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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 15, 1998 on GH
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Monday June 15, 1998

In a special prime-time episode, Brenda and Jax show up at an "abandoned" theater in NYC. He pretends to be surprised at the lack of people and then surprises her with a romantic dinner on stage. After dinner, Brenda tells Jax how she used to pretend to be someone else as a child, always putting on performances, because she didn't like who she was. Jax makes Brenda perform one of her characters for him. She does a monologue of a woman who is all alone. After she finishes, Jax tells her she is in the wrong career. Brenda responds by saying that modeling is a lot like acting. They end their romantic evening with a dance, just like Fred and Ginger.

Taggert visits Stefan in jail. He taunts him and tells Stefan that he wants to know the truth. When Stefan tells Taggert that he already knows the truth, Taggert replies that he has a hard time believing that nobody saw Katherine's last moments except Stefan--but maybe Stefan wanted it that way.

Lucky tries to reason with the cop who pulls him out of the bushes, but the cop takes him to the police station anyway. At the station, Lucky tries to convince Taggert that Liz is in trouble, but Taggert wont listen. When Lucky tries to run, Taggert handcuffs him to the chair. At the park, Mr. Murty asks Liz what's going on, but Liz takes off in a frightened run. She looks for Lucky and when she sees that he's not there, she takes off for home.

Laura and Nikolas continue their discussion about Stefan. He tells her that he knows Stefan was in love with her. She tries to deny it, saying all of the items in the trunk were Cassadine heirlooms, but he isn't buying it. Laura tells Nik that he doesn't understand or even know Luke. He tells her that if she wants to tell him about Luke, to help him understand, then maybe she should. She tries to explain how Luke always puts her first--except for that one night--above everything else. He wasn't blameless on that night, she says. Yes, he hurt me, but he was sorry and I forgave him. I loved him anyway and I wanted my life to move on. Nik tells her that he knows he's always been considered the "other child" and not part of her real family. Laura gets interrupted by a phone call from police headquarters, telling her to come pick up Lucky. She asks Nik to watch Lulu and tells him that their conversation isn't over.

At the station, Laura pays the fine for Lucky's behavior and Lucky immediately takes off after the handcuffs are removed. He goes to Liz's house, where he finds her crying on the couch. She apologizes for being a coward and running. He tells her he's glad she ran and that he's sorry for letting her get into a bad situation.

Lucky returns home to find Nik and Lulu. He tells Nik that he only came home to pay his mother back for the fine. Nik asks him why he would want to punish Laura for something Luke did. She picked you, and even though she's in excruciating pain, it's not enough for you, Nik says. Laura walks in on the two of them and Lucky hands her the money and walks out. Laura asks Nikolas to come back to the house anytime he wants. He reminds her that Lucky and Luke won't be happy. I've been trying to please everyone for so long and look where it's gotten me, she says. Now I'm going to please myself. Nik agrees to return.

Bobbie reads Luke the riot act for letting Tony see Lucas. He asks her if this is the final straw for their relationship, but she tells him that she'll always love him. He asks her if maybe he and Laura weren't meant for each other, the way she always said. Bobbie tells him that they've been together for so long that they've proven her wrong. After she leaves, Laura shows up and tells him about Lucky. What do you want me to do, he asks. She asks him what has happened to him. He responds by asking her why she still loves him. Laura responds by telling him that they got past that night a long time ago. Why are you having problems now? You are punishing me for forgiving you, she says and leaves.

At home, Laura gets a surprise visitor--Liz Webber. Liz tells Laura that she knows Lucky is good and kind and that she must be that way, too. When Laura asks if Liz is looking for Lucky, Liz tells her that they have something in common--Liz's last name and Laura's maiden name. We also have something else in common, Liz says. Realization dawns on Laura as she figures out who this girl is. Laura immediately gives her a hug. Liz tells Laura about going to the park and having the rape come back to haunt her in one fast moment. Has that ever happened to you, Liz asks? Laura takes her in her arms again, not responding.

