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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 20, 1998 on GH
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Monday April 20, 1998

Jax wants an answer from Jerry on how he'd get rid of him. John just wants the strike to end in a civilized way. Jax is not going to agree to change his course on the strike, he's not in a hurry to settle.

Tony is upset with his lawyer's defense, which is leading towards insanity. He still believes he had his reasons for doing what he did. Tony thinks he'll loose his medical license if he pleads insanity. Helena steps in and wants a word with Sheila.

Bobbie wants a word with Jason regarding Robin. He suggests she talk to Robin but she thinks Robin would listen to him. Bobbie thinks Tony is going to get off and steal Lucas and then Michael.

Carly rips into Robin but she stands up to her. She can't understand how she could do this to Jason. Robin tells her the blame starts with her, she created this.

Brenda says goodbye to John and Jane. Jane asks her if she could have whatever world she wanted, would it be with Jax or Sonny? Brenda says Jax, she wants to grow old with him.

Jax questions why they don't trust his instinct and wants to know what's going on. Jane interrupts them and John bows out of their little feud.

Helena shows up at Alexis' who wants to know if the call was a misunderstanding but Helena wants her to free Tony Jones. Alexis really doesn't want to do this but Helena suggests she get cracking on finding a loop hole.

Jason can't understand why Robin did what she did either but he can't tell her what to do. Bobbie thinks the judge will take into account what she said and it will influence the sentencing.

Robin thinks Carly is partly to blame. She says that he was led to believe it was his and he never gave up on the child, she did. Robin just doesn't think this is all Tony's fault. She accuses Carly of building her son's life on a bed of lies. Carly asks her is she's jealous that she can't make a baby with Jason because it's not safe for her. Jason and Bobbie hear Carly's nasty accusation.

Jane hands Brenda the yacht that she won from them; she found it in Jax's storage. The Jacks' say goodbye and Jerry walks them out.

Alexis tries to get out of representing Tony and questions why getting him off is so important. Helena doesn't give her an explanation but asks Alexis if she'd like to continue breathing. Alexis informs her that if she pulls this one off, it is the last miracle she is performing.

Jason asks Carly what she said and warns her not to speak like that to Robin. Carly thinks he's taking her side and Jason tells her it's time to go. Bobbie tells Robin that Carly was a little harsh but she agrees with her feelings on this whole situation. She's appealing to her for the future of her son. She wants to know how she will feel if one day Bobbie comes to her and says that Lucas is gone now too. She thinks Robin can't understand how her or Carly are feeling because she is not a mother.

Ned arrives at Alexis' room and the two are happy to see each other. He talks to her about the trial and she asks a few questions (we know what she's really after). He tells her about Robin's testimony and how it upset him. He is a little angry with her. Ned says that what Tony did has caused ripple effects throughout his family. It also has affected him too; every time the phone rings he thinks it's Lois calling to tell him something has happened to Brooke-Lynn.

Jason tells Carly that he doesn't agree with Robin but doesn't tell her what to do. She questions his loyalty to Michael and he sets her straight on his feelings for the boy. He warns her that if she tries to turn him against Robin he will kick her out. She must live by his terms and never again question his feelings for Michael.

Ned and Alexis share a romantic evening together and the two make love. He tells her they will soon be able to let everyone know about them but for now she is his secret weapon. All she ever wanted was to belong to a family and he says that she will. Everything she has ever wanted is hers for the taking.

Bobbie shows up at Jason's and Carly wants to know if she's there to defend Robin but she's not. Bobbie wasn't sure if she'd be packing her stuff but Carly says her and Jason are just fine. The two woman talk about the trial and then Bobbie tells her she really needs to have some family around and asks if she could bring Lucas over to meet Michael.

Robin is still at the courthouse and Jason walks into the courtroom where she is sitting. He asks if she's OK and Robin asks him if he understands why she did what she did. He can't and so she tries to explain. She puts a lot of the blame on Carly yet he doesn't defend Carly. She thinks that Tony needs help, not 40 years in prison. Jason tries to get her to see what Tony did was wrong but she says in a way he has also stolen Michael and if AJ knew he could call it kidnapping.

Brenda tells Jax that she's going to leave the yacht at the penthouse for him to look at. He tells her Jerry is not planning on leaving right now and she lets him know that Jerry will not stand in her way, PC is not big enough for both of them.

