General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 8, 1998 on GH
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Monday June 8, 1998

Bobbie nurses Jerry at his hotel room while he flirts with her. They discuss the Nurses Ball and she bandages his broken ribs. She tries to convince him to go to GH for x-rays, but he wont have it. When Bobbie asks him how he got the bruises, Jerry tells her they came from a jealous husband. Yeah, right, Bobbie says. I don't believe you. He avoids answering her directly, saying that it was a bad business deal.

Brenda is offered a modeling job in Paris, only she's too scared to get on another plane after her last one crashed. Jax tries to convince her that she has to go for the sake of her career and offers to help. No thanks, she says. This is something I have to do by myself. He promises that he can get her through her fears and makes her visualize a safe, comfortable flight that the two of them are on. "But if you're with me, who's flying the plane?" she asks. Jerry, he tells her. She agrees to give it a try. Later Brenda has another nightmare, and they agree to wait and see how she feels in the morning before getting on the plane.

Jax heads over to Jerry's hotel room to ask him to pilot a plane for he and Brenda tomorrow. He finds Bobbie there, and Jerry intimates that he and Bobbie are having an affair. When Jax asks Jerry to fly the plane, Bobbie protests that he's in no condition to fly. The Jacks brothers ignore her and make plans to meet in the morning. When Jax leaves, Jerry thanks Bobbie for not telling Jax about the condition she found him in. She demands to know the truth--or she'll tell Jax everything. Jerry swears he was beaten over a bank merger. Why didn't you tell Jax then? she asks. Because he's got too many other things on his mind to worry about right now, Jerry answers. He asks Bobbie to stay the night with him. She refuses. I grew up on the streets, she says. I know you were worked over by a professional--and therefore, you are too much trouble than I can handle right now.

Luke sees Laura and Stefan talking, but slips out before he's noticed. Laura tells Stefan about her conversation and encounter with Katherine. I didn't think she'd put it all together, she says. What a surprise, he replies. You never think about the consequences of your actions. She confronts him about the invitation and the portrait of her in his house. She asks why he was trying to mold Katherine in Laura's image. Stefan ignores her and rants about Luke framing him. Laura reiterates that Luke had nothing to do with Katherine's death and expresses concern about Nikolas finding out about his real father. As far as anyone's concerned, Stavros is Nik's father, Stefan says. They both agree on that and she leaves. Stefan is haunted by Katherine's screams the night of her death.

Later, Laura finds Luke drinking heavily at the club. She lies when he asks where she's been and asks him if something is wrong with the two of them. He confronts her about visiting Stefan in jail. She asks him if he framed Stefan for Katherine's murder. What do you think, he asks her. She says they need to find a way to keep their lives together. Tell me one thing, Luke says. Why is it that my wife is so cozy with my mortal enemy? Exactly what is going on with you and Stefan? Laura tells him she regrets choosing between Nikolas and the Spencer family. Well, I guess that's it for us, Luke replies. "What the heck is going on here?" she asks. Why are you so angry? She reminds him that he kept big secrets from her while she was away and that she's trying to get past all of it now. Just tell me how we're supposed to put our family back together, Luke says angrily. Laura tells Luke she doesn't have any answers, but she's home now and that's a start. It's not that simple, he says. It is to me, Laura replies. She leaves for home and he throws his drink against the wall in a fit of rage.

Tuesday, June 9, 1998

With Alexis at his side, Nikolas answered Mac and Dara's questions about the night Katherine died and if Stefan had interests in other women during his relationship with her. Nikolas avoided directly incriminating Stefan, but Dara was left with more suspicions. Inspired by the success of Kevin's novel, Felicia conducted preliminary research at the police station for her book on police work. Alexis made a final plea to represent Stefan and he relented. Lucky and Liz had fun painting his new home -- the abandoned box car Jason use to live in. Liz feared facing Murty for her English final, but Lucky assured her he would help. Amy was shocked she was confronted by Monica about her "crush" on Alan. Amy then blasted Alan, who swore he would get help with his pill problem after the Nurses Ball. The anniversary of Page's death prompted Emily to change her style by wearing a belly button ring. Monica helped Emily reflect on the memory of her mother. Emily then tried to ease the pain in her neck by popping one of Alan's pain pills.

