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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 10, 1998 on GH
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Monday August 10, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina Mont'Ros

At the courthouse, Alexis asks Stefan why Laura was at the Ball. Stefan tells her that she needs to understand, he was the reason that Laura left Port Charles, and he made her leave. Perhaps then, Laura felt she needed Stefan's permission to return. He sent her an invitation, for whatever reason, but most importantly because he was happy. Alexis then wants to know why Katherine and Stefan were fighting. She suddenly realizes and asks, "Did Laura hear you? Did she see Katherine fall?" She rushes to call Dara and tell her that there's an eyewitness. Stefan stops her. Alexis is angry with Stefan for hiding this from her. She's doing everything she can and wants to know why Stefan is making it so difficult for her. Stefan reminds her that she's repeatedly told him to keep Laura out of it. If Laura testifies it will look like she's lying to protect Stefan. He forbids Alexis from calling Laura as a witness and storms off. Alexis receives a document in an envelope and makes a phone call, "Good news and bad news, I'll be at your office in an hour."

Luke and Laura are on their porch swing talking about how happy they are. Their daughter had a wonderful birthday and for part of the day at least they were all together as a family. Laura takes Lucky coming over as a good sign. Luke is sure that Lucky won't come back as long as he's there. Laura remains hopeful. They agree that Lucky is looking good, he's grown up. They're both glad that he has Liz, to care about him and to be there for him. Laura says that Lucky and Liz are sweet together. They're very protective of each other and watch out for each other. Luke noticed how Lucky always watches Liz and is always mindful of her surroundings. Laura comments that he's just like Luke. Laura is happy that Luke manages to put up with it all for her - the house, porch, mortgage, institution of marriage. Luke teases that he doesn't mind the porch. He tells her that all of these things closely resemble everything he ever wanted. Laura wants to make their family work. Luke tells her he's going to close up the club. Laura plans on taking a bath. Luke suggests that she use some of her lavender and chamomile stuff. Laura replies that maybe he'll return in time to help her dry off. Luke assures her he'll break both legs trying. As soon as Luke is gone, Alexis shows up. She knows Laura doesn't like her and the feeling is mutual. Especially now that Stefan has told her everything. "Everything?!" repeats a stunned Laura. Alexis tells her she knows Laura was there and saw Katherine fall, that she wasn't pushed or coaxed or murdered. She accuses Laura of coming dressed like Katherine and tells her that Nikolas saw 'Katherine' at a place and time she couldn't have been. Alexis managed to guess what happened and Stefan reluctantly told her the truth. Alexis tells her that she has to take the stand. Laura counters that Alexis told her to stay away. Alexis assures her that she's not interested in Laura's secrets. She doesn't' want to know any more than is necessary. Laura tells Alexis she can't help, Alexis will have to try harder in defending Stefan. Alexis threatens to subpoena Laura, but Laura knows Stefan wouldn't allow it. Stefan mad her swear she wouldn't tell anyone and she won't be released from that promise until Stefan tells her so.

At Kelly's, Lucky is stuffing himself with Liz. She wants to know why he kept telling his parents he didn't want anything to eat. Lucky says that he wasn't hungry then. Liz tells him that she likes his house - or more correctly, his home. She likes the open and relaxed way his family has, it feels they way a home should. Liz says she was the always the odd one out at her house, she would have fit in better at Lucky's. Liz asks if Lucky misses it. He says that he misses seeing it the way that Liz does. She assures him that everyone pretends and has secrets, it doesn't mean they're bad. Just then they hear Mr. Murty. Liz and Lucky are awkward around him. Murty asks if he needs to go to the police. Liz thinks it's to turn her in, but Murty wants to know if he needs to clear his name in her rape. They tell him that they never told the police and that they never had any other suspects. They ease his mind by assuring him that it wasn't anything he did or any way that he treated his students. Murty offers to help Liz fix any other classes she may have had trouble with, he doesn't' know how she made it through the semester. He hates what happened to her, but tells her that she's going OT have a good like and that the one thing she will remember about this year is that she made a friend forever. He looks to Lucky, who exchanges a look with Liz. Lucky asks her what they should do now, they didn't even have a runner up suspect. He wants to know if she can let it go. Liz tells Lucky about Detective Garcia coming over and that being the thing that set her off. Liz is determined to go to the police station every day to look at line-ups, mugshots, whatever, until she finds some clue. She's sure that there must be something she hasn't remembered yet that will help. She doesn't want the next girl to have to try.

