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General Hospital Recaps: The week of September 21, 1998 on GH
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Monday September 21, 1998

Robin tells Jason being in her old room at Mac's house was like stepping back in time. She kept thinking Brenda was going to call and try to get her to sneak out. It's hard to imagine this pain will ever go away. She has Jason and Michael to help her, she can't even imagine what it is like for Jax or Sonny. She asks if he is sure it was OK to leave Sonny alone. Jason says it is what Sonny asked him to do. Sonny also told him to give Robin a message: hold on to every minute and don't give up the love you've found for anything. His message for Jason was that he was right to choose Robin over the business. Jason knows that is the only decision he could have made.

Moreno pays a visit to Justus. He wants to know what Justus' plans are now that Jason has retired. Justus says he has decided to return to the more conventional legal practice. Moreno offers to help Justus get the job of District Attorney. Like Justus said earlier, he is a lawyer who wins cases. DA Schultz hasn't been doing a lot of that lately. Moreno wouldn't be surprised if the DA caught and early retirement bug.

Taggert tells Mac that Moreno's men are in the move all over the city. They seem to be taking over at the docks but so far Jason hasn't struck back. Mac assumes Moreno has planned some kind of power grab and Jason won't be sitting on his hands long which puts Robin in danger. He wants to know if they have anything else to use against Jason. Taggert says he could use Monica Quartermaine but he did tell her it was over. Mac says extortion doesn't sit well with him. The next time he wants to enforce the law by breaking it, don't, and don't try talking Mac into it either. They leave to visit Jason. Taggert asks Jason if he was aware Moreno has moved into his territory. Jason refuses to speak. Mac wants to know when Jason plans to retaliate. Before these streets run with blood he wants to get Robin and Michael out of the way. When Jason still doesn't speak Mac becomes angry and asks if his code of silence means more to him than their safety. He is saying, "I am so sick of you and this..." when Robin walks in and says, "not as sick as I am of you." Mac says he has to put a stop to this before it turns into something bad. She asks Mac what he is turning into. The night of her best friend's memorial he comes and harasses her family. She says this is the last time. Mac doesn't have an excuse to persecute Jason anymore, he is retired. Mac makes Taggert leave, then asks Jason if he is leaving the organization. Jason says, "you're Robin's uncle and she loves you so I will treat you with respect but I have no use for you or the way you treat Robin. You bully her and you make her cry, you use her love for you to make her feel guilty about being with me. I will never answer any of your questions about what I've done or what I'm going to do." Mac says all he wants is for Robin to be safe. Jason says hurting her is not the way to get him to cooperate. After Jason leaves, Robin tells Mac he uses her. He says he is just looking out for her but she says that is how he justifies everything now no matter how unfair or cruel. She wants to know how he can have so little faith in her. Does he really think she would be with Jason if he were the mindless thug Mac thinks he is? Mac insists Jason is a criminal. Robin tells Mac if he had asked her she would have told him Jason followed Sonny into this life because he was his friend and he stayed because Jason confuses loyalty to Sonny with a loyalty to a way of life. When Jason saw he could have another life he chose it. She says Jason, just like herself, is capable of figuring things out on his own. She is so tired of telling Mac that she doesn't even care if he believes her anymore. He tells her he loves her. He says she is right, he has used his love for her to do all kinds of things. But she's right, she is grown up now but a part of him still wants to hold on to her. She says when Jason told her he was retiring her first thought was that she would be able to tell her uncle Mac and he wouldn't have to worry about her anymore. He will always worry about her. But a lot less now. She tells him one of Jax's biggest regrets is that he didn't ask Brenda to marry him before she died. You have to say things when you have the chance. "I love you too." Jason later runs into Taggert and tells him he knows this is killing him. Jason and Sonny both walked away clean. Taggert says without a gun in Jason's pocket he won't know what to do with himself. Jason says Taggert is lying, it's over and he knows it.