Wednesday, June 10, 1998

Jax tells an intrigued Brenda that her sister and his brother were once an item several years ago. Monica asks Robin if she would spend some time with Emily and gently guide the girl towards some positive goals. As Alan purchases a supply of pills from a drug dealer on the docks, Taggert appears and announces that the pusher is actually a snitch who was wearing a wire. Facing a stiff jail sentence and the loss of his medical license, a terrified Alan begs the detective to let him go. Mac tells Dara his department is going to begin focusing its investigation on their second best suspect--Luke Spencer. Revealing that she's finally convinced Stefan to let her represent him, Alexis informs Luke she's determined to clear her brother of the charges. When it becomes clear that his co-conspirator intends to hang him out to dry, Luke warns Alexis she'll regret turning him from an ally into an enemy. Taggert earns Alan's undying gratitude by agreeing to release the doctor without filing any paperwork. After Maxie and Georgie ask permission to start calling him "Daddy", Mac suggests to a startled Felicia that they go ahead with the wedding after all. Luke encourages Alexis to pin Katherine's death on Helena. Dara is flustered by a kiss from Taggert. Robin invites an excited Emily to go to Brenda's photo shoot in Manhattan.

Thursday, June 11, 1998

Audrey stops Bobbie at General Hospital and asks her what she thinks about Liz and Lucky's relationship. Audrey expresses her fears concerning the time the two teens spend together unsupervised. Bobbie tells Audrey that she is sure that Liz is not ready for a sexual relationship because it is too soon after the rape. Bobbie assures Audrey that Lucky would never pressure Liz and when Audrey asks Bobbie if Lucky has a place to stay or any money, Bobbie explains that although Lucky might be as stubborn as his father, he is also very smart. She tells Audrey that Lucky is unafraid to go to other adults for support. When Liz walks up, Bobbie leaves.

Over at the police station, Mac is told that Stefan would like to be moved to a new prison cell. Evidently, his is noisy at night. Mac says that Alexis can take care of the situation and that he wants Garcia to contact him concerning Kevin and GH murder clues. Shortly thereafter, Kevin walks into the station declaring that he has a confession to make. Mac and Kevin adjourn to a private room, where Mac warns Kevin against using the word 'confession' in public. Kevin expresses his fears about Lucy to Mac. In Kevin's novel, the character based on Lucy dies at the Nurses Ball. Kevin says that Lucy is fearless and determined to demonstrate her courageousness to everyone by setting a wedding date, July 17th. Lucy wants a double wedding with Mac and Felicia.

Meanwhile, over at the Brownstone, Felicia is dreaming. She pictures Mac kissing her passionately in an attempt to wake her. In her dream, Maxie and Georgie walk in the room because Georgie ruined Maxie's pants and she wants to wear them to school. Maxie also wants pancakes for breakfast, not oatmeal. Felicia appears overwhelmed by all of this, but Mac says, "That's what mommies are here for. Daddies are meant to go to work." Just as Felicia becomes exasperated with Mac's sexist attitude, Felicia awakens from her dream to see Lucy standing by her bed. Felicia demands to know why Lucy is in her bedroom and Lucy begins to tell Felicia all about her plans for a double wedding. Felicia is skeptical of the idea. Lucy, thinking that Felicia still harbors concerns about Kevin, assures her "very best friend" that Kevin is fine and not behind the GH murders. Felicia asks Lucy if she would be making a mistake by marrying Mac because he is her second best friend. Lucy dismisses Felicia's concerns by saying that she and Kevin are also best friends (second to Felicia, of course).

Brenda brings Emily and Robin for moral support to her photo shoot in Central Park. Brenda is immediately whisked away by a photographer who wants Brenda's hair off her neck and no pink blush. Emily and Robin stand by and watch as she is made up. Jax soon appears on the scene, delivering a large bouquet of flowers for Brenda. He came back from London for a few hours, but he must return for one more day.

Tony and Luke meet on the docks to discuss their arrangement. Luke asks what Tony has been up to and Tony tells Luke a little about his work at the drug clinic. When the subject of Helena comes up, Tony says that he thinks it is fun to be thought of as her sex toy. Luke and Tony make a deal that Tony will spy on Helena if Luke brings Lucas to see Tony in the park tomorrow. Luke and Tony discuss how their sons need to realize that they don't have to turn into their parents someday.

