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General Hospital Recaps: The week of October 12, 1998 on GH
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Monday October 12, 1998

Laura breaks of the kiss. Stefan questions the meaning behind it. He reminds her of the past and their son. Laura tells him that she doesn't regret the past, but he's (Stefan) not part of her future. But we're free to build a life, Stefan says. It was over between us a long time ago, Laura responds. She talks about Luke and how she would follow him anywhere. Stefan asks where he and Nikolas fit into her life. I love my son and you are a part of his life. Beyond that, it ended a long time ago, Laura says. She tells him she won't be coming back to Wyndemere any longer, not if it is too difficult for him to see her. Stefan responds by telling her that he loves her now as he did then, and asks her what she feels for him. She tells him her life is with Luke but refuses to directly answer. Eventually, he agrees not to bring up their past relationship again until she does. It's not going to happen, she says and takes off.

Nikolas tells Katherine he's sure Helena loosened the railing. She asks him if he knows if Stefan's ever lied. When Nikolas questions why she's staying at the Q's mansion, Katherine tells him that it was Stefan who prevented them from being a family. As she's about to explain, Emily interrupts. Katherine leaves, and Emily shares another blackmail note with Nikolas. The blackmailer wants the money tomorrow night, all of it. Nik tells Emily to call Lucky and Liz and he'll come up with some of the money. In the meantime, they've got to think of a plan.

Later, Nikolas finds Laura on the docks. When Nik asks why she's upset, Laura tells him how much she's regretted the past and all the time spent away from him. He tells her not to think about it and that she should focus on their time together now. He invites her and Lulu to lunch on Friday. She happily accepts. Back on Spoon Island, Nik asks Stefan why Laura was so upset. Stefan says that they were reliving some of the past and it always makes Laura uncomfortable. Nik tells Stefan about his lunch invitation and Stefan is surprised that Laura is returning so soon.

Jax tries to convince V that he could make her into a countess. She tries to back out, but Jax refuses to let her. She agrees to try working on it for a month, but makes him promise to let her go if he thinks she can't handle it. He teaches her how to play cards, but when she leaves, Jax has flashbacks of he and Brenda cheating his friends out of their money.

Jason and Carly cover with the doctor, when Jason comes up with a story saying he was showing Carly how he makes Michael fly. The doc leaves but instructs them to have no further emotional outbursts. Alone again, Carly tells Jason that his fairy tale with Robin doesn't suit him. Jason promises that they'll all work something out together once Carly is released. Later, Carly tells her doctor that she knows how much Jason loves her--after all, he's sacrificed so much for her.

Jason stops by Mac's on his way home. Mac reminds him it's Robin's birthday and asks if they can have a truce. Jason agrees and heads to the cottage. At home, Robin asks about Jason's visit with Carly. He tells her how Carly flipped out when she heard about their living situation. When Robin asks how they got that passed the doctor, Jason admits he made up a story to cover them. Robin is shocked, and lets Jason know how upset she is that he constantly lies to protect Carly. He promises her she'll never lose him. Jason tells her about his conversation with Mac and gives her a book of fairy tales for her birthday. Maybe we're fated to be together she says.

Tuesday, October 13, 1998

Alan opens one of several empty pill bottles. He looks worse than ever. A knock at the door brings Tammy with groceries. Alan is really out of it and wanders around muttering. He gets money from his wallet, but she won't take it, telling him that he's always been generous. Tammy tries to get him to go outside, but Alan refuses, saying he doesn't have anywhere else to go.

Bobbie is startled to find Jerry on the couch, where he's resting after his first day of "pounding the pavement." He asks if there were any phone calls for him, but Bobbie tells him that Jax hasn't called. Jerry thinks it's wishful thinking on his part that Jax might call. Bobbie is sure that he will eventually, but that Jax also has a lot to sort out right now. Jerry asks about Lucas, who is now fine - and Bobbie tells him that she is as well. He says that he's missed her and she says she has missed him too.

On the docks, Justus meets Moreno. Justus wants to know if Moreno's sure he can get Justus elected. Moreno says he can do it easily and in return Moreno gets a DA in place who can make things happen. Justus isn't satisfied, because he doesn't like anything about Moreno. All Moreno cares about is that they figure out how to work together. When Moreno pressures him for an answer, Justus starts to walk. Moreno panics and tells him that he can have up to the February election if that's what he wants. Justus will call him when he decides. Taggert comes along and asks if Justus is repositioning.

Liz is in awe of Wyndemere. Nikolas offers to show them all the guest house, since there's a tunnel connecting the two places. Lucky calls a halt to that idea, saying he thought the whole idea was for Nikolas to get the money for Emily's blackmailer. Lucky has no intention of being there any longer than he has to, it gives him the creeps. Nikolas apologizes, saying that he's sorry it doesn't live up to Lucky's standards - paling in comparison to park benches and boxcars. Everyone looks at each other uncomfortably. Lucky congratulates Nikolas for being so sensitive, using a nice choice of words. Nikolas realizes what he's said and apologizes to Liz, but she won't let him. Lucky asks again if it's okay, but she tells them all that she can't go through life falling apart every time someone says "park bench." Emily tells her that nobody would blame her if she did. Liz explains that if she did, where would it stop, "park", "bushes", "night", she doesn't want her friends editing themselves because of what happened to her. Lucky steers the conversation back to Emily's blackmail. He's not sure that Emily's agent is behind it, after all, he makes money on the success of his clients and if Emily is ruined, he won't make any more. Liz asks if Emily thinks he's capable of it. Nik wants to know if Lucky suspects anyone else. Lucky suggests that they look for other connections between Emily and Maggie. Nik figures that Lucky wants to use Stefan's computer to check payroll records of Downtown Faces (Emily's agency) and Platinum Triangle (Maggie's). Em and Liz sit down to write a letter to the blackmailer, copping a plea.

