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General Hospital Recaps: The week of March 16, 1998 on GH
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Monday March 16, 1998

Helena waits and then approaches Robin at the PC Hotel. She asks Robin to join her for tea but Robin declines. She tells her she would prefer if she just left her alone.

Justus shows up at Jason's and tells him he hasn't heard anything new about Michael's disappearance. This is driving Jason crazy and he hopes it was someone in the organization because then he knows the baby is at least safe. Carly comes in the room and jumps down his throat for still conducting business. She wants him to go to Edward because he did offer his help. Justus offers her some advice on Edward and then leaves. Once gone, Carly tells Jason no one asked for his advice and admits she is scared. She also doesn't think Michael is much of a priority for Jason.

Luke wants an explanation from Lucky but he flips out on his father. Luke asks what he knows but doesn't think by him hearing it will matter. Luke says a long time ago he raped Laura. He asks if his son feels better now and all Lucky asks where it happened. He thinks his life has been a big lie but Luke tries to explain that it happened in a different life and he was made out of love. Lucky tells him he was a coward then and he is one now. He hates him more than anyone in the world and believes his father is a liar and a hypocrite. Lucky honestly believes he has a right to know what happened that night so Luke agrees to tell him all.

Helena approaches Nikolas on the docks and invites him on a tour of her yacht. He wants to know why she is still bothering him when he made it clear he wanted her to stay away (this woman can not take a hint). She brings up his friendship with Robin and mentions how her father was good friends with Luke and also part of law enforcement. She also mentions the fact that Stefan offered Robin money.

Robin bumps into Edward at the hotel. They talk for a minute or two and then Justus walks in. Robin leaves the two alone and Edward asks if there's been any word. He also reminds Justus how two years ago today he killed Damian Smith and believes Justus is still carrying around that anger and guilt. He believes they were destined to run into each other and are being given a second chance This makes Justus a bit antsy. Edward asks him to come back to his family but Justus says absolutely not. Edward lets him know he has lost him then but will not loose his great-grandson too. He will do whatever it takes to get him back.

Jason tries to warn Carly that she can not trust Edward. She wants to know what he's doing about all this. She thinks he doesn't care. Jason yells at her and tells her he is scared. Angry at her he walks out. She runs after him, apologizing, but he's already in the elevator.

Tony is cradling the baby at Mercy hospital when the nurse/nun walks in. She questions him about the baby's mother and he tells her she is an illegal alien working in the GH kitchen.

Luke tells Lucky at that time he was managing the campus disco, a cheesy little joint. Laura worked as a waitress for him and he was obsessed with her. Laura was only a few years older than Liz. At the time he was a walking dead man, marked for execution by Frank Smith. He was very drunk that night and it was late; the disco was closed. He was close to killing himself and then there she was. He describes her outfit that night and every detail about her. (At this point there showing flashbacks from that night) She wanted to know what was wrong and wanted to talk. She wanted to know why he was crying and started talking non-sense about how her and Scotty could help him out. His love for her was eating him up and so he told her. He reached for her and she touched him. He describes her smell as "roses" and wanted to drown in her. (Luke is crying at this point) But then she turned away and wanted to leave. He wanted her to stay; they pushed and pulled back and forth. All he knew was he couldn't go to his grave not having held her. The music was playing and he reached for her to dance with him. She came to him and he held her. But she got scared and then he kissed her. She then said no, again and again, but he pulled her down to the floor and he took her; he raped her. He thinks he blacked out and when he came to she was on the floor in a ball, sobbing, her clothes all torn. He couldn't believe he had done that to her and he reached out to her, to help, but she cowered away from him. There was a phone ringing in the background and then she was gone. She ran to the park and someone found her there. That's all he knows. Lucky says it's a nice story, it really makes him proud. He grabs his stuff and walks out. Luke just sits there, sobbing.

Jason is at the bridge, punching the wall. Robin shows up behind him and promises to help. He tells her she can't, Michael is gone.

Stefan runs into Nikolas at the docks and he asks his Uncle if he paid off Robin. Stefan does not deny it and tells him he has no future with her because of her medical status.

Bobbie walks into Luke's house and tells him she's been looking for him. Luke tells her he told Lucky and now he is gone. She thinks he should go look for him but Luke believes if he's ever going to get him back he has to let him go now. Bobbie asks if he's going to call Laura and Luke does not want her to know.

Tony asks if the baby can stay at Marcy just a little while longer and the sister sees no problem with that.