Jax is arrested in his pent house shortly after returning from Brenda's memorial service. V tries to stop them. They show her their warrant and tell her not to interfere. Before being taken away, Jax asks V to take Brenda's bracelet from his pocket and put it back into her jewelry box. He had taken it with him to the memorial service and he doesn't want it lost while sorting out this nonsense. At the police station, while alone, Jax asks V if there is any way she can get him alone with Jerry. She tells him every room is wired but Jax says he was hoping she could help him with that. Jax is later questioned by the feds. Jax tells them he has never profited from any association with organized crime. The feds tell him investors with Jax's family's company are fronts for organized crime. Jerry is brought in and he refuses to answer any questions until his attorney arrives. The feds tell them everything they own has been confiscated until this matter is cleared up. Jerry and Jax are left alone for a while. V opens a back door and nods to Jax. He then asks Jerry if it is true. Jerry says not here but Jax tells him he has taken care of the tapes, no one is listening except him. Jax asks if it is true, have he and John been laundering money for the organization for years? Jerry looks down and nods yes. Jax is angry and asks what they have done to him. Jerry tells him nothing, they kept him out of it, this is just a mistake. Jax angrily tells him the mistake was his father and brother lying to him for years. Jerry says Jax doesn't remember what it was like to be poor. By the time he was old enough to notice the world it was a much nicer place for the Jax family. He asks how Jax thinks a man pulls himself up from poverty. Any way he can and he doesn't take a very close look at the hand that reaches out to him, he just grabs for it. John had to get start up capital from someplace. The syndicate asked for a promise, in return they gave them money. 90% of the businesses they dealt with were legitimate. But every now and then those old associates called in the promise.

When Mac arrives back at the station he learns from V that Jax has been arrested along with his brother and father. One of the feds walks in and tells Mac he wants V arrested for obstruction of a federal investigation. The tape of their interrogation has been tampered with. It stopped recording shortly after Jax came in with her. Mac says their machine jams, that's why they have a sign posted reminding people not to leave it unattended. The agent is angry and says the level of incompetence in this department is staggering. Mac tells him he wants to know why Jasper Jax was arrested. He never saw a warrant for Jax's arrest or any evidence against Jax. The agent tells Mac he is a friend of Jax's so they couldn't be sure he gave them all the evidence he had. If anyone else interferes he will take away their badges. He starts to leave but Mac stops him saying no one threatens to take away their badges. That is a trust these officers receive from the citizens of Port Charles, not the FBI. He has a privilege there but he doesn't run this department, Mac does and that is a greater honor than any commendation the FBI could give him. If he finds out the rights of anyone in the Jax family were infringed on or if Jax was arrested without cause he will see to it that it is the FBI agent who loses his badge. As the agent walks away, everyone but V applauds Mac. V yells at them to stop. How can they applaud Mac after what he has done, what they have all done? Jax is an honorable good man. He's Mac's friend. He went to Mac's bachelor party and wedding. Instead of going to Jax and letting him clear up this matter he let him be arrested on the day of his fiancÚ's memorial. She is shocked Mac didn't think the feds would pick up Jax too, after all he has the highest profile. She doesn't know what it's all about for Mac but it sure has nothing to do with justice She would have warned Jax because he is innocent. She vows to prove it.

Later, at home, Mac and Felicia discuss the Jaxs arrests. He tells Felicia Jax is innocent but Jerry and John aren't. He confesses to Felicia how he came by the evidence against the Jax family. He only did it for Robin. He would stop at nothing to protect her. He ended up with evidence against the Jax family instead of Jason. He had no choice but to turn it over. The next day Brenda died. He had no idea they would arrest Jax. They are interrogating him right now, on the night of Brenda's memorial. He also tells her Jason has quit the organization. So he took down the whole Jax family for nothing. He is having a very difficult time with this. Felicia holds him close.

