work. Tony decides not to press charges against Jason for breaking into the cabin and for assault so Jason and the detectives leave.

Jax asks Robin if the reason she called him and asked him out was to get him out of the apartment so Brenda could deliver something. Robin says only that it was something like that and she gets up and leaves to go to Nikolas' table. Robin asks Nikolas and Sarah if she can join them for a while and Nikolas says "yes" even though Sarah obviously isn't happy about it. Back at Jax' table, Brenda sits down across from him bringing oysters like the ones she and Jax flew to get when they were first dating. She has even brought the pub owner, Paddy.

At the penthouse, Luke continues to wait for Jason. He tells Carly that it isn't her fault that Michael was kidnapped, but she should have known better not to leave him for a second considering the nature of Jason's business. Edward arrives and he and Luke swap insults. Luke leaves and Edward tries to comfort Carly telling her he came over to keep her company knowing Jason would leave her alone. He then tries to get Carly to come back to the Q house with him to wait for news. Carly tells him she can't because everyone hates her and Edward tells her no one hates her and she isn't at fault here, Jason is. Carly then expresses her thanks for Jason and all he has done for her and tells Edward that if he is there to put Jason down, he can leave. Edward apologizes, but leaves anyway.

Robin, Nikolas, and Sarah discuss Brenda and Jax although it seems as if the conversation is more between Robin and Nikolas. Sarah obviously feels like the third wheel. In the conversation, Nikolas lets it slip that he won't be attending Port Charles High School anymore and Sarah is surprised that he didn't tell her. Sarah then breaks-in and tells Robin the "oyster guy" is gone. Robin leaves and Sarah tells Nikolas she would like to visit Paris someday. Nikolas tells her maybe she can when she visits her parents in Europe this summer. Sarah is taken aback and says she was hoping to see Paris with Nikolas. Nikolas says, "yea", but is obviously not thrilled with the idea.

Robin asks Jax if he liked his surprise and Jax tells her "yes, but it was ineffectual";what Brenda wants isn't going to happen. He leaves and Brenda asks Robin if she thought Jax liked the surprise. Robin smiles and says she thinks so. Then they both look at each other and say at the same time, "he is going down!".

Bobbie again tries to leave a message for Luke to call her and this time Lucky overhears the message. He starts to pack and Luke arrives. Luke asks him what is wrong, but Lucky ignores him. As Lucky passes Luke to leave, Luke asks what is wrong and tries to grab Lucky. Lucky looks at Luke and tells him not to touch him.

Jason arrives at the penthouse with Justus and Carly has gone out for a walk. Jason tells Justus what happened at Tony's and says he knows Tony is lying. Justus tells Jason if Michael wasn't there, Tony probably doesn't have him and Jason thinks he is lying because Jason wants to believe it is Tony so he doesn't have to face another alternative. Jason finally agrees with Justus that he may not be thinking clearly and has Justus call Mareno to feel him out. Justus leaves and Carly shows up to find that Tony didn't have Michael. Meanwhile, Tony is at Mercy hospital and has Michael in his arms. He tells Michael he will get him out of there when it is safe.

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