Taggert is amazed that 'Anger Boy' barely has his socks in his drawer over at the 'Enchanted Cottage' and Justus is already looking for a new employer. Justus didn't realize that Taggert cared. He tells Taggert that they are closer now that one family's downfall let him get away with murder and for Taggert to get a promotion. Justus tells him not to be coy, calling him Detective Lieutenant.

Alan is complaining to Tammy about forgiving Monica over and over, including the sexual harassment. Alan is angry that after all the things she's done that Monica threw him out of the house that he gave her. Alan goes on complaining that the whole family blames him for everything. Tammy wants to know if he's started to look for work. Alan is sure that since he's a doctor it will be easy. Tammy apologizes, but tells him that he looks a little frayed around the edges to be healing anyone else. Alan thinks that the clinic where Tony works would be thrilled to have him, since they've taken in a kidnapper. Alan is upset and starts raving that his distributor is late. An uncomfortable Tammy starts to leave when Alan asks if she could pick something up for him.

Jerry tells Bobbie that a lot has happened, but if she's willing to pick up where...Bobbie interrupts that she's not. Having him as a neighbor is fine and she still wants to spend time with him, but as far as anything else is concerned, she's not comfortable with it. Jerry wants to know if there's any chance that could change. Before she can answer, the doorbell rings and Bobbie goes to answer it. Tony is there to say "Happy Anniversary, see you in chambers." Bobbie turns and slams the door. Tony slips a summons under the door. Bobbie asks him what's going on. Jerry comes up and Tony tells him that he's put one in Jerry's mailbox as well, although slipping it under Bobbie's pillow would be more effective. Jerry tells him that he doesn't have a lot to lose right now and knocking Tony's teeth down his throat would be satisfying. Tony explains that the summons is for the three of them to meet in a judge's chambers for psychiatric evaluation. Jerry wants to know why Tony would do this. Tony is sure that when a judge sees what his son is being exposed to, they'll look more favorably at him. Jerry tells him that he's shot himself in the foot and that he'd pay money to see Tony parade his psychosis in front of a shrink. Tony counters that Jerry doesn't have any money. Bobbie tells him that he doesn't have any right to her son and she'll fight him on any battlefield he wants. Tony tells her that he won't stop until he has access to Lucas and Jerry doesn't. If Jerry doesn't have the decency to go away, then Tony will make him. Bobbie yells after Tony, "Happy Anniversary to you too, thank God we didn't make it to our 9th year!"

Taggert is stunned to hear that he got a promotion and wants to know why he's hearing it from Justus. Justus says it's poetic justice, since Taggert's always accusing him of doing things for his own gain and it turns out Taggert is too. Taggert defends that a promotion wasn't on the line for him, but Justus asks if he's sure. Behind the shiny badge, Taggert's no better than anyone else. Dara comes along and Justus compliments her as he leaves. She asks Taggert if they were going at it again. He tells her that she doesn't have to protect Justus, his employers provide bodyguards for that. Dara doesn't want to fight with him, she has good news, he's being promoted to Lt.. and receiving a commendation from the FBI. She pushed hard to get him the promotion and wants to know why he isn't excited. Taggert says it's because he sold out and good cops don't do that.

Lucky asks Nikolas why Stefan has such a powerful computer, which you could use to run a small country. Nikolas explains that it's because every couple of years the Cassadines feel compelled to take over the world. They both laugh. Emily and Liz are surprised to hear laughter from the brothers and go over to read them the letter. When she gets to the line about the amount, Nikolas goes over to a drawer and rummages around - he comes up with $5,000. Liz and Lucky share a look of surprise. The drop off is the Elm St pier, which is perfect because nobody knows the docks better than Lucky. He suggests that he find a hiding place and when the blackmailer shows up, Lucky will get him. Liz exclaims, "No!" Lucky is surprised - and so is Liz.

Tammy is amazed that Alan is asking her to pick up drugs. She won't do it for anyone at any price. Alan is worried that they aren't friends anymore now. Tammy assures him that she's been insulted worse - today even. Alan offers to make her something to eat, but she tells him she has to leave. Alan gets on the phone and starts yelling at his dealer that he's been waiting all day. Outside, Monica approaches Tammy and tells her that she needs to talk to her. She just wants to know how he is. Tammy's shocked that's all she wants to know. Even though he's not living at home, Monica still cares and she's worried. Tammy tells her that Alan is bad. Monica is concerned that Alan isn't equipped to deal with the life he's chosen and asks Tammy to look after him, handing over a lot of bills. Tammy explains that sometimes someone needs to bottom out. Monica says she knows, but she still loves him and she cares. Tammy takes the money and Monica shakes her hand and thanks her.

