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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 24, 1998 on GH
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Monday August 24, 1998

Jason runs to Robin, picks her up, and they are only a short distance from the car when it explodes. They fall to the ground. Jason then carries Robin further away from the car. Ned calls 911 as everyone comes out of Luke's. Jax holds Brenda back and Mike keeps Mac back. Mac wants to go to Robin and he asks Jason if she is breathing. Everyone is upset and anxiously watching Robin. Jason cries and pleads with her not to die. Jason is also worried about Michael so Mike asks Emily to call the nanny to find out if Michael is fine. Emily makes the call and is Mike tells Jason Michael is fine. After several agonizing minutes, Robin slowly opens her eyes. Relief sweeps through the crowd. Later, Mac tells Robin he will come to the hospital with her and afterwards he wants her to come home with him. She asks him not to come to the hospital because she knows how angry he is. He agrees not to come but tells her to tell Jason that tomorrow morning he wants some answers.

Liz and Lucky talk about his visit from Luke. Lucky tells Liz that Luke is leaving and if he isn't feels unfinished. Liz correctly observes that if Luke leaves Lucky won't have anyone to hate. Liz tells Lucky Laura could probably use a little understanding right now, from him. He tells her she's relentless, but smiles as he says it. He says he has to go but then asks if he can stay. Liz says she keeps his bed ready just in case.

Brenda suggests to Jax that Jerry set the bomb. Jax blames himself because he brought Robin back from Paris. He says he doesn't know Jerry as well as he once thought but he's not ready to accept the thought of him as a cold blooded killer. He will give him the benefit of the doubt, at least check out his alibi. He promises Brenda if Jerry set the car bomb he will turn him over to the police himself. Later, Brenda and Jax confront Jerry about the bomb. Jerry denies planting the bomb. He explains his whereabouts between the time he left Luke's and the time he met Bobbie. Brenda believes Jerry but worries they will never be able to keep Robin safe.

Mac tells Felicia about the bombing. He tells her he wasn't close enough to do anything but he was close enough to look right at them when the limo exploded. Felicia says, "oh, Mac, I'm so sorry." Mac says he is sorry he didn't keep Robin safe and he is sorry he ever agreed to accept her love for Jason. They later argue over Robin staying with Jason and the fact that Felicia wanted Mac to leave them alone. Mac apologizes to Felicia but she says she should have realized the danger and supported his effort to keep them apart. He says he was wrong, they couldn't have prevented what happened.

Jason believes Marino is the one who set the bomb. He gives orders for tightened security and a check to see if any of his men are working with Marino, including Justus. He will also pay for Renaldo's funeral. He says he will retaliate soon, before Marino has the chance to try it again.

After sharing a tender moment with Michael, Jason tells Robin he almost brought Michael to Luke's. He says the person who set that bomb didn't care about killing her, Renaldo, and he wouldn't have cared about killing Michael. Jason says he hopes she understands he has to do something about this. She says she understands he loves them both very much and he will do whatever it takes to keep them safe. She also says she knows there is more than one way and she has faith he will choose the best way for everyone. He tells her, "I love you, no matter what, I love you." Robin tells him she loves him too and that's all that matters. Jason later explains to Michael that Renaldo can't take care of him anymoreRecap --->

Tuesday, August 25, 1998

Please note that some events may be missing due to pre-emptions about Hurricane Bonnie and the bombing in Cape Town, South Africa.

The Quartermaines discuss the bombing. Alan is drugged out, and everyone else is oblivious. Monica asks him if he's okay and Alan makes excuses. Monica blames Jason's accident for changing everything and AJ gets upset. Monica apologizes to AJ and Edward sets up a meeting with his judge friend to try (again!) for custody of Michael. Taggert shows up unexpectedly and says he wants to question Emily. AJ refuses and Taggert makes certain innuendoes to Monica and Alan. After he leaves, AJ blows up at them, asking why they let Taggert walk all over them. They make excuses. Monica suggests a truce.