Elsewhere, Luke pays a surprise visit to Stefan. "How did you get her to hate you?" he asks Stefan. "Laura?" Stefan asks. She doesn't hate me--and she never hasRecap --->

Tuesday, June 16, 1998

Today's recap was provided by HoilesFan

Brenda and Jax take a train back to Port Charles because Brenda is still afraid of flying. Jax remarks on her wonderful monologue the night before, but Brenda tells him that she is tired of talking about it. Jax then brings up her grand entrance at the Nurses Ball last year, on the arm of Sonny Corinthos. Brenda apologizes for not saying anything to Jax then, but assures him that Sonny is out of their lives forever. Brenda tells Jax how much she loves him and then falls asleep on his chest.

Meanwhile, at GH, Taggert questions Amy about the GH murders. Then, Lucy walks in and after Taggert leaves, Amy tells Lucy that she will not be her personal dresser at the Ball this year. Lucy insults Amy and even throws posters at her, but Amy is adamant. Lucy begs, pleads, and even chases Amy around the nurses' station, but Amy will have none of it. Lucy is out of luck. Lucy scrambles to find a replacement, asking Audrey, Monica, and Bobbie (who would "rather have major surgery without an anesthetic"), but finding no one willing to help her. Eve (from PC) offers to help Lucy, secretly harboring a hidden agenda of scaring Lucy out of her wits. Lucy says absolutely not and walks away. Taggert again approaches Lucy to ask her about the murders, but Lucy doesn't want to talk about it. Instead, she asks the policeman to perform at the Ball. Initially, Taggert refuses, but when Lucy mentions how Dara needs a partner, Taggert suddenly offers his services.

Over at the Quartermaine mansion, Edward tries to convince Reginald to take his place in the performance at the Ball, but Reggie declines. Ned and AJ argue about why the docks project is so behind schedule until Edward interrupts to say that he is putting AJ in charge of the project. When Ned objects, Edward agrees with AJ, saying that if Ned hadn't slowed the project to meet Jason's needs, it would still be on schedule. Emily and Edward walk away to discuss the plans for the Ball, leaving Ned and AJ to argue. AJ tells Ned that he is only using tactics he learned from Ned, to step in and take advantage of someone else's mistakes.

At the Port Charles Grill, Alexis and Dara meet. They are still testy after Alexis' blackmail scheme during Tony's trial. Alexis asks Dara to reconsider letting Stefan out on bail because he really needs to be with Nikolas. Dara refuses and Alexis tells her that she can't hold Tony's trial against her forever. Alexis apologizes for her behavior at the trial and then walks away. However, before she can leave the Grill, she runs into Ned. He asks what she is doing and when she says that she is going to her room, he offers to go with her. They go upstairs and have sex. Alexis deems it "spontaneous" and as they stumble for words, Ned decides that words are overrated. He wishes that he could stay, but says that he must return to the real world. He kisses Alexis and leaves.

Lucy makes her way to Luke's as a last resort. Lucy tells Luke how she is supposed to die at the Ball if everything that happens in Kevin's book comes true. Luke says that she is bizarre and asks if Lucy is sure that Kevin is not behind the murders. Lucy expresses her faith in Kevin before telling Luke that her character is supposed to die of suffocation by a dress. Luke says he'll go to the Ball and protect her, but Lucy decides that she just has the jitters and that she will be fine.

Back at the hospital, Alan confronts Amy. She tells him that he had better quit taking his pills right after the Ball. Alan tells Amy to stop talking and he leaves. Bobbie sees him and asks him about the Ball, but Alan just snaps at her. Bobbie goes to Amy and asks what is wrong. When Amy doesn't answer truthfully, Bobbie tells her that Monica told her about the affair. Amy dismisses the idea as ridiculous and tells Bobbie to have faith in her and in Alan. Alan, meanwhile, tries to buy drugs from a dealer on the street. They argue about secrecy before the dealer says that there is no hydrocodone in Port Charles. He offers Alan hydromorphone instead, but Alan refuses and goes home. At the mansion, Monica asks about Amy. Alan is uncooperative so Monica tells him to spend time with his children. He decides to do just that and he goes outside to visit Emily. He asks her if she has any hydrocodone left and when Emily reveals that she has one pill left, they split it as they act silly and giggle.

Back at the Port Charles Grill, Taggert walks in to find Dara. He sits down with her and tells her about their number together at the Ball. Dara is shocked and won't believe the detective. Taggert teases her by saying that she's afraid that he will upstage her. When Dara doesn't respond, he says that perhaps she's afraid that they will kiss again. Dara maintains that she's not afraid of anything, especially not singing and dancing with Taggert. As Dara walks out of the Grill, Taggert smiles to himself.

