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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 1, 1998 on GH
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Monday June 1, 1998

After hitting a tree with his car, Alan hands Emily two of his pain pills. She questions why he has them in his coat pocket and Alan tells his daughter they're for just in case his hand hurts him. Alan's clearly shaken over what has just happened and what's been going on with him and Monica.

Mac places Stefan under arrest for the murder of Katherine Bell. Nikolas wants to know why this is all happening, his uncle didn't kill Katherine. Stefan orders his nephew to go inside, he does not want Nikolas to see him this way. Alexis is standing by, ready to help her brother.

Lucky meets Liz at the docks but forgot to bring the food from the club. Liz gives him the message Luke told her at the hospital. Lucky says that his mom is back and his dad must be afraid he would see her first and tell all. Liz asks how things went.

Laura rips into Luke for not keeping her informed of Lucky's disappearance and about Nikolas' shooting. What he did was a violation of trust. Laura recounts how Lucky accused her in some perverted way for marrying Luke. She sits down and asks her husband if he has something to tell her. Luke informs her that Lucky has found out, but Laura tells him there is nothing to find out about. She wants to know who put this idea in her son's head. Luke tells her it was her other son, Nikolas. Laura can't understand why Luke didn't call her. He says it wasn't really any of her concern; this was about being a man. Luke goes into further detail about what's been going on with Lucky and how he feels about his father since he found out the truth. Laura wants to know how it is she's lost both of her sons. She thinks Luke should have forced Lucky to stay. Laura realizes that Luke led her to believe Lucky was asleep the other night while he made love to her. She looks at her husband and tells him she doesn't even know him anymore.

Alan apologizes for breaking down like he just did and claims to not have meant half the things he said, especially about her mother. Alan claims to be no better than AJ but Emily says that's not true. This is not like the accident AJ had with Jason; no one got hurt and Alan wasn't drunk. (She should only know he's high as a kite on pills) Emily tells her father that Monica does not have to find out. She hands him the pain pills, thinking he might need them more than she does but he tells her to hold onto them in case her neck starts to hurt her. He has more if he needs them (we're sure you do).

Stefan is brought to the station house and Nikolas and Alexis are in tow. Mac informs Alexis that the murder weapon was a handy little dagger that was found in Stefan's drawer. Stefan tells Mac that it must have been Luke who set him up. Maybe Mac is even allied with Luke on this. Mac finds that comment amusing and wants to bring to justice the person who killed someone who was very dear to him. Dara Jensen walks in and introduces herself to Stefan, they'll be seeing a lot of each other she tells him.

Lucky tells Liz that Laura had no idea about what was going on; everything to her was a shock. But as always she made excuses for Luke and for herself. This upsets Lucky so much and he accuses his parents love of being sick. What they built on was wrong and they just hid the truth. Liz takes his words the wrong way, assuming that he meant since his mother was raped she could never go on normally and wants to know how then can it be fixed? Lucky has a thought, that if he stepped into his father's shoes, he just might fit right into them.

Laura learns of Liz's rape and asks Luke how the girl is doing. Luke explains how the rape got this whole thing started. Laura questions Luke on why he changed his mind about telling Lucky. Luke just couldn't lie to him but she sees no reason for him to have to lie. It seems that Laura can't deal with the fact that she was raped, especially when Luke says straight out that he raped her. She doesn't see it as rape and is convinced Stefan was the one who told Nikolas. She admits how she did confide in Stefan when she was on the island but she thought Luke was dead. Laura sees it as Stefan jumping to conclusions because she remembers the rape as just one bad night.

Lucky's afraid that he could do the same thing his father did but Liz does not believe that to be true. He slept in her room at the foot of her bed and took care of her. He's the only person she has and she trusts him with her life.

Alexis offers to help Stefan out but he has a lawyer who shows up at the police station. Stefan needs Alexis for something else. He asks her to take Nikolas home and stay with him. Basically he wants her to protect Nikolas from Luke and Helena. When Alexis tells Nikolas it's time to leave he doesn't want to but she explains his uncle's feelings on why he doesn't want Nikolas to stick around. Nikolas believes this is all Luke's fault.

Alan and Emily go home and AJ asks them about their evening. Emily says she had pizza with Robin and Jason while Alan waited in the car for her. AJ finds this story a little fishy.

Luke thinks they are going to have some problems getting Lucky to come home. Laura resents that Luke flat out lied to her. He suggests they'd be better off if he went to the club and she doesn't stop him. It's not until he walks out that she calls to him but he doesn't hear her.

AJ catches Alan taking his pills.

Nikolas stands at the parapet as Stefan is being fingerprinted and photographed by the police.