Jerry meets with an unknown man down at the docks who informs him that he's running out of time.

Bobbie gives Carly some ground rules for Lucas and lets her know what she's not going to tell him just yet that Carly is his sister. Carly will be happy with for now with him just being civil to her. The two women are really making an effort and Carly says she would like for him to meet Michael.

Alexis gets a call from Helena, informing her that Dr. Jones will be giving her a call.

Tony meets with Sheila and tells her to put him on the stand. He thinks the judge will be fair to him. She thinks he's crazy and when she doesn't agree to do this he fires her. This causes him to get a little out of control and then he asks the guard to make a call.

Jason doesn't see how he could be kidnapping Michael; all he's doing is protecting him from the Q's and keeping him with his mother. Robin apologizes if she said something that hurt him and he isn't mad.

Tuesday, April 21, 1998

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Following Helena's orders, Lucky broke into Dara's office and stole faxes that had been sent by Justus. Thanks to Liz, Lucky's escape was not seen by the police, but Luke saw what he had done. Lucky delivered the faxes to Helena, who urged discretion and then traced the fax numbers. Lucky warned Liz that the job he performed for Helena was a one-shot deal. Alexis stunned everyone by representing Tony. Dropping the insanity plea, Alexis guided Tony toward a plea of "custodial interference" and had him give a moving testimony about all the emotional turmoil he had gone through with Carly. Alexis then put Jason on the stand and tried to show that he was an unfit parent. Using a tip from Justus, Dara managed portray Jason as a loving dad. Alan and Monica were both moved by the depth of Jason's love and concern for Michael. Mac warned Justus to stay away from Dara. With Tony's case on the ropes, Alexis was hit by public resentment, especially Ned's.

Wednesday, April 22, 1998

V. prepares Jax for his meeting with the Q's. Jax tells V. that it's secretary's day and he's planned a day at the Deception spa for her. Jerry walks in and V. finally meets him but then she's off for her appointment.

Jax tells Jerry he wants the strike over and Jason out of the way for good.

Justus updates Jason on the ramifications of the strike. Justus will be happy when this is all over because it's hard for him (Jason) to keep a low profile. Justus doesn't think Tony really has a chance, he's going to pay. Carly comes home with some stuff for Michael and Lucas. She lets Jason know Bobbie called and is coming over.

Bobbie and Lucas take a walk on the docks and then she tells him they are going to see Carly and her baby. Lucas thought she was mad at her and Bobbie tries to explain how people change. As they leave they bump into Alexis and Bobbie has a few snide comments for her.

As AJ, Ned, and Edward take the elevator up to Jax's they talk business and Ned's phone rings, it's Alexis who doesn't want him to hang up but he tells her no-one there knows her. They all show up and Jax makes the introductions. Ned and Jerry seem to be a bit chummy.

Carly prepares for the visit and is really happy about the whole situation. She thinks Michael needs a family besides the two of them. Bobbie and Lucas show up and Carly tells them to go up and see the baby.

Edward doesn't want to give in and let Jason thinks he's won. Jax thinks that they have a soft spot for Jason and Ned tells Jax he has it personal because Jason is a part of Sonny. Jerry wants to know why Jax won't give and Edward just wants to solve the problem and stop squabbling. Ned says they have to end the strike and compromise with Jason; Jax says no he can hold out. Jerry says work around Jason and Ned agrees. Jax says Jason needs to be removed and Jerry thinks it's because of Brenda. Jax is surprised at Jerry's behavior; Jerry says he's a mover not a waiter. Jerry suggests he go meet with Jason.

Felicia and Mac find V. at the spa. Mac thinks they've come at a bad time but goes ahead and tells her he wants her to come and work for him.

AJ puts in his two cents but no one takes him too seriously. Jax tells Edward he hates to admit this but he's on their side.

Jerry speaks to someone named "Jimbo" to call in a big favor.