Jax and the mystery woman have a cryptic conversation at the PC Hotel until she introduces herself as Veronica Barrett. Jax is stunned. Veronica asks if he's staring at her to figure if she looks like her pictures or if Harlan got rid of them all. She can tell Jax thinks he's lying. She tells him that she's supposed to be long dead. He tests her, but she knows that she 'died' in the French Riviera when Brenda was 4. She sits down to tell Jax a tale of how she was a famous beauty and that was her only skill. She jet-setted around with Jimi Hendricks and the Stones. She was an embellishment and led a charmed life. Then she met Harlan, who was about nothing but money. She married him on the condition that she be independently wealthy, no matter how the marriage turned out and that she would have freedom, an open marriage arrangement. Julia, the oldest 5 year old there ever was, was there to try to kick start her maternal instinct, but she admits that even pregnant with Brenda, she was never cut out to be a mom. As further proof, she tells Jax about her infamous bathtub and the rainmaking incident. Jax tells her that Brenda was only 4 and doesn't remember her mother. Veronica says it doesn't matter if Jax believes her, Brenda will. Jax wants to know what could she want with her now? Veronica says that she was young and self-absorbed, and has now realized that the one person she has a primal connection to, she doesn't even know. Jax wonders what's in it for Brenda. Veronica sees Jax is protective and thinks that's good. Jax tells her that Brenda thinks that death prevented her mother from being there for her, what good will it do to let her know it was only selfishness? Veronica wants to know how far Jax will go, will he have her arrested, discredited - those are Harlan's tricks. She thinks that Jax and Harlan are exactly alike, poor Brenda. Jax assures her that if she if Brenda's mom, he'll escort her to Brenda himself and welcome her with open arms. First he wants to do a background check on her. Veronica objects, but Jax is adamant. He can either be her ally or her enemy. He's only sparing her from the same embarrassing questions from Brenda later. If he can confirm who she is he'll introduce her to Brenda as her mother. Veronica gives him her address in France to help. She's staying at the hotel and Jax suggests she keeps to her room. Veronica tells Jax that he really does adore her and asks if Brenda knows how rare that is. She kisses him on the cheek as Brenda looks on from the shadows. Brenda comes forward to tell Jax she had the most amazing day. There's an awkward pause before Veronica introduces herself as Veronique, head of a French ad agency specializing in cosmetics. She congratulates Brenda and Jax on their engagement. Brenda asks if she'll be staying in Port Charles long. Veronica hopes so, but can't say. She leaves and Brenda tells Jax that she signed her 1st client to L&B, she's had such an amazing day. A stunned Jax hugs her, no doubt thinking her day doesn't compare to his.

Bobbie goes to see Luke at the club. She's as hopeful as Laura that things have changed with Lucky. She commends Luke on being right in giving Lucky time instead of forcing him to come home. Luke isn't so sure still, but is glad that Lucky came to Lulu's birthday. He comments that Lucky looks like a man - and when did that happen? One thing is obvious to Luke, Lucky is crazy about Lulu. He thinks it might be the most important thing he's given to Lucky, something he'll have his entire life.

Bobbie later runs in to Lucky and Liz at Kelly's sharing an ice cream sundae. She teases that he didn't want any ice cream at his parents house. Lucky is defensive, but Bobbie assures him she was only teasing him. They all laugh about Lulu and comment on what a gorgeous child she is. Bobbie tells Liz that she looks great, things must be better for her. Liz says that after she did everything wrong, things finally are better. She's sorry that she didn't listen to Bobbie the night she was raped. Bobbie tells her that it's okay, Liz doesn't need to apologize for knowing her limits on what she could handle. Bobbie goes inside to pick up Lucas from Ruby. Lucky tells her that his Aunt Bobbie was right, she looks good. She's no Lulu, but she looks like something got fixed. When Liz comments that it certainly wasn't her hair, Lucky gently brushes it out of her face. He tells her that it's getting late and he'd better walk her home.

Alexis comes to see Luke at the club. He reminds her that she said she'd be an hour. Alexis tells him that she ended up taking a side road that she thought was the main road, but she's back on track now. The good news is the forensics experts found Helena's fingerprints on Katherine's will. Luke waits expectantly and Alexis congratulates him on his job. She hasn't told Stefan yet, but he's primed for the news. She'll also handle how to introduce the information in court. Luke asks for the bad news now. Alexis plays surprised, and tells Luke she was mistaken if she said that, there is no bad news. She changes the subject and asks Luke how things are with him. Luke is suspicious, but Alexis tells him that outside of all their plotting she does wonder about his son...his family. Luke tells her about Lulu's birthday party and that it was a good day. Alexis says she's glad and wishes him a good night. Luke stands there looking puzzled and a little stunned.