Tuesday, September 22, 1998

Emily received another envelope in the mail with the same nude photo of her, but there was also a note demanding $20,000 to keep the photo off of the internet. Emily went to see Jason and Robin told her about Jason leaving the organization. After speaking with Robin, Emily decided not to ask Jason for help. Robin spoke with Brenda's realtor and learned that Brenda's cottage was on the market. Given the chance to move into Brenda's cottage, Robin and Jason decided to do so. V told Jax that she had been trying to raise his bail, but with no luck. Later, V spoke with Ned and suggested that he post Jax's bail because that is what Brenda would have wanted. Jane visited Jax at the police station and admitted that she had known about the families ties to organized crime. Jax was crushed that his entire family had lied to him and Jane attempted to explain why they had tried to protect Jax from the truth. Tony arrived at the brownstone with a petition to dismiss Bobbie's restraining order. Tony also had a copy of the newspaper containing the news about Jerry and blasted Bobbie for exposing Lucas to Jerry. Tony made it clear that he would fight Bobbie for the right to see his son. Later, Lucas questioned Bobbie about Jerry and said that he didn't want Jerry to go away. Ned wondered what Katherine's true agenda was and Katherine became amused by his suspicions. Later, Katherine witnessed a kiss between Ned and Alexis.

Wednesday, September 23, 1998

Nikolas visits Katherine at the Quartermaine mansion. He says it is so good to be able to visit her. She asks, "in a Helena free environment?" She defends Helena but Nikolas says Helena doesn't do anything out of the kindness of her heart. He asks what Helena told her to turn her against Stefan. Katherine replies, "nothing at all. You do believe me don't you?"

Liz brings a blanket and thermos to Lucky. He thanks her but says it is the next few months he is worried about. He shoots down every idea she has and says he is going to get his own place. He is thinking of asking Jason for a raise. They both agree they will miss the boxcar. He tells her she made it feel like home. She painted the lamp, fridge, chair. Jason arrives and looks around the place he used to call home.

Bobbie visits Jerry in jail. He says he could use a friendly face. She asks how he intends to get himself out of here. No, don't answer that, she can probably guess. He must have lawyers placing bail and spin control happening at a fevered pitch. He forgot about her little boy though. Lucas jumps every time someone calls or comes to the door, thinking it is Jerry coming back to straighten things out the way he promised he would. He is also asking a lot of questions Bobbie can't answer. "Can you answer them Jerry, for Lucas...and for me?"

Jerry apologizes. She tells him sorry can't fix this. She's furious with herself because she should have listened to her instincts and she should have never allowed Lucas to be hurt. Jerry says he was attracted to Bobbie and he loved the time he spent with Lucas. He is a very special little boy. Bobbie says he is also very young and impressionable, and a diabetic. Does Jerry realize an emotional roller coaster can trigger that condition? What is she supposed to tell Lucas? Jerry asks her why she doesn't just tell the truth, he is a bad man and they arrested him because he broke the law.

Jason tells Lucky he has retired. He gives Lucky a stack of money and tells him it is his severance pay and a bonus for the risk he took. One of the cars he used to wash blew up. Liz is worried that Lucky will be in danger because he worked for Jason. Jason assures her Lucky is safe, all he ever did was wash cars and he isn't in any danger from that. He tells Lucky he can work at the garage behind Mike's club. After Jason leaves, Liz says she must have sounded like an idiot. Lucky tells her it's nice that she worries about him.

Katherine says Helena comforted her throughout her recovery. She had no ulterior motives. Nikolas believes Helena deceived her somehow. He knows that because she wouldn't allow Stefan to take care of her and he was in love with her. Katherine questions whether Stefan was ever emotionally free to love. She loved Stefan and he may have thought he loved her but she doesn't think there is room for her in his life right now. She can now see Stefan for the man he really is. Stefan wants Nikolas to be happy and that means giving him Laura. She says Laura hasn't been completely truthful with Nikolas either. She says there is something going on that doesn't quite sit right. She questions why Laura would testify for a man she supposedly hated when it meant jeopardizing her marriage. Nikolas says he never analyzed it. Katherine tells him to try. Nikolas says Stefan was just cordial when Laura would bring Lesley Lu over. They all got along just fine. Katherine asks, "just like one big happy family? Well, maybe my fall was good for something." She says Stefan must be so pleased. Nikolas is angry now. Stefan didn't plan this, he insists. Nikolas is worried about Katherine. He asks if he can help her. She says he already has, just by being there.