Robin wraps Jason's bleeding hand up and he tells her what he believes happened to Michael. Robin tries to help him understand it's not his fault. He admits he's afraid and thinks the police are useless. She reassures him that the baby is safe and they won't hurt him. He promises to find Michael and make whoever did this pay.

Nikolas tells Stefan he knows about Robin's HIV status and it doesn't bother him.

Luke tells Bobbie he didn't want to tell Lucky. He doesn't want Laura caught in the crossfire; she paid enough for that night.

Lucky goes to a bus station and asks for a one way ticket to wherever he's got.

Tuesday, March 17, 1998

Stefan brings Katherine breakfast in bed to make up for not being around these past few nights-he's been tied up with business.

A cop wakes Lucky up at the bus station and informs him he's taking him in for truancy. Lucky produces an ID, which states he's 18 years old. He tells the officer that he missed the last bus out to Ohio last night and is waiting for the next one. Well he's in luck because it's boarding now. The cop lets him off but he doesn't board the bus.

Edward goes on television and makes a plea for Michael's life. Meanwhile, Carly and Jason are also watching this. The old man offers a reward of 5 million dollars. Carly asks Jason if he thinks this will work and he thinks it's a disaster.

Lucky shows up at Liz's house and tells her he's there to say goodbye because he is going away. She wants to know what happened but he can't tell her he says. She understands when he tells her he doesn't want to unload his garbage on her. Liz lets him know that she wants to be there for him and can only do that if he'll let her. He tells her that when she was raped he wanted to find out the name of the man who did this to her, instead he got a conciliation prize, the name of the man who raped his mother. Liz thought he said it was Stavros Cassadine and he says no, it was his father. Liz seems shocked and tells him she's sorry but doesn't know what to say.

Carly asks Jason if he's OK. She apologizes for what she did and said last night but she was upset and took it out on him. When he didn't come home she got worried. He says that maybe they should tell the truth that AJ is the real father.

Lila asks Edward if he's done the right thing. AJ tells him he should have kept his mouth shut like the police asked them to. Alan and Monica walk in and they are also upset over what he did. A call comes in from someone claiming to have seen the baby. Edward informs them they'll check out the tip. After these calls continuously come in, all which prove to be false leads, Edward then calls the police and Taggert is upset that he didn't listen to them. Alan tells his family he thinks father might be right, the critical days are over and there has been no word. Emily walks into the room and asks is she's missed something.

Carly wants Jason to forget what she said-he thinks it's true that his business has a direct affect on the people he loves. Carly reminds him that he is Michael's father in every way that counts.

Katherine invites Stefan to her bed and the two share the morning there together. He warns her that trouble is not far-Luke Spencer. He tells her about the meeting between Nikolas and Lucky and how Nikolas told him some information he had gotten from Stefan. Stefan then tells her that Luke raped Laura two years before they were married. She's surprised but then can't comment on anyone else because look at their situation. But she believes they were meant to be together.

Lucky thinks that he had no home in Port Charles and comtempates fleeing town, but he couldn't go without saying goodbye to Liz. She offers him a place to stay, her house, and promises that no one has to know. He could sneak in and out through her bedroom window. Liz pleads with him not to go, she wants to help him. They go inside and not even two minutes later Luke shows up. He tells her he's there to talk about Lucky, he thinks she'll be seeing him real soon. Then Lucky steps out from behind the door and Liz excuses herself. Luke can tell she knows and Lucky wants to know what he's doing there. Luke lets Lucky know that him and Laura have had many wonderful years together and Lucky will not diminish that. Lucky tells his father he hates them both.

Carly makes Jason some hot tea and thanks him for all he's done. She came to some realizations when she was alone and thinks that they belong with Jason and he also wants that. But Jason's not sure if he's good for Michael.

Emily detects something is wrong with Michael and they tell her he's been kidnapped. She wants to know why no one called her, she is his godmother. They didn't want to alarm her.

Jason tells Carly that Marino's men swear he didn't take the baby and he believes that because there's been no note, nothing. He thinks maybe it's a business associate in Puerto Rico.

Edward's counting on someone having seen something. His goal was to reach the ordinary citizen who might have seen something that could help them. AJ thinks he just scared the kidnapper into deeper hiding.

Luke accepts Lucky hates him but doesn't thinks he should take this out on Laura; she paid enough. He claims it's not the same as what happened to Liz but this makes Lucky think he's even sicker. Luke asks him who told him.