Bobbie tells Lucas it's time to leave but he asks to stay. Bobbie goes into the kitchen to get sandwiches and Carly tells Lucas she misses having fun with him and he's no longer mad at her. She then tells him Bobbie is also her mom. Bobbie is mad and Carly says it just slipped out. Bobbie explains to Lucas the story in a nutshell. Lucas seems OK & is happy to be an uncle. He goes back to see Michael and Bobbie is mad at her for going behind her back. Bobbie says in time he's going to have questions and she doesn't want to lie. Jerry shows up, claiming to know Carly. He sees Bobbie first and then when Carly comes down she states she doesn't know him. He just wants to get a message to Jason and introduces himself.

AJ tells Ned he was wrong about Alexis but doesn't want him rubbing his nose in it. AJ suggests to the group that they have a press conference.

V says this is a terrible time to leave Jax but wants to hear more. Mac wants her as part of a detective task force that reports only to him. He will put her back in the arena where she belongs.

Ned goes out to his car and Alexis is in it, asking for five minutes. He has nothing to say, but she just wants him to listen and then he can throw her out. She tells him she had to do it, she had no choice. He tells her she could have come to him but she couldn't put him at risk. Ned brings up the fair warning they were going to give each other and she failed. He's got to go and she gets out.

Carly says he can stay and Jerry puts the hit on both. Bobbie isn't buying it. Jerry gives Carly the message and then hits on her. He asks Bobbie her name and she tells him and then he leaves. Carly thinks he was so charming and Bobbie thinks he's a snake.

Jason tells Justus the Q's are calling a press conference and Jason says something is not right. There must be a new player and he's going to find out.

Bobbie and Lucas are getting ready to leave and Carly tells him Michael loves him and then Carly tells Bobbie this morning was a dream for her. Bobbie lets her know it could have been like this from the beginning. Lucas asks if he can come over soon and visit his nephew and Bobbie tells Carly she'll call her.

V. shows up at the courtroom and tells Mac and Felicia the strike is over. She then goes inside and tells Jax she quit. V. explains the offer from Mac and Jax wishes her well but does let her know he will miss her.

Ned announces that the strike is over and that the docks project will continue.

Jax tells Jerry he didn't need Wentworth shipping's help either. Jason notices the two men talkingRecap --->

Thursday, April 23, 1998

Jason walks into Luke's office as Luke is listening in on the bug on Helena's yacht. Jason has come to deliver the news to Luke that Lucky has been seen with Helena Cassadine. Luke says he knows and what does Jason think he was listening to, the book of the month? Luke tells Jason he has been monitoring his son's education. Just in case, though, Luke asks Jason to put some of his men on Lucky. Jason then asks if Helena would hurt someone close to a Cassadine and Luke tell him there would be no doubt as to whether she would. Luke asks if Jason means Robin, and Jason admits he is concerned for Robin's welfare. Luke then receives a phone call and has to leave.

Robin is sitting outside the courtroom when Nikolas walks up. They talk about the case and Robin admits she is confused by what has been happening with Tony's case including Alexis stepping in to represent Tony. Nikolas tells her he knows what will make her feel better, dinner at Wydemere. Robin agrees and they leave together. Alexis then walks out of the courtroom and Helena confronts her wanting an update. Alexis reveals all she is doing to help Tony and Helena gives her a little boost by giving her the file Lucky stole from Dara's office. Alexis doesn't seem to want it, but Helena tells her to use the file to bargain with Dara to get Tony off.

Jax walks into the Outback looking for V, but doesn't find her. Instead he finds Brenda who has taken a seat at a table near him. He sits down with her and Brenda tells him she is meeting a producer to do a series of car commercials. Jax is happy for her and he orders champagne for them to celebrate with. They talk and Jax tells her he is going to be out of town until tomorrow afternoon and if she needs him before that she will have to wait. Brenda tells him she hopes he has a good time and Jax wishes her luck in case he doesn't see her before she leaves on her world commercial tour. Jax leaves and the producer arrives. After he and Brenda have arranged everything, Brenda leaves the table to make a phone call. While she is gone, the producer makes a call to a Mr. Jax thanking him for setting him up with Brenda. Brenda walks back in time to hear him thank Mr. Jax and she storms off to confront Jax.