After talking to Katherine, Nikolas goes onto the terrace to talk to Emily.

Lucky says he can set up a web page and computer system for the garage. Liz can help with the logo for the shop and anything else that goes out on the computer. They may even cut him in on the profits once the money starts rolling in. He can even get a place of his own with the money Jason just gave him. They leave to go to a Realtor's office.

Jerry explains to Bobbie why the Jax family got involved with criminals. She isn't sure how much she needs to hear. She tells him to just tell her what he has done since arriving in Port Charles. Jerry tells her about hiring the shooter to only graze Jason. Bobbie says there is a fine line between instructions and a bullet gone wild. He says he isn't a killer, he just protects Jax. He explains he set the fire that almost killed Lucas. Bobbie is very angry. He tells her he set it so the police could find the files inside on Jason and Sonny. He says he doesn't have any excuses or justifications. He could tell her he is sorry and it wouldn't be a lie. She says she won't tell Lucas but she expects Jerry to tell Lucas goodbye and then she will tell Jerry if and when he can see Lucas again. She honestly doesn't' know if she can let him back into their lives.

Justus is angry Jason summoned him to his pent house. Jason wants to know why Justus gave the feds the info on the Jax family. Jason is angry because that information was his and it was not to be used. That was a promise he made to Sonny and a direct order to Justus. Justus tells him if it hadn't been the Jaxes it would have been Jason.

Ned confronts Katherine for spying on Emily and Nikolas. She says she was only worried about her. She also brings up the fact that V asked Ned to bail out Jax. Wasn't that insensitive to use Brenda, considering he is still mourning too? Besides, Jax is an ELQ stock holder and she is sure his family wants to regain control of that.

Emily finally confides in Nikolas that she needs money. She doesn't want to ask her family because she doesn't want them thinking she will run to them every time she has a problem. He says he will loan her the money and takes out his wallet. She then says she needs $20,000. After some prompting Emily finally confides in Nikolas that she needs the money because she is being blackmailed. Someone sent her a photograph of her head on someone else's nude body. If she doesn't pay the money the photo will be put on the Internet. If she tells her family they would never let her model again and she is afraid of what Jason would do if she told him.

Ned confirms that Jax's shares will go on the block to be sold. His family has first option so Katherine can forget about getting her hands on it. She tells him maybe he should check on what Alexis is up to. Ned isn't interested in what she has to say about Alexis.

Justus tells Jason the whole story of why he turned over the files on the Jax family. Jason is mad because Justus was getting information all the time he told him not to and that's a problem. If he was working for Moreno and did any of these things he wouldn't have lived a day. Moreno won't look out for Justus the way Jason did. Justus says he loves the loyalty, of course he might have mentioned he was walking away from the organization after Justus destroyed his reputation to work for Jason. He was the last to know. He is tired of being cut out of decisions that affect his life. Jason says he let Justus go and he left him clean. Justus must understand that the way Jason ran his business is not the way Moreno or anyone else will. If he walks away now he is safe but he can't walk away later. He doesn't have what he needs to buy his freedom. Justus asks what Jason paid. Jason says, the territory and a promise that if anyone comes near him or anyone he loves they will regret it. Jason says Justus can't back a promise like that. Justus says she survived without Jason's big brother act before, he can get along without it now.

Bobbie tells Felicia how she felt sympathetic toward Jerry after he told her what he had done. She found her heart aching for him. She should look at him with the same contempt she feels for Tony but instead she is afraid for him. Felicia tells her there is no one right way to love. She can just tell Lucas she doesn't know when or if Jerry will be coming back because people come in and out of their lives all the time. If he starts feeling stronger about this then Bobbie can make decisions about whether or not to let Jerry back into their lives.

