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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 13, 1998 on GH
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Monday April 13, 1998

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In order to protect the secret of Nikolas's parentage and downplay his love for Laura, Stefan made sure that the portrait he had in his wine cellar of Laura had been replaced by a semi-nude of a young Helena. Luke perused the painting and listened to Stefan say that he had feelings for Laura when she was on the Cassadine island, but never acted on them and that Laura never knew. Stefan told Luke that his feelings for Laura were attributed to pity, but he had soon felt disdain for Laura when she had abandoned Nikolas. Luke told Stefan that he was not interested in his fantasies and made it clear that his only interest was to protect Lucky from Helena and inferred that any harm that may come to Lucky may also fall on Nikolas. Meanwhile, Nikolas visited Robin at General Hospital and their friendship deepened over talk about the night he had almost died. Alan purchased pills from the drug dealer, who turned out to be an informant for Taggert. Taggert then entered Alan's motel room and saw him sleeping and hinted that he had an agenda with him. Jason refused to sleep with Carly and admitted that he was still in love with Robin. After complimenting Carly on how she and Michael brought life into his home, Jason told her that he wanted them to be just good friends. Brenda tried to read more into Nikolas's visit to Robin and then told Robin that Jax's parents supported her efforts to win Jax back. Jax and Jerry shared a rowdy reunion complete with fist-a-cuffs. Having known that Jerry was plotting the hit, Jax was upset that Brenda was wounded instead of the real target, Jason. Jerry told Jax that after he had learned that Mitch was trying to kill Jax, he had paid the sniper off to wound Jason instead and blamed what had happened to Brenda on Mac's interference. After Jax fumed at Jerry's cavalier attitude over what had happened, Jerry told Jax that it was clear that he was in love with Brenda. Jax told Jerry that he could never love Brenda again and related the history of the their relationship. Jax then asked Jerry to make sure that he does not fall for Brenda again. Later, Jason visited a sleeping Robin in the her room. As Stefan wondered if Luke had bought his story, Luke started to doubt Laura's relationship with Stefan.

Tuesday, April 14, 1998

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Helena asked Lucky to tell her what he knew about Tony and then asked him to retrieve something from Luke's safe at the club in another test of loyalty. Lucky, however, passed Helena's test without completely going against Luke when he returned with innocuous documents. By listening to the audio bug he had planted on the yacht, Luke learned about Lucky's assignment and Helena's interest in Tony. Tony received a visit from a celebrity attorney, but opted not to plead insanity as a defense. Helena arrived and offered her help, but Tony was skeptical of her true agenda. Tony then rejected Luke's warnings about dealing with Helena and felt that he did not have to sacrifice her offer of help because of Luke's feud with the Cassadines. Nikolas visited Robin at General Hospital and they made plans to meet again after she was released. Nikolas then ran into Jason at the hospital and thanked him for saving his life. Robin then saw Jason, who remained detached for her safety. Nikolas then realized that Jason and Robin were not as close as they once were. Dara decided to accept Justus's help in her prosecution of Tony in order to make sure that she would have an airtight case. Dara, however, made it clear that their efforts must be done in an informal fashion over dinner and lunches. Alan returned home and was still controlled by his addiction. Alan managed to reconnect with Monica, but was not able to make any headway with Emily. The Quartermaines still struggled at home without their complete staff and botched an attempt at making toast and cappuccino with Edward short circuiting the microwave.

Wednesday, April 15, 1998

Jerry is throwing clothes down a fire ladder outside the PC Hotel when Bobbie walks by. He explains that he was just coming out of the commissioner of police's room (seems he must have been with his wife), when the commissioner unexpectedly came home. Anyway, the two exchange a few words and then Bobbie is off.

Brenda gets off the elevator at Jax's penthouse and Jerry catches her checking out her hair. He flirts with her but both know who the other is.

Katherine rambles on about Deception but Stefan is paying little attention. She catches on and wonders what's wrong. She's missed seeing him and he claims he's been very busy. She thinks there's been a cool wind between them ever since she told Luke he was once in love with Laura. Katherine claims she did it to try to help him and if they can't speak to one another about these things they have a problem.

Luke receives a delivery at the club from Stefan; it's the portrait of the half-naked Helena. He decides it should be hung over the fireplace; that should get people drinking or it will sober them up. At this moment Nikolas walks in.