Liz tells Lucky that he can't stake out the docks alone, she knows that they have to catch the blackmailer, but Lucky might get hurt. Lucky knows what she's thinking, but he only wants to get a good look at him, to see if it's the blackmailer or just a runner he can follow. Liz is still against it. Emily suggests that they all go together for protection. Lucky thinks he'll be safer alone. Liz tells him if he gets hurt, she'll kill him. They have a match on the computer, the agent's assistant. Liz suggests that they use the school intern program to get a job at Downtown Faces. Liz asks Emily if she want's to spend the night. They all leave, but Emily goes back for the money -she grabs an envelope off the table.

Dara knows that the only reason Taggert didn't use the tape is because of her. He's worked hard and deserves the promotion. John & Jerry Jacks were laundering money and he stopped it. There's rarely anyone on the force who cares more than Taggert. He's an outstanding Detective and will be an even better Detective Lieutenant. She starts to leave, but Taggert asks if she really put in a good word for him -and what she said. Dara tells him that she said he was the "best spelling detective" in the department. He asks if she said best looking. She tells him that was what she was thinking. He asks if she's going to congratulate him - she does with a hug. He asks if that's it and kisses her. He wants to know if she's finished with work for the day and offers to walk her home. They leave and Justus comes out of the shadows.

Bobbie asks Jerry if something's wrong, he's hardly said anything since Tony left. Jerry says maybe it's because her lunatic ex said it all. Jerry is afraid that his presence will hurt her chances of keeping Lucas. She defends him, which pleases Jerry.

Lucky hides with his camera while Emily makes the drop.

Justus flashes back to Jason telling him about the dangers of working for Moreno, after Jason paid him well and left him clean. He won't be able to leave later. Justus calls Moreno and tells him he just bought a DA.

Alan takes his pills and holds them close to his heart, while down on the street Monica looks around and then leaves.

Bobbie tells Jerry that she was warned about him, but knew he was trouble. The more she resisted, the more determined he became. She saw behind his glib face to the person behind it. She brings her own things along, a past she's not proud of and a demented ex. She tells him that when you accept someone in to your life you take them as they are or bail. He's says he's not trying to bail. She says neither is she, but it's also not forever. They sit by the fire in each other's arms.

Liz admits to Emily she's the first girlfriend to sleep over. She and Emily commiserate over not having many friends. In Arizona her mom was her best friend. Liz explains that she's not that close to her family. They both hope that Nikolas and Lucky will realize how close they are and that they'd become friends. They start a pillow fight.

Nikolas surprises Lucky with coffee. Lucky wants to know why Nik is there. It's his money and he wants to know where it goes. The two bicker over the cramped space.

Wednesday, October 14, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Mac and Felicia are at home with the children. Mac is reading a bedtime story and Felicia is helping with homework. They convince both the girls that it is bedtime and are finally alone. As they lament together about how tired they are, they cuddle close on the couch. They suddenly realize that they aren't so very tired and start to get romantic.

Jax continues V's gambling lessons. V struggles with the terminology and then has trouble keeping a poker face. Jax patiently explains the importance of not letting everyone else know what you have. Ned arrives and Jax asks if he would like to join him and V for a friendly game. Ned asks why and Jax says that he and V are planning to attend a tournament in Monte Carlo. Ned is familiar with the tournament and is surprised that Jax is going since the minimum bid per hand is $50K. Jax says that as luck would have it, he is being financed by the most beautiful, wealthy and mysterious woman in the world. That's me, says V uncomfortably as she knocks over her drink.

Emily is trying out a new makeup technique on Liz, who likes the look. Emily gives her some samples and Liz thanks her saying that she will use them the next time she goes out with Lucky. Emily asks if Liz thinks Lucky is all right. Liz says he should be fine as long as he sticks to the plan. Even so, Emily would feel better if Lucky would have let Nikolas come along. Liz agrees, but laughingly says that if Nikolas had gone along, he and Lucky probably would have just gotten into a fight about where to hide and gotten caught by the blackmailer. Emily says that she knows Lucky has his reasons for not liking his brother, she thinks if he just gave him a chance, he would realize what an amazing guy Nikolas is. Liz, agrees, she likes Nikolas too, but pressuring Lucky just makes him dig in. Emily comments that Liz seems to know Lucky really well. Liz replies with a smile that she's getting there. Emily asks if they ever tell each other secrets, like really personal stuff, even if the feelings are kind of weird. Liz says that Lucky is the safest place she's ever known and she trusts him with her life. Emily asks if Lucky ever shares his feelings with Liz, out loud. Liz smiles but doesn't say anything. Emily begs Liz to tell her. Liz laughs and says, OK, OK, if I show you something, do you promise not to say anything. Emily promises she won't say anything on the pain of death. Liz jumps off the bed and runs over to the closet.

Lucky and Nikolas are at the docks waiting for the blackmailer. Lucky tells Nikolas he can leave any time. Nikolas says he is the one who brought Lucky into this, if anyone should leave, it should be him. Lucky says that Nikolas couldn't deal with this on his own. Nikolas says that his arm is falling asleep which prompts Lucky to ask if he is packing it in. Nikolas replies that he is here to stay, end of discussion. Resigned to the fact that Nikolas isn't going anywhere, Lucky says that they should at least get their signals straight. Once the person arrives to pickup the money, they should notice anything and everything, including height, weight, and appearance. As soon as the creep leaves, Lucky will follow him and Nikolas can go home. Nikolas says that no one appointed Lucky the ringleader. Nikolas almost sneezes and Lucky admonishes him for almost blowing it. As they continue to argue, they hear someone approaching.