Back at the boxcar, Lucky and Liz discuss the fact that he can't rent an apartment because he isn't 18 yet. Lucky puts his blanket over Liz while she paints him a heater. He sits back and watches her paint. After she is finished painting, Liz and Lucky snuggle under the blanket. While her eyes are closed, Lucky strokes Liz's hair and lays his cheek against her head.

Emily says she can't go to the police, she would die of embarrassment. Nikolas says if she pays this person he will only ask for more money. Nikolas will help her get to the bottom of this.

Thursday, September 24, 1998

Lucky and Liz are happily snuggled up close on the "couch" in the boxcar. As Liz wakes up she realizes with horror that she has spent the whole night with Lucky and never called her Grandmother to let her know. Lucky says that it will be OK because her Grandmother knows that Liz is with him, but Liz says that it won't matter because she and her Grandmother had a deal that she would always let her know where she was. Enter detective Taggert saying that it's too bad she didn't keep her side of the bargain because she is wanted at home. And by the way, they're both trespassing.

Mac and Felicia discuss telling the girls about Lucy's death. Mac says that the bodies are being returned for identification, and even thought the bodies are burned beyond recognition they're pretty sure that they are Lucy and Scott. Even though Kevin was mad at Lucy, Mac and Felicia are sure he would have forgiven her because he always did. "How could you not forgive Lucy"? Felicia asks. Felicia wonders how she is going to tell her girls about losing her best friend when she doesn't even understand it herself,

Robin and Jason go to Brenda's cottage to try to decide if they want to move in. As Robin looks around, Jason says that they got the mail that they came for and they don't have to stay. Robin says that there is no point in thinking about living there if she can't even bear to be in the house and Jason agrees. Jason says that if he could live anywhere it would be with Robin so he doesn't care if they live in Brenda's cottage or not. Robin says she remembers how Brenda used to sit on the couch and watch the sunrise because it reminded her that every day was a chance for something good to happen. Jason admits that despite all his protests, he got used to Brenda and even started to like her. He even realized that she was brave because you have to be to hope and Brenda always did.

Alexis meets with Jax to arrange his release once Ned has posted his bail. Alexis tells Jax that he is free to go, but that his brother and father are still in jail. She could probably arrange a visit if Jax wants, but he says that all he wants to do is get the hell away from there. V gives Jax his personal effects which include a wedding ring that he says he carries for luck. Alexis agrees to be Jax's attorney, but cautions him not to leave the county. Jax thanks V for talking Ned into posting bail because it's what Brenda would have wanted.

Nikolas and Emily go to the photographer's studio to look for information on Emily's blackmailer. Emily says that she hates to think that anyone she has worked with would do this to her. She says that her grandfather warned her about what could happen if she went into modeling. Not the blackmailing specifically, but that people would only hire her to take advantage the Quartermaine money. Nikolas disagrees and tells her that she is good at what she does. Emily asks how she can know that Nikolas isn't just being nice to her too. Nikolas jokingly replies that he doesn't have to lie to her because he has more money than the Quartermaines. Nikolas and Emily then go talk to the photographer on the pretense of doing research for a school project.

Taggert tells Lucky and Liz that the boxcar is the property of the railroad and that he has orders to padlock it tomorrow so Lucky has to move on. Taggert offers Lucky the name of a shelter saying that he'll need a safe place if Liz is going to be visiting, but Lucky declines saying that he can find a place on his own. After Taggert leaves, Lucky and Liz discuss where Lucky can live. Liz suggests that he move into Sarah's old room. Lucky resists saying that he kind of likes being on his own, and besides, he doesn't think Audrey will go for it all things considered. Liz is sure that she can talk her grandmother into it and heads home to make the arrangements. As Liz starts to leave, Lucky stops her and thanks her for everything she did to help make the boxcar home, all the decorating, listening to him, the visits, the guitar. Despite everything that has happened, Lucky says that it has been the best summer of his life. Liz agrees.

Emily explains to the photographer that her English teacher wants her to write a paper on the process of modeling to make up for all of the school she has missed. The photographer asks Emily if modeling is really worth it to her and she says yes. The photographer is glad because he thinks she is very good at what she does. He then tells Emily and Nikolas everything he knows about the whole process.