At the hospital, Liz and Lucky are talking in the hallway. Earlier in the day, Liz had gone to talk to Gail, who was nervous that Liz might be unable to perform in front of all the people at the Ball. As Liz and Lucky talk, Lucy walks up. They discuss Liz and Lucky's act, which is to be the opening number. When Lucky asks Lucy when they get to practice with the other couple, Lucy reveals that the other couple is Taggert and Dara. Lucky refuses to dance with Taggert, but Liz persuades him to do the number, claiming that she couldn't do it without him. Lucky agrees and the teenagers leave. Lucy is still frustrated because she hasn't found a dresser for the Ball, but Eve walks up and says that she is still available. Lucy gives into Eve, saying that she will do it to please Scott, but also making it clear that she has informed the media that if anything dangerous occurs at the Ball, it is Eve's fault.

Wednesday, June 17, 1998

After failing to obtain hydrocodone from a pharmacy, an edgy Alan lashed out at Monica and then tried to obtain pills from Tony. Tony ripped into Alan for being nothing but a common junkie and kicked him out of the clinic. Alan stood up Robin at their Nurses Ball rehearsal in order to score more potent pills from his drug dealer. Brenda told Jax about Veronica, the eccentric mother she never knew. Jerry and Bobbie flirted again and Jerry was unable to persuade Bobbie to be his date at the Nurses Ball. Carlos continued to pressure Jerry, who was later confronted by Jax about spies in their business. An anxious Carly sought reassurance from Robin about Jason, but Robin had very little information about Jason's whereabouts. A frustrated Carly then insulted Robin, who did not want to waste her time arguing with Carly. Robin later compared notes with Brenda about being "married to the mob." Having questioned Lucas about Tony's ambush visit, Bobbie hit Tony with a restraining order. Liz thanked Lucky for giving her the guts to appear at the Nurses Ball.

Thursday, June 18, 1998

Today's recap was provided by HoilesFan

Mac calls Robin from the police station and asks her to come over. When she gets there, he asks his niece to sit at his table at the Nurses Ball. Robin says that she has other plans and when Mac inquires as to what they are, she reveals that she is going to sit with Jason. Then, she tells Mac that they are seeing each other again. Mac expresses his disapproval, but Robin brushes him off with assertions that she loves Jason. Felicia walks in and Mac becomes angry upon learning that she has known about Robin and Jason for quite some time.

Alexis walks into the station to confront Dara. When Dara again denies Stefan bail, Alexis says that she has called in a favor from the mayor and that Stefan will be released. Alexis then leaves the police station. Dara then interrupts Mac and Robin, who have been arguing about Robin's safety. She tells Mac that Stefan is going to be released. Mac assures the D.A. that this is for the best, because now they will really be able to discover who really murdered Katherine. After Stefan is released on bail ($20 million), Mac leaves.

Felicia heads over to the clinic to visit with Tony, who has demonstrated his generosity by helping a young girl. The girl had been in a car accident and Tony agreed to treat her even though her mother could not afford it. This reminds him of BJ again, which in turn, reminds him of Lucas. When Felicia gets to the clinic, Maxie goes on a tour while the Jones' chat. Tony tells Felicia that he is sad because he cannot see Lucas and because BJ's death is haunting him. Felicia tries to comfort Tony and tells him that he needs to find hope and peace on his own.

Over at the Port Charles Grill, Ned and Edward talk about Serenity. Ned informs Edward that an anonymous buyer has purchased the property, which Edward had planned to turn into a memorial for Katherine. Edward is very flustered by this news and he leaves the Grill. Alexis walks in and sits down with Ned. She thanks him for using his influence with the mayor to get Stefan out on bail. Ned then offers Alexis an hour of fun with no strings attached. Alexis responds, "Enjoy your lunch," and walks out of the room.

Stefan makes his first visit after leaving the station to go see Laura. He tells her again that she must never reveal Nikolas' true parentage or her whereabouts the night of Katherine's death. She vows to keep this a secret in order to protect their son, but has reservations about how long it will be possible to keep it a secret. When Stefan returns to Wyndemere, he finds Katherine's engagement gift for him. It is a music box that plays their waltz. As he is crying, Nikolas enters the guesthouse. He comforts his uncle and they make plans for the Nurses Ball. They are going to go in Katherine's honor.