Jason tells Robin that he won't let her die and that nothing like that is ever going to happen again. He asks her if she wants to leave. She asks him how he knew the car was going to explode. He says that he saw a metal plate on the hubcap and the way she turned and smiled reminded him too much of the way Lily died. Garcia arrives and takes Jason down to the station. He asks Robin to call Justus. At the station, Mac repeatedly questions Jason, but Jason refuses to say a word. Mac tells him that the bomb had been set off by a remote detonator. Jason asks where Justus is. Finally Justus arrives, completely out of it. Jason takes off and Justus follows, apologizing. Mac orders Taggert to stay on Jason full time.

At the penthouse Jason asks what the heck Justus was doing, and why he was drunk at Luke's. Did you sell me out? Jason asks. Did you tell someone how to kill me or just try to do it yourself? Justus swears he had nothing to do with the bombing and that he won't let his personal problems interfere with his professional life again.

Luke calls Alexis and says that he's leaving town. He tells her that she'll have to get Helena without him and that she'll be just fine. You are a princess, Natasha, Luke says. You are better than all the Cassadines and you don't need them. On Spoon Island, Stefan has another vision of Katherine. I'm letting you go to live the life you've always wanted, she says. Nikolas, Alexis and a mystery guest have been invited for lunch. Nik and Alexis arrive and the three of them talk about Alexis' role in the family, now that it's public knowledge that she's Stefan's sister. Alexis tells them about Luke leaving town. Helena arrives--she's the mystery guest. Stefan asks her to join in their meal, but she refuses and demands to know why she's been invited. Stefan tells her that he's drawn up some new rules for her behavior that she must abide by, including not harassing Alexis or Nikolas. Alexis and Nikolas get into the game and start throwing other "rules" her way, like no posing for nude photos, etc. Stefan forbids Helena to ever set foot on the island again. Helena is sputtering when Garcia shows up--and arrests her for Katherine's murder. Garcia asks Stefan if there is anything else illegal Helena has done that he can charge her for. Stefan mentions the Ice Princess diamond, saying it was last seen with Helena. Garcia takes Helena away, but not before she vows to get revenge.

In a bank, Luke takes out a large diamond from a safe deposit box. Hello Princess, he saysRecap --->

Wednesday, August 26, 1998

Brenda discovers that Luther was with her mother the night he was supposed to be performing at Luke's. Veronica later shows up where Brenda and Robin are having lunch. As soon as she arrives, Brenda throws a glass of water in her face. Veronica in turn, throws a glass of water in Brenda's face.

Felicia runs into Laura at the hospital. Felicia tells her she admires her for testifying at Stefan's trial. Laura goes on to tell her Luke has left town.

Helena is furious when she is arrested. Stefan, Alexis, and Nikolas stand by and occasionally taunt her as her jewelry is taken away. Nikolas tells her he hopes she grows into a gnarled old woman and dies in a jail cell. Helena tells Stefan she will see him soon.

Alexis and Dara talk about the cases they have tried. Alexis says she wasn't aware Dara is in love with Justus. Taggert overhears the conversation.

Laura tells Felicia she knows Luke will come back eventually. Felicia says sometimes eventually isn't good enough. Laura says she owes Luke some time.

Robin excuses herself to go to the police station. Brenda and Veronica argue over Luther. Brenda says to Veronica, "not only are you a slut, you're a liar."

Bobbie declines a picnic with Jerry. Jerry asks what's wrong and she tells him her brother has left time and she's gotten some very distressing calls. She knows about the explosion, his impromptu dinner with her was conveniently timed. Jerry tells her he wouldn't use her to cover a crime. He denies setting the bomb. Jerry asks Bobbie if she believes him. She does. Jerry tries to convince Bobbie to come to Tuscany with him. He says they can bring Lucas too. Bobbie says Lucas is already too close and he she won't let him get hurt again. Jerry tries to assure her he won't hurt Lucas. Bobbie says they should take a break. Jerry doesn't agree but he says he will wait for now but the conversation isn't over. He kisses her and walks away.

Robin is questioned by Taggert. Nikolas sits in with her as she is questioned. Taggert is surprised she didn't feel like she was being set up since she was alone on the street with no cover.