After being released on bail, Jax goes to Brenda's cottage. He is angry when he discovers Jason in the living room. He orders Jason out and then backs off when he realizes Robin is there also. Robin explains that they were just sorting through the mail and checking up on things.

Emily and Nikolas find out that the pictures taken of Emily were sent to an outside processor and that copies are sent to her agency and to the magazine. Emily is more distressed than ever when she realizes how many people had access to the pictures. She asks Nikolas for the money again, but he says no for all the same reasons as before. He does agree to get on the internet and see if he can find out if anyone has tried this before. Emily thanks him for all of his help and tells him he is the best.

Liz goes home and apologizes to her grandmother. She explains that she didn't mean to stay out all night, but she and Lucky were tired from looking for a new place for Lucky to live and they fell asleep. Realizing that they had slept in the same bed, Audrey asks Liz if she and Lucky have been intimate. An embarrassed Liz explains that she likes Lucky, but that she is not ready for that type of relationship and her Grandmother has nothing to worry about. She then asks her grandmother if Lucky can stay in Sarah's old room until he finds a permanent home. At first Audrey says no because she thinks Lucky should be at home with his own parents. Liz talks Audrey into at least thinking about it.

Felicia tells Mac that her novel will take place on the Orient Express. Mac teases her about writing about something she knows. They jokingly elaborate on a potential plot line which leads to a discussion about all of the crazy situations Felicia and Lucy got themselves into. They reminisce about when Mac and Kevin dressed as woman to save Lucy from a psychic. Felicia is sad because Lucy and Kevin had a lot of love between them and they should have made it. Felicia decides to base her book on some of her and Lucy's adventures...she thinks Lucy would like that. As she looks up at the pyramid hanging above her desk, Felicia tells Lucy that she is going to miss her.

Jax and Robin discuss his arrest. Robin tells Jax that she knows he is innocent because he never would have lied to Brenda that way and Brenda never doubted him. Jax says that he misses Brenda so much and that he has to learn to live without her. He says he has to be close to her to let her go. Jax is sad because he won't be able to keep Brenda's house. Robin says that the realtor offered it to her and Jason and then tells Jax that Jason has retired. Jax says Brenda would be relieved to know that she is safe.

Lucky arrives at Liz's in time for Audrey to tell him that they can try his living in Sarah's room, but that they have a few rules. He has to use the front door instead of Liz's bedroom window, and they have to call if they are going to be out past 7. As Audrey leaves to go get Sarah's room ready, a delighted Liz tells Lucky she knew that Audrey would say yes. Lucky teases Liz that 7 is a little early for a curfew, but Liz reminds him that it's better than a shelter. Liz and Lucky hold hands and start to get close as Lucky thanks her for finding him a place to stay. They are interrupted by Audrey calling for Liz to bring up a blanket. As Liz goes upstairs she tells Lucky that she is glad that he is staying there. Lucky says that he is glad too and watches her as she goes up the stairs to help her grandmother.

Alexis goes to the police station looking for Jax. She tells V that the federal government has offered him a deal, but he only has 48 hours to respond. She also says that it may be Jax's best chance.

Jason and Jax argue because Jax thinks that Jason turned the Jax family in to save himself. Robin makes Jason tell Jax the truth, that he shredded all the information he had on the Jax family the night he retired from the organization, because she doesn't want Jason and Jax to hate each other for no reason. Jax tells Robin that Brenda would have wanted her to look after her home. Jason tells Jax that the whole time he and Brenda were lost, Brenda kept telling him that she knew Jax would find them because he loves her. Jason thought it was stupid at the time, but Brenda was right. As Jason and Robin leave, Jax makes plane reservations to fly to Malibu.

