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General Hospital Recaps: The week of August 31, 1998 on GH
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Monday August 31, 1998

Jason holds a gun on Moreno and asks if he is surprised to see him, didn't he think Jason could get to him too if he wanted? Moreno says no, he just didn't think Jason would come himself. Jason, a cold dangerous look on his face, tells Moreno when he kills and wounds people who happen to stand next to him, including the woman who sleeps with and wakes up with him, now Moreno has his personal attention. Moreno says Jason can't say it was done without respect for his stature. The symmetry was perfect. Two years ago it was Sonny's car, the same parking lot. Jason interrupts saying it was Sonny's wife, he saw it happen. This time it could've been Robin, it could have been his son, reminding Moreno he came to Michael's baptism. Moreno says Jason doesn't have to justify killing him. He would appreciate it though if Jason would give him a minute to say a prayer, ask for a little forgiveness. Jason, still stone cold, tells Moreno, "I'm not sending you to God. I have a job for you...mine."

Robin tells AJ she agrees that Michael shouldn't think Carly and Jason are all he has. Maybe if it were up to her AJ would become a part of Michael's life starting now, today, but he is part of a package deal. She has known the Quartermaines all her life and would put her life in their hands any day but not Michael's. She says they don't know what they want from him, aside from stealing him. She says it's not even as if they like Michael. AJ asks how can they, they arent' even allowed to know him. They have a total of one picture of Michael. They don't' know what he eats, what he sounds like when he cries, they don't' even know if he sleeps through the night. AJ reminds Robin that she made all kinds of excuses for Tony and what he did. He wants to know what makes them so much worse. Michael is the first male Quartermaine of his generation. Robin says the first memory Jason has of them is when he was lying in a hospital bed and they were all discussing what was wrong with him and how they were going to fix him. Jason believes that is what they have been doing to Michael all along and probably would still be doing it if Jason wasn't so adamant about protecting him. This angers AJ and he tells Robin the most serious threat to Michael is being Jason's son.

Lucky chases Liz around her room trying to get his tape back. He says he hates his voice. It's all in fun until they end up very close to each other. They realize just how close when Liz looks up at Lucky. After an awkward pause, Lucky steps back and Liz asks how he can hate his voice. She loves how it comes in all whispery and beautiful and soft...Lucky is clearly embarrassed. Just then the phone rings. After hanging up, Liz tells Lucky it was Taggert. He says they have a rape suspect they want her to see.

Stefan tries to talk to Katherine but she ignores him, speaking to the judge instead. She says the rumors of her death have been greatly exaggerated. Stefan appears to be in shock, Alexis and Nikolas are stunned, and Helena looks extremely pleased with herself. The judge asks Dara what she makes of this. She says it shoots the states case all to hell. He puts Katherine on the stand to find out what is going on.

At the police station Liz says she is nervous but maybe this is the end, maybe she will identify the rapist today and won't have to worry about him anymore. She says this isn't the same as the day she went to Murty's. This isn't her, it's the police.

AJ tells Robin the Quartermaines only want to be Michael's family. After all they never know when Michael might need them, what if she had been holding Michael the night of the car bombing, what if Michael had been waiting in the car with Renaldo? Robin says it has crossed her mind. Saddened, Robin looks up at AJ and says, "you say that Michael is in danger because he is the father but that's not true."

Moreno tells Jason he would really like to believe him but his nerves are a little uncertain right now as to whether he is still going to be alive when Jason leaves the room. Jason asks what good killing him would do, Moreno's men would come after him and he can't have that anymore. He has people he needs to be alive for. Jason says he needs out, out of the organization, his organization. He asks Moreno if he wants it. Moreno can have it on two conditions. One condition is Jason's men stay in place. This is insurance for Jason that if Moreno plans another move against Jason he will find out about it and it will be Moreno's last. The second condition is Moreno doesn't touch anyone close to Jason. This includes Jason's attorney, accountants, people Moreno's people have tangled with. Jason tells him to protect them like they were his own family. Moreno asks if Jason is being just insanely brave or just not too bright. All of them wish they could throw off this life but it doesn't' work like that. It's not that easy, it's been tried. Jason responds, "not by me." Moreno asks about Sonny and Jason says Sonny is the reason Moreno won't try for him again. If one of them dies the other will make sure he dies too. Moreno says that's smart but Jason knows he can only speak for himself. Jason asks if he agrees to the terms. Moreno will make some calls and Jason says he can be ready in three weeks.