Jax answers his door and Jerry and Brenda are standing there. Jerry claims Brenda was putting the moves on him and they both walk in. John and Jane come down and are happy to see Jerry. Brenda and the Jacks' leave the room and Jerry informs his brother he's taken care of the problem with the police commissioner. Jax tells him that the strike is under control but Jerry doesn't think so. He suggests they sit down with Jason and Jax says only on their conditions.

Ned is at the Port Charles Grill where unfortunately no one else is. Because of the strike business has dwindled. V. walks in to eat and Ned offers to buy her dinner. Although they don't know one another they sit down and Ned tells her he's concerned about Jax going up against Jason. He doesn't think Jax can beat Jason but V. thinks her boss will hold up just fine.

Stefan admits he's been cold to her and she explains that she went to Luke to try to explain that Stefan would never hurt his wife. She was only trying to protect him and Nikolas and feels she can take advantage of the relationship she has with Luke. Stefan asks her to respect that his family is his responsibility. She agrees but can not understand his rules. She invites him over to her place later in the evening and he accepts.

Luke wants to know why he's there; what is he looking for another drive by shooting? Nikolas thinks he's very funny but just came by to thank him for saving his life. He also never meant to tell Lucky and have him then go work for his grandmother. He goes to leave when Luke asks him what he thinks about the portrait. Nikolas can not believe it is Helena.

Helena places a call to Alexis who is preparing to come home from her business in Ja.k.arta. Helena apparently knows her whole itinerary, even what she did on her trip, and then tells her to change the flight pattern and stop over in Greece to do her a little errand.

The whole Jacks' family, including Brenda, sit down to dinner. The brothers squabble over the situation with Jason and Jerry asks if they can just shoot him.

Nikolas asks Luke where he got the portrait and he tells him from Stefan. Nikolas thinks this is shameful to his family and then retaliates back by telling Luke his uncle will never send him the other portrait. It's another one of Laura he had commissioned and will be keeping it for himself.

Ned admits he wants V.'s help. He'd like for her to tell him Jax's plan on the strike but it's a mystery for her as well. Ned detects she's carrying a torch for her boss and V. is quite defensive about the subject. She informs him their relationship is strictly business. Ned thinks Jax is wasting her and she has some sort of secret life Jax does not know of.

Nikolas returns home and asks his uncle how he could have given Luke the portrait. He informs him of where it was hung and is pretty mad. Even if they don't like her she still bears the family name. Stefan is amused at where Luke put it, he figured he would. Nikolas then tells him he got so mad at Luke that he told him about the other portrait of Laura. Stefan asks Nikolas how he would feel if Laura came home. Could he tolerate having his mother back? Nikolas wouldn't mind, especially if she brings his little sister. Stefan thinks that when she comes back she will be furious with Luke.

Luke already has a customer question him about the portrait. Bobbie comes on and she's feeling a bit down. Tomorrow is Tony's trial and she plans on testifying against him, something she never dreamed she'd do. She still can't imagine how this could happen and Luke reminds her he is not playing with a full deck. He changed so much when BJ died and so has she but the mistakes he's made are not justifiable. She wants him locked up and kept away from Lucas and Michael until he's an old man. Luke mentions that might not happen and informs her of Tony's visit from Helena. Bobbie does not believe even she could get him set free.

Alexis tells Helena she thought she was through with running her errands. Helena warns her to be weary when she stops showing some interest in her. She wants Alexis to retrieve a certain item from the island and she agrees.

Nikolas tell his uncle he can handle it. Stefan gives him more time to think about it because nothing is final yet. Katherine then comes in and tells him of the plans she has for them that evening. Stefan tells her he must go out of town on business and she's disappointed.

Ned talks quickly to Alexis and she informs him she'll be home a day later. She says she's stopping in Hawaii for some "R&R". Ned hangs up and gets back to his conversation with V. She tells him it was fun watching him try to sway her away from Jax but dinner and trying to buy her isn't going to work.

Jerry tells Jax that Brenda is reeling him in but he doesn't agree. John and Jane invite Brenda to visit them this summer in Anchorage. Jerry then tells Brenda quietly that she has no chance with his brother and that Jax told him if he thinks about marriage to shoot him.

After things quite down at Jax's, Brenda looks out the window and Jax asks her what her and Jerry were talking about. Jerry then comes in and offers Brenda an invitation to dinner, which she turns down.