Stefan and Laura are on the phone. Stefan is furious that even after he told her to leave it alone, Alexis went to see Laura. Laura knows that Alexis is very smart and it won't be long before she's asking the right questions. How long before she figures out who Nikolas' father is? Stefan tells Laura that he can protect all of them if she'll only trust him.

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Tuesday, August 11, 1998
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Marina Mont'Ros

At the penthouse, Robin comes downstairs to tell Jason she's meeting Nikolas for coffee. She mentions that she'll be free this afternoon - and has to explain to Jason that when a woman says she'll be free this afternoon it's really an invitation to go do something. Jason doesn't understand the subterfuge, but agrees to go to the lake with Robin and Michael later. Robin asks if Jason was okay with sleeping in Sonny's room. It doesn't matter to Jason where he sleeps, he still misses Sonny. Mike calls from the police station asking for Jason's help. Mike was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. He got in to a fight with someone over the light sentences given to members of organized crime. Jason agrees to come bail him out. He's going to take Michael with him, but Robin offers to take him instead. She's going to the Port Charles Hotel, which she knows is where Michael was kidnapped, but promises never to take her eyes off him. Jason agrees, but makes her take Renaldo along too.

Justus sees Taggert with Mike at the police station and wants to know what's going on. Mike explains that he's already called Jason to bail him out. Justus tells Taggert that he'd better treat Mike well. When Dara comes along, Justus wants her assurance that Taggert will do everything by the book, or Justus will come after him.

Stefan finds Nikolas in the lobby of the Port Charles Hotel. He tells Nikolas that he's there to discuss new developments with Alexis. Nikolas is concerned that the new developments are because of his testimony. Nikolas wants to know why Stefan reacted so strongly to his testimony. He's worried that he's harmed Stefan's case in some way. Stefan assures him that he'll be going free and that after the trial he and Nikolas can take a vacation together. He tells Nikolas not to give another thought to his testimony and goes to meet Alexis. Robin comes in with the baby and Renaldo. She apologizes for being late, but she took Michael for an extra spin outside for the fresh air. Nikolas wonders about the guard, but Robin explains that ever since the kidnapping Jason always has a bodyguard with Michael. If it's what's best for Michael, then she really doesn't mind. They agree to have coffee in the lobby since Michael wouldn't like the darkened Port Charles Grill. Robin asks Nikolas how life on the witness stand is going. Nikolas tells her that he's afraid that his fears are justified. His testimony doesn't fit with what Stefan told the police, could he and Robin have been mistaken. Robin tells him that they both saw a woman with her hair up like Katherine's and wearing the same dress, who else could it have been? Brenda happens by and decides to join them. She holds and plays with Michael. Robin leaves to join Jason and Brenda and Nikolas try to make polite conversation. Brenda asks about Nikolas's sister. She comments that it must be cool to have his sister and mother back. Nikolas explains that it's complicated. Brenda knows that Nikolas's mother had to give him up when he was a baby and sympathizes that her mother had to do the same. Unfortunately, her mother never came back. She asks Nikolas if he ever feels like it's his fault. The both feel the same way. Brenda looks over to see an ornate tub being wheeled into the elevator, but doesn't give it a second thought. She asks how things are with them now and Nikolas explains that he wants to know her better, but he's still angry. Brenda tells him that she never knew her mom at all. Nikolas can tell that this talk has saddened Brenda and apologizes. He didn't mean to upset her.

Alexis calls Justus and tells him that she wants to meet with him on a professional matter. Stefan comes in and Alexis tells him she wants to go over a new strategy for his defense. Stefan wants to know if that includes Laura Spencer testifying. He blasts her for going against his orders and tells her he won't tolerate it. She went behind his back and saw Laura after he told her in no uncertain terms that she was to be left out of it. Stefan is sure that putting Laura on the stand would put her in jeopardy from Luke. Alexis argues that in the 18 minute gap between his story and Nikolas's, he could have loosened the parapet, put the letter opener in his desk with the intent of getting rid of it later and returned to the parapet to play grief stricken fiancÚ. But they have a witness and they can produce the woman that Nikolas saw! Stefan tells her it's no longer her concern. Alexis says it's very much her concern, she's his attorney. Stefan responds, "Not anymore." Alexis is stunned that Stefan is firing her. He tells her that she's left him no choice. He tells her to forward all of the paperwork to his new attorney when he chooses one. He also threatens to have her disbarred for breaching client/attorney privilege if any of the paperwork mentions Laura. Alexis agrees to do things Stefan's way, but he's adamant. She begs him to reconsider and only after repeatedly promising to follow his orders from now on, Stefan relents. Alexis shows Stefan the forensics reports proving the will is a forgery and only Helena's fingerprints are on it.