Back at GH, Liz and Audrey discuss how Liz did not come home the night before. Audrey thinks it is inappropriate that Liz would spend the night with Lucky, but Liz explains how the only way she can sleep at night is if Lucky is there to comfort her when she is scared. Audrey says that she would like to have this role, but Liz tells her grandmother that she will never be able to have the role. Audrey wants to know why and Liz says that it is because Audrey make believes that her rape never happened. Audrey claims that she didn't pretend it never happened, but maintains that life was different in her day and that wives did not accuse their husbands. She won't go back in time because what is done, is done. Audrey tells Liz that the girl should not have lied about where she was the night before. Liz apologizes, says she won't be home for dinner, and leaves to meet Lucky.

After Bobbie left GH, she went to visit Carly. When she walks in the room, Carly is looking at a picture of Jason and Michael. What started out as a friendly conversation quickly turns sour as Carly fears that Robin will take Jason away from her. Bobbie informs her daughter that she told Jason that he might eventually have to choose between having Robin or Carly live at the penthouse with him. This news angers Carly and the two women begin to fight. Old issues are revisited as Carly and Bobbie argue about Tony and Jason. Carly asks why it is so wrong for her to want to keep a family (her, Jason, and Michael) intact and Bobbie replies, "Because a family is based on love, not coercion." Bobbie tells Carly to learn from her mistakes and not repeat them. Carly warns Bobbie that if she ever mentions "the choice" to Jason again, she might never see her grandson. Bobbie says that Carly might be the one never to see Michael again if Jason chooses Robin and walks out the door.

Mac, Kevin, Lucy, and Felicia meet for a meal later in the day. Felicia and Lucy evidently spent the whole day shopping together. When Lucy brings up the wedding, Felicia again hesitates, but Mac does not. He quickly agrees to the double wedding while his bride-to-be looks on in astonishment. When Kevin and Lucy leave to move some packages that are obstructing the waitstaff, Felicia demands to know what Mac is doing. He tells her that this is the perfect opportunity: on July 17th, there will still be a wedding, just not theirs. They can back out at the last minute and let Kevin and Lucy go ahead with their wedding. When Felicia questions how this might affect Maxie and Georgie, Mac tells her that he will always be there for both the girls and Felicia. He asks if he has to marry her to prove it.

Back at the car shoot, Jax again leaves for London, but not before telling Brenda that she has plans with him for the next evening. Brenda convinces the photographer to shoot a few pictures of Emily, who received a glamorous makeover from Brenda's stylist. Emily seems to be a natural and the photographer shoots more pictures than he intended to shoot.

Over at the docks, Luke and Tony part when Luke sees Lucky watching them. Soon after Luke leaves, Liz appears. Liz tells Lucky that the only time she is not afraid is when she is with him. Lucky says that he has some news for her. When he was back in Murty's old neighborhood, he mowed lawns to make some money. It turns out that a soccer player next door to Murty's old home heard an altercation take place one evening. The boy heard Eleanor tell Murty, "No. I don't want to. Don't make me." Then the door closed and he couldn't hear anything else. Liz decides that this is all she needs to know; Murty is definitely her rapist. She and Lucky make plans to lure the teacher back to the scene of the crime. Lucky will hide in the bushes, guaranteeing protection for Liz, while the young girl tries to fool Murty into making a confession.

Friday, June 12, 1998

Bobbie confronted Laura for her prolonged absence from town and made it clear that she would not win any mother of the year awards. Laura was left feeling alienated and angry, but found reprieve in a phone call with Lesley and when Nikolas visited Lesley Lu. Laura was puzzled when Nikolas feared that he would not be able to keep her name out of the investigation into Katherine's murder much longer. Lucky and Liz enacted their plan to entrap Murty in park. Lucky hid in the bushes with a baseball bat to protect Liz, but was nabbed by a cop who suspected him of being a mugger. Not knowing that Lucky was not nearby, Liz faced Murty alone at the site where she was raped. With Jax back from London and Brenda finished with her photo shoot, the happy couple made love in their hotel room and then prepared for an unorthodox evening of New York theater. Jax assured Brenda that he would not mind if she stopped modeling. AJ visited Carly and scared her by mentioning Michael's safety in Jason's world and the impact of Jason and Robin's relationship on her son. Carly then practiced a way to act "crazy." Luke brought Lucas to see Tony, who found it painfully difficult to explain away his crimes. Tony tried to make it clear to Lucas that he would never hurt him and that he loved him. Bobbie caught everyone together and blasted Tony for what he had done. Bobbie then confronted Luke for his latest betrayal.

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