Laura sits in her home alone, while her son sleeps on the docks with Liz and Luke goes to his club.

Tuesday, June 2, 1998

Today's recap is courtesy ABC Daytime.

Alexis confronted Luke for setting Stefan up for Katherine's murder. Luke, however, pointed out that with Helena away and Stefan in jail, Alexis had a clear path to seizing control of the Cassadine family. Luke also made it clear that if Alexis did try to save Stefan, Stefan would eventually figure out her role in Katherine's death and kill her. Thinking that Laura's items might give the police a motive for Stefan killing Katherine, Nikolas sought Stefan's advice on how to handle possible police questions. Stefan told Nikolas to tell the truth if asked, and to be wary of Helena and to trust Alexis. Stefan again rejected Alexis's offer to represent him and entrusted her with Nikolas's future. Alexis learned that Stefan also suspected Helena of loosening the parapet stone. Robin consoled Nikolas and convinced him to have faith in Mac and the justice system. Jax surprised Brenda by re-creating their first wedding site. Brenda donned her engagement ring with a lucky history and she and Jax then made love by candle light. Bobbie was upset when she saw Luke talking to Tony, but listened to Luke recount his rocky reunion with Laura. Luke then tried to temper Bobbie's lingering animosity towards Laura for not wanting to work things out with him. Bobbie tried to caution Jason against having Carly and Michael live with him and Robin. Bobbie pointed out Carly's deep feelings for Jason and feared that Robin's growing attachment to Michael may hurt her in the long run.

Wednesday, June 3, 1998

Mac allowed Stefan to attend Katherine's memorial service at Wyndemere where he and Nikolas confronted Luke about Katherine's murder. Moved by Katherine's death, Mac and Felicia viewed their relationship with new eyes. Mac admitted to Felicia that he was not entirely convinced that Stefan was guilty. Both Emily and Robin consoled Nikolas, who later received an anonymous sympathy note. Helena visited Stefan at the police station and pushed enough buttons to enrage him. Audrey made plans for Sarah and Liz to visit their parents in Europe, but Liz did not want to go. Sarah told Liz that she would not tell their parents of the rape if Liz moved back in with Audrey. Lucky and Liz were nabbed after they broke into Luke's office. Jax and Brenda enjoyed the new permanence and reality in their relationship. They both felt ready to embrace their future together. Though she tried to tough out her neck pain, Emily secretly took one of Alan's pain pills.

Thursday, June 4, 1998

Lucky and Liz were taken to the police, who called Luke and Audrey. Luke confronted Lucky for what he had said to Laura, but Lucky had no regrets and made it clear that Luke and Laura were in no position to lecture him about anything. As a result, Lucky was even more resistant to returning home now that Laura was back. Meanwhile, Liz honored her deal with Sarah and returned home. Audrey laid down new ground rules with Liz, but promised to make a better effort at understanding her situation. Liz then told Lucky that she was staying home and asked him not to go far. Sonny made a cryptic call to Jason about Carlos and urged him to leave town and meet with him. Carly allowed Jason to take Michael with him. Robin realized that Jason was going to see Sonny but did not press for details. Tony learned from Alan that the damage suffered to his hand was so severe that it might end his career as a neurosurgeon. Tony then scoffed at Alan's advice by making it clear that he was in no mood to listen to a drug addict. After Bobbie refused his request to see Lucas, Tony made a deal with Luke where he would spy on Helena if Luke could arrange for him to see Lucas. Monica again accused Alan of having an affair with Amy but he claimed that Amy simply had a crush on him. Still thrown by Katherine's death, Mac and Felicia found a way to spend some no-pressure time together.

Friday, June 5, 1998

Laura tried to explain to Nikolas the complexity of her relationship with Luke and Stavros and how her rape was not a black and white issue. Laura eased Nikolas's concerns by making it clear that Stavros did not rape her and that he was a child made out of love. Nikolas found a comforting soul in Robin when he opened up to her about Laura's return. Laura confronted Stefan at the police station for telling Nikolas about the rape, but Stefan made no apologies and then blamed Luke for Katherine's death. As Laura and Stefan rehashed the circumstances that lead Katherine to fall to her death, Luke arrived and was shocked to see them together. After Jax refused his request to speed up the docks project, Jerry was attacked by a thug. AJ visited Carly at Shadybrook after he learned that Jason and Robin were back together. Carly checked her skepticism and accepted AJ's sympathy. Jason visited Sonny and they talked about the troubles that may arise from Jason's relationships with Robin and Carly. Sonny refused Jason's request to return to Port Charles permanently because he still loved Brenda and did not want to wreck her life. As Sonny and Jason learned that Carlos was working with Jerry, Bobbie found a bruised Jerry sprawled on the ground.

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