Jason goes to the police station to bail Mike out. Taggert tries to antagonize him, but Jason ignores him and fills out the proper paperwork. Taggert wants Jason to turn over Sonny in exchange for his freedom with Michael and Robin. Jason gets Mike and although Taggert continues to bait him, Jason shrugs him off and leaves. Back at the penthouse, Mike explains to Jason why he got into the fight that got him arrested. He apologizes to Jason for treating him badly since Sonny left town. Jason understands that Mike's jealous that Jason knows where Sonny is and Mike doesn't. Mike is upset that he's not a part of Sonny's life. He thought that he'd shown Sonny how much he loved him, despite the past, and that should count for something. He's angry and hurt. Jason understands and explains that when Robin first left for school, Jason got into fights every night. Sonny was the one who finally talked him out of it. Jason invites Mike to stick around and wait for Michael to return. Jason tells him that he will continue to bail Mike out if that's what he needs. As an alternative, he offers for Mike to come over and see Michael any time he feels angry and like going out and getting in to a fight. He knows that Michael has helped him deal with missing Robin and Sonny and hopes it can do the same for Mike. Bobbie comes over to see Michael. Jason explains that he should be back soon, he's out with Robin. Bobbie is surprised that Michael is out alone with Robin and wonders if Michael is comfortable with that. Jason tells her that Michael and Robin are getting closer now that Robin is living there. Bobbie is surprised at the news and wants to know if he's considered how it will affect Carly. Jason tells her that Carly can still live there. He wrote her about it, but doesn't know if Carly is being given her mail. He explains that Carly writes him a letter once a week, but that they're confusing since Carly has to continue being crazy. He reads between the lines though and understands that maintaining her crazy act is what's best to get Carly out eventually. Jason goes off to the kitchen. Bobbie and Mike are a little shocked, but agree that despite the unconventional aspects, Jason is the most devoted parent. Mike knows that he's a good friend too. Bobbie agrees he's been a good friend to Carly, but unfortunately, she wants more. When Jason returns, Bobbie and Mike are laughing over Michael's picture album. "Jason..", says Mike. Jason tells him to just make a list and he'll get all the reprints they want. Robin and Michael return to the penthouse and she asks if Mike's okay. He tells her he's better now. Robin, Michael and Jason sit down to read Carly's letter together. Mike comments that they're a nice little family. Bobbie agrees, but adds that there doesn't seem to be much room for Carly.

Jax goes to see Veronica in her hotel room. She maintains her breezy, nonchalant style. He tells her that so far she's checking out. Veronica tells him that everyone knows her in the music scene from the 60's and 70's. The kind of research that Jax is doing could take a while. Jax agrees that it could take months. He has a proposition for her, he'll give her $500,000 to go back to France until his check is complete. Veronica asks if he's ever wondered what they'd do without money as a weapon. Jax replies that's an interesting attitude for a woman who married for money. Veronica tells him that eventually even all the money Harlan had wasn't enough to put up with him. She's always had expensive tastes and habits. When they split, she thought that she'd accurately judged how much she would need, but she was wrong. She ended up going back to him for more, in exchange for her staying away. She tells Jax that she was bought off once before and she won't do it again. Jax informs her he won't stand by and watch Brenda be hurt. The tub is delivered and Jax leaves.

Dara comes up behind Taggert at his desk. He asks if she's using the back of his head to fix her make-up. Dara wants to make sure that Mike Corbin's been released. She tells Taggert that she can see he's a dedicated officer - except when it comes to anyone related to Sonny Corinthos, then he becomes a vengeful thug. She tells him that Sonny isn't worth sacrificing his career and until he learns to look out for himself, Dara will be doing it.

Justus goes to see Alexis in her rooms, where she asks him to be co-counsel in Stefan's case. She knows that Helena is framing Stefan and needs to testify in order to introduce evidence. Justus wants to know why she's chosen him. Alexis admits that it has to be him in order to rattle Dara. Dara is going after the wrong person, and smart as she is, she has a good case. But Dara is also one of the few honest people left, and Alexis doesn't want her to convict the wrong person. Justus agrees, but only on the condition that Jason doesn't have a problem with it. He warns Alexis that if she's not careful, they'll end up putting Stefan away by accident.

Brenda and Jax run in to each other in the lobby of the Port Charles Hotel. She explains that she's sad because she saw and held Michael. It's only made her more convinced she wants to have Jax's baby. November seems so far away, what does Jax think about moving the wedding day up? Jax asks if tomorrow is okay. Brenda replies that tomorrow is a little soon. Jax tells her that all he wants is her happiness and they embrace.

