General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of April 27, 1998 on GH
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Monday April 27, 1998

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Tony was badly injured by Carly's gunfire. Tony was rushed to General Hospital, where Bobbie and Monica saved his life. As his only remaining friend, Felicia kept a vigil as Tony underwent surgery. Despite how he felt about Tony, Alan comforted Felicia. At the courthouse, Mac oversaw Carly's arrest and blasted Taggert for keeping his gun unfastened. As Jason worked to keep Carly calm, Justus failed to get Dara to allow Carly to spend one final night at home with Michael. Dara avoided Justus's questions about why she had cut a deal with Alexis. Alexis faced Ned and Edward's anger and broke down privately. Meanwhile, after stealing Mr. Murty's soap-scented handkerchief, Liz told Lucky that she suspected that Murty may be the rapist. Helena slapped Lucky after catching him with Luke's audio bugs. Luke rescued Lucky, but not before Helena gave Lucky some fake photos which showed a battered Laura after her rape. With his anger re-ignited, Lucky again rejected Luke. Brenda told Jax that Jerry tried to kill him. Jax assured Brenda that the true target was Jason and that the bullet was only meant to wound him. Jax also assured Brenda that solving problems with violence was not his style. As Jax then went on to tell Brenda that Jerry was trustworthy, Jerry had another secret meeting.

Tuesday, April 28, 1998

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Stefan told Nikolas that Laura would most likely return to Port Charles, but wanted to make sure that Nikolas would be comfortable in seeing his mother again. After explaining how he had resolved his feelings of being "second best," Nikolas told Stefan that he was looking forward to seeing his mother and Lesley Lu again. Stefan and Nikolas speculated on the possible fallout between Luke and Laura when she learns that she had been kept in the dark about Nikolas's injuries and Lucky's estrangement from Luke. Privately, Stefan fondly remembered his visit to North Carolina that culminated in him receiving a flower from Lesley Lu which he took back home with him. Katherine was delighted to see Stefan and he was glad that she did not press him about his trip. After making love to Katherine, Stefan still seemed to want to make her resemble Laura. After seeing Nikolas and Robin enjoying breakfast at the Outback, Sarah accused Robin of "stealing" her boyfriend. Robin then made it clear to Sarah that she and Nikolas were just friends. Using Sarah's computer, Lucky and Liz dug up information on Murty and learned that he was once married. Liz and Lucky then learned that while Murty was married, his wife had made a call to 911 to report spousal abuse. Audrey caught Liz and Lucky together, but they covered. Liz felt uneasy when Audrey praised her for putting the rape behind her and getting on with her life. Meanwhile, Jason tried to keep a fragile Carly from panicking about her future. Bobbie visited a jailed Carly and Carly thanked her for helping her avoid murder charges by saving Tony's life. Dara told Justus that Alexis used Dara's relationship with him to blackmail her into cutting a deal for Tony. Dara made it clear that she needed to avoid Justus to save her image. Justus learned that Dara had ordered a psychiatric evaluation of Carly.

Wednesday, April 29, 1998

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In an effort to appease her guilt, Alexis visited Jason and Justus and tried to offer them help with Carly. After rejecting Alexis's offer, Jason learned that she had been forced to represent Tony and that the Cassadines had an interest in setting Tony free. Alexis then encountered Ned at the Port Charles Grill and Ned wanted to toast the death of their relationship. Alexis told Ned the truth about her identity and why she had to represent Tony. Alexis also told Ned that she was trying to protect his life by not involving him with her problems with Helena. Ned, however, told Alexis that even if what she had said was true, she would still lie to him and do the bidding of his enemies if pushed far enough. Meanwhile, Jax told Jerry that Brenda's love campaign was working. The brothers plotted to save Jax from his sexy liaison with Brenda, but a tardy Jerry brought a real business crises that Jax had to fix. Brenda remained undeterred and hinted to Jerry that she knew how he operated. Tony was visited by Ned, who threatened that the Quartermaines would make his life a living hell if he ever came near Michael again. Tony then received a scary visit from Jason. AJ told a jailed Carly that he had put all of his anger and hatred for her behind him and had accepted Jason and Carly as Michael's parents. When Jason returned from his visit to Tony, AJ told him and Carly that he would do whatever it took to make sure that the Quartermaines would leave Michael alone. Justus then arrived to tell Jason and Carly that they would soon learn if she would stay in jail or be shipped to a mental institution. Jerry annoyed Mac by hitting on Felicia and mocking his authority as police commissioner. Mac confronted Jerry about his agenda in Port Charles and made it clear that he had enough power to put Jerry away. Felicia called Mac on his jealousy of Jerry and Mac then asked V to tail Jerry.