At Wyndemere, Robin and Nikolas get ready to eat. Katherine walks in on her way out and says hello. Nikolas leaves the room for a minute and Katherine tells Robin she was a little surprised to hear Dara had to treat Robin as a hostile witness. Robin starts to explain, but Katherine tells her there isn't any need to explain that she of all people know what it is like to do something which everyone else thinks she is crazy for doing. People certainly thought she was crazy for getting back with Stefan, but she had to go by her heart and she understands Robin had to do the same. Katherine then leaves to go to a meeting. After dinner, Robin and Nikolas look through a photo album of Greece. As they are looking, Nikolas receives a call from the launch area telling him he has a visitor.

Luke comes back and tells Jason he is having a problem with his supplier. He is angry and tells Jason he isn't in the mood for crap and he has errands to run so he asks Jason to take care of the supplier who is on his way there. Before Luke leaves, though, he tells Jason to watch his back with all Cassadines, not just Helena. Helena is a shark you can see for miles off, but Nikolas appears to be a guppy until he is provoked. Luke also warns Jason to watch out for Robin's safety as long as she is involved with a Cassadine. Jason doesn't admit Robin is involved with Nikolas, but tells Luke he saw Nikolas at Robin's hospital room. Jason again tells Luke he just wants to make sure Robin is safe. Luke then leaves.

Alexis takes a seat on a bench at the docks and starts to read the file Helena gave her. She doesn't get very far when Luke arrives. Luke presses Alexis for a reason as to Helena's interest in Tony. Alexis tells him she doesn't have one and tells Luke he should ask Lucky since he is now so close to Helena. Luke tells her it is okay that everything is under control. He then notices the file in Alexis' hand and tells her that it is part of Lucky's handiwork and he taught Lucky everything. He asks Alexis if she is going to use it and Alexis says no. Luke tells her she will and one day Helena will ask her to do something so revolting it will turn her stomach and Alexis says, as she walks off, that Helena already has.

Back at Wydemere, Nikolas' guest turns out to be Helena. As soon as she walks in, Helena tries to be sweet to Robin and make it seem as if she is a concerned grandparent. Nikolas tells her she won't get any brownie points for being nice to Robin and the only reason he allowed her to come up was to tell her to leave on his own. This way Helena will believe he really means it. Helena tells Nikolas he is just repeating what he has been trained to do and Nikolas tells her he really doesn't want anything to do with her and then he throws her out. At the docks, Helena runs into Katherine. Katherine tells Helena off telling her Nikolas has a mind of his own and he realizes Helena is a wicked old bitter woman and wants nothing to do with her. Katherine leaves and Helena says Katherine will regrets saying those things to her.

Alexis goes to see Dara who is still at the courthouse. Dara lays into Alexis calling her a sleazy lawyer and Alexis gives it right back to her. Alexis then tells Dara she would like to talk about something before it comes up in court and Dara wouldn't be happy. After, some discussion, Alexis shows Dara the file. Dara asks where Alexis got it and Alexis tells her it doesn't matter. Alexis then tells Dara she wants Dara to change her attitude and her stance towards Tony.

Back at Wydemere, Nikolas has been showing Robin how to fence. They share a close moment when Nikolas shows Robin the correct way to hold the foil, but Katherine interrupts them. Katherine apologizes for interrupting and Robin tells her there wasn't anything to interrupt and it is time for her to go home.

Luke arrives back at his club and Jason tells him he has taken care of everything. After Jason leaves, Luke listens in on Helena again and he hears her open the trunk and say, "Laura".

Friday, April 24, 1998

At the courthouse, Carly and Jason talk about the trail. Carly is concerned that Tony may be given a light sentence and Jason assures her Tony will pay regardless of what the judge decides. Jason then walks off to talk to Justus. Bobbie goes up to Carly and Carly asks her how Lucas is doing. Bobbie tells her he had a lot of questions, but he seems to be happy that Carly is his sister. They then change the subject to the trial and Carly tells Bobbie that Tony has to go to jail for a long time or she and Bobbie's kids will never be safe. Felicia walks up and asks to speak to Bobbie so Carly walks off. Felicia tries to clear the air with Bobbie, but Bobbie doesn't want to hear it and she refuses to meet with Felicia. Bobbie then walks off and Carly goes up to Felicia. Carly starts to argue with Felicia telling her she is trying to hurt Bobbie and Felicia gives it back to Carly telling her she hurt Bobbie for the past two years and has no room to talk. Carly storms off and Mac tries to comfort Felicia telling her to ignore Carly that the only way Carly knows she is alive is when she is arguing with someone.