Luke tries to figure out what Helena wants with Tony; probably to throw him in their face. Bobbie is convinced he's going to jail and that's it.

Nikolas has made a decision and tells his uncle. The two men look forward to it and Stefan says he wants this only between them. Katherine is not to know because she will probably tell Luke.

Thursday, April 16, 1998

Robin comes home from the hospital with Brenda. Brenda notices something is wrong with Robin and Robin reveals to Brenda that she is having a problem testifying against Tony. Robin tells Brenda that Tony has always tried to look out for people's best interests and he was just looking out for Michael. Brenda brings up the fact that Tony held her against her will with out her medication, but Robin tells her she is fine and Tony didn't realize she didn't have her medication and he did try to help her when she got sick. Robin continues to defend Tony and Brenda tries to get her to see the other side. The phone rings as they are talking and it is Jax asking Brenda to meet him at the Grill. Brenda tells Robin she will stay with her, but Robin tells her to go. Brenda tells her she may not agree with her decision, but she will stand behind Robin regardless of what she decides.

Felicia sits down with Mac who is attempting to have lunch. They start to discuss Tony and begin to argue about each other's opinion of Tony's actions. Felicia then tells Mac she is testifying on Tony's behalf. Jax walks up and interrupts them and tells Mac the Police Commissioner has resigned and his job is now open. Mac tells Jax he will get back to him about the job so Jax leaves. Mac then "lays into" Felicia for testifying for Tony. Felicia justifies her decision telling Mac that Tony has done many wonderful things, for example, taking his daughter off life support so Maxie could live. Mac tells her that Tony isn't the same person as then and Felicia tells him that should be a sign that Tony wasn't in his right mind when he committed his crimes. Mac doesn't budge and Felicia leaves to go to court.

Justus sits down with Keesha who is also having lunch. He tells her he tried to call her all night, but he couldn't reach her. She dismisses it as having taken the phone off the hook because she was busy with paperwork. She starts to warn Justus again about his involvement with Jason, but Justus tells her he is happy and wakes up every morning with a smile on his face. AJ walks up and Justus leaves. AJ asks Keesha if she told Justus that she was with him all last night and she says "no" because they both agreed not to tell anyone. They both start to lust after each other at the table and decide to go upstairs for a quick one before the trial.

Justus sits down next to Dara and he slips her a disc. He then starts to sweet talk her. Dara says she must be crazy to get help from him, but Justus tells her not to worry. He also tells her the disc contains information on a similar case. Dara tells him she has already looked up this particular case, but she will look over the disc. Justus wishes Dara good luck then leaves. Mac then walks up to Dara. They talk about Tony's case and Mac expresses his concern that Taggert may have messed up the arrest and will therefore ruin the case against Tony. Dara tells him the only thing Taggert did was to delay getting Tony medical attention when his hand was broken in the struggle for the gun, but that fact hasn't come up yet and probably won't. Dara then leaves to pick Robin up for the trial.

Lucky and Liz arrive at Ruby's and he asks Liz if Sarah is angry with him. Liz tells him Sarah is probably upset because Lucky hasn't asked Sarah out yet. Lucky dismisses it and tells Liz he and Sarah were never meant to be. Liz admits she is nervous about going back to work and Lucky offers to stay with her until her shift is over then walk her home afterwards. Liz agrees, then starts to feel bad saying she is weak for needing his help. Lucky tells her she is very strong considering she was violated not only physically, but her spirit was also violated. Lucky gets angry as he thinks back on the rape and tells Liz he wants to kill the attacker everytime he thinks about the rape. Liz calms him down and Lucky tells her he should have just gone to the dance with her as they had arranged that they would have had a great time. Liz asks if he is sure and he tells her he is. Liz walks off and Bobbie walks in and talks to Lucky about the trial.

Dara arrives at Brenda's and Robin tells her she is having second thoughts about testifying. Dara tells her just to tell the truth and by telling the truth she won't be directly sending Tony to jail. Robin doesn't fall for it and tells Dara she knows that Dara will not as her about all the wonderful things Tony has done in the past. Dara then tells Robin that if she doesn't testify, she could be held in contempt of court and could face jail time. Robin tells her she isn't convinced and Dara leaves telling her to things about it carefully.

