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General Hospital Recaps: The week of June 22, 1998 on GH
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Monday June 22, 1998

The Nurses Ball continues, even though the power has gone out in the hotel. Brenda reassures Jax that Sonny means nothing to her, even though he's back in town. Luke and Sonny share a short but heartfelt reunion.

"Witness statements" are read by various members of the audience, including Edward, Bobbie, Jax, Ellen, Audrey, Nikolas and Monica. Each relays a story of someone living with HIV or AIDS. Robin stands up and tells her personal statement, and how she's happy to be living a full and healthy life despite the disease. After the testimonials, Lucy recognizes Jax and Scott for their matching donations to the fund-raiser.

Outside the ballroom, Stefan confronts Luke about his role in Katherine's death. Luke tells him to look closer to home. Stefan says that Helena didn't have the motive or opportunity. Think again, Luke tells him.

Inside, the show continues with the lights on as Emily and Ned sing "The Power to Believe" while the camera pans various AIDS quilts. Scott, Serena, Karen, Mac, Maxie, Robin, Edward and Emily sing a very cute rendition of "Thank Heaven For Little Girls" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun."

While Lucy is acknowledging Sonny for the Stone Cates Memorial Wing, Tony gets up on stage and steals the microphone from her. He accuses everyone in the audience of being hypocrites, singling out Jax, Edward, Stefan and especially Jason. As he is criticizing Jason, Robin shuts him down by reminding him of reason they are all there--to give money, not to legitimize anyone. Tony walks off, but stops at Bobbie's table and insults her. Jerry asks Tony to leave and Tony smirks at Bobbie, telling her that she didn't wait long to move on. When Jerry stands up to escort Tony out, Tony says to him, "When you grow tired of her, try the daughter because there is a talent that runs in this family..." Jerry decks Tony.

Outside, Nikolas and Emily discuss how they each became involved with the ball. Nikolas asks Emily if she ever didn't tell someone something and now regrets it. Emily says that it could be too much of a chance. Nikolas says that he feels everyone should take some chances, so Emily starts telling him how she feels about him, when Lucky and Liz walk up. After Nik mentions to Liz how sorry he is that Sarah couldn't join them tonight, Liz rails on him for dumping Sarah, saying that he only cares about himself. In a rare show of spunk, Emily steps up and says that the Webber girls think that the world revolves around them and starts criticizing both Liz and Sarah. Lucky jumps in and says that Emily is turning out to be a lot like Nikolas--a spoiled rich kid. Nikolas makes a comment that regardless of what happened to Liz, that's no reason to take it out on Emily. Lucky and Nikolas are about to come to blows when Jason steps in and breaks it up.

After the younger crowd leaves, Jason and Robin share a quiet moment outside. Mike appears and asks Jason if Sonny ever asks about him. All the time, Jason assures him. Taggert comes up and starts harassing Jason but Dara stops him. Taggert starts to kiss Dara, but leaves her hanging.

Lucy continues to pester Eve about her dress for the finale. Eve reminds her that it's in the same portable closet as all the rest. When Lucy opens the closet door, Eve grabs her costume and shoves Lucy in the closet and bolts the door. Eve appears on stage during the chorus line in Lucy's place, but Lucy manages to get the closet to the stage, where she falls out--in her underwear, of course--much to the dismay of Kevin and Scott. While dancing in the finale, Lucy screams as she looks up and sees a body hanging in a noose from the rafters.

Tuesday, June 23, 1998

Luke is at home and Laura awakes to find him there. She is happy to see him and Luke tells her he was at the Nurses Ball. He tells her about Alan being whacked to the gills and Laura admits she snuck in to see Lucky's number. Luke wants to know if she had a chance to see the surprise guest.

Mike shows up at Brenda's and asks her if Jax is there with her. When she says no, Brenda realizes that he thinks Sonny is there and she lets him know he is not there either. Mike wants to know if she's OK, especially after seeing Sonny at the ball. Brenda lets Mike know she is over Sonny; Mike would like to know her secret. He asks her if she has any urge to go and find him right now but Brenda lets him know she loves Jax. Mike wants the real story from her.

Jax is over at the penthouse, trying to persuade Sonny to leave town by writing him a blank check.

Robin & Jason are at their spot, the bridge, and he apologizes for not being back in time. He knows she must have been worried. She was but knew everything would be OK. Robin tells him about the time she was in Paris and all she could do was think of being with him. These two are so happy and after he kisses her she is practically speechless. Robin tells Jason he is not like Sonny who loves to come in making his grand entrance. He loves power and manipulating people where as Jason is not about that.