Helena arrives on the docks and sits down on the bench. Nikolas and Lucky discuss whether Helena is involved and decide that she probably isn't. They joke that maybe she has a date. As Alexis arrives to wait for a launch, Helena stands up and walks over. Alexis is startled and asks angrily what Helena wants. Helena replies that she has a new assignment for Alexis and she won't even have to leave Port Charles.

Liz plays the tape of the song that Lucky wrote for her for Emily. As Emily listens and realizes that it is Lucky singing, Liz tells her that Lucky wrote the song for her. Emily is amazed and says that she thought that kind of stuff happened in movies. Liz smiles to herself and hugs her pillow. As she lays back on the bed she says not always.

Ned, Jax and V continue their game, with Ned pretending that V is the countess. He asks if she intends to keep her day job. She laughs and says that the Monte Carlo thing is a month away and Jax might still change his mind. Jax makes her repeat after him, I bewitch, I charm, and if I want it I'll buy it. They laugh and Ned says that he thinks she's got it. As they continue to play, Jax reminds her that not everyone in Monte Carlo is honest. V realizes that Ned is looking at her cards. She gets flustered and says that they should probably call it a night. Jax offers to put her in a cab, but she says that the "countess" is perfectly capable of taking care of herself. After she leaves, Ned offers to stake Jax for the tournament.

Mac and Felicia's romantic interlude is interrupted by the sound of Mac's beeper. Mac tries to explain to Felicia, but she says that she understands! After he leaves, she sits down to work on her novel. A few minutes later, the doorbell rings. Felicia thinks it's Mac and runs to the door. She is surprised to see V who asks if she can come in. Felicia asks what's up. V says she is there for a reality check. She is about to destroy Jax and she doesn't know how to prevent it.

Bobbie enters Monica's office to drop off some paperwork and asks what is wrong when she sees how upset Monica is. Monica comes clean about Alan. She tells Bobbie that Alan is a drug addict and that he is living in a dive on Cortland Street.

As Lucky's song ends, Emily says that it is so incredible. Liz says she knows, it's the nicest gift she ever got. Emily says that a nice gift is a CD. Having someone write a song about you, especially someone you like, that is beyond belief. She doesn't even go there in her wildest dreams. Liz asks where she does go in her dreams. Emily says there is always the one where she gets kissed on New Year's eve by someone besides her father, and the one where she goes to the prom with the hottest guy in school. But her favorite is the one about the prince. They meet in the woods and she knows right away that he loves her. That night he climbs in her bedroom window. They kiss and he asks her to marry him and she becomes queen of all she surveys. Emily laughs and says that Liz must think she is a dork. Liz also laughs and says that everyone has dreams, and sometimes they even come true. Like you and Lucky is Emily's reply. Liz says that Lucky hasn't made her queen, but he has made her realize that being raped wasn't the end of her life, in some ways, it's been the beginning. The two girls laugh together as they have a popcorn fight.

As Lucky and Nikolas continue to eavesdrop, Alexis adamantly tells Helena that she is wasting her time and that she will not accept any more "assignments". Helena says she is disappointed, especially since Alexis knows the consequences. She tells Alexis that the only reason she is still alive is because she knows that she didn't try to kill her alone. Alexis and Luke Spencer conspired together, so she will wait for Luke to return to exact her revenge. Lucky whispers to Nikolas that if his father wanted Helena dead, she wouldn't be standing there right now. Nikolas says that Helena is lying, his uncle has warned him about her his whole life. Helena tells Alexis that her bravado is impressive, but she doesn't believe her. She thinks that Alexis is as terrified of her as ever. Helena tells Alexis that her new assignment is to find out the net worth of Nikolas' estate and to report it to her ASAP. An angry Nikolas starts to get up, but Lucky stops him telling him he is going to ruin everything.

Nikolas says that Helena is torturing Alexis and he has to do something. Lucky says to do it tomorrow, tonight is about Emily. Lucky looks over and sees that the money is still there. He says that if they blow their cover now, it will ruin everything. Nikolas agrees. Meanwhile, Alexis refuses again to do what Helena wants. Helena asks what is the harm, it's not like I'm asking you to carry out my plan against Laura Spencer. She laughs and says she must admit that it may turn out to be her masterpiece. At the mention of their mother, Lucky and Nikolas can no longer keep silent. They come out from their hiding place and Lucky says, excuse me, but did I just hear you threaten my mother? Helena is flustered when she sees Nikolas and says what a pleasant surprise. Nikolas demands that she answer Lucky's question and apologize to Alexis. Helena acts as if Nikolas and Lucky have misunderstood what she said. She would never harm Laura, she is very fond of her. Nikolas says if anything happens to Laura, he will hold her responsible and he again demands that she apologize to Alexis. Helena complies, but says that Nikolas is just confused and they can discuss it later. Nikolas says that she is the one who is confused if she thinks she has a right to anything that is his. Helena replies that she would never take anything from Nikolas. She tells them to enjoy their evening as she leaves. After she goes, Alexis thanks Lucky and Nikolas for rescuing her. They ask if Alexis thinks Helena is really planning a plot against Laura. Alexis replies that she thinks Helena is bluffing. Lucky asks if she is sure. Alexis says, reasonably. Lucky replies that they need to know for sure and asks Alexis to find out.