Friday, September 25, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White

Emily and Nikolas go to Liz's house looking for Lucky. Emily tells Nikolas that she would understand if he doesn't want to do this. Nikolas graciously says that if Lucky can help, he won't let their personal problems get in the way. Liz opens the door and is surprised to see Nikolas and Emily. They tell her that they are looking for Lucky. Lucky turns around and is happy to see Emily, but is unpleasantly surprised that Nikolas is with her. Lucky tells Emily to remind him to give her a little advice about choosing her friends. Emily says that they aren't doing that today and that they are there because Emily is in trouble. They tell Lucky and Liz about the photograph and the blackmail.

Taggert goes to see Dara who left a message about a drug bust as an excuse for Taggert to come see her. She can accept that Taggert isn't interested in a personal relationship, but she can't accept that Taggert thinks that she used him to get Justus. She wants another chance to explain.

Robin and Jason are packing up all of their things in preparation for the move to Brenda's cottage. They joke about how Michael has more stuff then the both of them combined. Then they talk about how the move is affecting Michael...and Jason. He has lived in the penthouse for a long time. Jason says he isn't sad because leaving means he gets everything he ever wanted. Jason thinks Robin is sad because of Brenda. She wishes Jax could be with the woman he loved. Seeing Jax made everything real to Robin and she wishes she could help him. Jason tells Robin that Jax liked the idea of her living in Brenda's cottage. V arrives unexpectedly and asks for Jason and Robin's help in locating Jax. Jason asks if he skipped town.. V says of course not. That would be breaking the law.

Jax is in Malibu at the house he and Brenda shared. Everything is boarded up so he starts to rip down the boards.

V explains to Robin and Jason that she has to be careful what she says. She then admits that Jax is gone. Robin says that doesn't sound like Jax. V says considering everything that has happened to Jax, it isn't surprising that he is acting out of character. She tells Jason and Robin about the deal the FBI is offering and that Jax needs to respond within 48 hours or everyone will know that he is gone. After discussing where he might be, V leaves saying that she has a couple more places to check. Robin suspects that V know where he is.

Emily explains to Liz and Lucky about how she received the two envelopes, the second with the demand for $20,000 or the puicture will be posted on the internet. She swears that she would never pose for these types of pictures, that someone transposed her head onto someone else's naked body. Liz tells her that they know she would never do anything like that. Lucky tells her that he knows first hand from Nikolas' grandmother how easy it is to doctor photographs. Lucky asks to see the note, but Emily doesn't want him to see it. Nikolas explains that all they need are some codes for breaking into information banks. Wouldn't that be wrong, Lucky asks sarcastically. Nikolas replies that that was why they came to him. Nikolas then explains what he has done so far and they discuss where to go from there. Lucky thinks that the person has probably done this before, maybe even using the same body. If they can find the body with a different head, then they will be that much close to finding the blackmailer. The only problem is that he needs to see the picture. Emily reluctantly agrees and then goes outside because she is toto embarrassed to stay. Liz goes along to comfort Emily. On the porch Emily tells Liz how bad it will be if the picture ends up on the Internet. Liz assures her that Lucky and Nikolas will never let that happen.. Emily tries to explain to Liz how she feels violated by the pictures even though she knows it's not really her. She says Liz probably can't understand. Actually, Liz says, I know exactly what you are going through because something bad happened to me too.

Dara tells Taggert about how she was prosecuting Laura Spencer for the murder of Damian Smith. Justus was defending her. Dara was awestruck by Justus who won the case, of course. Dara couldn't deny that there was something special about Justus. There were sparks between them and they dated on and off, but they were never lovers. She didn't ask Taggert to burn the tape of Justus' confession because she was in love with him, but because he comes from greatness. She thinks that Justus can find his way back again given time. Taggert says it is a nice story, but so what. Dara says the point is that she didn't sleep with him to save Justus. Taggert reminds Dara of the night they went to Jake's. Taggert says he realizes now that Justus was there between them even on that night. Dara asks if he felt another man on her lips when he kissed her for the first time on the Port Charles terrace. She and Taggert kiss. Taggert then tells her that kissing was never their problem. Dara asks him to give her another chance. Taggert declines. Justus interrupts and asks to talk to Dara which prompts Taggert to leave. Justus asks Dara for the truth.

