General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on GH
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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 7, 1998 on GH
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Monday September 7, 1998

Liz and Lucky shared a romantic dinner at the exclusive "No-Name Club" and they agreed not to mention Liz or Laura's rape. Liz and Lucky's attraction to each other grew as they talked about their hopes and dreams. They then shared a romantic dance and almost kissed. Lucky, however, seemed uneasy about his feelings and called it a night. Jax urged Brenda to get tested to see if she was carrying the gene that was responsible for Veronica's mental illness. Still reeling from the bad news, Brenda thought it might be better not to know for certain if she was destined to go insane. Brenda asked Jax to leave her if she had the disease, but he vowed the only future he wanted was with her. Jason and Robin discussed life once he was out of the organization. Jason received a letter from Carly which indicated that she may be released soon. Robin asked Jason to consider sharing custody of Michael, but he did not want be separated from his son. Justus told Taggert all about the Jacks family's history with organized crime and convinced him that this would make a bigger arrest than anything dealing with Jason. Taggert took the files and gave Justus the tape of his confession. Dara waited for Taggert in front of his apartment, but he was still upset over what she had done and slammed the door in her face. Bobbie and Jerry basked in the after glow of their love making and agreed to keep it a secret.

Tuesday, September 8, 1998

Lucky made an appointment with Tammy, the hooker. He told her he had $100 to spend and she wanted to know if he had someone who would be testing him on this later, like a girlfriend. He said he does have someone but they don't really call each other anything. He admitted to feelings he has for Liz, but said that he doesn't feel right having them because she was raped. He wants to keep the sexual feelings and Liz separate. Tammy assured him what goes on with her and what he is talking about with Liz are two separate things. Finally, Tammy agrees but Lucky doesn't' go through with it. He goes back to the docks to find Liz. He tells her he canceled his appointment because he started thinking about her and the carnival she wanted him to go to. She is delighted he has decided to go.

Brenda goes to see Veronica and tells her she knows about the illness. She also tells Veronica she knows there is a fifty percent chance she herself has the gene and she plans to get tested. Veronica urges her not to have the test. Brenda says she has to because her and Jax want to have children. Veronica believes she should have the children if she wants them but not be tested first. Veronica and Brenda bond and their conversation ends in an embrace.

Taggert brings the file on the Jax family's connections to organized crime to Mac. Mac is hesitant and Taggert wonders if he will turn the file over to the FBI. Mac wants to know how he got the file on the Jax family when they were looking for evidence against Jason and Justus. Taggert lies to Mac, telling him Monica picked the file up from Justus' desk without ever looking at it.

Jerry surprises Bobbie by moving into the Brownstone. She warns him she has 24 hours to reverse her agent's decision. He assures her he will be very discreet about their personal relationship.

Wednesday, September 9, 1998

Brenda has reservations about having the test for the gene that caused Veronica's illness. Jax lets her know he will stand by whatever decision she makes. After talking it over with Jax, Brenda decides she needs to know if she is carrying this gene. If she is, they can prepare. If not, she and Jax can have children and enjoy life. Jax goes to the hospital with Brenda and she has the test. The doctor tells them it will take a couple of days for the results to come in. Jax and Brenda go home and make love.

Mac calls the FBI and informs them he has evidence of the Jax family's ties to organized crime. Taggert goes to Monica and tells her that her family is in the clear. He also tells her that Justus will not be arrested. She wants to know how that happened but he won't give her any specifics. He assured her Mac doesn't' know of Justus' confession and that Mac believes she turned in a file on someone else without looking at it. Monica tells Jason the Quartermaines are off the hook but he remains skeptical.

Justus learns from Jason he made a deal with Moreno to leave the organization. Justus becomes very angry, thinking Jason was only looking out for himself. Jason assures Justus he is in no danger and he can work for Moreno if he wants to stay within the organization. Justus, even angrier than before, leaves saying he has learned in the last few weeks that when push comes to shove, it's every man for himself.

Edward invites Katherine to move into the Quartermaine mansion. Before making her decision, she goes to see Mac. She tells him her fall was an accident but he doesn't believe her. He saw the railing himself and he knows it was tampered with. Katherine goes on to defend Helena but Mac remains skeptical.

Thursday, September 10, 1998

Laura and Stefan discuss Katherine's involvement with Helena. Stefan is sure Katherine is being used by Helena. They worry that Katherine knows Stefan is Nikolas' father. If Helena knows the truth then Nikolas could be in danger. Stefan admits he had never told Katherine he loved her. Later, Stefan warns Helena not to manipulate Katherine. Katherine arrives just in time to ask, "why? That's what you always did."

Nikolas and Laura grow closer later as they discuss Katherine. Nikolas says Katherine only had nice things to say about Laura but it is obvious her feelings for Stefan have changed.

Brenda tells Robin about Veronica's illness and that she may have the gene. Brenda later goes to see Veronica but discovers she checked out of the hotel two days ago.

Jerry asks Jax about marrying Brenda if she has the illness. Jax says everyone always talks about him being Brenda's world but what they don't know is that she is his entire world. He wishes the wedding were tomorrow. He decides he wants to marry Brenda as soon as possible.

Edward announces to the rest of the Quartermaines that Katherine will be living with them. They are not pleased with this news.

Friday, September 11, 1998

Tony, Mac, Bobbie, and Felicia all end up in Mac office with Tony trying to get the restraining order lifted so that he may see Lucas again. Mac tells Tony Bobbie is the only one who can do that. Tony has no legal recourse. Tony is furious and tells Bobbie she is hurting Lucas.

Laura takes Lesley Lu to visit Nikolas at Wyndemere. Nikolas and Stefan ask them to stay.

Katherine tells Helena she is moving in with the Quartermaines. Helena was sure Edward would ask her to move in. They agree that the Quartermaines will make powerful enemies against Stefan.

Jax learns that Brenda followed Veronica to a seaside lodge. Jerry tells Jax he learned from one of Veronica's previous nurses that she is suicidal and her attempts involve the ocean, like walking into it. Jax becomes alarmed and calls for a helicopter to take them to find Brenda and Veronica. Jerry comes along, saying he will fly.

Meanwhile Brenda convinces Veronica to come back to Port Charles with her. She tells Veronica if she does have this gene she will need her mother with her. She says they can face the future together. While driving back, Veronica tells Brenda she loves her and is only doing what is best for her. Veronica then grabs the steering wheel and drives the car over a cliff. Jax witnesses this from the helicopter.

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TWO SCOOPS: Quid pro Flo
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