Sonny tells Jax he does not threaten his friend (meaning Jason) or tell him about Brenda. Jax recalls for Sonny what Brenda went through because of him and Sonny tells him to get out. Jax lets Sonny know that Brenda has recovered and he will not go to her because he will see him dead before that ever happens. Jax just wants him to take the money and leave. Sonny tells Jax he really doesn't know what's going on.

Jerry shows up at the brownstone bringing a bottle of champagne. He'd like to drink it with Bobbie or he can just leave it as a gift. Bobbie gives him 5 minutes and he puts the moves on her. She asks how his hand is feeling and checks it out. A little bruised she tells him but that's to be expected after slugging Tony. Jerry asks if she thought he was Tony when he came over and she admits she thought it could be her ex. Jerry asks her about Tony and she tells him he had been her salvation. Tony was everything she wanted, he had respectability and he was a doctor. She loved him. He wants to know what she ran from before and Bobbie tells him about her first love, Roy, a man who lived on the edge. He was the opposite of Tony and now he is 6 feet under. Jerry tells her he could be the exception.

Laura asks Luke who the surprise guest was and he tells her Sonny is back in town and he sat at a table right next to Stefan. Laura seems interested in Sonny's return, making Luke think she doesn't want to talk about Stefan.

Mike can't understand how Brenda can be all right with this. She tells him that she saw Sonny a month ago and he answered all her questions and she left there knowing she did not want Sonny's life. Brenda apologizes for not telling him and Mike is upset.

Jax wants to know why Sonny wants to upset Brenda but he makes it clear he's not back because of her. As Jax walks out of the penthouse Sonny asks him if the name Carlos rings a bell. When it doesn't he asks if the name Jerry does. This grabs Jax's attention. Now that he has his attention he tells Jax he can't believe he doesn't know. Jerry is in debt to Carlos and Carlos wants territory that now belongs to Jason but once was his. He wants to take Jason out and has Jerry as his left flank. If Jerry doesn't do as Carlos says, he's a dead man., Sonny proceeds to tell Jax the rest about his brother but Jax isn't buying his story. Sonny tells Jax to give his brother a message: Carlos will not take down his friend and anyone aligned with Carlos is going to be buried with him.

Jerry continues to put the moves on Bobbie and when she brings up Sonny's name he asks her what she knows about him. Bobbie doesn't have anything bad to say and then he asks about Jason. Jerry wonders what Sonny is doing in town.

Jason wants to discuss the trouble that is going down with Robin but she doesn't want to hear about that right now. Jason then tells her he doesn't want to take her back to Brenda's tonight and Robin says she told Brenda not to expect her.

Brenda knew Mike would be upset & reassures him that Sonny did not come to her either. She just happened to stumble upon the fact that he was here. Brenda is trying to make things easier for Mike but it's not working. He thinks Sonny hates him. Brenda lets him know that the only person Sonny hates is himself. He got past being mad at Mike. But Mike believes that he paid for what he did to Sonny and his mom but thinks that his son hasn't gotten over the way he left and so now he's doing it to him. They both wonder if Sonny will be staying. Anyway, Mike is very proud of her and notices her engagement ring. Although they haven't set a date yet, Brenda asks Mike if he would come to her wedding. He tells her yes, thanks her for everything and says goodnight.

Jax tells Sonny he won't give Jerry any message and thinks Sonny is making this whole thing up. Sonny lights Jax's check on fire and tells him his brother is in too deep this time. Jason & Robin walk in and Jax tells her to be careful of these people, she will get hurt. After he leaves, Sonny tells Robin she could be hurt and wants her to know what's going on and why he is back.

Laura tells Luke that she had expected some bumps when she got back but knows there marriage is a good one. She can't see why he would want her to leave him. She knows that he wants to be with her and can't understand why he is implying otherwise. She wants to know what's wrong and Luke says he's not really sure. Maybe they see things differently, the past is bulldozing its way into the present and he's watching it through his kid's eyes. Or maybe it's Cassadine. Laura will not let Stefan and Nikolas come between the two of them but Luke tells her they already have. Lulu comes down and they are interrupted. Laura plans to take her back upstairs when Luke tells her he'll be up in a minute. He's staying the night which makes Laura very happy.

Jerry lets Bobbie know she's done a lot for him that he'd like to take her to dinner. She doesn't accept but says she'll consider his offer for a date.

Robin tells Sonny she doesn't need to know his business unless she is able to help him in some way. She wants to stay at the penthouse with Jason because she loves him and does not want to be apart from him. She knows they will protect her. Robin lets Sonny he is not evil or bad, they just see things differently but she knows he is a good person.