Veronica makes the delivery men adjust the tub in the middle of her living room. She makes them move it until it is just so. They can't believe that she wants this thing in the middle of the room anyhow. Then Veronica notices the feet of the tub. She yells at the men that it was supposed to have claw feet with garnet toenails. The workmen are incredulous and ask if she doesn't want the tub now. Veronica throws a screaming fit that she's just asked for one thing and it's not right. The workmen hurry out, with Veronica screaming at them to take the worthless thing with them. They leave without the tub in their rush to get away from her. Veronica throws more of a tantrum and collapses next to the tub, beating on it and repeating, "It's wrong, it's all wrong!"

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Wednesday, August 12, 1998
by Soap Central

Today's recap was provided by Tonia

The opening scene is Taggert threatening Monica regarding evidence against Jason and Justus. He insists that he is doing his job and the taxpayers never understand. He's conducting a police investigation, not blackmail. Taggert reminds her that he is her best chance at keeping her hubby out of jail and though the deal is hard she just has to get over it. When Monica leaves, Mac walks in the room and wants to know if she is going to be in cahoots with them. Taggert assures him that everything is under his control. Mac tells that Taggert that Robin is not going to like his actions but feels he has to bring Jason down to protect her. However, he does not want Taggert to get out of hand.

Robin and Nikolas are having coffee. Nick is upset that his testimony hurt his Uncle's case. Robin assures him that he was only telling the truth and she would have said the same thing. And, when she is called to testify she may very well have to admit that she saw Catherine walking up to the parapet at that particular time. Unless it wasn't Catherine. Robin tells Nick to have faith because Stefan now has the best defense team with Justus on board. Nick is surprised and says that Justus's presence in this case will only make Uncle look more guilty. Robin is insulted and asked Nick to elaborate. He's a little embarrassed but feels that Robin isn't safe. Robin says in no uncertain terms that she is well guarded, safe, and most importantly happy. And, being in love with Jason means accepting all the facets of his life that she cannot change, however, she is in love with him and he makes her happy.

Felicia goes to Jason's penthouse. She wants Jason to be aware that Robin means everything to Mac and he will do anything to protect her. Jason says he will do the same. Robin walks in and is happy to see Felicia. Felicia invites Robin and Jason to dinner with her, Mac and the kids. Robin accepts. Felicia exits. Robin makes sure that Jason doesn't mind going to dinner with the family and he says he will do most anything to make her happy even give her up. Robin makes it clear that yes she worries and though it's dangerous sometimes she has no doubt in their love for one another. They trust each other something Sonny and Brenda didn't have, that's why they didn't make it as a couple. She is in love with him and very happy with her lifestyle and Mac will see that soon.

Alexis tells Stefan that she has hired Justus on the team and he adamantly objects. She explains that she needs him to question her as a surprise witness and he is the only one who can get to Dara. Justus walks in and tells Stefan that he is only interested in the hefty bill that Stefan will incur for his services rendered. Stefan finally agrees. Dara is of course upset with Justus and feels like he is doing this to get back at her. Justus calls Alexis to the stand. Dara is outraged and objects. Helena walks in and sits in the back of the courtroom a little surprised but without expression. Alexis accuses Helena for the death of Catherine and goes on to say that she was her accomplice by doing certain things that Helena commanded such as bringing the stone bench from Greece, as well as the trunk of Laura's belongings. She feared for her life and then the truth came out that Alexis is the daughter of Mikos, which Nikolas was really surprised (he had no clue). Alexis claimed that the will was a forgery and that Helena's prints are on the evidence. Dara insists on doing her own analysis of the will. Alexis explains that Helena wants to destroy Stefan to take control of Nick's inheritance while he's still a minor. A recess is called. Alexis and Stefan are having a strategy conversation while calming Nick because they weren't honest about Alexis' parentage. They look over to Helena and both realize how unsettling it is to have her in the courtroom. She didn't flinch throughout any of Alexis' testimony. Stefan thinks aloud, "she's finished." The show ends with the court now being called back into session. Dara pulls one out of her hat and reserves the right to call Alexis back onto the stand at a later date, however, recalls a very important witness, Nikolas. The courtroom is shockedRecap --->

Thursday, August 13, 1998

Brenda is in the lobby of the Port Charles Hotel when "Veronique" walks by. Thinking that the woman is a business associate of Jax's, Brenda readily agrees to Veronica's invitation to tea. The two chat and Veronica attributes Brenda's knowledge of music to her late mother.

At Mac's, the Commissioner warns his stepdaughters against the dangers posed by Jason. Felicia tries to step in and speak up for Jason, but this provokes Mac into a long-winded "Jason is a big, bad crime-lord" speech. However, when Maxie (the cutie pie that she is) learns that Jason and Robin are coming over for dinner, she rushes off to change her clothes in hopes of looking her very best.