Taggert tells Liz and Lucky they believe this suspect is the same man who raped Liz. He is suspected in a PCU rape as well. Taggert explains the line up process to Liz and she asks if she can take Lucky in with her. Taggert agrees as long as Lucky doesn't' make so much as a sound, he can't even stand where Liz can see him. Liz looks at the men in the line up.

Katherine tells the court the first thing she remembers after her accident is waking up at Serenity in Dominique's old room. Dominique was her half sister who died several years ago. In the room were life support machines and doctors and nurses around the clock. That was the first two months. Physical therapy was intensive, grueling, and constant. She had to learn to walk again but she was determined and she got through it. Then Helena came to visit. The judge asks her to go back to the night of the accident. She says there are so many things about that night she will never forget. She thought it would be the happiest night of her life. She left to get a gift for Stefan, she doesn't remember giving it to him or what prevented her. She remembers being on the parapet with Stefan and Laura but she doesn't' remember what was said. She says she remembers leaning against the railing and the shock as she felt it give way. No one pushed her. The judge asks if she was aware Stefan had been tried for murder. She says no. She is here now because Helena asked her to come. Helena saved her life. Katherine feels she owes Helena everything and however she can help Helena, she will. The judge declares a recess and Helena and Katherine leave together. Stefan is clearly very angry.

Alan meets Tammy, the hooker, in his motel room. Alan tells her he has cut way back on the pills and he is feeling more like himself. He tells Tammy he has thought about her often and he has always thought she is beautiful. He tells her he thinks his flat tire situation is better now but before they try he wants to know if she will dance for him. She says she aims to please and begins to dance.

Back at the penthouse, Robin paces the floor as she worries about Jason. She hears the door open and turns to see Jason. With pure happiness on her face she runs to him and hugs him tightly. Robin tells Jason she was so scared and she almost did something crazy. He tells her she doesn't' have to be scared anymore. She tells him AJ was there and he was begging for a connection between Michael and the Quartermaines. She says she doesn't want to know any details of Jason's visit with Moreno but she was sitting there so scared and she almost told AJ the truth but she stopped because she realized what she was doing was wrong. AJ has always done what the Quartermaines wanted. She realized if Jason wasn't the most loving and loyal man she's met, Sonny might be dead and Carly and Michael could be on the street or Michael could have been abandoned or kidnapped by the Quartermaines and she doesn't even know where she would be. She apologizes but Jason tells her she didn't' do anything wrong, she was afraid. He doesn't' want her to be afraid, he doesn't' want Michael not to be safe with him. That's why he told Moreno to take everything, he quit.

Alan, in bed, apologizes to Tammy. She tells him not to worry, to think of it as foreplay. She says for him to give her a call, maybe they can pick out wall paper for the room or have a sandwich. He says when he first met her he never dreamed she would be this nice. She tells him he's sweet and kisses him goodbye.

Liz asks Taggert to have Number 5 say "not a word" in a soft voice. He does but Liz doesn't' say anything. Lucky becomes upset when Taggert and Garcia release the men. He asks Liz if she wanted to say number 5. After Taggert warns Lucky, Liz says she did want to say number 5 but it would be a lie. She says maybe they caught her rapist but if they did she couldn't tell them. They assure her there will be other lineups but she says she wouldn't be any help with those either. Clearly upset, Liz tells Lucky she wants to go home.