Jax turns down Ned's offer. Ned asks why and Jax tells him that he doesn't want Ned to own him financially and Ned could turn him in and send him to jail. He asks Ned what he really wants. Ned says that he wants to loan Jax the money to rebuild his empire. He thinks Jax is a worthy corporate opponent and he misses that. Jax asks what he would have to sign. Ned says he could just scribble the basics on a napkin and have Jax initial it. Jax laughs as says he would never borrow money from Ned. Ned says he could go to Monte Carlo and blow Jax's cover. Jax said that he knows Ned won't because of Brenda.

V tells Felicia her misgivings about posing as a countess. Felicia says that if Jax thinks V can do it, then she can. V tells Felicia about Jax's rules and laments about how she can't even keep them straight, much less follow them. With her, Jax is bound to lose. She asks Felicia why Jax can't see that. Felicia says that she doesn't know what she can tell V about Monte Carlo, but she can say that whenever a man loses the love of his life, it is a long time before he is ready to move on. V says that Jax isn't going to fall in love with her. Felicia says that sometimes love is in the last place you look for it. V asks if she got that from her novel. Felicia says no, from her life. She cautions V to be careful.

Emily asks Liz what it's like to feel the way she does about Lucky. Liz says that there is a closeness between them, a connection. Emily says, he wrote a song about you, he got you through the worst moments of your life, he worries about you constantly and the best you can come up with to describe your feelings is a "connection". Liz says maybe there are no words to describe it.

Emily says that she is no expert, but could it be possible that Liz and Lucky actually mean something to each other. Liz asks if that isn't what she said. Emily said that she has a connection with her science teacher. Liz says what she meant was that she trusts Lucky to be there when she needs him, not to do anything to hurt her, to like her for what she is and not what he wishes she would be. Emily says that that sounds a lot better. Liz tells Emily that the first time Lucky kissed her, she ran away. Emily asks why. Liz explains that it was an experiment, that she asked Lucky to do it so she could find out if she could ever be normal again. Liz says that Lucky barely touched her and she freaked. Emily asks what Lucky did. Liz tells her that Lucky blamed himself, felt terrible and then never mentioned it again. Liz tells Emily how after that, she wondered if she would ever let anyone kiss her again, but then it all changed. She and Lucky were in the boxcar, the moon was full and beautiful and everything just seemed so clear and bright. All of the sudden, the whole world just went away and it was nothing but Lucky and her. Emily asks if that was when it happened. Liz says yes, it happened and it felt completely natural, like another way of saying hello. And when it was over, Lucky took her hand and walked her home. Emily says oh my god, that is so beautiful.

Alexis assures Lucky and Nikolas that Helena is not plotting against Laura. Lucky asks what about Luke. Alexis says that Helena is bluffing there as well. Nikolas asks Alexis to please tell him if Helena does anything else to threaten Laura. Alexis agrees and says that she is glad that they got to see Helena in action, it will help them guard against her in the future. She asks how much of the conversation they heard. Lucky says, enough. The launch arrives and Alexis leaves. Lucky and Nikolas suddenly remember the money for the blackmailer. They run over to the hiding place and the money is gone.

Monica and Bobbie continue their discussion about Alan. Bobbie asks if there is any chance Alan might check himself into rehab. Monica says she doesn't think so. Bobbie says that maybe he just needs to bottom out. He will recover. When he is ready, he will ask for help, and then Monica can be there for him.

Ned assures Jax that he will not get in his way in Monte Carlo. He says that he knows Brenda would want him to take the money and turn it into millions. Ned says that when Lois left him, his wild side shut down, but Jax, he goes on the attack and risk everything. Jax says that he doesn't know if his way is right. He can live without a fortune, but he can't live without a challenge. Besides, he needs the distraction. After Ned leaves, Jax picks up the picture of him and Brenda. As he stares at the picture, he remembers another moment with Brenda.

Mac arrives home and he and Felicia go upstairs to finish what they began before his beeper went off.

Emily is telling Liz about the man of her dreams. She says he is really friendly and really attractive, but she doesn't know if they are friends or something more. Liz suggests that she ask her brothers for advice. Emily says that AJ would tell her not to throw herself on any guy and Jason would just say, "if you know, you know, and if you don't you won't". Liz laughs and says she guesses that leaves her, but that she doesn't know how she can possibly help unless she knows who the fabulous mystery man is. Emily laughs and says like you haven't guessed. Liz teasingly says oh but how could I. They are interrupted by a knock on the window. Emily is startled, but Liz says it's OK, it's just Lucky. Lucky climbs through the window and says hello. Both girls are surprised to see Nikolas follow Lucky into the room. Nikolas explains that he decided to stake out the docks with Lucky and that he wanted to come along to tell the girls what happened. Liz asks what happened. Nikolas says that they saw his grandmother harassing his Aunt Alexis and heard her threatening his, I mean our (as he looks at Lucky), mother. He and Lucky jumped out and stopped Helena. Lucky says that when they finished with Helena and Alexis, the money was gone. It was just one of those things, no one was to blame. Liz says that the important thing is that Lucky and Nikolas are safe. Emily says that now that the blackmailer has $5,000, maybe he will back off. Lucky disagrees saying that getting the $5,000 was too easy, the blackmailer will definitely be back for more. Nikolas agrees and says that the blackmailer wants $20,000 and that what he will try to get. Liz asks if they have any ideas what to do next. Lucky says, actually, we've already decided.

Thursday, October 15, 1998

Today's recap was provided by Jodi White.