Jason comes downstairs dressed like the old Jason. Robin laughs and says she is happy to have the Jason she fell in love with back. She tells him that she always felt comfortable in the penthouse, but that all of the sudden she feels like she doesn't belong.

Jax is reminiscing about he and Brenda's time in Malibu (accompanied by flashback scenes). He looks appropriately forlorn he remembers everything that happened between them while they were there..

Liz proceeds to tell Emily everything about her rape. How she lied about having a date for the valentine's dance and went to the movies by herself. She then tells how she was attacked in the park on the way home. Emily is shocked and asked what she did. Liz replies that she crawled out of the bushes and Lucky found her and helped her. Liz says she was pretty freaked and that she was too humiliated to leave the house. She says that only a few people knew besides Lucky, including Nikolas who saw her coming out of a rape support group meeting, but he promised not to tell. Emily replies that if Nikolas promised not to tell, he definitely wouldn't. Liz says she knows he won't because he is honorable, like Lucky. They laugh about how alike Lucky and Nikolas even though they are always at each other's throats. Meanwhile, Lucky and Nikolas are inside arguing over the best way to search for Emily's blackmailer. Nikolas asks Lucky if he wants to work together to help Emily or does he want to turn this into a battle wills.

Justus tells Dara that he doesn't understand why she is mad at him for working with the mob, but is sympathetic to the Jax family for essentially the same thing. Dara says she know exactly what she is doing. She says that the kiss Justus remembers so vividly was meant to be a goodbye kiss. Justus says that she is just angry with him because her turned out to be a man instead of God. Dara replies that he used to be an honorable man and now he is just an embarrassment to the people who used to respect him. Justus says that he isn't here to live up to anyone's expectations. Dara says, "don't worry, you haven't". Justus thanks her for clarifying her position and leaves. After he leaves, she tells Justus she is sorry.

Emily tells Liz that she doesn't know how she survived. Liz says that for months she was falling apart and would never have gotten through it without Lucky. She tells Emily how Lucky used to sleep on the floor of her room when she was afraid to be alone. Anything she needed, Lucky provided and she doesn't know where she would be without him, just that it wouldn't be good. Emily agrees that Lucky is an amazing person. Emily tells Liz how she didn't know what to do when she got the blackmail letter in the mail and how she asked Nikolas for the money. Liz says that they were smart to come to Lucky, because if anyone can find this guy, Lucky can. Meanwhile, Lucky successfully breaks into the police information bank and he and Nikolas start the search, commenting that it will probably take all night!

Nikolas has been searching through the police information bank, but asks Lucky to take over so he can rest his eyes. Emily and Liz continue their heart to heart talk over pizza. Emily says that she feels a lot better after talking to Liz. She asks if they should go in and Liz says that they should probably stay outside because Lucky does better with Nikolas when no one else is around. Emily says that she knows Lucky pretty well. Liz replies that she should because they spend almost every day together. Emily asks if they are friends or are they in love. Liz is saved from answering because Lucky yells for them to come inside...he found something. (I for one wanted to hear Liz's answer, but I guess we will have to wait!)

Justus calls Moreno and tells him that he has considered his proposal. He likes the idea of becoming the next DA. He says that it is not a firm decision yet, but he wanted Moreno to know that the possibility excited him.

Jason and Robin have finished packing and are preparing to leave. Robin suggests that they stop for a second and appreciate the moment. Jason comments on how much has changed, Sonny is gone, Brenda is gone, but that he and Robin are the same. Robin respond by telling Jason how she used to dream about them living a normal life, and now the dream has come true. Jason asks her if she is ready to start living it. She says yes and they leave the penthouse for good. Jason stops in the doorway as they go and looks thoughtfully at the empty room

V finds Jax at the house in Malibu where he is still reminiscing about his time there with Brenda (accompanied by more flashbacks). He sees her and starts to cry and she comforts him. He hugs her and then they almost kiss.

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