Robin doesn't' understand. Duke wanted out for years. She wants to know if there is something they have to do. Do they have to leave the country? Jason says he couldn't take Michael where Carly couldn't' find him and Robin's family is here. Jason tells her Moreno and the union bosses don't' care as much where he is as what he knows. Whatever happens can't be worse than what almost happened to her in Luke's parking lot. Robin isn't pleased and Jason wants to know if he did the wrong thing.

Liz sits on her bed and doesn't say anything. Lucky tells her it's like Taggert said, there will be other lineups. She looks at Lucky and says, "I don't think you've ever lied to me before, not even to be nice." She says she's saying things right now she doesn't' mean to say so maybe he should leave. She will be more like herself tomorrow. Lucky tells her she doesn't' have to be like anything for him. After he leaves, Liz tries to hold back the tears.

Helena tells the judge she has access to experimental drugs and Stefan would never have agreed to their use in Katherine's case. She knew she could save Katherine's life. The first drug reduces all metabolic functions to an almost undetectable level, which made it possible to remove Katherine from the hospital. She bribed the old coroner so that Katherine's body wouldn't be reported missing. The judge asks if she has any idea how many laws she has already admitted breaking. She respond that she isn't' a native here, how was she to know? Time was of the essence. The second injection, which counteracts the first, must be given within a very narrow window of time or the effects are irreversible neurological damage. She claims not to have told anyone Katherine was alive because she didn't' want to raise Stefan's hopes. She never took Stefan's trial seriously. The judge says the rest of them did and he gives Dara till morning to decide which crimes to try Helena for. He then orders Katherine to submit to any medical or dental tests the state requires to prove her identity. Katherine asks who he thinks she could be, her evil twin? She turns to look at Stefan as she says all of his women come back from the dead, don't they. As she is leaving, Stefan calls out to her. She tells him not here, not now. He says she can't just walk away. She says she will come to him when she is ready. He asks her repeatedly why she is doing this. She gives a small grin and walks away. Helena approaches Stefan laughing. Stefan tells Helena she could've killed Katherine. She says he has his one true love back, meaning Laura, enjoy her. He grabs her but Nikolas and Alexis pull him away. After Helena leaves Alexis tells Dara they didn't' know of any of this.

Robin says she is afraid that this won't work and that he did it for her. He tells her that she and Michael are his family and that made him have to chose. He didn't' know it would be so easy. Robin hugs him and promises he won't be sorry.

Liz paces around her room and begins to cry. In a rage, she walks around her room, throwing everything to the floor. She then throws herself onto the bed sobbing. Lucky sees her from her window but doesn't' say anythingRecap --->

Tuesday, September 1, 1998

Katherine had a very gentle moment with Nikolas and shared genuine feelings for him. Katherine, however, blasted Stefan in private and accused him of never loving her and arranging for her death. Katherine then told Stefan that he was now free to be with Laura, the woman he truly loved. Stefan had deep fears that Helena had brainwashed Katherine, but Katherine scoffed at Stefan's warnings and made it clear that she was in Helena's corner. Audrey was shocked to see the destruction in Liz's room when she learned about Liz's experience at the police station. Audrey comforted Liz and suggested they go to the rape counseling group together. Lucky revealed to Liz that he had witnessed her trashing her room. Jerry told Jax that Vernonica really did not remember meeting him. Jax invited Veronica to his penthouse and the conversation soon led to Veronica displaying more bizarre behavior. Jax realized that Veronica had serious mental problems and learned that she had been in and out of mental institutions. Brenda told Jason that she was glad he had survived the car bombing and expressed her concern for Robin's welfare. Jason told Brenda that things would soon be changing, but did not get more specific. Taggert had Dara listen to the tape of Justus's confession and admitted that he had blackmailed Monica to get it. Dara was upset by Taggert's tactics, but was grateful that he had told her about it. Taggert agreed to Dara's request that he wait 48 hours before turning the tape over to Mac.