Bobbie and Jerry arrive at a psychiatrist's office so Bobbie can discuss Tony's petition for custody of Lucas. Bobbie expresses her anger and disbelief over Tony's petition. In light of Tony's recent escapades, Bobbie can't believe that she is the one who has to convince a psychiatrist that she is a fit mother. Bobbie apologizes to Jerry for dragging him into the mess. As Jerry reassures and calms her, Tony enters the room and sarcastically thanks Bobbie for bringing Jerry along so the doctor can see what a good influence he is on Lucas. Bobbie angrily asks if Tony is doing this to get back at him. Tony asks if depriving him of the right to see his son was for noble reasons. Bobbie says that she was protecting Lucas. Tony points out that seeing a man arrested in his home isn't exactly the best "protection" for Lucas. Jerry, Tony and Bobbie continue to argue as the psychiatrist arrives.

Alan meets with his dealer and begs for an advance delivery even though he doesn't have any money. The dealer refuses, but offers Alan the name of a few pawn shops. Alan arranges to meet the dealer in an hour and promises to have the money then.

The Q's are called to an emergency meeting of the board by Ned. As they are about to begin, Katherine enters saying she can't believe they would try to start the meeting without her.

Mike arrives at the motorcycle shop and finds Jason talking to Michael about motorcycles. He laughs and says he wishes he had a camera. Jason explains that Leticia's mother is still sick and Robin has class so he is in charge of Michael this afternoon. Mike asks if Robin is coming to pick Michael up after class. Jason tells Mike that this morning he was explaining to Michael everything that has happened with Carly and how she is doing everything she can to come home. He looked up and saw Robin watching him and she looked really sad like Jason had hurt her. She told Jason that Leticia's mother was sick and that she had class and then she left. Mike tells Jason that he has a problem. What is going to happen when Carly gets out? He understands why Robin is worried. Jason agrees that Carly usually has some stupid plan to get what she wants, but he won't let her hurt Robin. Mike asks what if Jason is the thing that Carly wants. He is sure that Robin is worried about whether or not there will be room in Jason's life for her once Carly comes home. Jason says that he loves Robin not Carly. Mike points out that Jason also loves Michael and has said that Carly belongs with her son. Mike tells Jason that he has got to consider how this is going to work.

Tony tells the psychiatrist that his purpose for asking for full custody of his son is motivated purely by love and his desire to be involved in his son's life again. He lost him because he committed a crime, but his crime was motivated by the belief that the child he kidnapped was in grave danger if he remained with his parents. He points out that Carly is in an institution and Jason was the head of the mob. He also presents the psychiatrist with a letter of recommendation from the clinic where he has performed his community service. Tony goes on to point out the recent events surrounding Jerry's arrest, and Lucas' hunger strike which resulted in his going into diabetic shock. Bobbie interrupts to explain, but the doctor tells her that she will have her turn. Tony goes on to say that he has experienced the pain of losing a daughter and that he cannot bear the thought of losing a son who is alive and well.

Ned is on the phone while the Q's complain that he is typically wasting there time after calling them all together. Lila and Monica sadly discuss Alan's situation while Ned continues his phone conversation. As the Q's continue waiting for Ned, Alan sneaks in the front door. Ned completes his phone call and apologizes for the delay. He explains that the phone call was relevant to the meeting and explains that he wants to propose hiring a new head of the ELQ legal department. He opens the door and Alexis enters the room. Edward explodes saying that Alexis is a Cassadine and cannot be trusted. Alexis agrees that they have every right not to trust her as she is the one who defended Dr. Jones. She goes on to explain that she was coerced into defending Tony Jones by Helena's threats to kill her if she didn't. She is asking for the opportunity to earn back their trust. Meanwhile, Alan steals jewelry from a jewelry box.

Bobbie presents the doctor with letters of reference from friends, coworkers, the chief of staff of General Hospital and the commissioner of police. The doctor agrees to read them after the meeting and asks if Bobbie wants to speak in her own behalf. Bobbie explains that it is clear based on Tony's actions, that he is acting out of calculation and malice. She loves her son and has been the one constant factor in his life since Tony took off to have an affair with a woman half his age. Lucas knows that Bobbie will always be there for him. She explains that she and Jerry live in the same building, but not the same apartment. She and Jerry are friends and Lucas is very fond of him. Tony interrupts saying that of course Lucas likes Jerry. He bought him a pony, with laundered money of course. Tony and Bobbie start to argue but are stopped by the doctor. Bobbie confesses that she didn't realize the depth of Lucas' emotions when Jerry was arrested. She should have paid more attention to what Lucas was eating,. She loves her son more than she loves her own life. She would be willing to put aside her own animosity in a minute if she thought that Tony would be a good influence, but she doesn't believe that for a second. As the doctor begins to discuss what Tony and Bobbie have said, Jerry interrupts and asks if he can say something.

Jason tells Mike that he can't be away from Michael, but that Carly wants to be with him too and that can't happen unless they are living together. He doesn't know what to do and he can't ask Robin because it makes her sad and mad and he doesn't know how to fix it. Mike suggests that he tell Robin that he loves her. He may think she already knows it, but she's afraid of losing him and he has to reassure her. Robin needs to know how important she is to Jason. Jason says that he loves Robin and he never wants to be without her. When she left, it was like getting shot. Like he was on fire from the inside and it never really went away until she came back. The worst day with Robin is better than any day without her. As Robin arrives, Mike tells Jason to tell her that.