Stefan dreams of being with Laura, kissing her and taking her to his bed. When he awakes Katherine asks him where he was. He says he was just dreaming and gets up out of bed. She wants to know if he remembers.

Jason tells Carly he is going to San Juan to check things out. Carly tells him he is all that is getting her through this and hugs him.

Edward gets a call from someone who claims to have seen aliens taking the baby. Edward says they just have to weed out the false leads.

Stefan claims to not remember his dream. He says that's a good thing though and then kisses her. They make love again.

Lucky thinks his father is looking for someone to blame and tells him to figure it out himself. Who always knows what goes on in his life before he does. It was his little brother who heard it from Stefan who must have heard it from Laura. Lucky says that maybe she wasn't kidnapped by them but rescued. Luke walks awayRecap --->

Wednesday, March 18, 1998

Felicia, Mac, and V. tell Jax all about Tess and how she's involved with a plan to kill him. Mac explains to him that they are then going to try to pin it on him; that's what the quote to the tabloid was all about, setting Mac up. They know Mac and Jax do not like each other. Jax finds the whole story amusing until they open up the closet and show him James.

AJ fields calls from people claiming to have information about Michael. They're coming in so fast that he can't even answer everyone immediately. Keesha's there with him and then Alan comes in to let them know there's a buffet in the dining room. When they leave Alan pops some more pills and then gets on the phone.

Liz goes to GH and runs into Bobbie; she's looking for Lucky. Bobbie asks how he's doing and Liz says he told her. She wishes she could do something to fix this for him but she can't. Bobbie questions how much Liz knows and she says not much but really doesn't care to know anymore. Although Bobbie doesn't defend her brother's actions, she does tell Liz that Lucky is surrounded by love. Liz tells her that he just can't understand how his mother could love the man who raped her, his dad. Bobbie suggests she be a friend to Lucky the way he has been to her.

Luke approaches Nikolas at Wyndemere and Luke is mad as hell at him. Luke wants to know what happened and Nikolas says that Lucky was accusing his father of raping Laura and that he was the product of that rape. Luke tells him he will never understand what's between him and Laura. He believes that Nikolas is the competitive one, and so what does he want to do, eliminate the competition. Luke even says that he thought he liked Nikolas but now he's his enemy and he almost lost his life three times and he gave it back to him, there won't be a fourth.

Liz and Sarah are having lunch at the Outback and Robin and Brenda walk by. The two sisters are talking about Lucky and Nikolas. Liz thinks her sister is making her feel like a tragic victim and she wants her to stop. So then Sarah talks about how things between her and Nikolas are different.

Tess is on the phone with someone discussing the photo when Robin approaches her and asks where her Uncle Mac is. Tess complains that him and Felicia are upstairs and have been there for quite some time.

James asks the trio if he can stay upstairs instead of the warehouse but Mac says no way. Jax thinks he's not giving V. that much work if she has time for all this. Felicia asks Jax if he knows who would want him dead and he's not sure because he is involved in many business deals. Jax doesn't want this to leave the room and no cops involved. He'd like to pay Mac to figure this out.

Alan is on the phone with what seems to be a patient, giving reassuring advice. But then he talks about having is own vice, one which he can not stop and he doesn't want to. He says he's lying to himself because he can't stop this vice and even hates himself. He hopes he'll find the strength that will save him. Alan apologizes for going on and then hangs up. When Keesha and AJ come back in the room, he asks AJ which line he was just using, AJ informs him that was the police line which goes straight to the precinct and they monitor ALL the calls.

Keesha tells AJ she hopes Ned doesn't ever come back because she thinks he could do a better job. AJ says that Ned only thinks he's in charge. (Is AJ planning to take Ned's place?)

Luke runs into Stefan at the launch and Stefan wants to know why he's on his island, especially after knocking out two of his guards. Stefan is concerned with what he wants with Nikolas. Luke informs him that he put his nephew in the line of fire. Stefan brings up that Luke pimped his sister, killed his brother (Stefan's), and raped his wife.

Jax says he'll pay Mac and Felicia $50,000 to help him. Mac brings up the police again and Jax doesn't want their noses in his financial business. Felicia doesn't see why they shouldn't do it, it is a lot of money he's paying.

Luke thinks Stefan used the poison against him and just waited until the right time to do it. Since he couldn't get his wife away from him he had to use his kid. Stefan thinks he is pathetic and asks if he honestly thought he wouldn't have to pay for raping Laura. Next the two men get into a fist fight and Lucky shows up.