Wednesday, September 2, 1998

Mac comes home with romance on his mind until Felicia brings out some kind of large metal triangle frame she wants him to hang. It's a gift from Lucy that channels energy from the cosmos. It prevents writer's block. Mac wants to put it in the garage but Felicia says they have to put it in the living room in case Lucy comes over. She wants to set up a work space in the living room, saying writing is very important to her. Mac reminds her everything she does is very important to her. She already has two careers, two wonderful daughters, and a new husband who wants to spend time with her in her spare time. She assures him he has nothing to worry about, she is a very high energy person. She will prove it after he hangs the triangle. After the triangle is hung, Felicia disappoints Mac again by turning him down because the girls will be home any minute.

Bobbie tells Audrey she thinks it is a wonderful idea for her to go to Liz's therapy session with her. Audrey says she doesn't' plan to dredge up her past but if being there will help Liz then she just has to do it. Just then Liz and Lucky arrive. Liz was afraid Audrey wouldn't be there and Lucky says she gets his vote for bravest grandmother of the year. Audrey is taken aback and asks Lucky why he said that. Lucky says he was just thinking what a great thing she is doing. After Audrey and Liz leave, Lucky explains to Bobbie that he overheard Liz and Sarah talking about the rape one day and they swore him to secrecy. He fells bad for saying anything now but Bobbie says if it's a problem she is sure they will work it out in therapy. Later, he tells Bobbie Liz's parents don't know about her rape. She made Sarah and Audrey promise not to tell them what happened. Bobbie just doesn't understand how parents of a teenage girl could just leave her alone and take off for Bosnia for a year. Lucky asks if she thinks they are all so misguided and unable to think for themselves that if their parents weren't around they'd just fall apart. Bobbie and Lucky argue over his treatment of his parents. She tells him one of these days he is going to realize what a jerk he has been and she only hopes it's not too late to make amends. She leaves Lucky standing there stunned by her words.

Dara accuses Taggert of turning the tape over to Mac. He sets her straight. He says he isn't concerned about Justus, he wants Jason. If Justus is willing to turn over Jason he will destroy the incriminating tape. Dara reminds Taggert what will happen to Justus if he goes against Jason but Taggert says Justus can go into the witness protection program. She says that would be some life, cut off from his friends and family, always looking over his shoulder wondering if he's been made. Taggert shakes his head and says, "you warned him didn't you?" She says she hasn't seen Justus since she heard the tape so Taggert asks if she plans to warn him. At this moment she doesn't' know what she plans to do. She asks why he played the tape for her before he took it to Mac. He says he wanted to prepare her. She believes he was testing her to see if her loyalty lies with him or Justus.

Monica is in her office at GH, remembering Taggert taking the tape from her, when Justus arrives. He is there to discuss Michael's trust fund. He senses Monica's uneasiness and mistakes it for not wanting to think about the fact that Jason could die. Monica tries to cover by saying that is exactly the reason she is uneasy. Justus later says maybe he misread the signals. He thinks she doesn't' want to have anything more to do with him. Monica says she is the last person to stand in judgment of him. She knows what he did wasn't' intentional. She couldn't say or do anything to make him suffer more than he already has. She knows Jason trusts him and he was one of the people who stood by AJ when he was battling alcoholism. She says the last thing he needs to worry about is her feelings. Justus asks what else is going on but she leaves to go to a meeting.

In the therapy session, Audrey asks Liz why she told Lucky about her past. She explains that Lucky overheard her and Sarah. Audrey later breaks down, saying she censored Liz's feelings. She cut herself off from Liz's feelings to stay away from her own. She breaks down into tears saying she can't forgive herself. Liz assures Audrey she can talk about her own feelings. Liz later reminds Audrey of all the things she has done for her. For the first time since she was raped she finally understands how Audrey feels. She now understands the rape was just as painful for Audrey as it was for her. Liz tells Audrey neither one of them have anything to be ashamed of.