Veronica says she made a mistake, she was trying to connect with Brenda. Brenda asks her if she has any idea how twisted that sounds. She tells Veronica L&B is just a business, not her heart and soul. Veronica tried to hurt her but she didn't. She tells Veronica to go back to wherever she came from because she doesn't want anything to do with her.

Bobbie visits Laura. Bobbie asks Laura if Luke knew of her relationship with Stefan or that she was at Wyndemere the night of Katherine's death. Laura says she won't discuss her marriage. Laura says this is between her and Luke but Bobbie says it is between Laura, Luke, and Stefan. She then asks Laura where that leaves her kids.

Stefan later visits Laura. She confides her frustrations about Luke and her kids. When Stefan asks if there is anything he can do to help, she asks him to keep his distance. She says she will work Nikolas into her life but she doesn't' want Luke or anyone else to think there is anything between them.

Taggert questions Robin about Jason. She refuses to answer his questions and leaves. Moreno arrives to talk to Taggert.

Helena gets out on bail. The arraignment is set for Friday. Alexis tells Mac Helena will go after Stefan.

Veronica comes on to Jerry. After he declines her offer, she accuses him of working for Harlan, her dead ex-husband. She says if she sees him again she will call the police.

Stefan tells Laura he only came by to tell her Helena was arrested for Katherine's murder. He says he will respect her wishes and leave. Future contact will be initiated by her, unless this is their last, in which case he wishes her well.

Thursday, August 27, 1998

Laura visits with Liz at Kelly's. Liz still feels guilty about accidentally stabbing Lucky. She believes if she had listened to Bobbie the night of the rape the police would have caught the rapist by now. Laura tells her she can't live her life looking backwards, all she'll do is trip. She tells Liz to remember she isn't the guilty party. Liz says that doesn't work, and ending is the only thing that will work. Liz tells Laura how the rape has changed her, from the way she dresses to the way she thinks.

Jason explains to Michael that he must stay inside until it's safe for him to go out again. He tells Michael he made choices before he knew he would have him. He promises Michael he will never have to pay for what he did. He promises no one will ever hurt Michael.

Robin plans to see Brenda but Jason asks her to have Brenda come to the penthouse. He says it will be better if she doesn't go out again until he handles this. Robin says that's fine with her but what about Michael. She tells Jason in every other way than blood, he is Michael's father. But she was thinking about what happened and what could happen maybe Michael would be better off with AJ after all.

AJ overhears Monica playing the tape of Justus. Monica tell him she called Narcotics Anonymous and they gave her a tape to listen to, to help her with Alan. AJ offers to take her to a support group. She declines so he offers to take her to lunch or to a spa to lift her spirits. She says she will see Michael and that will lift her spirits. He tells her to be careful. He later says he knows how badly she wants to see Michael, he just doesn't know how worth it it is for her to pretend to accept the danger Jason puts Michael in.

Robin tells Jason AJ is a decent man and if he knew the truth he would still let Jason be in Michael's life. She says they almost died. He chose this life and she chose to love him but Michael is too young to choose anything. She says, "you're his father, you have to make decisions for him. He could be safe with the Quartermaines." Jason says he won't let Michael go into that house again. He tells Robin she doesn't want him to kill anyone.

Emily arrives and gives Jason the emergency petition for guardianship Edward had drawn up. Emily talks about how bad it is at home and how much better off it is for Michael to live with Jason.

Jason tells Robin he is doing this the best way he can. Just like she asked him.

Lucky comes by and sits down with Laura and Liz. Liz tells them last night before she went to sleep she saw an image of the rapist's eyes. She believes she could recognize them. Later, her and Lucky go to the police station and she looks through books of police photos. Taggert is helpful but Liz doesn't see the man who raped her. Taggert says he will get more books for her to look through the next time she comes in.

Justus tells Jason he may need to make a call and he will file a petition for dismissal siting the fact that Michael is in good health and in the custody of his father. Legally, that is all they need for Michael to stay with Jason. Emily suggests she and Robin bring the park to Michael, since he can't go out. They will use decorations and stuffed animals.