Jax shows up at Brenda's and immediately she knows he went to see Sonny. Brenda lets him know he didn't have to because she is fine, Sonny has no power over themRecap --->

Wednesday, June 24, 1998

Jason brings Michael to visit Carly, who is disappointed to learn that her case has hit another snag. Sonny finally heads to the Recovery Room to see his father and insults an already angry Mike by offering to pay off his gambling debts. Mac warns Taggert to ease up on the hot dog tactics before he loses his detective's badge. Felicia and V speculate that Jake's "suicide" will not mean the end of the hospital murders after all. AJ confronts his father with the pills he's been popping and informs Alan that the whole family now knows about his addiction. Meanwhile, back at the mansion, Monica and Ned do damage control with the hospital and the newspapers in order to cover Alan's tracks. Explaining how hurt he was when his only son left town without even a farewell, Mike asks Sonny to at least have the decency to say goodbye the next time he plans to disappear. Tony files a lawsuit against the PCPD for destroying his medical career by deliberately damaging his hand. Monica elects to keep the truth from Emily as most of the rest of the clan assembles for an intervention. Jerry catches V tailing him. When Alan continues to furiously deny that he is chemically dependent, Monica orders him to get clean or get out. Taggert brings Sonny in for questioning. Jason warns Tony that he's overdue for a serious accident.

Thursday, June 25, 1998

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Today's General Hospital was pre-empted by ABC coverage of the World Cup soccer tournament.

Friday, June 26, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Shannon Newman

Stefan reminisces about a conversation with Katherine about having a family of their own. Meanwhile, Laura and Leslie Lou pay Nikolas a surprise visit at Wyndemere. Stefan and Laura talk, while Nikolas and Leslie Lou go to the stables to see Sheba. Stefan tells Laura that she and her daughter are always welcome at Wyndemere and shows Laura a photo of Nikolas taken on the island when he was five. He tells her that he used to tell Nikolas that he would leave the island someday. Laura asked why and Stefan said "Because it was important to you. I wanted to give our son everything you wanted for him." Nikolas and Leslie Lou return and as Laura and Leslie say their goodbyes Stefan gives Laura the picture of Nikolas.

Liz cuts school to avoid the embarrassment of receiving a failing grade in Murty's class. She admits to Lucky that she is afraid to go to school because she thinks all of the other kids know that she was raped. Lucky assures her that the only people who know are those that she told and Nikolas, who probably figured it out when he saw her leaving the support group a few months ago. Lucky told Liz that he would make sure that Nikolas doesn't tell anyone.

Jacks traces Jerry's accounts and finds out that Sony was right, Jerry has been lying to him ever since he arrived in Port Charles. Jacks confides in Brenda about his brother and asks her if she has ever heard the name Carlos. Brenda remembers hearing Sony mention that name and associates it with Puerto Rico. Meanwhile, Jerry purchases a device designed to start a small fire that will spread slowly and that he can set to go off up to 48 hours after it is set. Shortly after, Jerry shows up at Jacks' suite. After dinner Brenda excuses herself and Jacks and Jerry talk over drinks. Jacks asks Jerry if he has ever had any involvement with the "Organization". Jerry says no that only fools and desperate men get involved with it. As he leaves he asks Jacks to release him from his promise to shoot him if he ever falls in love. After Jerry leaves Jacks and Brenda talk about him. Brenda tells Jacks that he should confront his brother. Jacks says he will pay off Jerry's debt and talk to him about it tomorrow. Meanwhile, Jerry goes back to his suite and sets his firebomb.

At the docks as Sony, Jason, and Robin discuss the docks project, they run into Dr. Karen Wexler Cates and her boyfriend Dr. Joe Scanlon. Joe confronts Sony about Karen's stripping career and says that Sony destroyed Karen's life. Sony asks Karen if that is true. Karen says no and recounts the events of her past and Sony's evolvement in them. She blames Sony for making it seem like that stripping was the only thing she wanted to do. She says that she doesn't understand how Jason could go from the boy that she loved in High School to the man he is now. She asks him why he doesn't see that Sony may have helped him like he helped her but he taught him to be a criminal. Jason said that he made his choices and so did she so she shouldn't blame Sony for them. Karen tells Robin that she is the one that she understands least of all. She can't understand how Robin could remain loyal to Sony after what he did to her (Karen) and Brenda. Robin says that she doesn't think that Sony is perfect she doesn't even think that he is right, but she loves him and she isn't going to apologize for that.

Karen accepts her part in what happened and so does Sony. Sony says that he never meant Karen any harm. He said that the only conscious he was given he got from other people, his mother, Stone, and Robin. Most of whom he didn't know when Karen worked for him.

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