Brenda walks into the Outback and confronts Jax. She tells him she is returning the ten percent she received up front for the commercials. The ten-percent is now some property she purchased for him in the Rainforest in Brazil. Brenda also tells him he had better not disturb it or she will talk the natives there into shrinking his head. Jerry then walks up and Jax tries to tell Brenda he had nothing to do with the job offer. Brenda finally believes him and realizes that Jerry was the "Mr. Jax" she heard about on the phone. Jax doesn't seem very happy about Jerry's interference, but Jerry tells him he was just trying to help. Brenda refuses to take the job and Jerry and Jax team up to try to get her to accept the help. Brenda still refuses and storms off.

Still outside the courtroom, Carly walks up to Bobbie who is now talking to Monica. Carly tells Bobbie she was glad Bobbie and Lucas came over the other day and walks off. Monica gets upset with Bobbie because she feels Bobbie is going behind her back to see Michael. Bobbie calms her down and tells her she is trying to work on Carly for her. Monica then says that Carly may have changed a few diapers now, but she is still the same rotten Carly.

Dara walks into the courtroom and appears to be very nervous. Alexis walks out and meets Helena. Helena asks her if she has done enough for Tony. Alexis tells her she has done enough to win and Helena tells her that if she has then she doesn't have anything to worry about. Alexis walks back into the courtroom and everyone nervously awaits the verdict.

Lucky and Liz have lunch together and they discuss the investigation of the rape. Liz admits she is now angry with the attacker instead of feeling she is responsible for the attack. She tells Lucky she now wants to find the person who hurt her, but doesn't know how they will find the person when they don't have much to go on. Lucky tells her they will just follow every clue regardless of how unimportant one may seem. They decide to first check into the smell Liz said she remembered from the attack. Lucky tells her they should check into a soap shop in the mall which deals with specialty soaps like the scent Liz smelt on the attacker.

Jerry tells Jax he needs to go after Brenda because he is sure Jax isn't read to hurt Brenda and what he and Jax did at the table by ganging up on her did indeed her hurt feelings. Jax refuses to go after Brenda and Brenda walks back in. She thanks Jerry for his help in getting her the job and tells he and Jax she will take the job. She goes off to make a phone call and Jax leaves Jerry alone when Jerry receives a call also. On the other line, is some one who is trying to press Jerry for payment in the attempted hit on Jason. Jerry tells the person on the other end that he won't talk to him because the hit didn't go through as planned. Mac was supposed to be set up to take the fall for Jason's death and instead Brenda was hurt. Brenda, who has been standing across the bar from Jerry while he was on the phone, hears all Jerry said and realizes Jerry was trying to kill Jason.

The verdict is read in court and Tony is found guilty of second degree custodial interference which carries a maximum sentence of one year. Everyone in the courtroom is surprised by the verdict and question why Dara would have caved in. Carly is obviously upset and Jason tells her she will have to stay calm. He also tells her that if Tony gets away with no jail time, he will have to make a few phone calls and she will have to stay by herself. Carly is obviously not happy that Jason would leave her alone.

Liz mentions to Lucky she is concerned over his affiliation with Helena, but Lucky tells her she will have to trust him when he says he is safe. Lucky then leaves to meet Helena. Liz goes to make a call to Gail and it turns out to be an emotional one. She gets off the phone and as she is walking out of the Outback, she runs into Mr. Murty. She tries to walk off, but Murty wants to talk to her and he has her sit down with him. He gives Liz a handkerchief to wipe her tears and then goes to get her a glass of water. Liz takes the handkerchief and when she uses it to wipe her tears, she smells the soapy scent which was on the attacker. Meanwhile, at the yacht, Lucky starts looking around as he waits for Helena to arrive. He finds the bug Luke planted and as he says, "Interesting", Helena asks what is interesting. Lucky tells her nothing is, but Helena walks over to the table where he found the bug. Luke, who has been listening, then hears only static.

In the courtroom, Alexis argues for community service for Tony's punishment and Dara surprises everyone by agreeing to it. Tony turns around and smiles to everyone in the room. Robin and Felicia hug Tony and Robin watches Carly. Carly is furious and tries to get to Tony. Taggert tries to hold her back, but Carly grabs his gun and shoots at Tony.

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