Meanwhile, over at the Penthouse, Monica drops by to visit Jason. "Jason tells a jittery Monica he doesn't believe that any spy could sell him out to Taggert." Following Monica's visit, Jason and Robin head over to Mac and Felicia's for dinner.

At the courthouse, Dara has Nikolas recalled. She questions him about the items in Laura's trunk, including Katherine's engagement ring. The A.D.A. also asks the young Cassadine if his uncle was ever in love with Laura Spencer. Nikolas tries to avoid answering the question, but he finally reveals that Stefan did in fact love Laura. Helena delights in his admission.

Back at Mac's, Jason and Robin arrive for dinner. Jason bonds with Maxie and Georgie and even sits down to play dolls. Jason's ability to grow close to the girls makes Mac extremely uncomfortable, something he doesn't hesitate to hide. After swooping Georgie away from an open window near where the gunshots came through that almost killed Jason and barely missed Robin, Mac berates Jason's lifestyle and begins a nasty argument with Robin. Robin justifies her love for Jason and begins to cry before she and Jason depart. Upon their return to the Penthouse, Robin is wise beyond her years as she contemplates the evening's discussion and its ramifications.

At the PC Hotel, Jax walks in on Brenda and Veronica and then Brenda suddenly remembers that she has an appointment. Jax, who has launched a full-scale investigation, threatens Veronica to stay away from Brenda until he can decide what the next appropriate course of action should be. Later, Jax receives a package that confirms that Veronica is indeed the former Mrs. Harlan Barrett. When Brenda arrives at his apartment, Jax is visibly uncomfortable.

After the day's testimony has concluded, Alexis and Stefan comfort Nikolas. As they talk, Helena approaches and belittles the whole lot of them. She leaves after issuing a stern warning not to trust Alexis. After she leaves, Stefan assures his son/nephew that Alexis is very trustworthy. Meanwhile, Helena corners Natasha and tells her that she is not up to par with the evil Cassadine matriarch and that her fall is certain; it is only a matter of time. Then "Taggert advises Helena that Commissioner Scorpio will be launching an investigation into the forged will, prompting a threat from Helena about Mac." (Credit Paz) Alexis tells Justus that Nikolas wanted to kill Helena and fears that Stefan might lose his trial. When Justus suggests a plea bargain, Alexis wants nothing of it and assures him that she can think of something better.

Dara is not pleased with Justus' behavior at the trial and she makes that clear to the lawyer. Taggert hopes that the beautiful Miss Jensen will join him for dinner later, she claims that she has to work late.

Back at the Commissioner's, Mac is sad and very worried about his family's safety. After consoling him, Felicia goes to bed while Mac places a phone call to Taggert. He orders the detective to spare nothing in his crusade to place Jason in jail in 24 hours or less. Taggert tells Mac that the trial today was quite dishy.

Friday, August 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Marina Mont'Ros

Liz interrupts a kissing couple at Kelly's with their order. She tried her best, since the order was, "Eggs...whatever." Really all they wanted was a table and some space. They offer to pay for the food and tip, they just want to be there together. Lucky sneaks up on her and asks what a guy has to do to get a menu in the place. This is his first day back working for Jason since he was stabbed. Liz offers to get him whatever he wants, her treat. Lucky tells her that he's lived off of her and her family for long enough. Liz assures him that it hasn't been an imposition, besides, she was the reason that he was hurt in the first place. She tells him that it's a good thing he didn't give her a loaded gun instead. Lucky thinks that a bullet wound would have been good for at least a month at the Webber Inn. He likes the nurse there. Liz doesn't think that she qualifies as a nurse, to which Lucky jokes that he meant her grandmother. Lucky also thinks that Liz will be glad to finally have her bed back. Liz tells him that she hasn't minded the floor, and she sleeps better with a roommate, a patient, a ... and she trails off as they stare at each other. Jason has paid Lucky a week in advance and so Lucky thinks that his nurse deserves a 5 star lunch, maybe at a Chinese restaurant. Liz says that she's sure her grandmother will like it. Lucky tells her that he meant Liz. Liz offers to meet Lucky at the restaurant, but he offers to come back and pick her up later.

Robin goes to see Brenda at the cottage. It's time to make the first payment on L&B, but unfortunately, they haven't made enough to cover the cost. Brenda tells her not to worry, she got a check for modeling and they'll use that. It's obvious that nothing is going to get Brenda down. She tells Robin about her wedding plans. Robin wants to know if Jason will be invited. Brenda assures her that even if Jason and Robin weren't in love, Jason would be invited. He saved her life. Brenda admits that she even enjoys Jason when she's not worried about Robin. Robin comments on Brenda's obvious happiness. Brenda tells her that she's more than happy, for the 1st time in her life she feels like everything isn't going to just disappear.