Bobbie asks Lucky how Liz is doing and Lucky tells her Liz is still having trouble in public. Bobbie again tells him Liz should attend a support group, but Lucky tells her Liz went, but it didn't work out. Bobbie then goes to talk to Liz herself. She tells Liz about the support group and Liz tells her herself it didn't work out. Bobbie then mentions Liz possibly meeting with Gail Baldwin. Liz doesn't agree at first, but when Bobbie tells her she herself saw Gail for counseling, Liz agrees. Bobbie leaves and Sarah walks in and sits down with Lucky. Lucky tells her he knows about her break-up with Nikolas and Sarah tells him he was right that she was wrong to get involved with Nikolas.

At the courthouse, Justus confronts Taggert and tells his he better not mess up the case against Tony because of his controversial arrest methods. They argue a little then Justus walks off. Felicia walks in and sits down on a bench. Bobbie sees her, sits down beside her, then asks if Felicia will sits by her in court because she could use a friend. Felicia tells her she can't because she is there to testify on Tony's behalf. Bobbie gets upset, but Felicia tries to justifiy her decision to Bobbie. Bobbie yells at Felicia and tells her that given another 24 hours, Tony would have taken Lucas also. Bobbie is unable to sway Felicia so she walks off.

Brenda arrives at the Grill and Jax tells her he needs her help in getting his parents out of town. The reason he needs this done is because his mother and brother don't see eye to eye on things. Brenda listens, but tells Jax the reason he is trying to get rid of his parents is because they are trying to get Brenda and Jax married again. Jax tells her that isn't the case, but Brenda tells him if he wants her help, he will have to admit her version is the truth.

Mac walks up to Dara as she is going into the courtroom and he asks her where Robin is. Dara tells him she doesn't have time to discuss it and walks off. Mac then calls Jax and tells him he wants the commisioner job because he is tired of criminals slipping through the cracks in his department. Mac goes into the courtroom and Robin arrives shortly after.

Sarah tells Lucky she wants to make up for her behavior the night of the dance and she wants to talk about them. As she is talking, Mr. Murty walks in and asks to talk to Sarah so Lucky leaves. Mr. Murty brings up the fact that Sarah's schoolwork has been suffering and he wants to know if she has personal problems which are contributing. Sarah tells him she doesn't feel like it is his business. He then asks if Nikolas is the cause of her poor schoolwork and again Sarah tells him she doesn't feel comfortable talking to him about it. He backs off and then tells Sarah he is concerned about her chances of getting into a good college so she will need to meet with him on Tuesdays after school. Sarah starts to complain and he tells her, "Now not another word." Liz happens to walk up as he is saying this and after he walks off, Lucky asks Liz what is wrong. Liz tells him she remembers what the attacker said to her that night; he whispered to her "not a word". Liz then looks as if she remembers something else and says, "Oh, no!".

Friday, April 17, 1998

Alexis arrives back in Port Charles as Ned is leaving a message on her answering machine. Alexis rushes to get the phone, but doesn't catch him. Helena walks in and overhears Ned talking. She asks Alexis if she knows the man talking and Alexis tells her he isn't anyone important. Helena then starts to pump Alexis for information about Tony. After finding out what he has done, Helena says she admires his style of taking matters into his own hands. Helena then notices Alexis has brought her trunk from Greece, but Alexis isn't curious as to what is inside when Helena offers to open it in front of her. Helena then reveals the fact that Lucky is working for her and he will probably be by to pick up her trunk. Helena then leaves.

Everyone prepares for the opening of day two of Tony's trial. Outside the courtroom, Edward gathers the Q's together and tells them not to mention the attempted kidnapping of Michael because after all it was all Tony's doing. When the other Q's are surprised by his statement, Edward says that they didn't try to kidnap Michael, they were only trying to open the lines of communication with Jason. While Edward is talking, Dara walks into the courtroom and Bobbie follows her in and expresses her concern that Tony will be set free. Dara tries to comfort her, but Bobbie tells her she also feels betrayed by Felicia's testifying on Tony's behalf.

Carly and Jason eat breakfast at the hotel before going to the trial. Carly starts to laugh and gloat at the chaos all around her caused by Jason's, or rather Carly's strike. She then switches the subject to the trial. She says she can't wait for Tony to go to jail and tells Jason she knows they have an ironclad case because of Robin's testimony. Jason tries to get Carly to see that nothing is ever a sure shot as far as the law goes, but Carly doesn't see things that way. Jason tells her the law is like a business and like any business, things may not go as one thinks they will. Carly then starts to worry that Tony may go free.