Thursday, April 30, 1998

Jason visits Carly in jail and she expresses her concern that she will be found mentally unstable and have Michael taken away from her. Justus arrives and Jason asks him if they can go talk the judge into letting Carly see Michael before she leaves for the hospital. Justus agrees and they both leave. Bobbie walks in next and tells Carly not to worry about Michael because she will visit him every day. Carly tells Bobbie she truly needs Michael now and she can't see how she could have left him after he was born. Carly also tells Bobbie she understands the pain Bobbie must have felt when she had to give her up for adoption. Bobbie tells Carly they will have plenty of time to talk about the past and now she needs to concentrate all her energy on Michael.

At GH, Tony is awaken by a nightmare as Robin walks in. Tony thanks Robin for her testimony. Robin tells him she just wanted the judge to see the other side of Tony and she asks Tony to vow not to kidnap Michael again. Tony refuses to promise saying he still thinks Michael is in danger. Robin is surprised Tony still doesn't regret his actions and tells him Jason would never let Michael get hurt. Tony tells Robin how dangerous Jason is and how Jason stood over his bed watching him. Tony tells her she is too in love with Jason to see that he is a gangster and that she needs to stay away from him because Jason will wind up killing her and Michael.

At Wyndemere, Nikolas inspects the trunk Helena had delivered. Meanwhile, at Helena's yacht, Helena is playing with the key to the trunk when Stefan walks in. Helena asks him if he is curious about what is in the trunk and Stefan tells her he doesn't know what she is talking about. Helena tells him it is probably because he has been keeping company with the bovine peasant, Katherine. Stefan ignores her comment and tells her she is going home to Greece considering her health and financial situation. Helena refuses saying she has plenty of money and Stefan tells her he now has control of all her assets. Helena refuses to admit defeat and toys with Stefan some more putting the key to the trunk, which is on a chain, around his neck. Stefan tells her she will leave and Helena tells him he is weak and she won't be intimidated. Stefan leaves and then Helena leaves the room. Luke then comes out of hiding and pours himself a drink.

Jason arrives at the penthouse to get Michael ready to visit Carly. Robin walks down the stairs and she tells him she went to see Tony. She then confronts Jason about his visit to Tony and tells him Michael has lost Carly and he doesn't need to lose Jason also. Jason finally admits he won't do anything that would cause Michael to lose him. Robin offers to help Jason while Carly is gone and then Jason tells her good-bye.

Luke ties up one of Helena's henchmen and smokes a cigar. Smelling the smoke, Helena walks in. Upon seeing Luke, she asks what he is doing there. Luke tells her, "Simple Princess, I'm here to kill you". Luke toys with Helena then wants to know what was in the trunk she gave Stefan. Helena refuses to tell him and then Luke confronts her about the doctored photos she gave Lucky. Helena tells him it doesn't matter if the photos were real because rape is rape. Luke, infuriated, grabs her throat and tells her she is going to die for what she did to Lucky.

At GH, Alan pops some more pills then walks into Tony's room. He tells Tony he is there in his capacity as chief of staff. Tony makes some comments about Alan's appearance telling him he needs to see a doctor. Alan doesn't want to hear it. Tony asks him what the latest is on Carly and Alan tells him she is going to be taking a psychiatric evaluation. Tony is thrilled and tells Alan that Michael is halfway home. Alan tells Tony he should be the one to be taking the evaluation, but Tony tells him Alan should be happy he tried to save Michael. Alan tells Tony to make an appointment with Gail and Tony tells Alan to seek help from a lawyer in getting Michael away from Jason. Alan tells Tony Jason loves Michael and Tony tells Alan he needs to wake up and realize Jason isn't the same anymore. Alan then gets so upset he storms out of the room.