Jax calls Veronica and refers to her as Mrs. Barrett. He tells her to meet him in the lobby in 15 minutes. When they meet, Jax tells her he's curious about her agenda, her objective, her goals. He accuses her of not being concerned with the cost to Brenda. Brenda has always envisioned her mother as a shimmering spirit who was whisked away from her. Veronica asks if Jax thinks this will be a hard act to follow. Instead, Jax is concerned because it isn't the truth. Veronica willfully abandoned Brenda. She's only back now after all of the parenting is done. Brenda's a successful woman and engaged to a very wealthy man. He wants to know if she came because it was attractive or she had nowhere else to land. Brenda goes by without seeing them and gets in the elevator. Jax confronts Veronica about the photo he received. She tells him that it got his attention, didn't it? He tells her that he wasn't impressed and if that was her opening number, he's not looking forward to the rest of her act.

Stefan and Alexis are sitting at the defense table when the judge announces he's reached a verdict. Stefan is guilty of 2nd degree murder. Stefan tells the judge that while Katherine was murdered, he is innocent. The judge tells him that Stefan doesn't show remorse and hardly inspires sympathy. Dara asks for immediate sentencing and over Alexis's objections, it is granted. Stefan receives life imprisonment at Attica. Alexis interjects that she has new evidence. She confesses to killing Katherine with the aid of an accomplice. Pandemonium rules as she admits that Katherine wasn't the target and only died because she failed to lure Helena to the parapet, where she knew the railing was loose. She goes on to explain that Helena was trying to kill her and she felt she had no choice. Stefan doesn't believe her and tells her that he won't let her perjure herself to save him. Nikolas does believe her however and tries to convince Stefan to see the truth. Helena tells Stefan that she warned him not to trust Alexis. Alexis yells out to Luke to say something for God's sake. He leaves the courtroom looking angry. Stefan is led off in handcuffs. Helena tries to take Nikolas with her, telling him that his future is in her hands. Alexis pleads with him not to trust her, but Nikolas doesn't know what to do, since he's just discovered Alexis was responsible for Katherine's death. The judge just keeps pounding his gavel yelling for order. Slowly the banging of the gavel turns in to knocking as Alexis wakes up in her hotel suite. Stefan is there to discuss the case. Alexis is still shaken from her dream and Stefan tells her to pull herself together, this is no time to fall apart. Alexis tells him that they're in trouble. Nikolas's testimony is very damaging. He's provided a motive, and the means and opportunity have already been proven. Alexis wants to do whatever it takes and Stefan agrees. She takes this as a sign to call Laura, but Stefan still forbids it. Alexis tells him that after Nikolas's testimony, the will isn't going to work anymore, it has lost all of its power. Stefan is going to be convicted unless Laura is called. Stefan tells Alexis that if that happens, then she can put his affairs in order for him. Alexis screams at him, "You're trading your freedom, for what?!" She wants to know why he's protecting Laura at all costs and what exactly is it that he's protecting, her name, her reputation? She wants to know if Stefan loves Laura more than Nikolas. What will Nikolas do without him, he's all Nikolas has. Stefan tells Alexis that she will take care of Nikolas and protect him from Helena. Alexis wants Stefan to explain to her why he's doing this for Laura. It occurs to her that there's something missing from the story.

Nikolas goes to see Laura who can tell that he's upset. He wonders how she couldn't know yet, isn't it all over the news. He had wanted to come see her yesterday, but was worried Luke would be there. He tells her about what happened on the stand. Nikolas is sure that he's ruined Stefan's chances of being acquitted. He admitted that Stefan loves Laura. Nikolas tells her that Stefan has always protected him and he couldn't do the same for Stefan the one time it really mattered. Stefan even protected Nikolas from loneliness, which he would have died from. Helena would have twisted him in to her little monster, but Stefan banned her from seeing him when Nikolas was 7. Laura tries to comfort Nikolas, but he continues to blame himself. He thinks that he's convicted his uncle and cast suspicion on Laura. He tells her that now she's "the other woman, the motive." Laura asks him if he told the court that, but even though he didn't come out and say it, Nikolas knows that's the way it looks. Nikolas laments that if it weren't for him, Stefan would be married with children of his own by now. Laura tells him not to give up. Nikolas is overcome with a sudden resolve and tells Laura there's only one thing left to do, and she of all people should understand. She tries to get him to explain, but Nikolas runs off.