Brenda shows up at V.'s door and asks if this is a bad time. She lets her in and Brenda sees Mac, Felicia and Jax. They all leave except Jax, he thinks she's tracking him down; Brenda lets him know she's there to see V. Once he leaves Brenda asks how his calendar looks because she's planning on hi-jacking him.

Keesha tells AJ she thinks he's handling all this pressure very well.

Liz asks Sarah about Nikolas and Robin. Sarah tells her how she helped him with his speech and there's no way she can compete with her.

Mac and Felicia are back downstairs and Tess questions what they were doing upstairs so long. Felicia sets her straight.

Robin confronts Mac on why he was talking to a sleazy tabloid about Brenda. She thinks he's acting different. When she asks Felicia what she thinks, Felicia sort of sides with Mac, making the whole situation look like it was no big deal.

Lucky asks Stefan if he's OK and Luke informs his son he's going back with him. Lucky lets him know he's not going anywhere with him. He'll be OK, he always is.

Robin yells at them a little more and then thinks that what they say has to do with her and Jason so she runs out upset.

Nikolas is waiting and Stefan asks if he's OK, did Luke threaten him. Nikolas says he always threatens him. Stefan believes Luke is more driven, his family is disintegrating and Nikolas says that Luke blames him for this. He asks if he'll be back and Stefan says not yet. He doesn't want Katherine to know what happened there tonight, she's already paid once for being in the middle of the two men. Stefan says though it is time he made a visit to Laura.

Brenda comes downstairs and sees Robin run out. Jax is still there and wants to know what she wanted with V. She won't tell him and they walk out as Tess watches.

Thursday, March 19, 1998

Felicia tells Mac that her children are returning to town because their grandmother's hacienda is flooded. Felicia insists she and Mac should tell them about the engagement instead of having them overhear it from someone else. Jax and V walk up and when Mac asks him if he came up with a list of people who would want to kill him, Jax tells him he didn't and he isn't going to that he hired Mac to do the work for him. Mac reminds Jax that he isn't the one people are after. Jax and V then sit down to eat and V informs him that she has cleared his schedule for the day. When he starts to get angry with her, Brenda walks up and tells him to be mad at her and not V and that they are going somewhere together. Meanwhile, Felicia's children walk in at the same time Tess does and are excited to hear Mac and Felicia are getting married.

Tony and Lucas are in the park when he receives a phone call from Bobbie asking him to bring back Lucas later that what they had planned. He asks her why and she tells him she has to work overtime to help the police because the police are having all the babies in the nurseries at the hospitals fingerprinted. Tony tells her okay then Lucas walks up. He asks Tony if he may continue to play with some friends and Tony tells him no they have to leave now because he has some important errands to run. Lucas starts to get upset with Tony accusing him of not caring about him anymore. Tony tells him this isn't true and he loves him very much.

Jason arrives back from Puerto Rico and tells Carly he has no word on Michael. Carly asks Jason what they will do if Michael is really lost and Jason tells her Michael is only lost when they stop looking for him. Jason tells her he is at a loss as to who took Michael and has decided it is time to join forces with the police. Jason calls Taggert to tell him and Taggert arrives later. When Taggert arrives at the penthouse, he asks Jason why he went to Puerto Rico. When Jason tells him, Taggert is surprised Jason finally told him the truth. Jason tells Taggert he is ready to join in the search with the police and Taggert says he doesn't believe Jason. Carly starts in on Taggert and Taggert tells her they are doing fine without Jason's help. When Taggert tells Carly about the fingerprinting, she decides to go to GH to help the volunteers.

Robin and Nikolas have a picnic in the park and Nikolas apologizes to Robin for his uncle's behavior. Robin also finds out during the course of their conversation that Nikolas knows she is HIV positive. Nikolas tells her he doesn't mind and that it made him feel stupid for feeling sorry for himself. As they are talking, Tony and Lucas run into them as they are leaving the park. Tony asks Robin and Nikolas if they would watch Lucas for a while because he has some errands to run and they wouldn't be any fun for Lucas. Robin and Nikolas agree to watch him and Tony leaves. He comes back later to pick up Lucas and tells Lucas to put on his hat because it is cold. As Lucas gets his hat out of Tony's pocket, a piece of paper slips out. Tony and Lucas leave and as they walk off, Robin notices the piece of paper. She tries unsuccessfully to get Tony's attention then puts the piece of paper in her pocket.