Robin looks at Michael and says that whenever he is with Jason, he is peaceful. She turns to Jason and says that she feels like there is a coldness under the surface between them. She asks if it is because of what she said about Carly. She apologizes for making everything more difficult. Jason says that she isn't, that it is hard for everyone right now. They can't decide anything until Carly gets out and the waiting is hard. Jason suggest that the three of them go for a ride and forget about everything for awhile. Robin happily agrees.

Jerry begins by saying that he realizes that he isn't the best character reference, but that he has gotten to know Lucas pretty well lately. He doesn't know what Lucas was like before, but the Lucas he knows is a great kid who is smart, funny and caring. Since he has been around, he has witnessed a mother who, despite a very demanding job, makes every effort to see that her son has everything he could possibly want in the way of warmth and attention. If for a minute he thought that his presence was a bad influence on Lucas he would leave. He hasn't had much experience with kids, and he isn't a saint, but he knows that he and Lucas have connected. The doctor says that they all have made excellent points. Her recommendation is that Tony be allowed supervised weekly visits for the time being. Tony thanks the doctor profusely. The doctor tells Tony that he walks a very fine line and she advises him to be prudent.

As Alan sneaks down the stairs with the stolen jewelry, Lila, upset by Alan's predicament, retires to her room. The Q's continue their discussion about Alexis as their corporate counsel. As the matter goes to a vote, Katherine happily casts the tie breaking "nay" vote. Edward is delighted with the outcome and tells Alexis she is free to leave. Ned asks Katherine to explain her vote. Katherine says that she agrees with Edward that introducing a Cassadine brings too many risks. Ned says that since ELQ has passed, he is hiring Alexis as counsel for L&B records. AJ tells Katherine that she may have made an enemy, but that he has some proposals he'd like her to look over. As the Q's leave, Katherine tells Alexis that she got what she deserved. Alexis notes that Katherine and Edward are very fond of each other and it must be very comforting. Katherine replies that it beats falling off a Cassadine parapet.

Jason and Robin make preparations for their afternoon excursion with Michael. Bobbie arrives saying that she has to talk to Jason about something really important. She asks if she can visit Carly in Jason's place this week. Jason is reluctant to agree. As Robin leaves to get Michael in the car for the trip, Bobbie comments that Robin is probably worried about Carly. Jason says that Carly knows he loves Robin. Bobbie replies that that doesn't mean she won't try to change it. Jason says that she can't. Bobbie says that that is why she wants to be there for her. The more Carly trusts Bobbie and feels safe with her, the more chance Bobbie has of getting Carly to be reasonable when she finds out that she is going to be living at Robin's cottage. Jason tells Bobbie that Carly already knows. Bobbie asks how Carly reacted. Just like Carly, is Jason's reply.

Edward and Katherine gleefully discuss Ned's failure to appoint Alexis as ELQ's corporate counsel. Meanwhile, Ned apologizes to Alexis. He tells her to forget L&B. He wants he to help him reacquire Katherine's ELQ stock. It will mean working very closely together for long, long hours. Far into the night. Alexis says that she thinks she is going to like this job.

AJ ask Monica if Alan is really all right or if she just made that up for Lila's sake. Monica says that she was hoping that is she could convince Lila, she could convince herself.

Alan keeps his scheduled appointment with the dealer and buys drugs with the money he got from hawking the jewelry he stole from the Q's.

Jason agrees to let Bobbie visit Carly in his place. Bobbie thanks him and promises to be careful. Jason says that he knows everything will work out.

Friday, October 16

At The Ferncliff Clinic
Bobbie shows up to see Carly in Jason's place which makes Dr. Evans a bit suspicious. He tells Bobbie that he only allows Jason to visit as a part of a therapeutic tool and for him to send her in his place is very distressing. Bobbie tells him that she is Carly's mother after all. Dr. Evans says isn't it true the last time you came to visit, Carly didn't even recognize you. Bobbie tells him that Carly's mind was playing tricks on her that day. Dr. Evans then accuses Bobbie for being the cause of most of Carly's problems. An appalled Bobbie defends herself and tells the doctor whatever he may think of her, Carly is her daughter and she wants to see her. Dr. Evans then tells Bobbie that Carly told him everything about the day Bobbie found her in bed with Tony. Bobbie tells him no matter what she and Carly have gone through in the past they are trying to get past that now. Still not convinced, he asks if she came to say "I love you". Bobbie says no, anyone can say I love you, I am here to see my daughter and to find out if she needs anything. Dr. Evans lets Bobbie visit with Carly and is a little taken aback when Carly recognizes Bobbie. He then tells Carly that if Bobbie's presence is upsetting her, then he can tell Bobbie to leave. Carly tells him she's not upset at seeing Bobbie and wants her to stay. Bobbie tells her that its good to see her and goes over and gives her a hug. As they visit, Dr. Evans sits and monitors there visit, but then eventually leaves them alone. Once they are alone, Carly still keeps up her charade of being mentally unbalanced and Bobbie tells her daughter that she can cut the crap, because Jason has told her everything and she knows that Carly is faking her illness. A stunned Carly can't believe that Jason told her everything. Bobbie gets upset at Carly for getting herself into this mess and they end up arguing. Carly says that she only did what she had to do. Bobbie says that she can't believe that Carly got herself committed there for 6 months, especially when she has Michael to consider. Carly says that everything that she has done is for Michael.