Mac, Felicia, and Jax toast to his new job as police commissioner. Then the subject of Tony's trial comes up and Felicia mentions they had better leave before the trial starts. Jax glances over to Jason and Carly and says that the infant's parents aren't concerned about the case so why should anyone else be. Mac then warns Jax to be careful of his brother. As Mac and Felicia leave, Jerry walks in and there isn't any love lost between him and Mac. Jerry tries to get Jax to give in a little as far as the strike is concerned, but Jax refuses. Jerry tells Jax he isn't being smart in business and he is only holding out because he hates Jason and Brenda is the cause of it. Jax refuses to believe it and Brenda walks in.

Brenda walks up to Jason and Carly and tells them both to lay off Robin today because the trial is very stressful for Robin. She then walks over to Jax' parents who have also entered the hotel. The three of them sit down to eat and Jax' parents ask Brenda what her agenda is as far as Jax is concerned. Brenda avoids their question and John and Jane realize the agenda is themselves. They realize they have been pushing Jax too hard and tell Brenda they will leave so she can work on Jax herself.

Outside the courtroom, the trial is about to start and Mac and Felicia walk up to Robin. Mac tells Robin he is the new police commissioner. Robin seems happy for him. Felicia then starts to tell Robin she will be testifying for Tony and Robin interrupts her and tells her she has something she has to say. Before she can get it out, Dara interrupts her and says she needs to talk to Robin alone. Mac and Felicia the go inside. The trial then resumes and Felicia is the first witness. Outside, Jason and Carly walk up to Robin and Carly tells Robin to crucify Tony. Robin tells Jason she has to talk to him and Carly goes inside. Robin tells Jason she is concerned about testifying and Jason tells her everything will be all right to just tell the truth. Then they both go inside. Felicia testifies about Tony's help in giving Maxie life. She then steps down and Robin gets on the stand.

After eating, John and Jane tell Jax and Jerry they are leaving town. Brenda leaves to support Robin at the trial and Jax leaves to help his mother pack, leaving Jerry and John alone. John confronts Jerry telling him he knows Jerry's target was Jason and he knows Jerry meant to kill him. Jerry denies it, but John asks what about Jax. Jerry tells him Jax doesn't know why it is so important for the dock renovations to go through. John asks what Jerry will do if Jax becomes a problem and Jerry says he will deal with him in his own way. Jax walks up and asks what way that would be.

Robin gets on the stand and Dara surprises everyone by asking the judge to treat Robin as a hostile witness. The judge agrees and Robin sticks up for Tony through Dara's questioning. Tony smiles, thankful for Robin's testimony. While this is going on, Carly asks Jason what Robin is doing and then, as usual, she thinks everything is about herself. She tells Jason she knows exactly what Robin is doing. Tony's attorney asks Robin only one question when it is her turn to cross examine then Robin is through for now and walks out. Tony is obviously less than happy with his lawyer's performance. Outside, Helena attempts to start a conversation with Robin, but Brenda walks up and takes Robin inside.

Bobbie is next on the stand and she gets very upset saying she can't believe anyone would bring up B.J. at a time like this and use that as an excuse for Tony. After Bobbie is done, Tony's lawyer again only asks one question on cross examination and Tony isn't happy at all. Court is then dismissed and Helena walks up to Tony and tells him she is still there. Tony doesn't answer her, but tells the bailiff to get him out of there. Helena then calls Alexis and tells her she has one more thing to do for her, get Tony freed.

Felicia walks up to Robin outside the courtroom and thanks Robin for her testimony. She tells Robin that she is grateful to Tony because he gave her back her daughter. Robin says she knows. Mac then comes up and gives Robin a hug telling her he wasn't there so he doesn't know what happened in the cabin and as long as she told the truth, he is okay with her testimony.

Carly thanks Bobbie for her testimony and then walks off. She and Jason then discuss the case with Justus. Justus is concerned because of Robin's testimony, but Jason tells him it is okay because Robin told it like she saw it. As Jason and Justus talk, Carly walks over to Robin and starts to argue with her asking Robin if she knows what she has done.

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