Back at Wydemere, Stefan asks Nikolas' opinion about him asking Katherine to marry him. Nikolas is happy and wishes Stefan and Katherine the best. Nikolas then wants to open the trunk. Stefan refuses telling Nikolas it is from Helena and it is only there to cause pain and trouble. Nikolas agrees and then leaves. Stefan then takes the key Helena had given him and opens the trunk. Inside, it is full of Nikolas' baby items and a box with Laura's name engraved on it. Stefan opens the box and pulls out an emerald and diamond ring.

Luke still holds Helena's throat in his hands and tells her he will do it went she least expects it. He lets go of her and she walks over to the bar and picks up a drink. Luke asks her if she really wants the drink and Helena stops and stiffs it. She asks him what he put in it and then says he put arsenic in it. Luke warns her about harming Lucky and tells her Nikolas will be hurt if Lucky is harmed. Helena tells him Stefan might have something to say about that, but Luke tells her Stefan isn't a threat. Helena then reveals Stefan's trip to see Laura. Luke tells her he loves to see her desperation. Luke then picks up the drink she thought was poisoned and drinks it and leaves.

Carly holds Michael and the police arrive to transfer her to the hospital. She buys some more time with him and makes Jason promise he will watch over Michael for her. The police then handcuff her and take her away.

Friday, May 1, 1998

Robin and Nikolas have dinner together and Robin mentions her conversation with Sarah in which Sarah accused Robin of being the cause of the break-up with Nikolas. Nikolas tells her he and Sarah broke-up because they came from entirely different worlds and weren't compatible. He then tells her he is lucky to have found Robin, though. Robin stops him and wants to know what he has in mind before they go any farther. Nikolas says he doesn't know yet. He knows he is younger than her, but he feels that he is mature enough for her. Robin tells him she just wants him to know she isn't free of emotional ties to Jason.

The Q's meet for a board meeting and Edward takes Ned aside and questions him as to Jason's business in Manhattan. Ned tells him he doesn't know what Jason's business is, but he leant Jason the company jet anyway. Alexis walks in and the Q's start the discussion as to whether she may stay or not. Everyone wants her to leave, but Ned says she has a right to be at her firing. The meeting begins and Ned fires Alexis. He then mentions having the company sue her. Alan and Monica don't feel this is really necessary that they have already fired her and that should be enough. Monica then speaks up and says Alexis should be able to have her say. Alexis begins to talk and Ned chews her out. She apologizes to them and says she will find a way to gain back their trust then leaves. Edward then starts a discussion on starting a custody case for Michael. This starts the whole family to arguing.

Justus pays a visit to Carly at the mental hospital. He tells her Jason went to Manhattan to talk to some people for her and then they start to discuss her case. Carly tells him she pretended to be spaced out when a doctor tried to give her an evaluation because she wanted to talk to Justus first to find out how he wanted her to play this. Justus is less than pleased and when Carly asks how she should explain her behavior and whether she should tell the truth, Justus tells her he will not tell her to lie. Carly gets nasty with him and tells Justus she knows he doesn't like her very much. Justus refuses to have a conversation like this with her and Carly tries to bully him telling him since he works for Jason he owes her and owes her to be honest with her and Jason. Justus says since he does work for Jason will be honest to him, but he isn't sure how long Jason will be an honest person. Carly asks him what he means and Justus tells her, "Tony was an honest person also, then he met you".

Stefan opens the trunk full of Nikolas' baby items again and reminiscences about the times at the island and Laura. He then takes the emerald ring out of the box and sits on the bed thinking about when Laura left the island. Katherine walks in and asks him if everything is all right because she knocked on the door for a while and he didn't answer. He tells her he is fine and was just lying down for a while. She notices the ring and asks who it belongs to. Stefan doesn't answer and instead kisses her and they make love.