Back at the police station, Justus asks Dara to accompany him to the Ball. Dara is still afraid that people will look down upon her for dating the employee of a mobster, but when Justus suggests that they make it appear as if they have just run into each other coincidentally, Dara agrees to go with him. Taggert is jealous and he walks up to the couple to remind Dara about their rehearsal later in the day.

In another corner of the station, Felicia returns to visit Mac. They argue about Robin and Jason's renewed relationship. Felicia tells Mac that he cannot force her to stop dating Jason, but Mac is afraid that his niece will be in danger.

Friday, June 19, 1998

The opening scenes serve as a prelude to the 5th Annual GH Nurses Ball. Kool and the Gang's "Celebration" serves as the music while we watch all the characters get ready for the big event.

Hyperbole at the Quartermaines, as usual, as Edward, Ned and AJ discuss what Edward and Emily will be doing on stage at the Ball.

We watch Brenda and Jax (Brenda looking dangerous in a slinky little black number), Lucky and Liz (looking absolutely radiant), Robin and Justus (she's got some weird thing in her hair, but he looks rather dashing), Dara and Taggert (leaving the station, she in a divine blue number), Nikolas and Alexis (who is stunning in red), a lonely Luke, a devilish Jerry and Mac, Felicia and the girls.

Lucy speaks with the crowd at the festivities, informing them of all the good their contributions do for AIDS-related charities and research. She's wearing a kind of funky little get-up that's like Capri pants and a formal ball gown combined.

Audrey approaches Liz and tells her how proud she is that Liz is representing the Hardys with her performance on stage. Audrey gives Lucky the big freeze when he appears on the scene.

The first number in the show is a rendition of Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock." Taggert and Dara are inmates, Lucky and Liz are guards and there are other dancers in the number as well.

Stefan finally shows up as Lucy is acknowledging the accomplishments and contributions made by Katherine. Over Stefan's shoulder we see our first glimpse in quite some time of the spider woman herself . . . Helena.

Cut to Lucy's dressing room-Lucy and Eve have some kind of a bitch fest about Lucy's costuming and the murder angle. Felicia just seems to be there for window dressing. As the three women leave the dressing room, we see someone enter . . .

Luke congratulates Lucky and Liz on their performance-Lucky seems to indicate in no uncertain terms that he could care less what the old man has to say. Ouch.

Nikolas and Emily hook up for some conversation.

AJ comes across a clearly looped Alan. AJ is suspicious, but before he can do anything it is time for Alan to head onstage for his number with Robin. They sing and dance to "Someone to Watch Over Me." Alan winds up having a complete melt-down on stage, stopping the number as the crowd stares on in silent embarrassment. He is clearly out of it, blaming the accompaniment, blaming Robin and eventually leaving the stage. Robin stands there alone until Ned joins in from the crowd to finish the number.

Edward orders AJ to get Alan out of the building. AJ finds Alan in a confrontation with Taggert, who states the obvious . . . "You're just not yourself . . . It's best if you go home." Ouch.

Brenda tells Ned that Lois would be proud of his performance.

Luke and Bobbie chat it up. She finds out that Laura won't be attending and that Luke is there only to help out Lucy.

V talks to Mac about the fact that he and Kevin are sitting together and that Kevin is the prime suspect in the murder investigation-proprieties, proprieties. Kevin approaches and he and Mac talk about how hard the ball is for him (Mac) because it makes him think about what will happen if he loses Robin to AIDS.

The Lusty Ladies of Port Charles do a little Bob Fosse number to "Hey Big Spender." Lucy, Brenda, Dara and Karen all vamp it up in black costumes and bowler hats, slinking around the stage. Brenda's face falls at the end, however, when she sees Sonny at the back of the room.

Sonny and Jason and "the boys" arrive in time for the end of the number and the passing of the hat for contributions. Robin runs to Jason for a quick kiss and hugs Sonny. Jax and Brenda are both staring daggers at Mr. Corinthos and the crowd is buzzing in anticipation.

Meanwhile, back in her dressing room, Lucy's in a bit of trouble . . . just as predicted, her next costume is strangling her . . .

Remember to watch both Port Charles and GH Monday for the continuation of the story. .

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