Dara lets Justus know she knows he murdered Damion. He tells her exactly what happened. He found Damion pouring gasoline. Justus hit him with a baseball bat, not meaning to kill him, just to stop him. The torch fell and the house went up in flames. After pulling the fire alarm, Luke arrived and said Laura was upstairs with two babies. Luke went up to get her and Justus pulled Damion out but he was already dead. He asks Dara what happens now and she says, "nothing." Justus goes on to beat himself up about what he did. Dara says now she knows why he went to work for Jason. He is so guilt ridden he doesn't think he deserves to live in the civilized world. She tells him she can't save his soul but she can save his life. Dara tells him the police aren't' going to act on this for 24 hours. That gives him plenty of time to get out of town. He isn't sure he wants to leave. She tells him not to be a fool, get out while he still can.

Liz and Lucky later talk about the therapy session. She can't believe Audrey said she is a stronger person. Lucky says he has been telling her for months how strong she is. She wonders what she has done for anyone. Lucky says she was a good friend to him when he needed it. She says he kept her above water. He asks why she has such a difficult time seeing it. She says he is the only one she can talk to, why cant' she understand it works both ways? Liz says she just doesn't' think of herself as someone who can help others. All she knows about being a friend is what she has learned from him.

Bobbie and Monica discuss their fears of what will happen when Carly gets out. Bobbie received a letter from Carly. Bobbie tells Monica that Carly is only acting crazy. Bobbie is frightened that one day Carly may be Jason's primary caregiver. They agree that Jason, Carly, Michael, and Robin are one big accident waiting to happen. Bobbie has a feeling when Carly is released there is going to be hell to pay and no matter what she does, Bobbie is going to end up on the wrong side.

Taggert visits Mac. Mac wants to know if he has the goods on Justus. Taggert tells him he will have it in 24 hours.

Thursday, September 3, 1998

Laura is surprised to find Justus standing in her garden. Justus says he just wanted to get a last look at Granny Mae's rose garden. He says he came by to make peace with Granny Mae and he thought maybe he could do the same with Laura. Justus says he would've come forward if Laura had been found guilty but that's no excuse. Everything he's done in the last couple of years, his keeping silent about Damion's murder would have broken Granny Mae's heart. If there's any blessing in her death it is that she doesn't know what a mockery he has made of the family legacy. Laura isn't sure what he's after, absolution? She doesn't know if she can do that for him. Her family suffered horribly and Justus says his was betrayed. He really is sorry, if it helps. She tells him if Mary Mae had lived she would have forgiven him, he knows that doesn't he? He does but that would've almost made it worse. If Laura had been found guilty then he would have confessed and he would be paying for his crime. Laura says she thinks he is. Justus later says what he came to say has been said. There's no point in asking for forgiveness when he can't forgive himself. All he asks if that she remember what it was like when they were friends. They were good friends. Laura knows. As Justus starts to walk out the door, Laura calls to him and says, "it sounds like you're going away." He says he went away a long time ago.

Dara visits Taggert. She has brought two arrest forms he didn't sign. He wants to know the real reason she is there. She says he was right about the reports. She just wanted to see him, away from the eyes and the ears of the police department. He wants to know if she still thinks she needs an excuse to see him. She says she needs a better one than the one she gives herself. Her world is out of whack. Everything is unbalanced. Taggert says, "you need something to hang on to." He softly kisses her hand and then takes her face in her face in his hands as he begins kissing her.

Jax meets one of Veronica's past doctors. Since coming to town he and Jerry have noticed some rather strange behavior patterns. Sudden rages, a memory that goes in and out. So they looked into Veronica's medical background and found that she has a history of ...well, he doesn't know what but it concerns him. Jax then asks if she is dangerous in any way.

Veronica arrives at Brenda's house. After Brenda invites her in, Veronica comments on how lovely Brenda's house is. She then says, " I hurt you very deeply didn't I ?" Brenda says it wasn't easy growing up without a mother but she believes everything that has happened has brought her to this point in her life and she is very happy with her life, she wouldn't want another one. Veronica tells her she should be very proud of herself. She's made something of herself and she's made a lovely home. Brenda explains that this is the first place she's ever lived where she felt completely at home. She begins telling Veronica about a place in the garden at her father's house where she would go. Veronica finishes by telling her more details about it. She herself used to go there when Harlan was suffocating her. She used to go there and wait for someone shockingly handsome to come and rescue her until she finally realized the only one who could rescue her was...Brenda finishes, "you." Veronica says they may be more alike than either of them realized. Brenda needs a minute to figure out how she feels about that. Veronica gives her a gift. Veronica says it was given to her by an English rock star. The fabric is very delicate but strong, the color is very simple but the design is complex, rather like Brenda. Before Veronica leaves Brenda tells her she will call her and set up a lunch date.