Lucky and Liz have dinner at the restaurant Mr. Murty's ex-wife, Eleanor, is suppose to work at. Liz tells Lucky she hopes Mr. Murty didn't rape her because then it would mean that every time she crossed her legs or bent over to pick something off of the floor, he was watching her and planning the attack. Lucky then leaves her to go to the back of the restaurant to find out when Eleanor is working. At the bar in the restaurant, Luke tries to get a hold of Alexis, but is unsuccessful. He spots Liz and sits down with her. She asks why he is there and he tells her he was trying to track down someone and it wasn't Lucky even though it appears he has found him. Luke then asks Liz to let him know if Lucky gets into any trouble because he can be a good person to get help from if need be. Luke then leaves to find Alexis.

Alexis arrives back at her hotel room to find Helena there playing Alexis' mother's music. Helena tells Alexis she has another job for her and Alexis tells her she won't do it and she is through helping Helena. Alexis tells her what she is doing isn't living so she doesn't care what Helena does to her. Helena is furious and tells Alexis her problem is she doesn't believe she will kill her. She promises Alexis that she will because Alexis' presence in this world is a mark on the Cassadine gene pool and a threat to the family. Alexis realizes Helena means business and caves in. Helena gives Alexis some photos she wants Alexis to deliver to Katherine and tells Alexis not to cry over Ned Ashton. She tells Alexis he isn't the only man in the world and if she wants, Helena will let her borrow Ari for the night, after all he is very thorough and it is all in the family. Helena then leaves.

Brenda boards the ELQ jet to take her to New York and the pilot lets her know they have another passenger, Jason. Brenda refuses to fly with Jason, then changes her mind once she realizes all the commercial flights are booked and Jason makes a smart comment about people waiting for the arrival of others. Once in the air, Brenda tries to talk to Jason while he reads, but Jason doesn't want to. Brenda then turns the conversation to Robin and Jason starts to argue with her. The plane then starts to shake and make loud noises, but the pilot tells them the are just going through some unexpected turbulence and everything is fine.

Ned visits Carly at the hospital and he warns her about the Q's attempting to take Michael away from her. Carly asks Ned why he is there and he tells her that he knows what it is like to be away from your child and aside from Emily and Grandmother, Jason is the only decent relative he has. Carly thanks him and tells him she and Jason are grateful for his help.

Luke arrives at Alexis' hotel room and shows her the fake photos of Laura that Helena gave to Lucky. Alexis says that Helena is despicable and Luke agrees and says he wants to kill Helena. He tells her he came to Alexis to give her back her fight which Helena has stolen from her. Alexis agrees that she has been reduced to a scared mouse running to Helena's beck and call. Alexis then asks Luke to help her. Luke tells her he needs to hear her say it and Alexis asks Luke to help her kill Helena. Luke tells her he thought she would never ask.

Katherine and Stefan get dressed and Stefan then goes into a sweet speech about how he has always been a romantic despite his family background and he has always believed in there being one person in the world for him to love. He tells Katherine she is the one and he asks her to marry him. Katherine refuses saying the arrangement they have now is fine with her. Stefan tells her she deserves better and he doesn't want to lose her. Katherine tells him he doesn't need to make her an honest woman and he tells her he needs her to make him an honest man. Katherine then starts to list Stefan's attributes and while she is, she realizes she is being ridiculous and tells Stefan she will marry him. Stefan then tells her she will never regret her decision.

Brenda and Jason continue to argue and Jason yells at Brenda telling her to never again compare herself to Robin. He tells her Robin is honest whereas she wore a wire to get Sonny arrested and lied to him. He tells Brenda that Robin would never do that. Brenda gets angry and stands up. Jason asks her what she is doing and Brenda tells him she is going to get the pilot to land the plane. As she stands up, the plane starts to rock again. Brenda sits down and as she does, the plane starts to take a nose dive.

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