Bobbie comes for lunch at Kelly's. She remarks to Liz about the couple at the other table. She tells Liz that she should charge them, since they've been hogging the table and people in love don't eat. Liz wants to know if love makes everyone lose their appetite. Bobbie offers her a muffin and asks her to try it out. Liz is shocked and tells Bobbie she wasn't talking about herself. Bobbie assures her that it was supposed to be a joke. Liz tells her that she isn't ready, she can't even let herself be kissed. Not even by someone so incredibly... when she trails off, Bobbie asks if she's talking about Lucky. Liz tells her that she's doing better than she has been, but still. Bobbie encourages her to sit down and take a break. She can share a muffin, or not. Liz thanks Bobbie for the offer, but lets her know that Ruby is already giving her a break to go to lunch with Lucky. Bobbie notices that Liz is tensing up again and wonders why. Liz tells her that it's really just a thank you lunch for all the care she's given Lucky. She and Lucky have been joined at the hip. They eat together, laugh together, they've been sharing the same room for the past couple of weeks, she and Lucky are best friends. She wonders why all of a sudden she's getting weirded out. Bobbie asks if maybe after all this time, her feelings for Lucky have changed. Liz tells Bobbie that she's wrong, it can't happen with her and Lucky. Sometimes what you want and what you can handle are two different things. She tells Bobbie a story about how when she was little she wanted to be a bat person and fly. She was always leaping off the coffee table for someone to catch her. One time she was sure she could fly and decided to do it on her own. She broke her thumb and split her lip. Liz knows she can't fly. Bobbie tells her that one day she's going to wake up with a weightless feeling and she will.

At the courthouse, Katherine tells Stefan that she was right in the end. His heart has always been Laura's. He loved Katherine as a substitute, an imitation of Laura. Stefan tells her that she survived being paralyzed and she would have survived the fall. The fall didn't shatter her, he did. He broke her spirit and her will. Katherine tells him that Stefan willed himself to love her, and it almost worked. Nikolas comes up and tells Stefan there's only one way out, they have to disappear tonight. Stefan tells him that Cassadines don't skulk away. Nikolas wants to know what's dignified about being convicted? Stefan assures Nikolas that whatever happens they will carry on with their heads erect. If Stefan is convicted, Nikolas will have to carry on. Nikolas is worried about Helena taking control of his inheritance. Stefan tells him that he will continue to fight Helena from prison until Nikolas comes of age.

Laura goes to see Alexis. When she returns home, Luke is reading a paper with the headline, "Prince Sez Unc Loves Mom", with a photo of Stefan pasted next to Laura. Laura asks where Luke has been and he tells her he's been catching up on current events. Laura sees the headline. She tells him that Nikolas came by and was in agony over what happened in court. Stefan is the only family Nikolas has ever known, and that's Laura's fault. Luke starts to argue with her and tells her he doesn't want to fight and he doesn't want to hear about it. Laura tells him that he can't accurse her of not consulting him then. Luke snaps back that she's not consulting him, she's informing him. Luke doesn't want to know about it. He tells her to mother Nikolas all she wants, just leave him out of it, and he storms off. Laura is left alone crying.

Veronica wants to know if Jax is always this suspicious. He finally offers her a great deal of cash if she'll just leave. He's sure that's what she wants. Otherwise she wouldn't have approached Jax instead of Brenda and sent that photo. Veronica asks if he's the type of man who'd pay a mother to stay away from her child. Jax tells her that he wants Brenda to know exactly who she is. Upstairs, Brenda calls out for Jax. When he doesn't answer, she tries to leave him a note, but the pen runs out of ink. Searching for a new pen in the drawer she finds the file on her mother. She lifts up the name card to see a picture of 'Veronique'. Back downstairs, Veronica tells Jax that he thinks he has her all figured out. A shaking Brenda approaches her from behind. "Veronica Wilding Barrett. You're my mother."

Lucky comes back to pick up Liz. He's changed and she's wearing a dress. They compliment each other. Liz tries to pass of changing in to the dress because it's cooler. Lucky pulls a menu out of his pocket. He says he picked one up for her to look at just in case she hates it. They stand close so that they can both read it. Liz says it looks good to her. She looks up at Lucky as they notice how close they are. They both just stand there, staring at each other.

The judge tells Alexis that the defense has exhausted its list of witnesses and asks if she'd like to recall any at this time. Alexis asks to approach the bench. After a minute, she comes back and calls Laura Spencer. Nikolas, Stefan and Luke are all stunned. Stefan contains his anger, but tells Alexis that this is unacceptable. Laura is sworn in and Alexis asks her if she came to Alexis's suite this morning and why. Laura responds that she came to tell her that Stefan Cassadine didn't murder Katherine Bell. Dara objects that this isn't something they're voting on. Alexis counters that this isn't speculation. Laura admits that she saw it all. She was there when Katherine fell.

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