At The Garage
Robins shows up to find out if Jason is there, but runs into Mike who is watching baby Michael. Mike starts talking about the arrangement that Robin is going to have to deal with once Carly is released from Ferncliff. Robin admits to Mike that she is worried that Jason is vulnerable to Carly's manipulations because of his love for Michael. Mike gives Robin some fatherly advice about dealing with the situation involving Carly and Jason. Robin says that Carly is not the one causing the crisis in their lives, it is her. Mike says that Jason knows that Carly is coming home, and that Jason just wants them to all get along. Robin agrees and says that Jason doesn't realize how vulnerable Carly's return makes her feel. Mike tells her that she has more power than she realizes, because Michael has bonded with her. Robin feels a little better and Mike leaves. Robin goes into the other room and AJ arrives. Robin returns to find AJ talking to Michael. AJ tells her pointedly that Michael is still there and that he is not going to steal him. He says that he is there to tell her that if she needs him as a friend, he is there for her. Robin tells AJ that she doesn't thing he will steal Michael and the two of them also end up discussing Carly. AJ wondered how Carly could get away with always getting people to forgive her actions. Robin doesn't comment much on it because she receives a call telling her that there is the potential for flash flooding in the area around the cottage. Robin then tried to find someone to watch Michael while she went to check on the cottage. AJ offers to babysit Michael and promises not to move a muscle from the garage. After much hesitation, Robin agreed and left Michael and AJ at the garage together.

At The Photo Studio
Nikolas, Emily, Lucky and Liz break into the photo studio to try to find clues about Emily's blackmailer. As they are looking for the particular shot that was used. Liz finds the folder with the proofs and then she and Emily start looking through them. While the guys look through the dozens of contact sheets, Liz spots a Cinderella like gown and Emily persuades Liz to try on one of the elegant gowns from the models' rack. Liz is hesitant, but agrees to try the gown on. Emily then fixes Liz's hair and with her all dressed up, she looks very glamorous. Emily comments on how Liz's style has changed from dressing really "hot", to now hardly dressing up at all. Liz acknowledges and tells Emily that the rape has change a lot about the way she carries herself now. The guys come to find them because they think they have found the picture and Lucky stops short, when he sees Liz all dressed up. Lucky and Nikolas are impressed by the transformation especially Lucky who can't seem to take his eyes off of Liz. Emily has Nikolas teach Liz how to formal dance and as she gets the steps down, Lucky cuts in and they start to dance. (I think this is suppose to remind us of Luke and Laura dancing in the department store way back when) Emily and Nikolas watch as Liz and Lucky dance and Lucky can't seem to get over how beautiful Liz is. As they continue dancing, Lucky jokes about them turning back into pumpkins once the dance is over. While Nikolas lets Emily know that he thinks he has found the picture.

On Spoon Island
As a thunderstorm moves over Port Charles, Stefan slyly maneuvers his way into lunching alone with Laura on Spoon Island. After anxiously awaiting her arrival, Stefan sees Laura arriving and then quickly uses the phone to leave Laura a message that Nikolas could not make it for lunch just minutes before Mrs. Landsbury announces her arrival. Upon learning that Nikolas is not there, Laura gets ready to head back, but Stefan convinces her the least he can do is fix her a lunch since she has came all this way. Laura hesitates and Stefan convinces her to at least wait until the storm lets up to which Laura agrees. Alone with Stefan on Spoon Island, Laura and Stefan begin to reminisce about a magic moment they shared during another storm years ago in Greece. Laura has flashback to the time on the island when she was talking to Stefan about how his family treats him. She tells a unsure Stefan how much better of a man that he is than Stavros and that Stavros was always jealous of him. Stefan says that Helena has always played with his life. She wonders why he lets his family treat him as a fool, but he tells her that he will get his revenge. Stefan walks up to Laura in real time and brings her out of the memory flash and then realizes that she was remembering them on the island. Laura covers by telling Stefan that she doesn't spend as much time in the past as he does. He doesn't buy it and reminds her of being in the stables on the island during a storm, where they declared their love and Laura was planning all kinds of pranks on Helena. They laughed together and then kissed. Not wanting to go back there with Stefan, Laura brings Stefan back to the present and tells him she has to go now. As she is out of the room getting her coat from Mrs. Landsbury, Stefan gets a phone call he set up telling him that there is a small craft warning and Laura can't leave till tonight. A nervous Laura doesn't know if she'll be able to be around Stefan and the memories they once shared together and declares that she must get home or she'll swim. Stefan reminds her of another time she threatened to swim home. Laura yells at him to stop, saying that and to just let her be a memory to him. She cannot return his feelings now, and he should know that. He says that he wasn't aware that he asked her for anything. Stefan then confesses that it must be terrible being her, knowing that there is one man who will do anything for her. He goes on and on about having some one love her, reaching across the bed for her, etc, etc. She then gets so upset by his words that she runs out into the rain. He follows her and calls out her name.

Outside, Laura is running and Stefan is calling her "Lasha" and telling her not to go. He catches up to her and she tells him that she can't do it anymore. Its hard for her, she is vulnerable and too lonely right now. Stefan puts her coat around her and she lays her head on his shoulder. He holds her and comforts her and then begins to caress her face. He then bends down to kiss her and they start kissing each other very passionately........

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