Monica arrives and she and Justus are left alone while Jason makes a call. Justus apologizes for his behavior the night he was drunk. He also thanks her for the way she responded, she never tried to use it against him. He tells her she is a woman of integrity and didn't judge him. They agree not to talk about it again. Monica later tells Jason she came to warn him about Edward's attempt to take Michael away.

Alexis tells Laura she has her complete support for visiting Stefan, Wyndemere, whatever, she has no intention of doing anything to stand in her way. Laura says the only reason she has for going to Wyndemere is to visit Nikolas. She tells Alexis not to assume there is anything romantic between her and Stefan.

Taggert asks Dara to dinner but she turns him down. He later tries to convince her to have dinner at his house. She again declines and says she wishes he wouldn't push so hard. Taggert asks her who burned her so bad she still can't get out of the ashes. Dara tells her about the man, a law professor, who set her up to find him with another student. She says she decided never to let anyone hurt her that bad again. Taggert understands. He says in his job he is really good at forcing someone's hand, in his personal life he doesn't believe in that. He tells her to take as much time as she needs. She can check him out, test him, make sure it feels right and when and if she is ready they will pick up where they left off. She thanks him and he goes back to work.

Monica, Emily, and Robin pretend they are at the park for Michael. Jason tells Monica Michael is trying to crawl. He says Michael rocks back and forth and tries to get himself in gear. Monica finishes saying, "yeah, but instead he just rolls over on his back and starts playing with his toes." When Jason says, "yeah, how did you know?" Monica tells him that's exactly what AJ did.

Justus and Edward argue over Edward's attempts to take Michael away from Jason. Edward says Justus will be a restless, dissatisfied man and probably will be for the rest of his life. Justus tells Edward, "you have no idea what kind of man I am." Edward responds, "oh, yes I do young man, because I'm the same kind." Edward says Justus' weakness controls him. He warns Justus that a man who doesn't' know himself is on a collision course with destruction.

Back at Kelly's, Liz tells Lucky she isn't going to wait around waiting for something to happen so she can get better. she's going to concentrate on what she does have and do something good with it every single day.

Jason plays with Michael as Emily and Robin watch. Emily tells Robin Michael is lucky to have a father who loves him so much. Jason, hearing Emily's comment, looks to Robin. She has a very serious look on her face.

Friday, August 28, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Michelle Browning

Brenda, Jax, and Jerry are having dinner when Veronica arrives. Brenda introduces Jerry to Veronica but Jerry says they have already met.

Stefan, Nikolas, and Alexis discuss Helena as they have dinner at the PC Grill. Alexis worries about coming through Helena's trial with her credibility in tact. Since she provided the most damaging testimony against Helena she is certain Helena will wage a war against her credibility.

Monica and AJ discuss Jason. They fear for Jason's life. AJ is angry with Edward and wants to make him see his attempts to take Michael are damaging the family's relationship with Jason even more. Monica says she will handle Edward. AJ plans to visit Jason to remind him Edward doesn't speak for the rest of the family because if Jason's luck runs out some day Michael will need their family.

Detective Taggert calls Monica. He pressures Monica for information again but she says she needs more time. He refuses to give her more time and says instead he is coming to her house to call the medical review board and tell them Alan is the doctor who's been abusing narcotics. He doesn't want her to miss a word, he says. After she hangs up, AJ questions her about the call but she says it's hospital business. She tells him she thinks it's a good idea for him to try to build a bridge to Michael in case Jason's luck ever does run out.

Jason holds Michael as he tells him everything will be over soon. He says, "remember back when I told you I might die...I might die again today." He says probably not but if he doesn't come back that's the reason. He says he made mistakes before because he didn't' care but now he does. He worries that Michael might think he left him because he doesn't' know what it means to die. Jason tells Michael he needs to be safe to choose what happens to him and that's what he's going to do today, make Michael safe. Jason says, "I've learned a lot of things I'm never going to teach you, I've made choices I hope you don't, and I chose to be your father and that's why I have to do this. What you need is more important than anything I want or any risk I have to take." He then kisses Michael and lays him down in his playpen. He walks over and gets his gun out of a drawer.