Carly arrives at the hospital and meets a nurse in the hallway. She tells the nurse she is there to help and the nurse gives her a baby that has just been fingerprinted for her to hold. As Carly is rocking the child, Bobbie walks up and wants to know why she is there and where she got the baby from. Carly tells her she is there to help and she and Bobbie have a touching scene together. Later, Carly returns to the penthouse and she and Jason try to comfort each other.

Brenda and Jax take off on a private jet and Brenda expresses her feeling for Jax. She tells him she is well and that her feelings for him are genuine. They both them get dressed up, but Brenda still won't tell him where they are going.

Tony arrives at the cabin with Michael in tow. Meanwhile, Nikolas leaves Robin to get some coffee for them and while he is gone, she pulls out the piece if paper Tony dropped. It is a receipt for baby items.

Friday, March 20, 1998

Bobbie goes to the basement of the Brownstone to find Lucky. She finds him and he eventually walks out of the shadows to talk with her. She tries to explain Luke's behavior to Lucky, but Lucky doesn't want to hear it. She tells him that what happened, happened to Laura, but Lucky tells her he is upset at his dad for lying to him. Bobbie tells him that Luke didn't lie because he told Lucky everything when he asked Luke for the truth. She also asks Lucky if he would rather Luke have told him about the rape when he was six or even twelve and Lucky tells her anytime before Nikolas used the information to hurt him would have been fine. Bobbie tells him Luke has regretted it for twenty years and it means something that he and Laura have put it past them and reared a family. Lucky doesn't budge in his opinions and Bobbie tells him he is still welcome to stay at the Brownstone if he would like.

Brenda and Jax arrive at their destination and Brenda has invited Jax' friend Thao and a contessa to join them at cards. Before they start, Jax tells Brenda his friends play for very high stakes and he is willing to cover any bets she may lose. Brenda tells him thanks, but she plans on winning. Near the end of the game, Brenda and the Contessa are at a stand-off. The Contessa tells Brenda she doesn't have enough chips in front of her to play anymore and Jax offers to cover Brenda's bet. The Contessa asks if Jax would be a part of the bet. Brenda says no, but Jax tells her that would be okay. So they decide that whoever wins will get to spent the whole night with Jax in addition to winning a ruby and diamond bracelet and money. Jax deals the cards and Brenda wins. Later over champagne, Jax tells her he was willing to cheat if he had to for her to win.

Robin thanks Nikolas for the picnic, but tells him she has to go because she realized there is something she can do to help Jason's baby. Nikolas tells her okay as long as she agrees to have lunch with him again. She agrees and leaves to go to Tony's cabin. While Nikolas is still in the park, he runs into Luke. Among other things, Nikolas tells Luke that the reason he hates him is because Luke thinks he is a child of rape and it reminds Luke of what he did to Laura. Luke tells him he is crazy. Nikolas then tells Luke that it doesn't matter because Luke has such a hold on Laura that she will always choose Luke and his family over himself. Nikolas then walks off.

At the cabin, Tony picks up Michael and explains to him what his plans are and why he had to take him away from Snarly and Jason. Tony seems to truly care for Michael. He then leaves Michael in the other room to sleep while he listens on the monitor. Robin then arrives at his doorstep. Tony invites her in and asks what he can do for her. Robin tells him he can start by returning Michael to Jason. Tony tells her no and explains to her why he took Michael. Robin tells him he has to give Michael back because Michael isn't his, but Tony tells her Michael was in trouble so when a child is in trouble you don't ask who he belongs to, you just help the child. Robin continues to try to get Tony to return Michael, but Tony won't budge and instead locks Robin in the room with Michael telling her she can watch Michael while he is at work until they can all leave town. Tony then leaves to move Robin's car and Robin picks up Michael and tells him not to worry because Jason will find them.

At the penthouse, Jason and Carly comfort each other then Jason decides to call Taggert to see about having a sketch of Michael made. Taggert and Dara later bring over a sketch artist who works up a portrait based on Jason and Carly's description of Michael. Carly and Jason have to do this because they don't have a single picture of Michael yet. When Taggert and Dara leave, Jason thanks Carly for helping with the description because he has trouble seeing sketches or plans and can't make sense of them. As they talk, Jason gets a call from his informant who tells him Mareno has made his move.

Luke returns to his club and starts to hear something behind him. It is Lucky. Suddenly the song which played during the rape of Laura (Herb Alpert's "Rise") starts to play on the CD player. Lucky tosses him the CD holder and leaves. Luke then picks up a bat and destroys the CD player and the bar.

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