Justus visits Edward. Edward mistakes his intentions until Justus tells him he came to thank him. Justus says he's just doing a little soul searching, he still has one, surprise surprise. He wishes he had come forward after killing Damion Smith. He was wrong to blame his silence on Edward, wrong to accuse Edward of maneuvering him into covering up his crime and luring him into a position at ELQ. He couldn't live with what he had done and Edward offered him a way out. It may not have been wise but it was kind. He begins, "In fact, if my advise counts for anything around here anymore," Edward interrupts saying, "always Justus, always." Justus tells him to trust his instinct for love rather than his talent for manipulation. In the end he will get better results. Edward tells him if this is what he really feels then leave Jason and come back to work at ELQ and the family. He will carve out a place just for him. He misses the wisdom of Justus' counsel, the pleasure of their companionship. He tells Justus, "I love you young man." He tells Justus to come back home but Justus says he can't. He thanks Edward for the offer but a job at ELQ and a place setting at the dinner table isn't where he sees himself and this time Edward can't lead him there. Edward asks Justus if there is some way they can be a part of each other's lives again. Justus says he almost wishes that could happen. He then leaves.

Bobbie visits Felicia to talk about Jerry. Felicia tells Bobbie all she knows about Jerry is what she sees, he is a player who makes up his own rules and makes other people figure them out. Bobbie laughs. She knows Jerry has a wild side to him. That's part of the attraction, a big part, but that frightens her a little. She picked safe with Tony and look what happened. Felicia tells her as long as she knows there are no limits, go for it, have fun, get lavished. She deserves it after everything she has been through. It's alright. Obviously Jerry is getting something out of it. Otherwise he wouldn't be knocking on her door. Felicia tells her to run with it. Run like crazy and have a good time, you have nothing to lose.

Bobbie leaves and Mac asks Felicia if she is finished writing today. She has decided to take a break. They decide on steaks for dinner and Felicia leaves to see if they need anything. Mac tries to peek at her novel but Felicia won't let him look. It's not ready. She prints out the paragraph and tells him now it's ready. She gives it to him and tells him to read it and no matter how much it hurts read it out loud. Maybe it will help her. After Mac reads it he says he is affected. He thinks it is fabulous. He never knew she had all this going on inside her mind. He is going to make dinner so she can write more. As she sits down to write, Georgie and Maxie come down stairs with a few very noisy toys. Felicia just smiles and gets to work.

Laura is arranging flowers in a vase when she pricks her finger. As she turns she is stunned to see Katherine standing in the doorway.

Edward puts a rose in a vase as he listens to Mary Mae's music.

Dara and Taggert are lying in bed and he asks her, "what?" She says she didn't say anything. He knows but says she is thinking louder than any woman he's ever met. She was thinking the second time was better than the first. He reminds her she said, "I need" and asks her what she needs, really. She admits she did need something, a huge favor. She asks him to burn the tape of Justus' confession.

Jax arrives at Brenda's house and immediately she can tell something is wrong. She tells him whatever it is they will get through it together. He says, "promise me that...together." She promises. She asks why his hands are so cold. "Jax, what's wrong?"

Friday, September 4, 1998

Laura is surprised to see Katherine at her door. Katherine says it's been quite an experience coming back from the dead. They will have to compare notes sometime. She goes on to say she doesn't blame Laura for the fall or anything else. She knows Laura was only there that night to see Nikolas. She says, "I admire the bridge you have built to your son. I hope nothing ever shakes that." Later, Katherine says Helena did not plot to kill her. Laura says Helena is evil and there will come a time when Katherine will wake up in a mine field and won't know which way to turn. Katherine tells Laura to give Luke her best then she leaves. Laura immediately calls Stefan.