Robin comes downstairs and sees Jason with the gun. She asks him what he's going to do. She says this is the part of him she doesn't' understand and that his eyes are so cold right now it's like she doesn't' even know him. He reminds her she said she trusted him to handle this the best way for all of them and this is it. She begins to cry and says she doesn't want him to get hurt. He tells her he doesn't' want that to happen either but there are things that can't happen, she and Michael can't die, no one can ever try to kill her again. She says there are other ways but Jason says this is the only way. He tells her this is his work, he thinks things through and when it's time to move he moves. It's time. He walks to Michael's playpen and tells him if he doesn't make it back tonight maybe Robin can sing him a song. As he walks to the door, Robin turns and says, "promise me you'll be home tonight." Jason moves to Robin and kisses her. When he pulls away, with tears in his eyes, he says,"I love you." He leaves.

Brenda, Jax, and Jerry are having dinner when Veronica arrives. Brenda introduces Veronica to Jerry. He says they have met before but Veronica says he is mistaken. After a few minutes of this Jerry says he must have been mistaken. When Jax and Jerry are alone, Jerry asks Jax how much he knows about Veronica.

Taggert arrives to talk to Monica. She shows him a briefcase full of money and tells him it is all his if he will walk away, and stay away, from her family.

Robin holds Michael as she assures him Jason will come back. She tells Michael how Jason was when she first met him, how she taught him how to order Chinese food, say you're welcome after someone thanked him. She taught him the words for the feelings he had. She says Jason has loved her and Michael so well but the one thing she can't teach him is some things are just wrong no matter why you do them. She apologizes to Michael because she couldn't make Jason understand. AJ arrives and asks Robin when she expects Jason back.

Monica tells Taggert if he leaves Alan alone he could have all the money in the briefcase. He could have a new life, what ever he wanted. Taggert turns her down. He says he sleeps better playing by the book. He picks up the phone and says, "Justus Ward or your husband?" She tells him to do whatever he wants to do but she isn't' going to watch.

Veronica apologizes to Brenda for throwing water in her face. Brenda says they are even since she threw water in Veronica's face first. Veronica says she deserved it and she tells Brenda she purposefully seduced Luther. She says she wanted Brenda to notice her. She then says it was misguided and she sincerely apologizes. Brenda accepts her apology, saying she's done some pretty horrible things herself. Brenda says she's listening, maybe Veronica could just tell her about her life. Veronica launches into stories of her life.

Jax tells Jerry Veronica is who she says she is. Jerry tells Jax they did meet a few nights ago and she accused him of stalking her for Harlan. Jax tells Jerry that Harlan is dead. Jerry says either Veronica is an extraordinarily good actress or she's nuts.

Monica takes her purse as she starts to leave the room but Taggert gets it away from her. He says she must really have something on Justus. He pulls out the tape. Monica protests but he keeps the tape. He tells her she can go tend to Alan now since he is dropping the investigation. As for the tape, no one will get hurt unless they broke the law and no one will know who the information came from unless she makes noise. Edward comes in and Taggert makes his exit.

AJ and Robin talk after Michael goes to sleep. AJ tells her he is there to try to make peace. Robin says maybe if Jason will listen if knows AJ had nothing to do with Edward's latest attempt to take Michael away. AJ then asks Robin if she took Michael upstairs because he was sleepy or because Jason told her not to let him within 10 feet of the baby. Robin says Michael was sleepy, she is the last person who thinks he shouldn't see Michael. AJ suggests Robin persuade Jason to let his family into Michael's life through cards, phone calls, a visit, even if it's just once a year like on his birthday. Robin says that sounds fair.

Taggert is later stunned to hear Justus' murder confession on tape.

At Helena's arraignment, Alexis fears Helena may know of her part in Katherine's murder. Alexis is worried that Helena is up to something. Helena stuns everyone present at the arraignment when she calls a witness for the defense. The witness is none other than Katherine Bell.

After entering Moreno's office undetected, Jason surprises him at gunpoint. .

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