Jason comes home and Robin tells him Lucky called and wants to know if he can get a table at the No Name restaurant for him and Liz. Jason says it's something easy for a change. He tells her the preparations for quitting the organization are going well so far, just slower than he wanted. She asks if he will be safe and he tells her that is the plan. Jason is getting rid of all the paperwork. He says the person he can't predict is Justus. He goes to Justus' apartment but Justus isn't home. Jason takes a stack of folders out of Justus' safe.

Taggert is angry that Dara wants him to burn the tape of Justus' confession. Justus will duck the murder charge and Taggert will get nailed for destroying evidence. That's not the kind of offer you want to get while you're in bed. She says she hates the timing more than he does. He says he is a cop with a confession on tape. He will do what he has to do. Taggert says he thinks she warned Justus. Dara tells him like he said, they've all got to do what they've got to do.

Jax tells Brenda he got information today about Veronica's medical history. He reminds her of the day they were having lunch with Jerry and Veronica denied meeting him. Later Jerry told Jax of their meeting. At first she was friendly then paranoid. Jax saw signs of that himself. He sent Jerry to Switzerland to find more information on Veronica. Veronica has a condition that affects her mind. She loses touch with reality. Sometimes only for hours, sometimes for weeks. When that happens she has been hospitalized in a mental institution. Jax explains that taking medication was ruled out for Veronica because of the side affects. It was a quality of life issue. Veronica is dying. Her mind is deteriorating. Eventually people with this illness can't breath or their involuntary functions don't get the messages. There isn't a cure. Jax didn't' ask how long she has to live. The doctor assured him when Veronica is in touch with reality she knows she is dying.

Jerry comes to see Bobbie and learns Lucas will be at a sleepover until tomorrow. Bobbie tells Jerry she doesn't want to be a conquest. He tells her he likes her and she admits she likes him too. He apologizes for pursuing her like a dog but won't apologize for finding her attractive. They kiss and he tells her he only has so much restraint. If he is going to leave he should go now. She tells him not to go. They then share a night of passion.

Dara and Justus talk on the docks. He tells her he had to say a few good-byes and this is the last one. Justus tells Dara not confessing was wrong. By now he would've done whatever time they gave him and Taggert would've had to find some other way to get to Jason. He wishes he could change that and the way he has dealt with her. He wanted to tell her they are amazing together and they could make it work. They kiss and Justus holds her close. She tells him she doesn't want him to go but he has to. She won't ever forget him.

Brenda beats herself up for accusing her mother of so many things. She tells Jax she wants to help Veronica. She wants to set up an apartment for her and get her a home health care professionals. She refuses to let Veronica die alone. Jax gives Brenda the heartbreaking news that Veronica's illness is hereditary and there is a 50% chance she has the same gene that caused Veronica's illness. Brenda is devastated and Jax tries to reassure her it isn't a given that she will develop this illness. She wants to know exactly what the people with the illness experience. The doctor said personality changes, paranoia, and various stages of acting out. Brenda says she has had all those symptoms but blamed them on a breakdown caused by Sonny. He assures her she had a breakdown because of things brought on by Sonny, this disease kicks in between ages 35-50, sometimes even later. He tells her they will go to GH tomorrow and have tests done to determine if she has the gene. He reminds her of all the things she has survived before.

Justus comes home to find Taggert waiting for him. Justus tells him he can leave him here and take in something bigger. Taggert doesn't think he has much left to offer but Justus says someone underestimated him. He didn't put everything in the safe. Justus has files containing all the information about the Jax family's ties to organized crime.

Back at Jason's penthouse, Jason shreds files. He and Robin discuss how Justus has been acting lately. He later says he has shredded all the files. He tells her soon he will be hanging around here unemployed. They make plans for then and she says he already sounds happy. .

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